The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 13, 1960 · Page 19
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 19

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 13, 1960
Page 19
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ionn> Mr John Sage of Kirkville r<S contly celebrated liis 102 nd birthday. Mr Sage has always had a genuine "interest in politics, and them have been very, few times that he hasn't voli:d — and this year was not one of them. Board Proceedings 1060. (SEAL) KOSSUTH COUNTY, IOWA By: A. M, -Kollnseh, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors. ATTEST: MARC MOOHE. County Auditor of Kossuth County, lown. STATE OF IOWA ) ) SS: The Bonrd of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment. Those present were A, M. Kollngeb, Chairman, and John node, Jens Soreruen, Charles Newel and Charles Plnthe. Absent: none. ' i MINUTES OF PROCEEDINGS The Members of the Board of Supervisor! of Kossuth County, Iowa, met in regular session at the Court House In Alftona, Iowa on the 1st day of November, i960, pursuant to law and the rules of the Board. The meeting was called to order at 8 o'clock A.M., by A. M. Kollasch, Chairman, who presided at SB Id meeting. Prewnt were Members ot the Board, A. M. Kollasch, C. H. Newel. Jens M. Sorenscn, John Rode ahd Charles Plathe. Absent was None. Present also was Marc Moore, County Auditor. Among other things the Board gave consideration to the matter of curing and correcting defects In the title to real estate described as follows: . 'The South; one-half (S',4) of • ' 'Lots Five (5), Six (6), Seven ••. (7) arid El*<h t (8), Block One hundred eighty-nine (189), Call's Addition to Algona, Kossuth County, Iowa. There was then presented, read and offered for adoption the following WHEREAS, on July 1,' 1937, one Minnie Stelnman, a single person, by Warranty Deed, conveyed to Kossuth County, Iowa, the ' following described real 'estate, In Kosauth County, Iowa, to-wlt: The South one-half IS',!,) of Lots Five (5), Six (fi), Seven (7) and Eight (8), Block One hundred eighty-nine (189), Call's Addition to Algona, for a recited consideration of 11.00 and other good and valuable consideration, and which deed was recorded July 3, 1937. in Book U-l at page 234 of the records of Kossuth County, Iowa, and, WHEREAS, It was found and determined that said land was conveyed in consideration in part of sums advanced by the County for core of the grantor In said deed and said grantor died Intestate on or about the 17th day of June, 1958, the Board of Supervisors of Kossuth County,. Iowa,, sold and conveyed said land to L. A. Wln- kel, for the consideration of the sum of $4.000.00, and, WHEREAS, the 'sufficiency of the legal procedure attending the sale and deed to said L. A. Winkel In 1968, was challenged, and the Board now desires to put at rest and end all of such objections, now, therefore, BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Supervisors of Kpssuth County, Iowa, as follows: 1. That It fs found and determined that Kossuth . County acquired by Warranty Deed (U-l page 234) July 1, 1937, .the following described real estate, to-wlt: The South one-half (S',4) of Lots Five (5), Six (G), Seven (7) and Eight (8), Block One .hundred eighty-nine (180), ' Call's Addition to Algona, Kossuth County, Iowa, which land was conveyed In consideration of $1.00 and sums advanced .for • care of grantor in said deed and that funds were so advanced. 2. That the Board of Supervisors of Kossuth County, Iowa, did, in November, 1958, and* in good faith sell and convey said land to L. A. Winkel, for the consideration of $4,600.00 paid • by ttaararifedii-grantet, t »»-,~ ; .._, rk ,. ( 3. That defects or deficiencies muffle matter of title if any there are, should • be cured and removed so that the grantee may have merchantable title, and, BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that A. M. Kollasch, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of Kossuth County, Iowa, be and he is hereby empowered, authorized and directed to execute, acknowledge and deliver, and Marc Moore, Auditor of Kossuth County, is directed to attest, both acting for and ' in behalf ot Kossuth County, Iowa, a QUIT CLAIM DEED conveying all right, title and Interest of Kossuth County In and to the following described real estate, to- wit: The South one-half (S14) of Lots Five (5), Six (0), Seven (7) and Eight (8), Block One hundred eighty-nine (189), Call's Addition to Algona,. Kos- ' suth County, Iowa, to L. A. Winkel, for the consideration of $1.00. At the conclusion of the reading of the foregoing resolution and after discussion thcrcoji, it was moved by C. H. Newel and seconded by Charles Plathe that the resolution be adopted. The Chairman put the question and the vote thereon was as follows: Veiling lJ Aye:" C. H. NeweJ, Jens M. Sorcnsen, John Rode, Charles' Plathe and . A. M. Kollasch. Voting "Nay:" None. Absent: None. Thereupon the Chairman stated thai the motion was duly carried and the deed approved and the Auditor was instructed to endorse the approval of •'the Board upon said deed as provided • ' : b v' Itiw ' 'There was other business transacted at this meeting which was recorded elsewhere and not here. MARC MOORE, County Auditor of Kossuth County, Iowa Approved: A. M. KOLLASCH, Chalrmim of Board of Supervisors. C K R T I F I C A T K STATE OF IOWA ) ) SS: KOSSUTH COUNTY ) KOSSUTH COUNTY ) On this 1st day of November, 1960, before the undersigned, a Notary Public In and tot Kossuth County, Iowa, personally appeared A. M. Kollascri, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of Kossuth County, Iowa, and* Marc Moore, Auditor of Kossuth County. Iowa, who, by me first duly sworn, did say Uint they are respectively the Chairman of The Board of Supervisors «nd the Auditor of Kossuth County, Iowa, executing the within and fore—-- deed to which this is attached; the seal affixed thereto Is the seal of Kossuth County, Iowa; that snld deed was signed and scaled on behalf of Kossuth County, Iowa, by authority of the Board ot Supervisors of said County', and that the Mid A. M. Kollasch and Marc Moore acknowledged the execution of .said Instrument to their voluntary act and deed as such officers of Kossuth County, Iowa, by the said County and by It and by them voluntarily executed. GORDON L. WINKEI,, Notary Public In and for Kossuth County. SEAL) CERTIFICATE STATE OF IOWA ) ) SS: KOSSUTH COUNTY ) I, Marc Moore, County Auditor of Cossuth County, Iowa, certify that on he 1st day of November, 1060, the attached and foregoing Quit Claim Deed was executed and then submitted o and approved by the Board of Sup- •rvlsors of Kossuth County, Iowa, by unanimous vote of the Members of he Board, their several votes having >een spread upon the records of the >roeecc)lngs of the Board as follows: Voting "Aye:" C. H. Newel Jcrui M. Sorensen, John Rode, Charles Plathe and A. M. Kollasch. Voting "Nay:" None. Absent: None. MARC MOORE, County Auditor o f Kossuth County, Iowa. SEAL) Motion by Charles Plathe and seconded by Jens Sorensen that refund n the amount of $15.09 be awarded .o L. W. Johnson, Sherman Twp.i lr- vington, Iowa, for taxes on ten cows assessed In Ccrro Gordo and Kossuth -ounty both. Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion carried. Motion by Jens Sorensen and seconded by Charles Newel that 3rd Quarter Report of 1060 Soldier Relief Commission be approved. Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion carried. Motion by Jens Sorensen and seconded by C. H. Newel that Doris Ferguson and Wilfred Woltz be appointed Clerks in the Treasurer's office. Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion carried. Motion by Jens Sorensen and seconded by C. H. Newel that the county pay |500 for a new radio system for city and county sheriff. Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion carried. DISALLOWED BILLS M. G. Bourne, Examination of Automobile Driver , $ 15.00 It was motioned that-payment of claims allowed at this meeting of the persons and firms .listed Immediately 'ollowing be ratified, allowed, and con- "irmed. REFUNDS L. W: Johnson, Erroneous Assessment $ 15.99 POOR FUND Payroll Fund, Poor Payroll ..$ 1,066.00 I, C , Moore, : 'County Auditor of , , Kosriifh: CoUnty, Iowa, hereby certify and return that the attached and foregoing is a true and correct and complete copy of an excerpt of the proceedings of the. Board- of Supervisors of Kossuth County, Iowa, taken at a regular meeting on the 1st day of November,, . 1MQ, including Quit Claim Deed executed by Koiiuth. County conveying title to the grantee the >land 'described in said deed; and the said deed wes approved by the Bon'-d • of Supervisors on said date by unanimous vote of all the members of the Board • properly spread upon the records ot said Hoard of Supervisors by "Aye" and "Nay" vote thereon. MARC MUOBe., County Auditor qf Kossuth County, Iowa. <SEAL) QUIT CLAIM DKKI) KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS: WHEREAS, the. Board of Supervisors of Ko§suth County, Iowa, by proper resolution passed and adopted by the said, Board of Supervisors on the 1st day ot November, 1MO, authorized, empowered and directed A. M. Kollasch, Chairman of the Board of Sup- civUors pf Kossuth County, Iowa, to execute, acknowledge and deliver and Marc Mopre, County Auditor of Kos- suti) 'County to attest the execution of d Quit Claim DM4. for and in behalf of Kossuth County, Iowa, conveying the »a| etftatf hfntimfter described to l£ A.- Winkel, now record owner of 'said- land now, therefore, KNOW YE: That, Kossuth County, Iowa, a' municipal corporation of Iowa, by virtue of the power and authority flW,fcy H. M. Smith, Engineer "76.20 John FrMer, Assist the Engineer Hazal Anlikcr, Assist the Enol- * n«er i ~. 2M.1S John Elbcrt, Rodman 245.12 James Hof/man, Rodman .... J. W. Burnett, Labor 245.12 276.34 Ed Blanchard, Labor 263.92 James Donald Buss, Labor .... 263.96 Arnold Hainzinger, Labor 274.06 Clifford Blanchafd, Labor 258.31. Don HAinzir%er, Labor 288.51 Roelf E. Miller, Labor 268.41 E. C. Ohm, L*t»f 258.27 Charles Thompson. Labor 263 .W George Weringa, Labor 289.25 Dick Baaxte, Labor 273.92 Raymond Baade, Labor ...... 260.27 E. M. Downs, Labor ......... 355.48 Alvin Ewlng, Labor .......... 294.75 ----- Joyce HaVden, Mil««o« -- CuttjQan soft Water Serv., Soft yirafef ...»^ ............... Dr. ft. t. Snydtf, Coroaer'i Feet Alfred Melt, Truifee Lewi* Boima, Trustee Louis Wingert Trustee Stephen R. Tladen, Clerk .:.. Ltoyd H. Bartfett, Ciertt Glenn Lansn, Tru»t*e Donald Ringsdorf. Trustee W. J. Stewart, Trustee Credit Bureau of Kottuth Co., Bulletin Matt Parrott ft Son* Co., Supplies ItM, Supplies Burroughs. Maintenance . Bancroft Reghfer, Bailors Upper De> M*lne> Pub. Co., 65.10 6.00 63.67 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 24.00 1.35 4.67 25,00 956.25 Dale Helmers, Labor 277.83 . Special Measure Ballot's .."... 740.00 Anton Kardoesj-. Labor .. A. J. Kollnsch, Labor ... George W. Kockler, Labor Urban Neuroth, Labor .. Edward Mtcke, Labor 279.43 326.08 283.16 284.88 290 24 John Schueler, Jr., Labor".-.-" 299.55 Lorn Stockwell, Labor Z92.00 George C. Studer, Labor .. -— -Orville Wetland, Labor .. Harold t. Blanchard, Labor Noble L. Crouch, Labor 312.60 303.16 290.13 296.15 Howard 6. t»ser, Labor 309.93 Clifford Holmei, Labor 318,79 Ferdinand Meyar, Labor '., • 308.14 Clarence Hentges, Labor 323.68 Ralph Markla, Labor 277.51 Pen Metier, Labor 305.60 Herbert C. Neltjj, Labor 313.63 Jamei Willis Sehulti, Labor, .. 303.12 Cyril , Wagner, Labor 1.,. 335.M Erich' WilTmtt, Labor 300.92 James Walker, Labor 304.26 'Henry Zwelfel, Labor 283.16 C. E. Zaugg, Labor 299.93 U. S. Revenue Serv., Withholding Due . 55.01 LIBRARY FUND Row, Peterson and Company, Books ____ . INSTITUTE FUND Ray Bryan, Fees, ____ . ___ . Herbert F. Spitzer. Fees 37.92 49.70 53.90 22.40 18.60 29.50 13:20 39.60 12,40 .6.10 39.00 40.80 40.80 -.. ._.... 30.00 George Gengler, Petit Juror 17.70 . ...... COURT FUND Chester Albright, Petit Jur6r . Leonard Baas, Petit Juror ___ Arlln Bensehoter, Petit Juror .. Lucille Blanchard, Petit Juror . Ella Chef land, Petit Juror ____ Glenn Crotlse, Petit Juror ---Henry Douglas, Petit Juror ____ George Detmering, Petit Juror . Maude Ellefson, Petit Juror _. Donna Erlander, Petit Juror ___ Herman Franxen, Petit Juror, ___ W. A. Hedrick, Rent C. R. Cook, Rent v\yrtle D. Sickels, Rent Soy Bjustrom, Rent v\arvel Imm.erfall, Mileage Hotel Algona, Transportation ._ Chapman's, Gas Iowa Public ( Service Co., Elec. Service tandord Oil Co., Fuel |M»rtir»jOils Inc..-Fuel Mirth Central" Pub. S Gas Serv. Co., lusk Drug, Medicine ________ Honsbruch Drug, Medicine ____ John M. Schutter, M. D., Medical ........... ___________ M. G. Bourne, M .D., Modical Joseph M. Rooney, M. D., Medical ................ ______ St. Ann Hospital,' Medical ____ Van Norman Drug Co., Medicine Dr. R. K. Richardson. Medical J. G. Clapsaddle, M. D., Medical John J. Lesiak, M. D., Medical University Hosp., Medical Wiewel Drug, Medicine Dale A. Harding, M. D., Medical Optomctry Clinic, Medical Miller Pharmacy, Medical Drs. Codding ton & Northup, Medical. Spirit Lake Medical Center, Medical Lutheran Hosp"., Medical' . State Sanitorium, Medical Paul L. Gannon, D.D.S., Medical Dr. A. F. Krpsch, Medical _____ Algona Reminder, Ad ______ ,_. Primghar School, Books . _____ Hood's Super Valu, Food ____ '. Cowing Food Mart, Food ____ Fareway Stores, Rood _„ ______ Council Oak Store, Food ____ Hood's Cash Store, Food .- ___ J. C. Penney Co., Clothing ____ Lutheran Home Finding Society, Care & Keep ______________ Boys & Girls Home, Care & Keep 10.00 25.00 25.00 25.00 58.87 16.91 8.00 26.09 13.80 7.80 4.50 168.58 63.73 181.50 7.50 122.25 1259.14 41.00 63.75 78.25 28.50 396.03 17.00 22.75 27.50 24.83 8.00 43.00 50.00 50.00 25.00 64.00 3.08 9.00 50.00 35.00 45.00 55.00 I1.7B 24.06 65.00 173.73 105.00 65.00 109.25 51.00 , ---Imer Gronbach, Petit Juror ___ 24.80 rnold Gerd|s, Petit Juror ____ 5.10 conard Goecke, Petit Juror ___ • 10.20 ;oy Hanson, Petit Juror ----- 23.60 Clara Hauptman, Petit juror ___ 25,20 Anna Mae Hefner, Petit Juror -'- 55.80 irwin Heldorfer, Petit > Juror - *- BO .•ah Irons, Petit Juror .. ___ 20.40 just Koppen, Petit Juror _____ 24.00 An Herman Kolllaich, Petit Juror ______ s: ______ ______ 48.00 •rvln Kramersmeler, Petit Juror 39,00 Nina Krachr, Petit Juror _____ 30.00 W. C. Kading, Peflt Juror ____ 18.60 Ann Menke, Petit Juror ____ .. 27.20 Raymond Metzen, Petit Juror .. 5.60 dwin Lieb, Petit Juror _____ 24.40 Clifford McGregor, Petit Juror.. 33.60 Viola McDonald, Petit Juror ... 24.00 erd Ostwald, Petjt Juror ..... 24.40 Charles Osborn, Petit Juror ... 7.50 George Olson, Petit Juror , ---- 5.50 obert Ogren, Petit Juror ____ 8.00 : rances Parrott, Petit Juror .. 20.40 Robert Riehter, Petit Juror ... 11.40 >eter C. Reding, Petit Juror .. 51.20 Harm Ritius, Petit Juror ____ 9.00 Mrc. James Sabin, Petit Juror . 72.00 red Stroebel, Petit Juror ____ 32.00 vy Scuffham, Petit Juror ____ 25.50 verett Schipull, Petit Juror .. 28.00 Milton Steven, Petit Juror ___ 6.50 dna Smith, Petit Jurpr . ..... 35.40 William Tokheim, Petit Juror .. 32.40 Herman Tjarks, Petit Juror ____ 30,00 Kenneth Thompson, Petit Juror 60.00 ohn Wagner, Petit Juror ---- 16.20 Simon Weber, Petit Juror ____ 36.00 Clare Wingert, Petit Juror ____ 14,20 Nellie Wolfe, Petit Juror ____ 14:20 Dale Welsbrod, Petit Juror ... 7.10 Christine Zeimet, Petit Juror , 54.00 COUNTY FUND ayroll Fund, County Payroll . 2229.66 Johnson Nursing Home, Care & Keep St. Anthony's Home, Care & Keep ... Delta H. Falvey, Care & Keep . Axel Thorrisen, Care & Keep .. Rcnfair Nursing Home, Care & Keep 103.50 State of Iowa, Aid to Dcp. Children _ 1452.33 State of Iowa, Aid to Blind Fund 253.72 State of Iowa, Emeregncy Relief 18.07 State of Iowa, Aid to the Disabled Algona Mun. Ufil,, Utilities — Arthur Thilgos, Labor ________ Algona Lockers, 'Rent _________ Culligan Soft Water Serv., Soft Water of th« Bo»»rd pf Supervisors of Ktwsuth County, Iowa, nd by the statutes of the Slate of ' 'ou of the pay ^ paid b.y L. A. WloMl, ti>r&-cip by acknowledged •claim'- an4' convey ,Uon ., _,, , I paid'.ty , tfTe .receipt of which" Is hcre- iwleagea docs hereby quit ...J' convoy unto the said L. A,; all right, title and interest of Kutwuth County, Iowa, in and to the lolfowliut described reul estate situated in KossiJtlvCblinty' Iowa, tofwit: The * South' onc-HoW lS',i) of Lots Five-,(5), Six (til, Seven (7) a1n«t eight (8), Block One hundred eighty-nine (189), Suhiy. Iowa. this Ibt day ol November, ulh I3u Wayno F. Klein,. Feed The Weslin Co., Supplies _____ Frederick Hdwe., Supplies Minn. Chem. Co., Suppliec Jack's O. K. Tire Serv.; Tires .. Miller Lbr. Co., Supplies Donovan Cabinet Shop, Storms . N. W. Bell Tel. Co., Tel. Serv. John M. Schutter, M. D., Medical 54.87 8.22 62.50 12.00 20.00 51.74 25.46 16.90 58.02 97.15 9.12 33.08 28.55 7.50 3.50 177.40 8.22 66.25 29.06 Hobarton Elevator, Supplies .. 309.16 Hegarty's Plumbing, Repairs . 43.56 North la. Sewing Machine Co., Repairs : 6.50 Norton Machine Works, Repairs 5.52 Grace-Lee, Supplies 43.14 Council Oak Store, Supplies .. 15.20 Algona Lockers, Butchering 155.89 24.92 60.35 46.75 205.5* 179.11 93,38 R. H. Thompson, P.D.S., Medical Honsbruch Drug, Medical ----Algona Impl. Co., Parts ----Taylor' Imp). Co., Parts ------ Trupke Elec., Repairs K. & M., Sales Co., Supplies .. Hood's Super Valu, Food ...... Finn's Bakery, Food . ________ Leah's Bakery, Food .... ----Const. Coop. Creameries, Dairy Products S & L, Clothing Standard Oil Co., Fuel PAYROLL FUND" Dean G. Parrott. Court Reporter 258.00 Wilfred Woltz, Assists rho Treas. 175.78 Doris Forgusen, Assists the ' Treas. 172.01 Joan Mueller/Assists the Sheriff r 14.62 R. K. Beck, Probation Officer . 120.7i L. C. Rovn, Probation Deputy . I05.2< Hallie R: Guess, Co. Home .. 142.11 Rose M. Guess, Co. Home 142.15 Murl Jorgenson, Co. Home 123.25 Hulda Jorgoraon, Co. Home .. 'Ella, Dau' Pcrtl, Labor Lola Scuffham, Registrar Shirley Maahs, Assists tho Auditor Jens M. Sorensen, Meetings & 91.51 37.83 64.07 Mileage -.,, ............. - 315.9 A. -M. Kollasrh, Meetings & Mileage ...... ...... ..... ..... 451.65 Charles H. Newel, Meetings & Mileage ... .............. 443.6 Charles Plathe, Meetings & Mileage John H. Rode, Meetings & Mile- «igu ----- .......... - ..... . 377.89 vlorth Central Pub. Serv. Co.,Gas 12.25 .... Algona Mun. Util., -Utilities .. 164.48 ' Algona Mun. Util., ' Utilities .. ^ayroll Fund, County Payroll - 16.58 6439.65 , - 3 ayroll Fund, County Payroll - 2316.25 . H. Furst, Setting Levies ... 57.50 Merri Laing, Extra Help ----- 16.00 Webster Co. Probation Office, Care & Keep . ..... '. ------ 184.00 *alph W. Lindhorst, Board & Lodge of Prisoners -------- 192.10 Ralph W. Lindhorst, Meals, Mileage, Assistance ..... - ..... J64.22 Donald M. Wood, Meals & Mileage ...................... 21.69 N. W. Boll Tel. Co., Tel. Serv- i ice _____ . --------- r ------ .63 Hood's Super Valu, Supplies .. 1.16 Long's Studio, Supplies ------ 5.65 Upper Des Moihn Pub. Co., Ad . _ 20.58 North Central »ub. Serv, Co., Gas 117.63 . Jon Boeknij Supply, Supplln .. 46.65 N. 'W. Bell Tel. Co./!*. Serv- le« .._ 31445 Hrtffcld Dupllcatina Supplies . Kwauth C«S. ASC, Clara Walker, Expenses .. C. S. Pearson, Expenses . Advance Pub. Co., Proceedings Bancroft Register, Proceedings Upper Des ' Moines Pub Co 6.52 3 70 4 . . - -. -..= CoT Supplies 80J1 M** fB&ft &«" 8 '°° pile* . ..*.., 29 SO Burrough'i, Maintenance 758,60 Charles H. Newel, Expenses .. §18 SpMj'^yS'O*. Expenses 39.13 65.13 24.90 117.33 123.46 Proceedings"."" ""' ""'' 1534* Upper Des Moines" Pub Co.. supplies 37.00 Advance Pub. Co.. supplies 1 77 L°?*"th Co. Treas.. bounties 50.82 urn Parrott * Sons, supplies 2,795.08 ( ordpn L. Winkel. expenses .. 163.06 tasoh City Blue Print Serv.. supplies 4241 count ruND ' payroll Fund, court payroll .. 1.55BJ7 Lora Rancy, bailiff ... i 2 .«o f *u«h Raney. bailiff 64*0 icfia Weltof, • Justice of the peace e to Dr. Shtcrk, mayor's fees 12.JO Delia Welter, ' justice of the peace ..... Ralph W. Lindhorst. mileage .. Ralph W. Lindhorst, mileage .. Ralph W. Lindhorst, mileage . t)r. Cameron Shicfk, 5 .to 9.«4< .19 1.T8 mayor's fees 25.00 K. J. Nernmers, . Justice of. the peace Lloyd Dlxon, constable Hotel Algona, jury meals . Hotel Algona, jury meals 26.85 Upper DCS Molnei Pub. , Co., • supplies .., ii.25 L. W. Nitchals, court costs 25.00 6.00 3.43 29.IS . B. FUND Joe Studer, indemnity 49.26, Dr. D. J. Shcy. inspection 77.60 Dr. A. J. Gotten, inspection .. 72.40 BANG'S FUND Dr. D. L,.Ffitz, inspection 25.00- Dr. Jr. L. Crouch, inspection .. 18.00 Dr. R. T. Howard, Inspection .. 47.00' Dr. E. J. Capeiius, Inspection .. 23.50 Dr. T. L, Williams, Inspection .. 17.00 Dr. A. J. Gotten, Inspection .. 126.00 Dr. T. J. Lensing, inspection — 11.90 Dr. Jay D. Rush, Inspection .. 5.00 1 KOSSUTH CO. FAIR County Fair, apportionment .. 3,000.00 STATE INSTITUTION Mental Health Institute, care tc keep — 298.92 State Hospitali, care * keep —... 24,015.91 DRAINAGE FUND Vernon C. Meyer, drain 4. 29.00 Vernon C. Meyer, drain 39 19.00 Charles J. Wagner, drain 51 ._ 23.80 Adam Heiderscheidt, drain 51 63.80 Vernon C. Meyer, drain 72 11.00 Robert Blumer, drain 76 246.80 D. L. Leffert, drain 18 109.03 Clement Crahan, drain 79 E. J.. Seeney, drain. 82 G. D. Hart, drain 82 Vernon C. Meyer, drain 133 .. G. D. Hart, drain 133 E. J. Seeney, drain 133 3.40 5.60 12.59 22.00 6.82 2.80 12.50 20.66 21. 1« 8.50 E. J. Seeney.. drain 166 ...... , 20.4<J G. D. Hart, drain 166 . . , Shurhway.-Kelley, 4 Frlstedt, ..drain 133 Advance Pub. Co., drain 133 Upper Des Moines Pub. •>Co., drain 133 :_--1^.: Clement Crahan, drain 138 52.50 21.42 9.80 G. D. Hart, drain 184 E: J. Seeney, drain 184 Ajtel Brattland, drain 184 5.00 Vernon C. Meyer, drain EK-2 Armco Drainage & Metal Products • Inc., drain EK-2 Shumway, Kelley, & Frlstedt 16.00 80.84 ATTORUfcr GENERAL ll.f» Ihtrtman — 5.297 Don Wilson — 5 782 FOR JUDGES OF THE SUPREME COURT JJ.9U Robert L. Larson — 5,434 Hrnry K. Poterson — 5,320 Hrucc M. Snell — 5.357 Harry fiarrc-tt -- 5.504 Edw. L. O'Connor — 5,627 M. E. Rawllngs — 5.5BO FOR REPRESENTATIVE IN CONGRESS 1U68 Curtis Rlchm — 5,137 Merwm Coad — 6.42!) FOR JUDGES OF THE DISTRICT COURT 11,448 Clnudc Baldwin — 4,792 Joseph P. Hand — 6.056 FOR STATE SENATOR 11,018 Max Sooth — 4,970 John Brown — B.048 FOR STATE REPRESENTATIVE 11.5S1 Mrs. C. C. Inman — 4,839 Casey Loss — 7,012 FOR COUNTY AUDITOR 11,534 Marc Moore — 6,335 Glee Bullock — 5.219 FOR COUNTY TREASURER 7,74* Rosella Volgt — 7,746 FOR CLERK OF THE DISTRICT COURT 7.S54 Alma Pearson — 7,552 FOR SHERIFF 1,075 Rnlph W. Lindhorst — 8.075 FOR COUNTY RECORDER 11. IDS Milton Norton — 4,984 Clara Walker — 6,845 FOR COUNTY ATTORNEY 11,519 James Andrcasen — 4,942 Gordon Winkel — 6,577 FOR MEMBER BOARD OF SUPERVISORS Itt DIST. 2.134 Loren White — 681 Charles Plathe — 1,473 FOR MEMBER BOARD OF SUPERVISORS 3rd DIST. 1,141 John Rode — 1,102 Ben Slehlmann — 747 FOR MEMBER BOARD OF SUPERVISORS 5th DIST. 1,197 Unopposed A. M. Kollasch — 1,197 FOR CONSERVATION BOARD lO.tSI Yes — 4,615 No — 6,041 FOR CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT 11.012 Yes — 3,233 No — 7,829 On motion adjournment was taken until Dec. 1, 1960. ATTEST: Marc Moore, Co. Auditor A. M. Kollasch. Chairman Board Of Supervisors Tuesday, Dee. 13, I960 4f0ona (la.) Upper DM M«fltt-f Unopposed Unopposed Unopposed drain EK-4 —'. 32.50 G. D. Hart, drain EK-4 K. J.'Seeney. drain EK-4 Advance Pub. Co,,, drajn EK-4 Concrete Products'Corp., drain HK-a ti.- T —•—,-,, Charles J. Wagne'r, drain. HK-2 Clement Crahan, drain HK-2 — Vernon C. Meyer, • drain. PAK-1 11.59, 2.19 20.66 2.64 18.00 25.50 7.00 BOARD PROCEEDINGS .„.,,... TWENTY-THIRD (•) DAY ; NOVEMBER 14, 1960 SPECIAL SEPTEMBER SESSION 1910 The Board of Supervisors met .pursuant to adjournment to canvass the vote of the General Election of November 8, 1960. Those present were: A. M. Kollasch, Chairman, and members Charles Newel, John Rode, Jens Sorensen and Charles Plathe. Absent: none TOWNSHIP OFFICERS ELECTED AT THE GENERAL ELECTION OF NOVEMBER I, 1910, AS CERTIFIED BY THE TWP. CLERKS OF THE TWP. TOWNSHIP ALGONA ALGONA BUFFALO BURT CRESCO EAGLE EAST.Lonc Rock Hurt FENTON GARFIELD GERMAN GREENWOOD HARRISON HEBRON IRVINGTON LAKOTA-LEDYARD LEDYARD-LEPYARD LINCOLN LONE ROCK-FENTON LOTTS CREEK TWP. LuVERNE PLUM CREEK PORTLAND PRAIRIE RAMSEY RIVERDALE SENECA ' SHERMAN SPRINGFIELD UNION WESLEY WHITTEMORE JUSTICE OF THE PEACC Delia Welter C. H. Ostwinkle Harlcy Hanson' William Holm Sorcn Pcdersen N. J. Nemmers Max O'Kccfc Fred Dutton John Dorcnbush CONSTABLE Er,nst E. Thicl Floyd 'Newville Fred Baadc W. H. Steward Walter Steward Paul Elglcr Orville Dixon Harold Conway Charles Strobel Bob Asmus Thomas Forburjfcr John Uhlenhake TWP. TRUSTEE TERM TW*. TRUSTEE TERM BEGINNING 1M1 BEGINNING 1M2 Clarence Schutjer Ralph Bierstedt Mancil Hurlburt Ralph Bierstedt G. B. Johnson . . Herman Harms ' Lars Skaar Irvin Heldorfer Wlllard Appelt Al Duddlng John Weber S. P. Powers S. P. Powers Lewis .Wingert G. B. Johnson Earl Chambers Cliff Benichoter Glenn Larson Nick Arndorfcr John Origer Vic Struec-kcr Alvin Weber OrviUe Brandt Fred, Plumb Ralph TJaden Elmer Bell L. G. Huber Leonard Dittmcr Jerome' Eisenbyrtli Walter Magnu«6n Leonard Dittmcr Ray Dreyer > A. A. Fangmai) Selinac Ulir Elmer Schacfcr . FrancU Frbelicb, Ed Looft Ed Looft Alfred. Mglz Ray Drcycr Ed Hof Julius Baas ' * Donald Rlngsdorf Elmer Glawc . E. J. Kollasch Lawrence Haiitelman L. W. Johnson Orville Runksmcicr Norbcrt Hilbcrt Frank Burke TWP. CLERK Ernest .Hajisen E, R. Woltz John P. Simon Onie Ostergaard Otto Borchardt Clair Rediiuj Richard Anderson A(bert Kollasch .Martin Da hi Wm. Oldenburg Richard- Mawdslcy Jorrjf Itertland Jerry Hcctland Stephen Tjaden Otto ' Borchardt Nick Gengler Win. Marty Ix>rraine Campncy Lloyd Bartlett Froclich Tony Becker VUlat JUlard'Thompson Carl Rwonson Meivin boatman KeoMth Strayer « , , C( ?F t ^ : , V6»««W bruise Paul Ludwig • Chj*. Bqrnwnn OFFICIAL GENERAL ELECTION VANVAS* MM FOR PREtlDtNT ,II.N«, > • . ,Nl\pn & Lodge — 6278 Johii Kennedy e» Johnson, — 8,606 FOR UNITED STATV* BCNATO* I Jack Miller — 5.515 Norman Erbc — 5,733 W. L. Mooty - 5.474 . • ro« Melvin Synhonft — Q. A. Bjustrom I. W. iirschcl , Leveled* - FPR GO¥ER»OR 1I.ITT '/'-,- .'•., r/' «*A'urd Mcllanuj W» 8.JM4 IMUTENAUT OPVEJINpa-llJH Jfjhi. R. IJinw^,^ MIO qt • M. L. Abruliamson — |.1*I FOR ClyUc Sur> — 3,61(> Jfccl F. IUU — O.fta; Carton Of His Favorite CIGARETTES Box Of His Favorite CIGARS MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTIONS CIGARETTE LIGHTERS PIPES AND POUCHES CHRISTMAS CHOCOLATES Smoke Shop Algona = | Don't take our | word for it /.' I THE FEEDER WHO FEEDS i MURPHY I CUT-COST 1 Will. TELL VW TUT! H MURPHY'S CUT-COST BEEF CONCENTRATE I • Gels Cattle on feed early | • Keeps cattle on feed jjj • Maintains top herd health s • Cuts Washiness • Produces low-cost gains • Promotes Quality Carcass Thousands of cost conscious Murphy cattle feeders feeding from 7,000 head a year to only 50 a year, agree that Murphy's Cut-Cost Beef Concentrate gives them these 6 big advantages plus cutting their cash outlay for feed by making farm feeds go further, do more. Murphy feeders save labor too, with a safe, simple self- feeding program — exclusive with Murphy's! Let Cattle Feeders Tell You About the BIG difference CUT-COST makes to them! HOBARTON Co-Op. Elevator CY 4-4614 Hobarton PHONE CY 4-3535 - YOUR NEWSPAPER LAYERS TOP OFFICIAL IOWA EGG TEST • First In Egg Production T* Top Adult Livability V t Smallest Body Weight I • Second In Egg Size ANP FIRST IN PERFORMANCE INDEXI tfen'a profitable advice to poultry own, "If egge an yeur fciuuMftSf make Hy>Line your chick." Year-after-ycar, Hy-Line layen give you conaiatent top-level pwfonaaace. For proof, aae the reaulta of the lateit Iowa Multiple Unit Poultry Teat, •upervued by the Iowa, Poultry Impeave* •wit Supervisory Board. Sixteen well-known U. 8. breed- en entered their beet bird*. Not Just 60 or 100 puUetal The Iowa test ending in 1960 involved 950 pullet ehkke per entry—each tested at 4 different (anna hi the atate. For the peat three yean, Hy-Line layen have led el entries In thia most Important teat. Again thia year, Hy-Line 934 Series layenv gave the best "att around* performance. The small, thrifty Hy-Line layer tied lev •the smallest body weight in the teat, a big feed-eaving factor. Yet, when compared to the average of all eatriea, the HyLine 984 Series layer averaged! « 41 More egge per pallet h*wei. • • 1 Ib. heavier egg weight per caae... ItM thu half the la/iag (MM* aarUtU* Thi§ advaBtog* Mnwd Hy-Lin* 934 SeiriM Uytn the top perforouno* index of 4.51 which wu 1.44 higher than th* avtrac* of all competing layen. Thai "perfonnanc* index" is calculated from body weight, egg production, •gg weight, and laying houaa Uvability. Roughly, the "perfemuuMe index" meaeurei the difference In income •ver reed coat par bird between the entries evea though ajstuai iacoiae and cost nootds war* not kept. For thro* jrsara hi • row, Hy-Uno entries have, produced, Ih* tofi perfpmanoe ind*« .lm «ha Iowa Multiple Unit poultry Test. Consistent, jwarwaftor-year perfocmane* jifts psuHrysaeti top proflt opfortunities. 8* "If agp am your busings*, ssak* Hy-Line your chkk," F«* HyJJsw 014 JariM fhlokf UaWer your brooder next •print* •> your laying house next faU. Rasf increassd *oi* vi* HytLiM »M Senas layers. ORDER YOURJIY-LINE FROM ROBINSON PRODUCE, Algona DONALD JACOBS, West Bend . BURT PRODUCE, Burt FRANK SEEtY, Rmgtted JAMES MAYNE, Udyard ALFRED HURLBURT, Elmort MAYNARD HURLBURT, Swta City WHITTiMQKt K AT<tHf RY - CHICKS NOW ROBINSON PRODUCE, Wtfl.y CALVIN VAUDT, Fenton LYNDON KERBER, Cylinder AREND SWALVE, Buffalo Center LEROY SCH1LTZ, Bancroft AARON STEUSSY, Algona WALTER VAUDT, Whittemore

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