The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 13, 1960 · Page 18
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 18

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 13, 1960
Page 18
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1 4—Aigana (la.) Upper Dei MoinM Tuesday, Dee. 13, 1960 £hri»imas is «n the air. The eight years ago. first grefetihg card came from Susan Pfiffner, Seattle, Wash. bookmarks were enclosed, very pretty. Thank remembering me. * * you for — In ihe tame tnail was a copy £. of th£ Titus villfe (Florida) Star"_ Advocate, sent to me by Hal Hudson, editor, and a former Al- feonan. It has some interesting items and pictures of homecom- _ ing floats. Thank you, Hal. — * • » And from Glenn Naudain, 1_ Rock Hill, South Carolina, comes IT the ''Rotary News'". He, too, is a former Algohan. G'.enn, I hopt ^_ you won t mind if I suggest that •— next time you communicate with ~ me, you use a siieet of plain _ paper rather than writing bet— ' ween the lines of the printed '"' sheet! Your geneology was interesting and ot special interest •^ was your information that your " mother was a Foster and that '_ her father and Stephen Foster's — father were brothers. From the Rock Mill sheet 1 ^ gleaned this story which I think is very cute. He, "What kind of — tooth paste do >ou use?" She— '_ "None-my teeth cin't loose." , A postscript says he and his wife spent a week at Cape Hatteras where there was some fine ~ fishing. He says it was recently _ written up in the Saturday Evening Post, you Post readers, get - out a copy. I seldom read that periodical, I'm for the Ladies Home Journal. Another cute one. She—"I'm i- looking forward to my 24th birthday." He, "You've looking in the wrong direction." ? How about this. Wade Sulli— van? A girl away at school for ~ the first time wrote her mother. "Please send me some stamps. _ They are so expensive here." I am writing this Nor. 29 and _ I hope by the time it reaches rr print, the personnel of the "Rythumettes" will be back to — normal. An accident befell one — member, Shirley (Mrs Lee) Schenck, and for awhile she will be unable to sing. The rest of the — quarter is Mrs' F. M. Holt, Mrs Delmar Kern and Mrs A. J. Cotten. The women have been kept — busy doing programs, the Wo~ mens Club, Mens Club, Beta Sigma Phi and Xi-Xi chapters, Good Z Samaritan Home, D.A.R., Cub Scouts,' to list a few and several ^_ other programs coming up. So it is hoped ' Shirley's recovery will IDC rapid. * •' • I overheard a caller here ask the other day how old the hotel is. The reply was "Oh, about 80 •"' years." Now I think the person meant the Algona hotel. It is about 60 years old. The Thorington house, being demolished is nearly 100 years old. * * * When Mrs W. J. Payne told me about her sister Bernadette Barbaras visiting relatives at Rochester, Minn., I asked her what nationality Barbaras was. She replied, 'Our father came from Alsace—therefore French. I had guessed it might be. Then I talk- nd with Mrs John Schimmel arid learned her father, the! late John Williams, came from Ross, England in 1868 when he was a lad 12 years old. * Mrs Minnie Matern Has been here from Stewartville, Mihn., visiting, friends. She was house guest- of Mrs Helen Mikes. I her some time ago when she owned and operated the "Teeney Weeney" store on South Hall street. .» » * This is a story about a little girl too young to know bad words from good. She is only four but is being raised carefully by gentle parents. Thanksgiving day, the • grandparents were guests and grace had been said. Then came ; the passing of food, • everybody with a dish in hand "except this little girl who,' to the astonishment, of her family asked impatiently, "Where in h MyrHe Schimmel and I had a good chat about Clinton, Mount Vernon, Amana artd food the other day. They are interesting places and to gourmets, Amana is of particular interest. She and her husband John ate at the O.K Yoke in Amana and Hazel Lus- by. Lizzie Post and I have eaten at the Old Colony there and at Zuber's in Home-stead. Such f.'en- erous helpings of everything, especially meat which is my weakness. * • • Mrs Harvey rteid and Mrs Lloyd Gerber were recently in Des Moines having accompanied the group who took part in the music festival tit KRNT theatre. Thev had rooms at the Savory hotel and were there when the Charity Rail was in progress. Mrs Reid was particularly interested in having seen Mr and Mrs Harlan Miller. Mrs Reid has at varous times sent contributions which ,H. M. used in his "Over the Coffee" and this of course has stimulated her interest in him. I asked her about Mrs Miller. She described her as nice looking in a chiu way. Haflan's frequently just about "ain't", it has vanished; leaving him with a very "high forehead" and the color has'laded, as hair does in middle age, unfortunately. * * * This winds up 1924 — Splendid annual program by county farm bureau. Algona's new telephone system installed (I wonder if this is when the rooms over the former Sorensen grocery wer& occupied. The offices had been ovei- the Rcxall store previously. Remember when Drsl A. L. Rist and "red hair" which h« mentions- so F. L. Triboh hud their office* there? Ed Genrich ; wedded Qenevieve Jones of Livermorfe (1 was glad to see them a few weeks ago). * . * I Wonder how many others received Christmas greetings from the Holy Land? Postmarked Kansas City, Md., a colored picture of Qethsemanc, and inside the folder, two olive leaves were pasted. I woficler if they art really authentic. * • • II is always so nlc* id see old friends. Zoe Willis Lecky (Mrs Harry) of Hamilton, Mont., and her cousift Irma Pratt (Mrs Lee)' of Burt called Saturday after-; noon. Zoe is a sister of my friend Hettie Waddell, also of Hamilton and whom I have not seen for 10 years. Zoe says she is still busy with contests anci wins a few but not like the "jackpot" which she' won several years ago. Twenty thousand dollars-ten for herself and ten for her church, tax free. Garfield Germ The Garfield Gems met Dec 3 ec. room. l • - •;, '' It Rachd . ,, , >.,.». Roll call w«s '.«n'«w*i^.J* girls. The grttup will gb .C mas Caroling ott Wed., p&S. 11 at 7:30. A deWtonttfirtlon tfti given by RatHitl also by Jeahelte . Cfedttdh the grdflp' ptay^l M Christmas game ana aifli «' tew' carols which Ester Wlrte -led.- A deltdous tttfwtr the h-6stesses. Thtf he*t< will be Held dri Jdn. 7,- \Wfl at p.m., at tHtf Home ec. rt#fli ; • J BtLfMEtf PERSONALITIES AND J-ERA/ICU AND PATHONIlf . •*,« V VIKING OIL CO. GASOLINE AND FUEL OIL WE GIVE GOLD BOND Or KING KORN STAMPS BULK DELIVERY SERVICE Station and Bulk Plant North Milwaukee Deoot LINDSAY FULLY-AUTOMATIC WATER SOFTENERS Featuring Fiberglass Tanks guaranteed for the life of the original owner, the Lindsay line of softeners is the finest, bar none, on the market. FREE WATER ANALYSIS LINDSAY SOFT WATER SALES - RENTALS - SERVICE 708 So. Phillips Phone CY 4-3755 Algona's Modern Furniture Store Our Direct-From-Factories Purchases of Furniture and Home Furnishings SAVES YOU MONEY ... Low Down Payments BJUSTROM'S — Free Delivery Row-Room v id ROTO-ROOTER in clogged sewers s the original and sewer service every case ot stoppage, ROTO-ROOTER h« proved effective. Th* electric ROTO-ROOTER machini. used by your ROTO-ROOTER Serviceman, has stltl cutting blades th« RAZOR-KLEEN the line. Mora- tiit rtfitrf tii AMERICAN HOMI UTTER HOMES t 8ARDENS Buy«r* A Stlltrt of All • Oet our bids on yiur fr*ln fc«f*r* • Federal Licensed Itorlii W«HH»v»«. H. Ocili Cole or Corwlnt r»t«r 41t $. Phillips $». '.<Hf OF NORTH CENtRAL IOWA Carrying In Stock Tho Moft Comploto of Carpeting In This Area - I^Mciyl M Your BJDSTROM'S A NATIONAL SERVICE AVAILABLE LOCALLY Roto-Rooter Sewer Service • '* For Clogged Sewers and Drains No Unnecessary Digging — Guaranteed COWAN'S ROTO-ROOTER Serving Kossuth County - Ph. CY 4*3523 Algona Collect ^^ ^Pictured above is one pf.Co.wan's ROTO-ROOTER service trucks ready for immediate service. Cowan's ROTO-ROOTER .serves one of the largest franchised geographical areas in the United States — over 2,500 square miles. But you can count on quick action and competent workmanship in solving your problems of clogged sewers. If you desire, we will provide free estimates without obligation. And when we do the job, 1 we provide a guarantee covering the job that has been done. A written ftOTO-ROOTER guarantee assures you the complete satisfaction of a thoroughly clean line. You don't need a doctor until someone is sick ... you don't need the fire department until you have a fire . . . and you don't need ROTO-ROOTER until your sewer clogs up . . .BUT WHEN YOU NEED US WE'RE READY TO GO. Complete drain cleaning service with the electric NIARD for kitchen, bathroom, floor drains and sewers. Electric ROTO-ROOTER service razor-clean clogged .sewers dnd drains WITHOUT UNNECESSARY DIGGING. This month marks the seventh year of satisfactory service in North Central Idwa. BEN Wl Building Contractor • ^^ ' , ' " ' - : i I All Typ« Building - Fctrnf 122 South Heckart, Algon* >h«l*« CT (Please Catt After 6:00 P.M.) COWAN'S ROTO Your SAFE * CONFIDENTIAL Serving and Growing wHh *• Cfn*mui|llf i \ • i V • '' *' ' -rt • _ ' V" IOWA STATE BANK ' ' is the milk?" To say the family was nonplussed is putting it mildly. * * * Casper Thilges' birthday Wednesday was observed by residents oh the first floor at Good Samaritan and a few of the nurse's. Two kinds of cake and Kool-Ade were served, and Casper l?1ew out ,the candle on the angel food. We didn't ask him what he wished. Maybe he wished, thfere'd be some cake left for his supper. • • , I wit terry to h*» the bad news about Claude Samson and Eva Potter, Friday morning. Claude; fell and suffered, a broken hip qnd 'Eva dfed in University hospital at Iowa City. I have known Claude eyet^since I .was lor my faer and eorge on- son. I haven't knqwn IBva that long, but it's u good many years, I krfew her sister Hattie even pt Eva. ? McOtir n*t Mr *nd rnard Carter, Omaha, MILLER LUMBER CO. Building Needs of all Kinds -^T- LOWER PRICED ' BARTHOLOMEW, Manager East State at C & NW Tracks - Algona BUILDING MATERIALS OF ALL KINDS AND TYPES Phone CYpress 4-4266 o For Remodeling. Modernising • For F*tm k Home Building • For Ready-Mixed Concrete Ready-Mix Concrete AND IUMKR CO. Moving o Storage We Move Household Goods Anywhere riiny litMifod -~ Nowj Mevonf stontgiiT woroiio^ijiO' <•,. . • All'Typos Crating - Phone CY 4-227S f POST Transfer & Storage So. Phillips St. Cook & Heat with THERMOGAS The Preferred L. P. Gat BOTTLE AND BULK SALES GAS APPLIANCES THERMOGAS CO. of Algona Phone CY 4-2841 Algona ERNIE WILLIAMS " Your John Deere Headquarters In Algona The Quality Name In Farm Equipment" On Diagonal St. of NW Tracks General Machinery Repair Welding - Cylinder Boring SPECIALTY PARTS MANUFACTURED ALGONA MACHINE SHOP C. Oakland W. State St. Ed Hogg *>«7 DONOVAN'S SHOP HOMI OF CUSTOM MADE ALUMINUM AND COMBINATION DOORS & WINDOWS RUSCO * NELSON • ZEPHYR AWNINGS tffclfttfl ALGON* Algona Implement ALOOKA PLUMBING t «A1 0*f Ot NttWt *tVICE-1HE IN PLUMBING AND HE ATI < * K«hier, Ahetm ft Crew Fixtures * Uix-Alre and Amtrtain SUwUrd Twin aces and Air Conditioning. ¥ INSiNKERATOl Gtrtatf PHONE CYprtu 4-42<

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