The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 14, 1940 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 14, 1940
Page 8
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'PAOR RIOITT fiOIJRTEJl NEWS Victim OPShop-liinn^ Wiiu Borrow a ad Spend Policy Temporarily Spurs U.S. Income '. - ! ISV JOHN T. I LV\.N' -N'KA Service Writer Tiiis is K brief history' of iu> mi- paij cm. i It-is the; bill which Uncle'Sam ewes for the lliings lie lias bough', :md never paid for. Tlie bill amounts to $42,000003«,0. -••-.• Sixteen' of thai Is for tlie last war and the leimunini; $2(l',o'00.0!JO,- COO Is for tlie so-called "recovery." And it is relevant iiov. 1 because ot llic debate which is golnjf on in C:nyreKs about the Ijud^e:. The "recovery" deficit uei;an in I9b'l, under Hoover. It was $9!)0.000,000. Tlie Democnits censured him. Next year it jncrrased, became $3,000,000,000. eventually totaled $,00. The democrats raged. Jack Gurnet 1 said: "'(lie lj?:imrrats will control Dip next. Congress ami \ve «ill . give the counuy a demonstration of real economy." Ro:sevclt denounced Hoover. Hoover spent a rmall RIIIOUIU lo make work, about S15.0W.OCO builriinf a few hulls, mess rooms, a theatre or two, quarters in army p;sls. Roosevelt' pilloried Hoover. "Hoover talked about economy," he sufd, '• "but' lie showed how sincere he' wns when lie spent $15,000,000 for construction of theatres, eyinnns- innis, service clubs, recreation halls fcr army posts." The real remedy, i WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY M, 10li DOOMED, IJcDcvoies ife to Needy U. S. Court In Key Case Gives Law A New : Weapon j METRO IT IUP,~A nownr coin• pimy conviction litre In what was j icijui'dcd as a prct-cclcmlal case i may give public oHiciuls licrc lc«al i!:fiiii)il» for iKiinj. n ,,,., v „.„,,;'„,, i'l <"imp:ii>;ns rtij |«r;/.:i;l:iiiy cl the hcadljook v.n- • iciy. | 'l':n> conviction wu.s in ! court ai'iiinst, the Consumers I'ovv- j il i:uji)jj;,ny, u iiltoldhirj' Qf Com- inonwHiHh HI id (Southern. Tin; ! coinr.uny and twn of Us rcprcstti- jtuiivi.'s in Ml, Clemens were foimJ i %•- iny on (i cl.nrgc of conspiracy r> : maiiufactuio illegal .-ilc'ohol. Tc.'.U- mtiny showed that BUS had been i lui-iiislicd to persons known to In: i:.'ii"li it for bootleg purposes, illK i l)i<- verdict held ti, e company was ni.ially')lt\ Pines t:l:i!lini' ! 57,000 wer« levied. i The case's i:nplic;U!o:i.s may be fa,--rci\ching. The utility's cuunsel li:ul :irs;iie(l Unit it, was required to serve an client, KKf,i:i)ess of oecit- |>aliun. Judge Ernest A. O'Brien's decision contradicted this view I.ejcal Ki-fiisul Stressed "Any public utility corporation a the legal right to refuse ser LOOK AT TIIK V.A Ol'TlflS 5 YEAH CM) LUXUItY WHISKEY! a ile i.;,. Al«> available in InxeWtMi.! of summit •> iJi iliis |jr<)flti4>( urc- S YEARS OLD Itimrliim, 'Jtl jiroof. :•...:.*:?&£:": , idfitions by ;vice if mere is reason to believe , «««™^.^*«—v^w miKSKSOKS^ the service may be used imlnw- W '"'" M fc >' Physicians that he Iras but n few years to live Key •Hilly," the court said. "Any pros- C!C01 'B= Winniman, of Atlanta. On., founded the Atlanti Horn-' Mis' •Imf.yf cl ' stcinci ' wll ° |s '"feed si<m ' wl!Cle '* devotes himself to aiding poor childien He so international agreement to mince crcops. DENOUNCES HOOVEIt, BUT Sl'UNDS MOKE Roosevelt \vas elected. "For three "years," ho told Congress, "the federal tjovernmenl hits been on Ihe road lo bankruptcy . . . For the fiscal year tin; deficit will be a billion dollars unless action Is taken." He tccfc action in April, 1933. He cut federal salaries 25 per cent. Then he started nn orgy of spending and landed the country at the end of his iirst year in a deficit, nol of n billion, but of over three billion dollars. The roof and walls of (his marked were simply lilted 0 II ' " '""' ''' ) ' JCa ' '° ^ i wind lull mcrehtindise standing on cc ic. Cash registers symboltrally register SOOo''''TwMer l> kll]c(r'ovi'r ^""J!.',. '"'r *''"'" ! ' dflt '"' ET '" Uc!rclt with "n "We- sons. ini,,,d M ' U ' — «* »«-\™_FW .*"». «'« ^.^ ^ Plans , Ija-tivc cuslcincr who is 'refused si<m . wheie he devotes himself to j can appeal • ccminis,sioii." Tlie Consumer!! case wns c'o'-in-' Cidi'lltfff in M«frnU MM*K ,v n.,., -— collusion between ga iitront these deficits, when the government l).v .spending $:i.000.000,000 could increase the national Income from $i2,000,000,000 to $10,000,000,000. First of all, the statement wns not precisely correct. We had spent three-billion - dollar dcftcils each year for several years before Hie income went up lo 570.000,000.000. liven at tint It looks pretty good. Bui this tjueslion arises: If. by creating an additional three billion of iiallonnl debt, we can in- il easy for him. H looked easy for everyone. But, in boi rowing money, he ig- Cnruthcrsrille Society—Personal 1'. E. • 0. Meels. Mrs. C. Ci. Rose wns hostess lo about 18 inciulx>r.s of the P. E. O. nt her home Monday afternoon, Mrs. Fred Wheeler was in charge of n sealed program on "Interesting American Women." Each einb mcmbtr was presented with n valentine and an account of some iutfiestlnj woman to read. . i a "d public oliicials. Its possihili- ; r of M,, „„„ Mrs . ohw)ri al^^'^ZpSsttr^ild Virgil Davis •-'--• - '' »"* . cnsc ' supervisor for n years until illness her resignation Jan. i. A P „ i C "" 2M comfort was presented to her by Die association. L - W. Haraw.iy presided at the Plans for the 2Gth annual conn- - - . . e a e y Iltej ' al 'y alld nllilelio meet nnd mc e'i;'B which was attended bv 40 undny fur, Tlie grand jury instructed the ,i I'P nr> u-ill Arii.t.tnn.. n,n . _i _.., IJ e 5th uumml basketball tourna- , 'cacher.s. , ., -----—.. v\-y i.t.i.v i Miiiiiiiiy woiiiu nan die will visit this week with her luting In the city brjrthcr. jrrmk T,tmn, and Mr s .| Orana Jur5y ol)(iyc ,, 'Mr. and Mrs. J. M. CooK ot Wal-'u^h U°S"d ud.,"^ £ vh!lrr? < !T'r Al! .V K "n v 'f k -- ml ! f ""= service to nny 'customer, '"-''-"" ......-._„ vi.-,itci.s m on-uthersville with Mr. ; neither could it refuse to obey the! namccl !ntci ' "V '"c athletic com:;;;! s ^ s dmi aiici ^i^^^ *y^ s^" whi:h w - s - Barnbin ss ^^ ^ ^ The literary and oratorical contests and the trick events will be held at Wilson Friday, April 5. Tlie basketball tournament will be held at Blylheville at a date to be Tlie will of Cecil John Rhodes founder of the Rhodes scholar-' ships, provides for the support at Oxford University, England, or 175 selected scholars from the British colonies, Germni'y anj the United States for a period oi three years each. merit. We borrow (hrec billion and increase Ihe unlitiiftl Income fifteen norcd the plans of those who first ftstered that polios'. The idea wns to borrow, but to spend Ihe money on projects which -would bring n revenue—tow-cost housing for instance, toll loads and bridges', etc. Th|s does not menu that money' _ shculd • no.l have been , spoilt on things that did not'bring a : giver npj'ent revemte.' But such 'tilings should have' been' paid for out of current revenues. SPENDING ACCELERATES —STEP t!Y STEP Roosevelt began'by opposing all unbalanced .budgfts iaml wits' for spending only out of revenues First he would spend merely lo take care of distress. Then he went n step further and began spending ,, 1P p n * Mn . to prime the pump. Then he 1-eul iie-siticn up spending became he did not i I" 0 ™ blU '°"' s lo "' M w know what else to do, continually 1 ™'' finding new reasons. p Gradually the deficits mounted until in |&30 a ione lie spent $ I -' 138,000.000 more than he collected in .axes. Then he decided to taper on. He did so and the depression returned. So lie resumed spending .leain. And now he began to play with Ihe idea that spending was gcod in itsc-lf. He said what he repealed in his message to Congress tills year, that It wns sU'pkl to worry After the program the hastens .served op™ face sandwiches, olives. v.;cl;lcs. individual cal;cs and tea nnd coffee. at-Hwnn », T , Sllies ° f °'' dei " b >'«.«epting the grand jurv i.iingfield. MO., sprnt the wrrk- msUucticns rather than o^evinV end hpre. wil.h Mrs. Sites' sister, Uie leuer of the lav " 'ATI 1 ! K1(l>ll' UfitW „.,,I n r.. \l::n.- .... . _ IS FALLACIOUS TIIKOIIY Yet the administration crtcb year promises that the "balanced bud- Lucky Nine Moots, get" is ju.-.l around Ihe corner. The M< niters of the Hieky Nine club !"«•.«.»l M ''-j v il ! »' Inc Consumers' r . :l 1 •-,>-' n'v >J^'l,.;lMllcl J V.;'.^L elm and Roy Unrper(involve:! alleged violations of Fed- left Saturday night for 1 Nev.- Orleans wlicrs they repiesenlal the ri-iil law. County Proiicciilir Duncan McCrea miricrtook » study of answer, of course, is that there met Monday night nt the home of •" - lly in the President's argil- Mrs. Ralph Gooclln. Mrs. Vester IBiish and Mrs. Pauline Ooodwin "ere club Huesis. Miss Mary Myrtle McArtlmr re- - - •-•• «••.*!. «nt* invi/ji.c iiiLccti iti(, t .j iUMi <f i\i^i [_[(_• flifjiirtiiur rc~ billion. Then, we borrow three bll- ceived club prr/;-. n lunelu-on set lion (he nest year und increase the nnd Mrs. Bush received, costume nntioiifil iiiromt! by six or night Jewelry forjjuesl high. Miss Eliza- blilioii. We do tills encli year. Each Fields . cut for coiisolntlmi year Ilie income n little, ami won 11 jwUed plant. At (he Then we try to stop borrowing, close of tin; • e-viiitujj, refreshments The instant \ve do. down goes the v:cre served by the licsfss nali.nal Income to collapse. I * • « Ihit—fiiitl here- Is - the rub—the •*"''«' aiontlay N'ijjbt Club, accumulated debt rermiins. . The N'ew Mondni- Nl»ht club was vantitge Is tempoiary. the burden entertained mis " we/k by Miss created enchuiny. Tenne Tipton ut the -Claude Nel- rts a result we now have a mi-i sou resldnice. Miss Annie Laurie tlonal debt of $-iL'.C03,OCO.OO». And Tipton was a guest. The valen- the Presiilciu says we mfist add tine motif was c-iirried out in score "'""" '""""•- •- '• ~ win cm- pads, tallies, nnrt tnble nupoint- menls. question is : When will this, High score pmi>, n cut glnjs :ome to an ond? flower bowl, was won by Miss Brent. Miss Kay Miller ,s:r»,,- Missouri-Illinois unit of the Nn- tlie ,„„;„, „, ue u,- lvln!J tional Cotlon Council of Amsricn jcrs t f lelrphone service s>t a convention there Tucsilav and Wednesday. Mr. Helm is i-hriir- man and Mr, Harper is lh;rtl vice clmlrmnn of tills unit. V. p. iiniulolph left Siniu'iiy,^!- New Orleans. Mrs. D. p. Randolph leU Monday mcrnii'.ij fov Dntlge City, Kan.. wh.-'re. she will visit two weeks with hor uncle. E. E. .Smith.. Mr. and Mrs. Ral',' Bn-.c V are tho parents of a son bom Sunday ovcnl.i" at the Sculhciist Miasonr! hospital at Cape Gtvanli'itu. Both iiictlUT ami icn .ire re|)0!trd to l;e dclni; well. J. T. Palmcrc ."pent Monday and Tuesday in Jeilerson City on business. . Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Lincoln left Sunday niorninj for a vfiratkm nt points in Florida. Mrs. Norbert Spalding asid Mrs, Peck (iaytltn and son. Jtie 1'cck. wtr<> Monday I'Lsitors in Motiphis. Read Cairicr News '.\ant ads. iron A rcsoluijon of respect was adopted for the late Chns. H. niehnrd. n lonner president of the association and a pioneer educator in the Mississippi county schools, who died at Ue.itrden, Ark., recently. A. C. Boone of Luxora was elected treasurer to fill tlie vacancy caused by the retirement of w. 1,. currie ..Jip hnd held the post for 35 years. { Tribuie was paid to Annie II. ' Currie who 1m,. o/rvca ;,_, OU ji.^ 0 1G-I5, but not until 1130 was the first, steel produced • by Joseph Higby. of Connecticut... ^^Bouawn^ 1 ! **;,:, FKEE DELiVEHY 3M W. Slain S!, Phone 15 SOliroof.Coiir.lgifl.Sclifiilcj-Distill Corp., New York City. Tile ratio oi male births does not ini'ieure during times of war. >])r. J. A.Salibu Announces the rcinciritl nt his offlcc from tlie Ingram Building to his home. 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