The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 14, 1940 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 14, 1940
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY W,. 19=10: BUTIIKVILLU (AUK,) COURIER NMWH CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per line for consecutive insertions; •line lime per Jine lOc iUvo times per line per day..,.cue. Ihrec times per line per day...Otic Bix limes per line per day 05c Month rale per line OOc il^ards of Thanks ,50c & 15c Minimum charge 5Uc Ads ordered for three'or six iiiiies and slopped before expira- Jon will be charged for the nuni- oer of times the add appeared and idjustmem of bill made. /in oiiuusiiicd Advenlsing copy vibmiUcu by persons residing om- nue of Ihe city must be ucccm- V,anieii by casli. limes may nc cas- uy computed from above IUUIK. Advertising onteiccl lor irregular uisenions IHHC.S tlio one time Wo responsibility will be taken lor more than one incorrect insertion of any classilied. ad. business Dircelory FULrER"BRUS!lES"~~ Call Dan McLean, Phone. 1050 For lien I 2 rooms, furnished or inilurnlshecl. 108 S. Second. iu-pl;-15 Modern furnished apartment with 1 private bath. Phone CE3. 9-ck-H Modern 3 room unfurnished aparl- mcnt. Private bath. 1129 W. Ash. (l-ck-lti » HOLD EVERYTHING By Clyde Lewis ON OUU Furnished apartment or bedroom ,,, , , , , for couple or gentlemen. H15 w. '"*<•' ;| < |V ;>» ( ''W m (his pri'- Muin, Phone 125 or 540. 8-iik-l5 S|)nriff (Je.'llvilK'C. \Vu li;ivc _..._..._. . I hn I'M r vmj u--)»»J ..I II.,, ., , - -.--.- IhP wit 1 von \ranl. a( (he 2 room furnished apartment. Mod- ,,, • , " . , , i cm. 1315 W. Main. 3-ck-tl » mc J' 11 ' »""' '" W- j .' 'S'J Fnrd Tudor. New (ire's, rity driven. I.e-tiks 1 ;MH| runs lilii Room for employed woman. I92a W. Main. Phone 230. 2-cfc-U Steam heated bedroom. AH conveniences. 818 W. Walnut. 3-ck-ll For Sale 3 nom furnished apartment,. Priv- iitc bath. Desirable location. Call 280. 1-ck-tf. Unfurnished apartment in Shane Apartment Building on West Main Street. Call 571 or 197. 1-ck-tf Rooms or apartment, chietasawba ne\v '3ti <-'hr\'. ('iKU'li. City driven. Hi';iter riiiiijjjjrd. (' lliruucliiul '37 Kuril (CO) Tuilor. Ciilnr lilsi'k. Motor in cvrclliMil t'ninlltiou. Clean $:IIU MR I'crd Deluxe Tudor. Nr\v Tires & Seat fevers SI40 near School. Phone 176. 30pk2-2a '" <'>>«. 10 highly bred Jersey heifers ",viih young calves, nought from lier- schell Smart herd. Inquire dailies i Market. S-ck-3-8' 3 room furnished apartment and! bath. Modern and clean. Corner: Main and 2nd. P. Simon, photic I 764. K-ck-tlj Nice bedroom convenient to bath Steam heat. Phone 280. 2!ckt! Good wood and coal. A. 1>. Burks Chickasawba and R. R. 1'iinnc SUV. 3l-ck-a-29 Notice Bargains im USED TIKES . _i Female Cocker Spaniel. Slas brass studded leatlie i harness «'ilh Memphis Dog License. Inquire 121 W. Kentucky, phone :<20. 10-ck-HJ'SI Chev. I* ami LOtltlS i^Gl-ord I': Tun, Only "17 I'lial I'ick-up 'H& Inlciiialinnal I'anel witli hi'lltrr, radio ami White Shle Walls. Chun cur at :i bargain price.... ':il Cliev. Cuiuic. With License 'Hit I'onl Deluxe Tiidur.. '3G Clicv. C'oiirli. AVilli License . 'HG Kludcbaker (.'oach .... THUCKS AT BAHRAIN I'KICICS Hi Ton. 8:25 Dual 7:ao Front. Only.. 51122 MCS.MALARKEr ooMiw HOUSE if A rn/two Wi/f .U'£) FAY YOifft ND'llCi: All coni'erued arc licfcby notilleri that we will not be responsible Jov uny bills contrncled by any person, under nny clreuinslnncvs. except on written order signed i>y J. A. Ownllney or Oni SliiK Clwull- ney. VICTORIA MHIiCAN'l 11,13 CO. V10TOUIA PLANTATIONS GWAtVl'NKV IMPIJ5MKNT CO. CiWALTNKY'S, Ine. J, A. nWAliTNUY, I'lesldonl. OUA RIMS GWAV.TNEY, Vice Prt'Bldent. 31-7-1-1-21 Life Illsked (at C;i< AnnU'lllA il)!') - nose- iiinn liinil ftlllinlri heard scvcnms issiilnu from a burning hoire Some Repossessetl, Good as New. SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. Land For Sale MISSOURI LAND— SO ncres cut ever on Iliclnvay 02, SI per acre casln balance over [leviod of six >c.irs. -. 81- HouehinVL' 12-ck-tf. Lavfje • nr Small At Interest Kales. We are equipped to handle large or small loans on any sized tract of farm land, nl low cost, and ill a Inw interest rate. TERRY ABSTRACT ft REALTY COMPANY 3 Walnut St. Blytbcvllle. Ark Position Wauled "I'm mil complaining ulxml my room, Mrs. Mnlnrkey, inil Jnsl niylil my Iccl I'ro/u liic hul w;ilui' boUlc!"' '37 C. M. C. Pick- I'p PHILL5PS Now Liirad'il in Glciicne llnlrl Illils. ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER ' SERVICE BUREAU AH HhiUcii of ItdmiH TyiiCHTit^rs, AiJilm^ ."MiirlihiCN ;iirtl t:al(iih!l<trM—U( inning—Viiits—Uhibons KKMKmiKK LEFTY'S f; Station for Maf/nolia Mobiloil. and Mobil(jas Now Uliuiitfji'd liy Waller Cox, Jr. ami B. M, Murray See Us For Anti-Freeze! . Oil! worst, rushed full tilt Into the Iliiinln'j Mrilctiirc, nr«p- in< llmnigh dnnsu .smoke Althnhl discovered a cut friiiilljally clnw- IIIR at n ccllur window. FOR SALE! One usoil KOCH iMrljrruLol- While Metal lv(eal Cns« with rrlsiditln- Compressor. Display frimt \vllh exec*.'; ilonnje nnd fold drink S|HK:U. I.lke new. .OiUiina! cosl. S1167, Onsh lulci 1 for 'tnlek Mill* S:i!ir>. Terms iir- riinsid In responsible pnilles, One i;mn paper tape, maehlne, counter ci]iilpmrnl and candy I'llsn. I'rteod for quirk r.ale. One used Scrvlcr Station Air Comnrei*or. Ctood ciiiidlllon, SVifi. Cue KahlmnkK-MoiKe \Valer I'mnp without motor. Truce Clinlns, « fe«' good nnilc' ml- Inrs, cotton hues. Ill) liusliols Ce- le.saii livaled niM<-)l-A Cottnn Sired. ••:'','•. R. E. WRIGHT 11. W. fit, One Mile So. t'lioiut -ISI-.I FISTULA A l<"l.sliilii Is n fulsr (Inilnace mnnl (vlilcli usnully starts li'om mi uleenillon thai peni'tniles Ihe rcclnl wall mid vvi;rk.s li.s wny dovvnwui'd and outward. In the nnnl region where tt n|i|)ciir» n:i n boll or nbscrss. l-'islnla ir. « Ircnchemus, tlnniscrous condition tlmt (itndtiiilly and surely wnslcs one's vitality unit henhh by the iiUsorjilliHi of pus nnd toxins frnni It, Into 'the liluod Ktrram. A cine Is accoinplt.slird wllhout hr.spltaliv.mlon or loss of time: I rum work by our ambulant office methods. DRS. NIKS & NJES UlytliilvlUt, Ark. * 1 The bulk of ihc V:rld's supply''' of inanijaiii'se comes from Russia • • Biavll. Indln, ajid Hi e Gold Coast - ' of Africa. ' ', service IS YOUR , Assurance ()[•' Safe Driving! Safe motorhiK Is the aim of every driver.. Then, why not ns- nurp yourself of Mils safety iis f;ti us your automobile Is con- ceiwd, JJrJve In nnd lei our incehanles pul your car In shape for any driving. The cost Is miMjrmulo nnd the work' ijuar- unU'eil. EXPERT MECHANICS MODERN EQUIPMENT ALL WORK GUARANTEED FILLIPS CO. Yoiiii'; ludj'. now employed. d;sircs| lietter position. Excellent sl.sn03-j i apher —capable shorthand and) rapid typing. Bookkeeping experience. Best of references from previous rmploytrs. Write Box "20" Courier News. U-DH ; IBLKCTRIC & ACETYI.KNI'' Personal Aninsc Sluggish Liver, work nit the bile to rlu yourself of constipation, gas "jams, and that sour, punk feeling. Take one box of KHIBY'S ACTIVE ,,1VL« PILLS 25c at sii Kirby Stores Repairing Expert gun repairing. See E. M. Damon at the Blythcville Armory on Wednesdays a:ul Thursdays. -Poultry Baby Chicks (.'iislHin Hatching Marilyn Hatchery icvilb Iliiv.v. Ul N'nrtll For Sale or Trade Will trade for Mules, Cows, llii;s, Cattle, Corn, May and Lumber. Delta Implements, hie. See Floyd Simpson 8-ck-W TOKEN OF THE HEART HORIZONTAL I Missive of f today. f Jt is sent to n one. 13 A vein. 13 Water wheel. 15 All right 1C To curve over. IT Tempest. 18 Stalk. 20 Custom. 21 Uncloses. 22 Enemy. 23 Falsifier. 24 To apprehend. 25 Pair. 26 Flat. 2tl Bordered. 32 Grain. MTo eject. H'l To arrogate. 3. r i Divided into four parts. 30 To ;irid together. 37 Branches of learning. 38 Infidel. 39 To possess. •)0 Glazed clay block. Answer (o Previous Fimlc IP I EIIJ5 I )l>.«Vftll\;il 04JUIUI. PBNLQS^^IlAR^Nl^ 3'!Decoialiv N i i'N:L.IA!RBhBE!L.lciT'G'i7| vase. 25 FaihiT. 4S Coalition. 5 North 37 Borlev v . rftcr n Saint. ?.l Lubricant. '22 Fashion. 23 To permit. 24 Fiber knot. 25 Sanskrit dialect. 27 Trtcoley spple. Zfi Visor. 30Diret cloth. HI Grain. 32Idio1. 4^1 Coalition. •IS Malefactor. •17 Organ of hearing. •SB Absence of light. •»!) Minister. S2 Pronoun. 5 North America. 0 Concern. 7 Midday. 8 Does wronrt. 9Musicnl note. . . JO Ballot choice. i3 it is gencrnliy 11 To piece out. romanlic or 141 am. '1C To happen in type. 1611 is also of a well or ill. comic ov I." Church tiilc. VERTICAL oharacier. 50 Street. ?. Birds. 17 Health spring. SI Note in scale 3 Smooth. IS To weep. 52 Laughter •1 Finale. 15 His named sound. "S Dog:,' fccuso. 39 Hawaiian bird. 41 Kind. •12 Behold. •I! Back of nock Drag line and heavy «-eldhis ? specialty. 'Ksdale Wig, 1'Iione 10 or Res. 1019 THIS "DD& IS Trtt IMVIS18LE VJlTrl TH' HELP Or "faMG! VJfe'Lt'VlAlJe -6 0EAT it. 8UT NOT'fo-TriE HlDEOOlJ Loose..' GO VJAJR/^ V BAR OF HORSE LOGIC TRAVIS IN- GRAIM Bi/-) TILL i IAORE: Chnrles Long, lormcrly welder, for Blythcville Machine shop and IIKAVV \VKI,» OUR Sl'KCIAI/rV SC5THIS IS IRE FEARSOME PLACE WHERE MCN MEET THEie, IOOM, EH? / IF £HE'S A SAMPLE or-- WHAT I'M up I ACAIMSX J TOM'T AMTIC1PATE TOO \ MUCH TROUBLE RDUMDlMG /• ' ^\ UPMVCREVV .' SOME OF THEM .•\RE GOIMG TO GARAGE Dell, Ark, EXPERT RI.ECTRIC AND Vs Willie Said ME THOSE SVURT5 ' KKKCKI.KK A^'I) HIS KltlKNDS I SHE HAD TALENT, ALL =?ISHT , BUr HO ONE -IER A TUMBLt, AND HER THIS IS NiT SO GOOD.' IF JUME Goes To NEW YORK, SHE MI3HF MARRY A PLAYBOY OR. SOMPTHINS.' I'VE" GOTTA DISCOURAGE HEI* ! OUST A BOOT SO1AB WHAT HAPPENED BEEN AWUSlMQ 1OURSUF? f/ONEY RAN OU1 ' WfiQ .. TO MEW^ORKliD (^PklRSUE A CAREER ' js^r, ire. s COPS. tiMJoSav NJV s'= a?i f ~i. ^c. Strayed or Stolen Red Mare Alnle. wciiht 1000 Us. Bay Mure Muie weight 1000 Ibs. REWARD. Lee Wilson Co.. Arnw- rel, Ark. Wanted Man with cnr for few days wcrli. Apply 102 E. Kentucky. in-pkn Wanti-fl House nnd Lot in city. Must tin reasonable. Box R. Courier Nrv.s. '''JWASH TUHUS Wanted to Imy Government r;«;-l f f — tun inans Blytheville C!iu Co. ' K Wauled to Kent : or :i i-ooni fm-nislied ai»i(m?ii(. Close in. Call 5li-J. O-ili-li; I'.roin ant' Iraarfl. !?lca jnlieat W AMi. I'hoi-ic 333. 12-cl>3-12 ' flolire i:. hereby ^ivrn thai Hie j |?artnml»|i lirrrtoforc- rxistinj i;c- i I'.vicn 1.1. whosj luinie.v arc AH!)-: j i.ciihed hcielo. under the (ir:n |TciTfll. Misa • finiiiiju: in Cciin'v Aikn i liie actli day cd in the hi ArnK.rel. , ifss. wa.« dissolved <,n of January. 1040, by ' : l;_v J. 1, Trrrcll. who v.ill collect j and rocnvi- all money tine or ;;ny- | al;li' in ;-rii(l firm, nnd pay 'and j disclmrj-T .ill thi^ ccljl.i and liablii- , lir.s of mine, and will perform all its ir.iescciiud contracts, i Dated at Armorrl. Arkansas, ihin (the '.'Gill day of January, isn. ; ^.y ... ^ '''' C. H. lliklcrhiami J- L. Terrell. . j U&WJL -1-H-21 kg^gf 31

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