The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 6, 1960 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 6, 1960
Page 11
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THE ADVENT Of CHRISTMAS is a time when we prepare our hearts for the coming of the Christ child. It's n hectic and gay time full of busyness, but few of us would like to think that there is no room in the holy season for the One whose birth we commemorate. No room in the inn", was true 1,960 years ago. Is it true of us today? * * * * WHEN OUR BILL WAS LITTLE. I used to sing to him and he nkcd it much better than he does today. But every time I sang, Awny in a Manger" to him, he never failed to get tears in his eyes. It could have been the minor key or very possibly his mother's singing voice, but sometimes he was really sobbing 'when I came to the part, "no crib for his bed". It continued clear through, "the caltle are lowing, the poor baby wakes". Once he snid, "If the baby came to our house, he could have my bed!" This was quite a concession on Bill's part for his bed was his favorite place. * * * * REMEMBERING THIS INCIDENT led me to wonder what would really happen if God had happened to choose to send His Son in our time to ordinary people in our small town, Algona, Iowa, instead of to Bethlehem of Judea in the long ago. If we were as unaware of the significance of the event as the people of Bethlehem were, would wo be willing to take Him in? * * * * IF MARY AND JOSEPH CAME to our town today, they would probably arrive in a beaten up jalopy instead of a donkey. They might be a bit bewildered at all the lights and activity on State slreet, but they would know very well that the people of our town would be getting ready to celebrate something special. "Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer", the record player in the Chamber Of Commerce office would be broadcasting over the amplifier, and busy Christmas shoppers would be hurrying on their way. * * * * PERHAPS THE HOLY COUPLE would have had a breakdown of their old car. If that were so, they would probably stop at a gas station. Passcrsby might take a look at the young expectant mother find mutter, "These youngsters nowadays get married when they are only kids themselves! I wonder how they think they will take care of a new one!" Mary might murmur something to her husband about her time being near, and a very flustered Joseph would ask the station attendant for advice and help. * * * * THE COUPLE MIGHT BE referred to our fine hospital here. Upon seeking admission would they be refused at the desk because 4hey had no hospital insurance and no visible proof of ability to pay for the delivery? Or would the good Sisters, in the name of One they serve so tirelessly, admit the couple first, and ask questions later? * » » * MARY AND JOSEPH IN THEIR PLIGHT, if they came to our town today, might be told to contact one of our churches. Perhaps the first question the pastor might ask wbuld be if the couple was of his denomination. Then he might explain gently but firmly that he would like very much to help them but that the church was in the midst- of a very expensive building -program. "Every cent we have must go to meet our obligations", he might say, "We have to keep ahead of the competing churches!" Or he might, as I know )ias been done many times before, open his heart and his own and his ronRrogntion's porkothook nnrl sr-p Iho younn couple ihrnngh their time of need. * * * * THE COUPLE MIGHT BE REFERRED TO one of the several tha'rily organizations in our (own - - the Hrd, Cross or the Salvation Army, for example. Would the chairman of such an r.rgani/alion explain that although he was the head of the drive.for fund-' for'the ehiirity, the disposal of the money was out of his hand-;'. 1 Or would he. as I've seen done a couple of times when charily funds weren't immediately available, dig into his own pocket to tide the needy over? + * * * PERHAPS THE YOUNG COUPLE, in desperation, might knock at (he door of a private home. What would we do if it were our house? Would I open the door a liny crack and hmrierlly explain that I was busy writing a Christmas column, preparing a hot dish for a pot-luck dinner and trying to find my address lisl so thai I could send out my holiday greeting cards? Would !he kids at our house, enchanted by the prospect of a new baby around, be willing to admit the couple and take care of them rvvn if it m";mt striking out a bulky knit sweater, a transistor radio or a party dress from the long list of their anticipated Christmas presents'.' * * * * SOMETIMES THE LAST RESORT for transients in (rouble in our town is the county jail. They can get a, warm lodging for the night there if there's no other place to go, : and thny do not have to commit a crime or misdemeanor to get it. But if Mary and Joseph applied there wouldn't they be told that Mary, at leasi. must go (o Dakota City, because there are no facilities for women prisoners in Algona? * * * * THERE WAS NO ROOM AT THE INN in Bethlehem that first Christmas. We can't blame tho innkeeper very much for he was beset with his o.wn problems and he did the best he could by allowing Joseph and Mary to use the stable. II was leftover space and very humble, but it was glorified for all time, because God chose this place for His Son to be born. And He undoubtedly planned to send Jesus 10 even the meek and lowly. * * * * THE CHRIST CHILD STILL KNOCKS at our door today. We still don't always recognize Him, but He said when He was on earth among us, "Inasmuch as ye do it unto the least of these, ye do it unto me". By giving him even the leftover space in our hearts we are richly blessed. How much more glorious would be our Christmas if we would give Him all of the space! * * * * IN MY FILES, I FOUND this recipe for Christmas Fruit Cookies. It isn't identified, but I think it came from Mrs Walrod of Titonka. There's a note on it, "This came to me from Dorothy Urch, so it isn't mine alone' 1 . Anyway, the cookies are good and the recipe makes a large batch. 2 cups brown sugar 2 well beaten eggs 1 cup shortening 2 T cream or milk 1 teasp. vanilla 3Vz cups flour 1 teasp. cream tartar 1 teasp soda 1 teasp. salt 1 cup chopped, mixed candied fruits 1 cup chopped nuts. Mix together the sugar, eggs and shortening, add milk, vanilla, and the sifted flour. Add cream tartar, soda, salt to above mixture and stir in fruits and nuts. Form in rolls and chill for at least 2 hours. Slice thin and bake 8 to 10 minutes in 400 degree oven. Cookies may be fro/en and kept indefinitely, either before or after baking. —GRACE. Many Burt Homes Fete Guests ^ Tuesdoy, Dee. 6, 1960 Maono (la.) Upper Des Moines—3 was Ihc setting for a prc-Thanks- fliving I'ainily fathering. In atti-n- MI- II dime i se, and ens we; Cii' ly. Km v;il ('; Wllh;,: Mr . sevej., Roi IK . Miller Mi ; fanul v Alvina. Albert Kmil and Flas- I'aul. Burt The home of Mr and Mrs Emil Hasso, Jr. in Swea City nd Mrs W(;ndell Christ I I'iiiMily. Others present l> I'll H.-isso. I!. N. In\va M:.-' Paul Clausen and faini- '•' l)od/;e: ,Vu ,iiHl Mrs. Nnr- ;< v . W( lib: and Mr and Mrs '•; i ' 'la:- inf.;. Hut liven, ami Mis J. L. Miller spent •il days this past \veek in t'T and while there Mr harl a medical check-up. nd Mis Dow Mile-hell and joiner! relatives for a family Thanksgiving gathering at the home of Mrs Mitchell's brother and family, Hie Hoy Williams home at Austin, Minn. Mr and Mrs Wallace Hawcott anrl Kenneth left Wednesday for Norwood, Mr>. where they spent Th;.nks);iving with her mother. Mrs llhoenn Hehse and with her sister, the Sharon Gardner family. The Hawcotts were accompanied ;, s |;rr as Fort. Leonard Wood by former Burt residents. Mr and Mrs Sylvester Arndorfer, Sexton, who visited with their son. Houer stationed there. Erwin Ulses drove to Sioux City Wednesday to bring home his son. Gene, a student at Trinity College, who spent the weekend here. Mr and Mrs J. L. Miller joined other members of the family at the C. E. Miller home in Est'her- ville for Thanksgiving. Pev. and Mrs Fred Semek and Cheryl Ann spent from Wednesday until Saturday with his father, Fred Sainek. Sr. and his brother and family, the David Sameks at Cedar Rapids. Mr and Mrs W. H. O'Donnell and family and Alice McDonnell all of Ml. Prospect. 111. were weekend guests at the G. II. McMullen home. Mr and Mrs Jay Graham joined their son Kenneth and family at the John Emmerts, Mason City, for Thanksgiving. Mrs Em- merl is the former Lois Graham. Mrs Al Hinckley. Judy Carilyn and Duane spent Thanksgiving with Mr Hinckley and Marilyn at Oakdale. Jerry McMullen "spent the Thanksgiving weekend at East Lansing, Mich., where he visited ;' friend whom he met on his European tour this summer. Mr and Mrs Walter Steward. Roger, Eugene and Perry spent Thanksgiving with Mr and Mrs Hay Miller at Bradgate. Mr and Mrs G. H. McMullen were hosts in their home to Mr MeMullen's aunt. Mr.; Louise Horsey of Indiana. College students who were among others spending I h e Thanksgiving vocation at their homes were Norman Mitchell, David Chrislensen. Roger, Eug< tie. ;,nd Perry Steward, Boyd Rhipler, Jeanette Bjuiirom. Shirley Sc:hwieterl, Eugene Dahling. Alice Thompson Karen Lavron/., J. I), and I'arn Andrews, Judy anrl Carilyn Hinckley, Grace McKim. Mr and Mrs P. J. McGuire attended the R.L.C.A. meeting held last week at the Mrs Dick Berg home, Swea City. Dr. and Mrs Robert Melville and family. Coralville, visited over Thanksgiving with Mrs Melville's mother Mrs Helen Vot>c-l. Mr and Mrs E. R. Woltx. visited this past week with their daughter and family, Mr and Mrs Lester Lovstad at Rochester, Minn. MOM-DAD-SON-DAUGHTER Do Your Christmas Shopping AT BRONSON'S fools — New Cupboards — Fix Up That Extra Room. (An easy & effective way to give her year-around cjuiet in the kitchen is to install acoustical Ceiling Tile.) BRONSON BUILDING SERVICE 4-4360 North of Chrome Algona IT'S BEAUTY TIME ! ... And the Greatest Gift Of All Is Beauty LADIES LOVE t A GIFT CERTIFICATE a ^ FOR OUR BEAUTY SERVICES^ A "Beauty Certificate" For Any Amount Look your loveliest during the festive time ahead. We'll personalize one of our most exciting new hair styles to flatter you. Hair Style Trend Of The Month by COMER and DORAN Hairstylists and Cosmetologists, Hollywood. ; State Beauty Salon June Simpson CY 4-3127 f Bring Your Gift List Here! • Everything in Cosmetics - Perfumes - Cameras - Candies • tips for smart Santas from C AT YOUR RIST AS DRUG STORE THUENTE'S Gift Stationery Dresser Sets Manicure Sets Ronson Lighters Comb & Brush Sets Leather Billfolds Whitman's Candies Prayer Books Rosaries Religious Articles • Cosmetics by —TILFORD —MAX FACTOR —DUBARRY —GIRO —LITTLE LADY —LENTHERIC —SHULTONS —REVLON —AR-EX • Camera Gifts —CAMERAS —PROJECTORS —BROWNIE SETS —SCREENS —FILMS & FLASHBULBS —PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES • Fountain Pen Sets —SHAEFFER • Electric Shavers —SCHICK —REMINGTON • Men's Cosmetics —KING'S MEN —SPORTSMANS —OLD SPICE —MENNENS —SEAFORTH • For Baby —RUBBER TOYS 3 £•• ,lj .( i- 1 i.\ I •[: 1 Thuente Pharmacy "'<• / ' 'fe

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