The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 29, 1960 · Page 15
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 29, 1960
Page 15
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ALGONA UPPER DES MOINES ALGONA, IOWA, TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 1960 THERE ARE TWENTY-SIX LETTERS in the alphabet. Any number of winds can be mack 1 by using combinations of these letters aii'l, in tin n. Ihret 1 or four words ran be combined to make an almost inumorable amount of phrases. Some of these- phrases arc 1 more important llian others. A * . * JUST ABOUT THE MOST IMPORTANT phrase in the whole wide world is "I Love You". These are the all-important words when boy first meets girl, but they still have quite an impact when a couple celebrates a sixtieth wedding anniversary. The phrase is also important out of its romantic- connotation for personalities have been known to wither and dry up simply because nobody — mother, sister, brother, lover or friend — over said or implied, "I love you." * * * * "I LOVE YOU" MAKES the end of a long day less wearisome. It can give you an incentive all through a busy day if you hear the phrase the first thing in the morning. To say the phrase is as important as to hear the phrase, for life does not begin, until a person gives love. "I love you" from a child can make you forgive him almost anything from sand in his freshly shampooed hair to buckling the fenders on the family car. "I love you", has made saints out of sinners, dudes out of tramps, commoners out of kings, and it has gained for some people, a freshly baked lemon meringue pit 1 for supper. * » * # ANOTHER IMPORTANT PHRASE in our language is, "Pay Attention." We hear this all too often in grade school arithmetic and English classes, but paying attention can enrich us all of our lives. A walk in the woods is simply a little excercise unless you pay attention. II you do this you can get in on all sorts of miracles. You can trace the silken web of a spicier shining in the sun, you | can spot a chickadee hatching out a family in a place where she thinks she is unnoticed. * • • • IF YOU PAY ATTENTION, you can pick up tips for your business from casual conversation. A reporter can get in on news tips and a nosey person can find out what her next door neighbor is up lo. By paying attention, you get the latest gossip, and get it first, for people don't always say everything they mean. You can get richer by paying attention when you look for bargains; you can get smarter by paying attention when you read. You can get enjoyment from almost any situation if you just pay attention. ** * * * * "I'M SORRY", IS AN IMPORTANT phrase, but it is one lots of people, particularly husbands, find difficult to utter. Most wives can think of seven or eight instances when they would have been only half as mad at their husbands if the guy could only break down his pride enough to say the magic words, "I'm sorry". Most of the time when husbands goof they know it very well and they are genuinely sorry, but they have queer and very indirect ways of showing it. Some of them will talk extra gently to the little woman several days after they've been out of line. Others will come home early and grab a dish towel at the end of a meal. Sometimes they'll take the wife on a little outing, and some of them, I've heard, go so far as to bring her flowers or candy. But the ones who actually blurt out the phrase, "I'm sorry", are few and far between! '.' .. <f « * * "RECEIVED IN FULL" IS a good phrase, especially when it comes on the'last statement of a long series of time payments. But "received in i'ull"'is also a good phrase when it isn't written., down. If a person has done his best on a hard job and has given a full measure of effort for his paycheck, "received in full" is a good feeling. And if you are on the other end of a job, a favor or an old debt, acknowledging, "received in full" is also a good feeling. * * * * "IT'S A BOY!" is a phrase parents have found fascinating since time immemorial. The only group of words that can possibly equal it is. "It's a girl!' 1 Either phrase is most welcome for after the baby is here, whether it's a boy or a girl ceases to matter very much, just so the child is definitely one way or the other. Either ushers in the most rewarding and the most hectic years of our lives — parenthood. * * * * "IT IS FINISHED", is an important phrase. I can hardly wait to utter it tonight when it 'marks the. end of writing this column for my nice, warm bed is tempting me. "It is finished" is said with a sigh of relief when you are done with scrubbing the kitchen floor or when the last piece of ironing is out of the basket. But sometimes we don't know enough to let go and say, "It is finished". This holds true of old fights and grudges, long settled but which we persist in bringing up. It is also true of embarassing memories. There's nothing we can do about it now but say, "It is finished' 1 and forget it. * # * * SINCE THIS IS BEING WRITTEN on Thanksgiving night, a phrase that is still in my mind is "Thank you". That comes only slightly over another oft-heard phrase today, "I'm full". But with Christmas coming up, all of us- are thinking about giving. We plan to g'ive as cheerfully as our pocketbooks will allow and then some. But it seems to me almost as important as being a good giver is being a graceful receiver. "Thank you" is a thoughtful phrase whether it is prompted by a ribbon-decked package or by something as small as the opening of a door or calling a person to the telephone. * * * * WITH THANKSGIVING DINNER only an hour or two in the past, I really don't much care if I never eat again. But tomorrow is another day, and we are sure to be hungry again. With the holidays coming up, you might like to try this recipe for uncooked fruit cake. It's fine for dessert and you can make it ahead of time. 1 Ib. pitted dates 1 Ib. marshmallows 1 Ib. orange gum drop slices 1 Ib. graham crackers Vi cup chopped nutmeats 1 cup sugar J ,a pt. cream, whipped Cut dates, orange slices and marshmallows fine with scissors. Add sugar and cream and chopped nutmeats. Roll graham crackers with rolling pin until fine. Add to mixture and work with your hands until all is moist and mixed well. Press into loaf pan lined with waxed paper. Let stand a week or ten days, at least. Keep wrapped in waxed paper. Red or green maraschino cherries can be a colorful addition. —GRACE. RUSK DRUG EWELRY 117 EAST STATE ST. ALGONA, IOWA '/^//////////, / //, wmmm Lotts Creek 4 H Plans Xmas Party Christmas party plans of the Lotts Creek Lassies were made at their November 21st meeting held at the Whittemore Public School. Drawing of names was held. The meeting was brought to order by Carol Anliker with 25 members answering the roll call. Nine visitors were also present. Mary Margaret McDonnell read the minutes of the previous meeting. Arlene Anliker, treasurer, read her report. Illustrated talks were given by Arlene Anliker, Coletta Streil and Doris Anlikei, t\ demon.stra- tion by Alice Elbert was given on the subject of "How to Measure for Baking. The birthday song was sung and gifts handed out to Alice Elbert, Gloria Met ger, and Eileeu O'Brien who have birthdays in November. The hostesses, Donna. Mullins, Linda Adams, and their mothers, served lunch. Plum Creek Club The Plum Creek Homemukers met Wednesday at the home of Mrs Robert Richter. Assisting hostesses were Mrs Edgar Keith and Mrs Duano Mawdsley. Inspiration was given by Mrs Bed Priebe. The lesson was given by Mrs Ronald Gardner, Mrs Cecil Long and Mrs John Scuffhum gave an extension lesson. Tho next meeting will be a Christmas party Dec. 13 at the home of Mrs Walter Bleich. Today's youngsters don't leava footprints on the sands of time —just tire tracks. IF ITS HEWS, WE WAMT IT

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