The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 14, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 14, 1940
Page 6
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PAGE SIX Tournament Will Be Concluded With Games Thursday Night Osceola and Manila advanced to the finals of Hie hays' division in ihe Mississippi Coimly Am.iloiir Baskel'oall League and Yarbro and Shawnee of Jolner glrls made the same record in the semi-finals siagad :il "Die armory here last night. The finals will bs singed at lh<; armory., tomorrow night, 7:30 o'clock,. when sport fans throughout the county arc expected to witness the double-header event lie- cause all parts of the county are represented in the teams to play. Tills tournament Is being held to determine county winners to go to district tournament In Jonesboro Feb. 26, 27, hut the league will eonll.iue nl.»y through March when the regular county tourna- ment'will bo'staged to declare the county winner and a silver loving cup will be awarded. Ramsey, of Gsceola. was the hero of the night' In the semi-final tilts by his making 25 points with the able assistance of Chisenhall who did such outstanding floor work that the spectators cheered him again and again. Last night's events were thrilling with Oscsoia defeating Leachvillc, 47-40, for (lie first loss of tlie year for Leacliviile, and Manila winning over Hutbavd Hardware of Ulythe- ville, 41-31, in the boys' division. The Yarbro girls, undefeated and picked to win, won over Manila, 15-14, in a nip and tuck game, anil the Shawnee girls of Joiner defeated Leachvillc, 34-35. In tlio Osceola-Lcachville boys' game, Ramsey won honors with Ills sensational 25 points, and Hipp, with 11, was hlju for the West Mississippi Countians. Williams, with 14, was high for Manila and Warring) on, with 12, was high for Hubtarrt Hardware of Blytheville, in that boys' game. M. Whittle, with 8, was high for Yarbro and McDonald, of Manila, BLYTHEVIUfE fARK.) COURIER NEWS Former '[rack. Slar Him- r.lf, Del ail; 'G c n i n s Manaycs Joh Jiy H.UiKV CllAVSOV NI3A Hetvke Si,orl:i iMiifjr «f.W YORK. Feb. M. Daniel Finis has bftn Mr. A. A. U. for made 10 lor individual honors that, girls' tame. in III the Shawnee of Jolner-Leach- ville girls' frame, Cut-lock ami A. Speck, with 11 each, tied lor dividual honors [rom \?hile Stclle made 10 poinls Leachville to win honors. Tlie lineups: Boys Csceola (47) Wiisoii 8 Taylor 3 Ramsey 25 Anmkur athletics In (lie Unllfil States mvrs niucli to llan Fen Is, src-rclary of Ihp National A. A. 11. Today's Sport Parade By KENT,! MeLEMORK up with some manager, or can we f'orleifleld LOS ANGELES, Feb. H. (UP)— Under the impression lliat I wns going to see Joe Walcott, the wcl- tcnvolglH. champion, In an exhibition match, t went to the Belmont Theatre here last night. There Is no need to tell yon that I was tremendously surprised when I discovered wllliuvL .,. „„„„, amc OI , ,„ , hls that It wasn't Joe Walcott at nil glly g(lvc „„„ „ blm , stel . WmUc| WHO was nn psmhiHrin Knf o li'i-n'v_ .... ,_ ,.. ... get him?" When Wooilcoll mnd? his firsl appearance in a wheel chitr. and wearing glasses, the scout 1 ?; cry ol dismay could be heard all over the theatre, lie found me during Ihe first act Inlcriul.'iiiou and wns sore us hell. "What Is this, a IPS?" he ds- inmidcd. "Tlmt guy can't fi;jht n lick. 1 don't care how good box office he is. he wouldn't last, a heal against ten guys I can name you. Oalento would kill him with a left to the belly, and thnt Billy Conn would tic him up in knots. Whoever tipped Mike off lu this Chisenhall I Ray 10 Pos. Leachville HO) F Thurmond F Pickins C Hipp n O Kcnnett -I C. Selby 'i who was on exhibition, but a heavyweight named Alec. Woollcott. I don't know anything about this Woollcott, mid ho might be a hell of a puncher, ' him he U the ' look at worst condill'jcKl "white hope" I ever sjw. He made his fiivit'cnlraiice Into the riii; in ' Substitutions: Leachville — McHaney, Moore 7. Officials: Reieree—Shivley; Scorer—T. Wanihgton. Manila 141) Pos. Blytlievillc (31) Ashabranncr 12 P Williams H p Keiler 9 c Shockley 3 G Isaacs 3 • G Substitutions: Manila — Baughman, Elackwood, Downic. Blytheville—Hardin, Downs Cirls Yarbro (15) Pos M. Whittle 8 p C. Whittle l p D. Fowler p Chatman G U Oldham 4 G L. Abbatt G a wheel..chnli;, 'and no man has to ride In'thnt sort of n 9 (rlvance has n prayer usainst Joe 1 Louis. When lie came In he v/ns ns nervous as n Golden Glover, lie didn't know what to do with his hands, and when he wis getting his i'i- goiuin do with n guy Dial wears glasses'? It's the huv to hii a guy with cheaters on." Woollcott fought gamely through ihp firsl net. He was liaising or. lit times, bill he al.v.iys iimiwgert lo cotne through witli n punch that KHUfman and Hart had taught him after, hcnvt'n only knows, huw uuiny \Y nrr [ n ,ji on James C Keiser 1 Hnrbcrl 4 Multitu 2 Manila (14) Anehlln 2 Mnsscy McDonald 10 Williams Nimnnly Egleharl 2 *-• J-Jgltlllll t i Subslituliors: Yarbro — Gaines McGtee, Willie Gaines 2. Manila— Hardin, L. Nunaly, Mooney. Officials: Referee-Mann; Timekeeper-E. Wnrrlngton- Ford. Pos. Leachville (25) f Crooms S P F G O G slnicllons (from Joiner (34) Carlock U A. Speck 11 U Speck 10 Seymour 2 Childm Tinsley Substitution; relt, Edgin. Officials: Referee—Mamv Timekeeper, T. Warrinjton; Scorer D Warrlngton. tus'icd at his clre,5£iii'.j sown, shuffled his feet, and rolled his shoulders like a pu-ch drunk fighter dodging invisible tlows. The odds on him immcillnlclv dropped and it was B-a-ancl tvcn that lie-woiilil- n't Insl the three rounds (or acts) There were (akcrs, however. Sil- tina nexl Ib me. in ,1 rlnjsldc seat, was w. C. Fields. an:l close by was Oliver Hardy, bath 01 whom gave jhyslinl evidenie ol belr^; able to : iulgc rny fhaii- iv;ih (he t'itls "Tli: Man Who Cam; to Dinner." "He'll last the dlilaira." Field- said. "I never siw a licavy,vcl;iil champion or chjlleii'jer who couldn't eat, and that Woolicott or Walcott or whatever his name is. didn't Ret those chins for Christmas. Hc'r fatter limn Jack Sharkoy ever was and Jack won Hi; lille." 1 wasn't tlie only one fooled by bcorer — j the simibrilv ol the names Wnall- (colt and Walcoli. Mike Jacobs. Ih •»' New- 'York promoter, ha-1 noi'.t '. scout out \vitli a contract to sl-jn IhurmoiidTl.,,,, the heavyweight who was i-1 hours in the gymnasium. In tlie second net he seemed to Ed i\ confidence aiul show more lurt—Moss Hart. In Ihc third act, and lie was wat.'hlng t.ic clx-K now, he quit Ills defensive tactics and became offensive, particularly t!ie wlnsjsi he lo the older and more staid members of Die crowd. Some of his punch ilines) were low. but il was obvious thnt li^ was following Instructions from his corner. Who/! the lust gong 171113 and I walked out 1 reall/cd that nltiioirj!) 1 h«d bc-come n great flrnniatic critic. I rep.llxed Hint I still was Stelle 10 A. McHaney N. McHancy Slelle Leacliviile —Gar- _ so much publicity in Los An- gclcs and Hollywood. I was talkbg to Jacobs' agenl before we the theatn and realised oiir mistake. "Know anything ctout this mv Walcott?" he asked n-.e. "Any kh: to old Joe; what's he got? Is hr sorry II wusn't .Ice Walcott that 1 had scon. Braggadocio Wins Over Cooler Teanv; COOTER. Mo.—The Cooler Wild- "ats lost n double hi'nder (o the Biaggadocio learns Monday night. The girls .score was 28-19 'an.1 tlie bcy.s fcore was iri-M. ijolli the nuiin players on (he gills and boys Icnms of Co;trr. Nellie Pilzmaur- iuc and Ralph Jones, were ininbli! to play of illneM CiliiLS Cooler i> os . BrngBndocio Welngfu-ui 5 F u. Urvmit M hitter or a boxer? is°he signed ™ J. L. GUARD Qntnrnetrisf Only Graduate ftj (rist in lltyllieville. Classes Hflcd Correctly THESE PRINCE ALBERT 'MAKIN'S' ciGARerres COME OUT SMOOTH AND TRIM EVSRy TIME. R0U FASTER,TOO —SMOKE . ; COOL, ftlELLQtY, AND RICH? / STREAM-UMED" SMOKES EASY right without bunching or spilling. P.A.'s "no-bite" EXTRA MILDNESS fl nd REAL RICH, RIPE Prince Albert today. (Choice smoking in a pipe, too.) Brown Thomaam M. Kilzmiutrice U. Bvynnt 3 Ktcr.spy !i Cltintou Wcnver J. Curtis Substitutions: Coder—Riddlck 2. Webb 2 and Perry, nraiiuadocio—L Curtis 0 and n.ivl.s. novs Pos. P P 0 Cooler T. McClec Burns 2 Burger 2 Vaughn -1 Three 3 Substitutions: Braggadocio Farmer ;i Crowe 3 Clark i) " dinner 5 Gibbs Cooler — Tcmple- , Lambert. Hopper J. AVootHvard nmlMuGce 1. Braggaclccio— Onl- , . — - Inlicr 2. Tnte 2, Chllii'ess, M. Gnl- laher 2, Curtner. Cohb Funeral Home Wins Third Straight Cobb Puiieml Home pul the iMr] s under Green 'x ]>nlry Mondny nlglit to remain the only uiufcfeatcci loam i:i the ladies bowling league after three weeks of much play. Lou. Emma Damon of Cobb's racked ill) the best single gam::, 243, us iicr tiiplniii, nulli Edwards, built UD Hie highest average, 107. Alail'c McGliec led the DalrymntcLs again wllli nn avnrngo of 173. Lnilies' Lragne .Standings won lost Cobb Und .............. 3 o East Ark .......... '..'.'.'.'.'. I 1 Green's Dairy ....... '.'.'.'.'. \ •> Klrliy Dnig ............ ',, o i Law I-'loutetl In CourthniKc PITTSP1ELD. Muss. (UP) No smoking signs ut the i^istvy of cienis in Ihe court house were t.'ifccr. ] down because "nobody ii.jid a: attention to them." "Ii was n no'o- expcruneut like protilbltioii." I,K\ said, -but it also fniled | lie his done everything but tx- piua liiniii'll, v/liitM is why iiir- piuinjiy little has tjoen written .•(•.•out him. Wlimei'i'j- ilie issuo, Perm Is the lelluw \v!io sees tliut tliu iilliieie (.uiiiin:; a cquarc shake. He hslievcs cnuitiiiir iithl^tits Mioulcl be ivl- miiii-:l/'."':l /m- the Hthkrte —not fnr lilf lr'!l(;'.v UllO Wt.ll's It ))j:l<;0. 1-iiini Ills ilosk hitjli ij) Die towcr- ii.B v/oiiKvorlli building, overlooking luwi-r M:iiili!iit:in, Ferris lias baiin th:- dct.'ill genius of the- AjnuU-ur Ailjl'.-tk- Unitn iinii ;, wlie£lhor.«i in Aini'ilpiin Olympic (.lames affairs. .Sisici- ISJaT, he bus been ofticially tile sc'crctHry-treaaiirer of tlie lar- iiK oj^nninilloi). •'ur several yeais before Dial, assi.slp.nt to Fred W. Ruaicn. he rclHi Hie business office vlrlu- ully us he does now. A. A. U. presidents come nnd yo, but gray- liaiied. snuirtly spruced Dan Ferris, levcl-licucled, soft-spoker. and :i u-alking encycloiK-dia of track anil ik'1,-1, np.oiirenlly gora nil forever. WAS 1B-SKCOND MAX FOR IKIKII-AA1KKICAN' A. C. A unlive Now Yorker ivho WHS M years old last July 7. Ferris gat his initial A. A. U. expericnve a-s a siiriiuer. Competing first for the Lou^lilin [yiiiMini in 1909 anil Liter for tlic famous Irish-American Aililcllc Club, he was clocked in 10 seconds for tiie ICO, and 10 second, st'H wins first pl,i~e In a lot of meets, i-vi'n if some of the phenomenon do knoi'k off a 3-5 ocaisionally. «'[ien Ferris was with them in 19H, Ilie Irish-Americans were Hie most nll-coiiqucrlng. .sn'n.di- liuckilng collection of truck and tk'lil athletes- ever put together. LJtvsoti Rokerlsoii diille-l MICH mini's as Abel Klviat, Jack Bller, Gforge Boniiag, Mel Sliepiurd, Put Ryan ami Matt MaOrntn. One or the renowned IVnnsyl- vnnia and Olympic coach's bi?;cst jobs was to k;ap • the »ci=!H- htjviug whales. Ryan and Me- Lirnth, from eali:;g their way thriiugh even tiic most liberal expense account;. While wealing frish-Ainori:an A. C. colors, Ferris obtained employment in the office of James E. Sullivan, early tiirectinj head of the A. A. U.. ami the most honored name In its history. First as a stc- licgripbsr. Inter us a secretary, Ferris made himself invaluable to Mr. Sullivan. It was with Mr. Sullivan and Dan to this day never speaks of him as atiytliiug but Mr. Sullivan —that Ferris made his fiat trip to llu> Olympic Games In Stockholm, In I91'J. He has nol missed a set i of Olympic Games since. FK11IUS TAKES OVKIl IJUTIBS FKmi UUJUK.V Mr, Sullivan died in 1D14 and was succeeded as secretary-treasurer by p. W. nubien. Aside-from his interest In alh- lellcs, Jlublen was a busy man. The result w::s that more ano more duties devolved upon (he 1 Ahouldc-rs ut the macurin-j Ferris. I From 1!)20, «-), 0 ,i A A (j ,. J)3fl In (his couiury experienced ' it; I Kieat booiii, j-'crrls vis bt-.-omlna' more a ; :d more active in Uie lid" ! mbilMi-alloJi uf i!i.» (ji^uil^tion': I liead office. When he finally nrc-'ei'.cd nu- bh-n officially i ; > |'o^. the rculinc was altered l,i almost na way whatever. Ferris continue:! to reach Ills a'.t'Kt-. ;it 9 a.m. every • diiy, pile through ilio endless cliui.. I ci penults mid sanction i. co-ordl- ' uale tlie various activities of Uie tiifCerent, •sections, advise on sched- i ules, and act as liaison- offii-cr be- I twcen the A. A. U. and svorls • writer.';. j Penis has sat ihron»h rnorei sinnbble.s and sent more a^gry j people away smillny or satisfied' tiian any otli-.'r liKllvldual in sports i hiswry. ) He has bcun a member of the; American Glymiiic Committee since j 1S24. lu nn organization KCVO j »ulr:;i for trrnxiuilily, Ferris hasn't ! a single enemy. lie lias (llsiaretU ! with plenty of people. He has oeen hi the cenlc-r uf countless controversies, notably a historic one in tlie middle '20's between the A. A. U. and the National Collejia'tc) Athletic AKSOCialion. Charles W. Paddock, then 'the Fastest Human und a .jhjp to whom the jjUt of sdf-publici/.inc was a natural one, figured prominently in one of those brushe: between the major governing bodies. But none, including ley Paddock, will say Uan Ferris is unfair. Ferris got his biggest athletic thrill In his first Olympics, tho 1!H2 Games in Sweden, when Ted Meredith, the Mercers'ourg Schoolboy, so dramatically lowered Mel Sheppard's Olympic record far 800 meters to 1:51 9-10. Ferris recalls how a small Finnish flag was attached to the Russian emblem to signalize a Finnish victory because Finland was not an independent natiOLi in 1912. It Hannes Kolehmnineu. who thrice came down in front for Finland that trip ... in the 10.003 and 5COO melers and cross-coinitry. Since then tlie Finns have, given the Olympics some of the lore- most router.? of ail time. That is why Ferris and everycnc in this country who Iras ever had anything to do with Olympic sports are so happy to welcome Talsto Mnki, the disUn-je star, and Paavo Nurmi, the erstwhile Flying Finn, on their tour for Finnish relief. They admire a great and fighting race. It is tho Amutfur Athletic Union, so efficiently and quietly run by Daniel Ferris, tint makes WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY M, 10-10 Woman Guide Is ' Also Log Roller Freshest Slock Guaranteed Best Trices Stores Bu! Me Could Be Prciud- 'iii* i> iced, he s Paycheck's I rainsr KE3 MOIMES. la., Feb. R (Ul>) --.Jinny Leonard, retired un-Meat- M king of the lightweights, climbed uit oil a lunb today and predicted that Johnny i> avchcll vm ,j nh ,. m « •><* Loais as hi-svyweiuht chanipiuu tUiOi they nieht i:i N(>v: Yorl- ne v t Uonard i,as more than passim interest in tile forthcoming fi a hl because he will train paychek. Hi^lH nov.-, the former lightweight champion is tralnlns the DOS Aloines Golden Gloves team. 'Louis made his first mistake in joxuig «-;icn ;,,;. 0 (,,. c< , < j lo r j s[: llls title against I'jiy.-hi-ii " 1-wimi said. ' "I know what I'm talking abmn Because I traism johnny lor his sei-cnd bout with Mauris Strict land Dimmer and livrd with him for three weeks. 1 boxed with him. di;l road work with hi>u and taught him how ( O Diroiv hh right hand. And Fin not whlstlm* pnsi n ( graveyard when l say n, a t Pa«- Leonard insisted thnt Louis was slowing up. The champion's show- ins asainsl Aituro Godoy furnishes ample proof of that, he" said. "I've always contended tiial it would take u boxer like Paychek to beat Louis." Leonard said. "Johnny has- one of the best left hands I in the business and will be able (o ! jab Louis whenever lie wants to Another factor is that Louis can be hit with a right hand. Max Sehmel- injf proved that, and Paychek throws a shorter right than Schmel- Ing. "! thought Paychek would need another year of lighting before he would be ready for a shot at Die title. But I've changed my mind. He's ready right now." Paychek. who has won 33 of his last 34 bouts, did much of his fighting in DCS Moines before Harold Steimnan took over his management from pinkie George. Tlie one battle lie lost was a decision to Strickland in their first meeting here. In the second encounter. Paychek won a decision. Leonard, in a long distance conversation with Slelnman yesterday, agreed lo train Paychek for the Louis fisht. ' lie plans to le.ive for New York March 1 null take Paychek. to a 1 trainin.; camp in the country for j intensive preparation. | One of Ihe few women in the country, Alice Reynold-, of Pntsbnrg, N. El., is also an expert at log rolling. She demonstrated ability to stay afloat on twirling twig at Cleveland's sportsmen's show. She's- :{." and urandmothiM BROCKTON, Mass. (UP) — Mrs. Lewis Chapman is only 33. but sne already is a grandmother. Her son Lewis. \vho married at 17. recently became a father. Beskles Lswis, Mrs. Chapman Ins eijht ocntr children. TERMINIX it possible for Tsisti Mn^i to ;1<J so much for his native bud. i i In recent laboratory "smo!t- ing bowl" Jests, Prince Albert burned COOLER iuan tlie average of tho 30 other of the largest-selling brands testcd-coolest of fina own ciga rettes In every hantly pocket tin of Prince l MIS WHISKEY IS YEARS OLD 90 PROOF : A Truck That Fits YOlfif Job f Here's YOUR SHORT CUT TO LOWER HAULING COSTS • You can save money— Important money —wiJh Hie right truck on your liaiilinj jolj! The rig)*/ (nick, of course, is a (ruck that is (lie right size, powered willi the rirflit engine and built 'hroiigliout for durable, money-saving operation. Take the first slop to foiccr nniifiun; rosls I>y coming in or phoning us for a copy of the booklet "A Message to Truck Owners on the Selection of (he RigM Truck (o Fit the Job." Learn why you can sore moneij when you buy a Dodge Jolcitatcd Truck. 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