The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio on February 7, 1974 · 42
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio · 42

Cincinnati, Ohio
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 7, 1974
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12 THE CINCINNATI r a To (Celebrate Homecoming Week Levi Honks. Judy UVech and Allen Thompson of the jaz group -Of Crystal Nature" will perform at 7 p.m. Wednesday. February lis at the Lincoln Park Branch Library. Mayor Kerry will open the festivities on l ebruary 11. The celebration is to bring back former residents of the West Fnd who lived there before Urban' Renewal chanced the ncih.tiorhood into Queensgate, tin industrial area. TAKE A BUS to LAT0N1A Perk in RIVERFRONT STADIUM Weekdays: 5:40 P.M. 6:10 P.M..6:40 P.M. Saturdays: 11:40-12:10-12 40 POST TIMES:1 ' 7:40 week nttos 1:30 Saturday No racing Wednesdays 7:30 TONIGHT NOW THRU SUNDAY FEB., 10 6 PERFORMANCES ihursday. ffb. 7-1 30 f" Feb. 8-1 30 PM Saturday Feb. 9-2 00 4 1 30 PM Sunday f,:b 10 HO 4 6 CO PM PRICES: S3.50, S4.50, S5.50. All seats reserved. Juniors under 16, Va price at Thursday, Friday, Saturday afternoon & Sunday performances only. Tickets now on sale at Gardens Box Office; Ticketron Outlets: All Shillito's; Sears Northtjate & Covington; Community Ticket Office. CINCINNATI GARDENS ESHSEMl UNclUNAIl i Nt.ti IUM-K r DOUAft CINtMA . fl ,UN!M IACHSON AND OlCP'if SrGAt IN ft L.J J "I "A TOUCH OF CLASS" (PS) f! W i 7:30 8 9:30 M .t APIS Vf() HI II MSH- f Nf.W PRICE POLICY AT ALL TIMtS O fOR THt WHOLE f AMILY fil fc3 J "FIDDLER ON THE ROOF" (G) 7:30 &j pi ONCE ONI Y I 5 1 NEW PRICE POLICY-AT ALL TIMES RYAN O NEAL I IATUM O'NEAL "PAPER MOON" (PG) 7:30 ft 9:20 ( 4 NEW PRICE POLICY AT ALL TIMES V jm PYAN O NEAl A TATUM O'NEAL 1 9 "PAPER MOON" (PC) .1Mb "VANISHING WILDERNESS" (C) 7:00 9.CQ EOR INFORMATION CALL 6I) !)00 14 $ 1 OfEN ; "DEEP THRUST" (R) "SLAUGHTER'S BIG RIP OFF" (R) "JEREMIAH JOHNSON" (PC) 7:30 8:30 CAGNEY VS. B0CART! AT THEIR ROUGHEST AND TOUGHEST AMES CAGNEY ( HUMPHREY BOGARt 0 25 "THE ROARING TWENTIES" (G) 7:30 I HUMPHIEY BOGART 4 JAMES CAGNIY B PAT O BRIEN A ANN SHERIDAN "ANGELS WITH 0IRTV fir g mm n m ENQUIRER Thursday, 4 ft, Area Composers eceive Grants Seven Ohio residents, four of them Cincinnatians, were among the 125 individuals awarded grants from the National Endowment for the Arts in the newly established program of fellowship grants for composers, librettists and translators. The total amount of f M a FACES" (G) 9:20 1 A - """ 8 Si0 i&sa pi f Mm 125 y J MB ? Ml & m k hut run February 7, 1971 liy TOM McELFRESH Enquirer Movie Critic Quite apart from Its excellence, "Serpico," which opened Wednesday at the Showcase Cinemas proves a point I've long held about films: Quality will sell tickets. Art will sell tickets. The picture is doing landoffice business around the country and justifiably so. "Serpico" also proves that films which deny myth and accentuate hard, cold, grit and grime reality will sell tickets. For it is neither pretty, nor romantic, nor hyped into some movieland version of cops and robbers. It details in far better fashion than I can attempt in this space a bit over II years in the life of an utterly honest cop. A real cop. Frank Serpico. In u way suggested but not really plumbed by Joseph Wambaugh's "The New Centurions," "Serpico" gets into the day-to-day-ness of Serpico's life as a New York plainclothesman. For all that it deals plainly with violence and blessedly, there's not even a whiif of Dirty Harry to it there is a quietness and. surge of strength to the film that bears far more resemblance to life than to movies. For 1 1 years Serpico works grants given was over $400,-000. In the category of grants to composers for the creation of new works, $1500 was awarded to John W, Bauer of Cincinnati to compose a chamber work for chorus and orchestra and a work for wind ensemble. Robert J. Haskins of Wil mington, Ohio, who will conduct the Wilmington Consort at the Taft Museum on Sunday, received $2100 to compose three one- act operas on short stories by American authors. Allen Koppenhaver of Springfield, Ohio, received $1750 to write the libretto for the Haskins opera. Budd Udell, an assistant Professor of Composition and Theory at the College-Conservatory of Music, received a grant of $1245 for realization of an electronic tape and preparation of a major choral work. As previously announced in the Enquirer, Felix R. Labunski was awarded $1300 for "Primavera," a work commissioned by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra to be performed April 19 and 20 under the direction of Thomas Schippers. David Stock of Yellow Springs $2000 to compose a work for large wind and percussion ensemble. Ellsworth L. Milburn, director of the Contemporary Music Ensemble and assistant Professor of Theory and Composition at the College-Conservatory was awarded $6000 to compote a work for chorus, a string quartet and a chamber work. Paul Cooper, composer-ln-resldence at the College-Conservatory received $2200 for the promotion and distribution of scores of several of his larger works for chorus, orchestra and wind en;;emble. Deadlines for the applications for the ComposerLl-brettlstTranslator Program is April 1, 1974. lib AT KYLEiSLANK OPFN AT A-in CTADT AT HIICI ELEC. IN.CAR HEATERS OPTIONAL "WOODSTOCK" ) "STEELYARD BLUES" (PG) "CATCH 22" (R) 2,110 1-fckUJMJNKD. (EC. IN CAR HltS (OfCOMWn TRIPLE "K" THRILL SHOW! "INGA" (R) 7:15 "FANNY HILL" (R) 9:00 "MAN FROM O.R.G.Y." (R) 10:15 RTS 25 & 42 So. OP COV. OPEN AT 6: 10-START AT DUSK ELEC. IN.CAR HEATERS OPTIONAL "INGA" (R) "FANNY HILL" (R) "MAN FROM O.R.G.Y." (R) -' 2081 F-. KEMPRR RD UC IK CM HISS EM COMffJUt TRIPLE R) THRILL SHOW! "INGA" (R) 7:15 "FANNY HILL" (R) 9:00 "MAN FROM O.R.G.Y." (R) 10:20 WJJ MADISON RD. OPEN AT 6 30-START AT DUSK ELEC. IN.CAR HEATERS OPTIONAL "BUCK SIX" (R) "SAVAGE" (R) "MEAN MOTHER" (R) I READING RD at TENN. V5 (III IN (It HIAIH1 F0 COMFORT OPEN 7:00 PM START 7:30 PM ia blood Ikm like mlaoe wine! .'WEREWOLF VS. THE VAMPIRE WOMEN (R) WOMEN (R) PUS"(R)i is l'CR. FRANKENSTEIN ON CAMPUS" aVj Will at a job he's prourl of -being a cop. At least he's proud in the beginning. But the conniving and malingering and bribe-taking he sues in his fellow cops works on him. Slowly. No dramatic swings of position. No role playing. No grandstand taking. Confusion. Disillusion. Action. Ennui. Resolve. Hesitation. A human, humanhlend. He approaches his superiors and one by one finds them as lax of duty as his peers. Finally, desperately, he takes his information to the New York Times. A step outside channels that costs Holiday The point Is the glamour. Right? Glitter. Dazzle. Spectacle. With a smidgin of very broad, very innocent comedy. That's the point of an ice show. Right? Okay Holiday on Ice, which will play here through Sunday, has all that. More, if memory serves, than the similar edition which played Cincinnati (.aniens a year or so ago. And so seems in spite of some opening night (Tuesday) skitters that marred a couple of acts. Greg Taylor and Kathy Normilc's first duet included a couple of near miss drops. Veteran ice comic Paul Andre even fell on his normally rouscr exit. But, there's still the star-dust. The young ladies of the ensemble don't skate as an ensemble any better than last year's bevy. But, they're pretty and the costumes are plenty spark-ly. Oddly, enough, they seemed to skate best when most encumbered In eight-foot ape costumes. : cs eth nm vrmTzm i rnrn 173 12.10.2, 4,5:55,7:50.9 55 K0W! SPECIAL Discounts for groups of 25 or golden agers, clubs. For manager Kenwood 793-6100, H II JOSEPH ELEV1NE presents GEORGE CSCOTTin aMIKENICHOLSfiini THE DAWhe DOLPHIN BEST PICTURE r. WINNER OF 3 ACAOEMT AWARDS "ENJOY THE ASTONISHMENT . . . A REWARDING FAMILY MOVIE!" 6en " ! FASCINATING ... IT'S EXCELLENT!" "AN EXTRAORDINARY UNTAMED CAVALCADE." Howard Thompton, The tl K. Timet "A TRULY MAGNIFICENT VIEW OF WILDLIFE," Arthtr Wmton, N. t. Pnn ". ..SEE IT BEFORE CIVILIZATION SWEEPS IT AW A cmon ni.M by A. R. DUB8 h HEINZ BEILM ANN KCI.eA).ICD BY PACIFIC INTRHNATIUNAL KNTKRI'HIflKN INC. HELD OVER 2nd BIG WEEK n PRINCETON II THEATRE LOVELANO CINEMA t"",ll'"l 481 ?100 WEEKDAYS NOW SHOWING BEECHMONT CINEMA I Sell Serpico as much as it gains tlif! city. He's threatened, for exposing the widespread bribery within the department, by his own compatriots. And lie's shut in a rani. When help was at hand In the end, he clutches Ins honesty to hi in and quits the department. His revelations were responsible for organizing the Knapp Commission which shook up NYPD thoroughly. MEN OF VISION adapted Peter Mass' book to the screen. The Waldo Salt-Norman Wexler screenplay finds words of quiet, abso Has Its Sparkle As in the show's last visit the long, strong suit of the show is powerhouse performance from the male stars. Leslie Robinson's frenetic now-look interpretation demands attention. Jimmy Crockett Excels without seeming effort. And Dick Ganobsek is the best part of the second half's opening production number doing some flashy tricks on stilt skates. But, skating star, Tim Wood Is the real power and the real style In the DOUBLE FEATURE I THE GETAWAY! AND THE LIFE AND TIMES OF Judge Roy Bean 61.1 2500 Wi'storn Woods s 6 W Ua)WrA.. GROUP RATES! more, organizations, students, information, contact iheatre int. 70-7Zi-6a. NOW SHOWING "GODFATHER ' 1:10. 8:45 "LADY" 1110.6:05 "DIANA ROSS IS NOTHING SHORT nA77IIMft SINGS Rex Red, Tl J C hi v n; ht.t BLUES myj Gen, SMil. NBC TV hnmt Lwgrand. N. Y. Doily Newt NARRATED BY REX ALLEN C0VE0ALE THEATRE W0 Glunwoy Av. ns.lV) MADISON THEATRE Colnaon 111 7.01 S OO 7:00 9 OO ONE WEEK ONLY VILLAGE THEATRE trlnnw 141. till 'Serpico' Proves lutely resolved anger tor some scenes and others of something very like Jubilance for softer moments. Sidney Linnet's direction is a square-lo-the-front blend of very direct, very cohesive-observation and electric new-cinema technique for plot compression Hut most of (he film s strength proceeds from ;is good a film performance as I've seen in a long, long time: Al Pacino as Serpico. Here as Pacino shows him (o us is no ordinary man, yet every thing he does is so ordinary in tone. Absolutely without performance. I.ook like the World Chump lie was. With pzazz. Holiday's newer, harder-edged music gives the show more drive than the traditional Ice-show . And It does sparkle. My, my, but it does sparkle. Tom McElfrrsh 'ririv Airs vrt kiminmfn r snow vi.xit' SHOWCASE CINEMA 1234) ROUTE 41 1-275 NEAR THE TRI-COONTY SHOPPING CENTER. CINCINNATI EXCLUSIVE, RECLINING. ROCKING CHAIR LOUNGES ACRES Of FREE LIGHTED PARKING GIFT CERTIFICATES ALWAYS AVAILABLE ' m m w k rTS l it l 121! !4? SOS. I JO. 10 00 MS m i mi i mm., i iiin'''"- 111' i I. ! in.i y:-X-x:x:::v-:y::WoltDisnevsSUPi:RDADl-eb.l5- Elizabeth UastI Taylor slsl "Ash VVednesdaY" Henry Fonda 2.00. 4 00. 6 00. W 10 00 I:!: i- lilSS PQ.f. tOOK .NOW Julie christiedonold sutherionH ...pure L theaters Horthgatc- Princeton .Valley AT TiAOgiSO mm- 11:451:453:45 5:457:459:45 W 7210654 S 9 SITU. LJ K - - -' 950 Carousel ' -mimnLH i i bouu maig no yi MacGRAW PtUt. Faui "JUDGE ROY Newman BEAN" J S4t-fX7B V fWSl MOiiywooa f ii a 1 - i-iili ill! t J 62IK2I . S Grand Ik 3iA55i45 HfJ 7i4S9ti5 fSlJS iwaiiiiTH m J excess. And absolutely in tunc vocally and physically. He gives us Serpico's worries, his woes and his wonderful - if infrequently deployed sense of ridiculous pleasure. There are half a dozen strong supporting performances as well: John Randolph, Biff McGuire, Barbara Eda - Young, Cornelia Sharpe, Tony Roberts, Lewis J.Stadlen. But the film is Serpico's. OO0l0IO ; RICK cLoon I I Vi HTttff W'!ffl Season subscriptions J mm v v m' r rm l A PARAMOUNT RELEASE DIIMO OE LAURENTIIS presents "SiSHFICO" "The best love story of the year!" and theNo.lhit movie across the nation. ..... HURRy WE HERB 12 45 J 10 5 IS. MO 1000 itmt movie gold."! l i'ci JUOtM CniSt. NtW 10HH MG!iSt PJWL ROBERT NEWMAN REDFORD "THE STING" A;4 GOULD "THE LONG GOODBYE" Iil002i004l008i00 " STEVE RlcQUEEH DUSTin PBPILLOn (otuitunuKU a "VANISHING WILDERNESS" BOTH THEATERS AT 5 iO07iOO9 i 0 j rsrs Covedale . Princeton "HALLELUJAH I'M A BUM!" roi Movietone News Hal Roich Short on We me (lronrjm Bl BP CWMrl 7 i 4 09 i 45 Beacon Hill B0?4 Bkm Ath Bd L I Skywalk Qfl fountain bq f J 4 It And thanks to Lumet, Salt, Wexler, Pacino and company we find out in a fraction under two hours just what kind of a man Serpico was. A fine, fine film. CANCIXS EVERY FRIDAY El Raneho Rankin Hawaiian Room, J218 EJechmont Freeparklng. p.m. to 1 a m $? 50 each Music by Bruce Eirowntlek) Band P.S.We Love Dancing! A Hilarious . Comedy. r "Clooney & cast are superb In this Broadway hit!" Dinner & show lor one low price. Where Movieqning lsAntent!j: ?4HR. , TEL. INFO. ' 671-6IM Ri -"J" t Ct:.: S Y. Dii r.ei THE EXORCIST 1? IS 2 15 I SO. ) I0.0. 1200 COMING SOON ll:50l:253:004:3s' 6:057:459:1510:45 f the Place j 713 Race St f Clint Eastwood Face 11:101:15 3:205:30 7:509:50 ? iJ J fw'inynp I Timac bth & Walnut CICELY TYSON "SOUNDER" NORTHGATE 7i309i30 MARIEMONT 7t409i4i0 5 -nn r, Mariemont INorthgate George Glenda Segal Jackson Mrlnfifrinti . Touch Of Class 8 i 001 0 tOO J JB5 MBS V Northatej 2V it i 1 " :ibl 7th ht tin 7 "NIGHT OF THE VAMPIRE" WEEKDAYS 5:00 7.00 9:00 WEEKDAYS 7:00 9:00 ..g-'!..wi'i'g.'! .'1

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