The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 22, 1960 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 22, 1960
Page 16
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(10.) Upper D«i Melnet Tuesday, Nov. 22, 1960 with fho pronrnm \voro Mrs Henry Loofl. Fen kin, county 'pirls' club chairman; Fred Asn, boys' chairman: Joan Keith, Dean L. Rurnrs. county rxU-n- fion director; Robert <C. Johnson, county extension associate and Avis L. Lc'ttow. county extension h( x econoniist. IN 1621, THE FIRST THANKSGIVING DAY was celebrated in Plymouth Colony. The harvest had been bountiful and the pilgrims had good reason to rejoice. Governor Bradford sent .some men into the forest to shoot wild birds, the colonists invited some friendly Indians \vho brought venison and the entire group sat down to a Thanksgiving dinner that lasUd three days. -!• '-!• * * THE PEOPLE WHO SETTLED PLYMOUTH Colony came to America to gain freedom. They'd been persecuted for their religion in then native England, and again in Holland where they first tried to establish their dream colony. I have the feeling that the pilgrims, if they were as austere as they are portrayed, weren't exactly free from prejudice themselves when it came to people who didn't believe as they did. but let's not destroy the illusion. One of the things they were most grateful for on that first Thanksgiving day was that at last they could worship as they pleased. * + * # AT OUR HOUSE. ABOUT 240 YEARS LATER, I am getting ready for Thanksgiving. Pop has been "out in the forest" several times to see if he could shoot a wild bird (a pheasant), but since he's had absolutely no luck, we'll cat turkey. I planned to write my usual sweetness and light Thanksgiving column, for I do have ii lot of blessings, but then several things happened, beginning with picking up the morning paper. There, spread all over the front page was the story of hale and violence, triggered by the fact that four little Negro girls were being the guinea pigs to test desegregation in New Orleans. The white race was demonstrating its superiority over the black! * * * * PERHAPS I WOULDN'T HAVE BEEN SO upset about it, if it happened any place other than in New Orleans. I've been there only once but I had such a good time the one trip left an impression that New Orleans is kind of a romantic dream city, and I've always hoped to go back. Little Rock, I've been to several times, but the violence there didn't bother me so much because I never came under the enchantment of that city. But New Orleans — that's different. Stoning from the lovely grill work on the balconies of the French Quarter, sneering mobs lining the narrow streets, hate penetrating perhaps even through the doors of the magnificent St. Louis Cathedral — well, it's not only disillusioning, it, is frightening! * * * * THE REACTION OF MANY OF US when we read such stories is to say, "Thar.K goodness, such prejudices don't occur here." But the other day, e\ en after the election, I received from a Protestant anti-Catholic "liti rature" which landed in the wastebasket as it so richley deserved, and I eaves-dropped on a conversation in which a Catholic claimed, "this country is going to the dogs because it is in control of the Jews." * * * * THROUGH VERY LITTLE OF MY own doing, I was born a white, Christian, Protestant. Undoubtedly I have prejudices, but of course they aren't ne ar as serious as your's are. I would 'be even more prejudiced if it weren't for the example of my friends. It's difficult to hate a whole denomination or race, when some of the finest people you know are members of them. And, in almost every case the thing I adn ire most about these friends who differed with me theologically, was that they devoutly practiced their own faith. « * * * IT SEEMS TO ME THAT THE poorest way in the world to witness for one's faith is ;o snipe at another's. We build nothing for ourselves by tearing d >wn others. If each of us would practice to the fullest the teachings of his own religion, we'd not only be more virtuous, we'd all be to,i busy to be prejudiced. And the basic tenant of any religion I've heard about is the love of God and the brotherhood of man. » * * * NOW THAT THE i'ERMON IS OVER, we can get back to the original theme: Thanksgiving. No person has so little that he has nothing for which to be thankful. Neither does anyone ever acquire so much that a grateful heart does not enhance him. * * * * I'M THANKFUL FOR HEALTH WHICH our family, so far, has had abundantly. I am thankful for wealth, for despite the limpness of my pocketbook, I am wealthy. I have a home, though it is small and battered, it has room enough for love. It shelters us and in it, still together, are the four persons I love most. I have a new day given to me fresh each morning with plenty of work to do and the strength and ambition to get part of it done. I have a good tiredness every night so that despite a lumpy mattress, I can usually sleep. I'm thankful for these things. * * * * I HAVE BOOKS AND. PAPERS, floor wax and cake mix, hot V/ater and lipstick, nylons and indoor plumbing. I have words from friends, delivered in person and via the magic of telephone. The mailman stops at the door each day, and sometimes there isn't a single bill! The radio and phonograph bring me music and the TV, sometimes, good entertainment. There's something to laugh about every day and somebody to laugh with. I'm thankful for these things. * * * * THERE ARE CHILDREN, WITH their special brand of wise innocence to talk 1 with, the odors of coffee brewing and bread baking to smell, the sharpness of dill pickles and the blandness of macaroni and cheese to taste. There's the sun coming out after a spell of cloudy weather, and although I hate to think of winter coming, the white beauty of the first snowfall to which to look forward. I'm thankful for these things. * * * * BLESSINGS? WHEN I START TOTALING them up, I find I have a million of them! And lots of them are around all year long, but on Thanksgiving Day, I mean to take special notice of them. * * * * KINDERGARTEN TEACHERS, ALONG with columnists, are noted for observing special days. Ruth McVay, who has two kindergarten classes at Bryant is no exception. Last week was All-Vets Day and Ruth asked her class if they knew what Veteran's Day was about. Betty, daughter of Mr and Mrs Dick Reynolds, could hardly wait to tell the class that she knew. "Veteran's Day is the day when you take all your dogs and cats to the doctor", said Betty. * « * * MOST OF US HAVE OUR THANKSGIVING dinners already planned, and I know I can't influence you very much with this week's recipe. However, if you are looking for a vegetable that is different you might try this one for Cranberry Carrots. (However if you are going to please me, you must also serve creamed onions for Thanksgiving). 10 medium carrots 1 teasp. salt V-t cup butter Vt cup canned jellied cranberry sauce 3 tablespoons brown sugar Wash and scrape carrots. Cut diagonally into 1-inch pieces. Cook covered in 1 inch of boiling water to which salt has been added, for 15 to 20 minutes. Drain. Melt butter in 8-inch skillet. Add cranberry-sauce. Cook gently, stirring constantly, until sauce is dissolved. Add carrots, pepper, brown sugar, remaining salt, and cook for 3 minutes, stirring occasionally. —GRACE. Plum Creek 4-H Has Award Night Plum Creek Hoys 4-H Chili met ;it Center School Xov. 3. Names were clr:i\vn for Christmas 1'fifty next montli. Award Ni^ht 'was held at the Lf-fjidn hall in Hurt. Awaid hy the Plum Creek Boys 4-11 Club are as follows: The club won a seal for our club Charter. EuKftv- Draper received a 5 year pin. Donald KthiTington and Donnlrl Mndson received n 7 year seal and a beef /award. Gary Prii'be received a 7 year seal, Ap. Award and Chicago award, he also had a 95 record book. John Sciiffham received a 5 year certificate and Sr. record book which was II!'. Rodney Scuffman received a beef award and Jr. record hook which was 99. Eugene Gardin r n-ceivid a bell and had a record book of 97. Jerry Raivy n reived the Hotary trophy and h.'d a record book of 09. CO AST-TO - COAST STORES GIGANTIC Minor Crash A minor auto mishap was reported to local police officers Sunday. Autos driven by Thomas \V. Ziegler, 16. and Luella Dodds. 48. both of Algona, collided at the intersection of highway 18 and Mam street at 2:15 p.m.' Damage to the autos was estimated at S(i2 and there were no injuries Training School, 4-H Officers, Here Saturday "Understanding Ourselves and Others" was the theme for the 1961 4-H officers tiuirring school. The meeting was for all local club officers leaders and recreation chairmen and was held at 1:30 at the Algona High School The program included get acquainted and folk games, group singing, sessions on how to be a more effective and efficient officer and understanding ourselves and others, and a demonstration meeting on parliamentary procedure. County 4-H officers in charge of the training school were presidents, Susan Nitchals and Tom Henry, Algona; vice-presidents, Bonnie Bristow, Irvington, and Tom NUITC, Bancroft; Louise Skow, Wesley and Art Mogler, Whittemore; Nancy Chambers, Corwith and Tom Lampe, Burt. Assisting the county officers Let us help you plan .. .your new KITCHEN Planning a beautiful, work* saving kitchen can be fun, and we'll be glad to show you how. It is simply a matter of placing our top quality wood floor and wall cabinets in the proper place for maximum efficiency. Come see us soon and we'll get you started. THE AVERAGE NEW KITCHEN COSTS LESS THAN A NEW CAR MONTHLY WITH NO CASH DOWN! for home improvement help KELLEY LUMBER CO "Our Business Is Building" SEXTON - OTTOSEN - ALGONA SPEAKING: BE CAREFUL In The Use Of ELECTRIC FUSES An electric fuse is a safety device that opens an electric circuit if overloaded. When a circuit fails, replace with another fuse of the same ampere rating. If that fuse fails check the condition of the electric equipment connected to that circuit. Never under any circumstances place a coin in back of the fuse or "slug" it in any way. Non-fused circuits will overheat and cause fires. LIFE CAN BE BEAUTIFUL WITH LOW COST ELECTRIC SERVICE Algorta Municipal Utilities Phone CY 4-2333 GET HERE EARLV FOR BEST SELECTION - DON'T WAIT REDUCTIONS START TODAY! PRICES *«S*ii. 69.95 FREE COAST ED WOLF.OwMr TO-COAST JUMNA " REGISTRATION "" In Our Downstairs TOYLAND FOR A PORTABLE TV SET Nothing To Buy — Just Visit Algona's Largest Toyland a\ Register Your Name. 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