Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 16, 1894 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 16, 1894
Page 2
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| THE DREAM CITY. PART 13 NOW READY. This beautiful number devoted to Fine Arts presents a list of views surpassing any issue which has yet appeared. From the outset the intention has been honestly expressed and the promise confidently given, to make each number superior in every way, if possible, to its predecessors. This has not proven an exception in Number 13 as NO PAINS HAVE BEEN SPARED To procure ihe finest selections possible for this number. Remember that all back numbers can be procured at this office. As the series is now nearly completed all subscribers should notice that there are no parts missing as this complete series, bound, makes the most attractive World's Fair Book yet issued. THEY STAND FIRM. The Striking Miners Will on .Their Demands, Insist Every Effort at Compromise Opposed —The Conference at Cleveland Likely to Prove Futile. Do You Love Music? Or are you oce of those unfortunates who can't distin guigh '-Yankee Doodle" from "The Dead March in Saul?" IF YOU HAVE AN EAR And possess musical taste you cannot fail to be interested in the series of portraits and biographical sketches of GREAT SINGERS "Which form Parts 12, ]3 and 14 ol "The Marie Burroughs Art Portfolio of Stage Celebrities." Even if you have not been taking the proceeding numbers, You Want These Three Which constitute in themselves the most complete col- lecticn of representatives of lyric ait. Get Part 12 "Stage Celebrities" (the first musical number) with por traits of Me ha. tames, The De Reszb And other famous singers, twenty in all. You can get it from THE JOURNAL for Three Coupons and One Dime. No extra charge for postage on Portfolios sent by mail. After you have*secured this number you will not fail to secure the remaining two numbers which complete the series, as they are both devoted exclusively to the Grand Opera. PART 13 NOW READY. WINERS UNITED. CLEVELAND, May 15.—The representatives of the more than 200,000 organized mine workers of America were astir early in preparing for the meetings of the day. Though there was plainly a lack of confidence ID achieving a satisfactory result of their labors, there was no evidence of weakening in their demands or signs of a compromise. There ii no doubt about it, th» miners are determined to win. They hava come here for that purpose, and they never agreed to a conference with any other object in view than having 1 their full demands accepted by the operators. Battlement Mu«t Do National. Ohio operators would be willing to advance the rate to the old scale if Pennsylvania would agree, but Penn- lylvanla won't The miners absolutely refuse to consider the question of making terms with any single section of the country. Representatives of the thirty-four railroad cool companies of the Pittsburgh district are here, and they came for the purpose of effecting a settlement of the strike, if possible. They will not bo guided by the action of the river operators, and will use their influence to secure a uniform mining rate. No Compromise. At the morning's session of the convention fof the United Mine Workers of America the wage question was the lole topic of discussion. The meeting was secretly conducted. The reporters were not admitted and a number of operators were ^Iso denied admission. The scale committee was called upon for Its report, and the chairman read a voluminous document A warm do- bate ensued, the delegates being apparently divided In their opinions. The sentiment of the session was a determination on the part of the men to hold out for a scale of wages about similar to what was advocated at the Columbus meeting. A proposition to compromise was rejected by a large vote, the delegates almost to a unit favoring the idea of holding out for the original demands. There were some changes made in the report and it was finally adopted. An open conference of tha operators and delegates was called for the afternoon. Report of the ttoale Commute*. The scale committee, in its report, has endeavored to adjust differences in rates for mining in a manner to work no injustice to the mines of one section ai compared with another. The demand is for tho wages paid before the reductions were made last fallnnd winter. In a general way tho scale provides for tlis following rates: Ohio, 70 to 85 cents; Pennsylvania, 00 to 75 cents; Indiana, 70 to 75 cents; Central Pennsylvania, 50 eouts; Illinois, 50 to 85 cents; Maryland, 30 cents, and West Virginia about the same, if tho miners in that state decide to Join the movement. Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Illinois are the important states. Reductions hava been made in all except Illinois, but if the miners in that state had desired to work after May 1 they 'would have been compelled to accept a 20 per cent, reduction. Fifteen Jlundroil Miner* Quit. RusBELLViLLE, Ky., May ID,—Fifteen, hundred minors in the coal fields of Ohio and Muhlenborgcounties are idle. The strike is a surprise, as the nonunion men seem to be joining with organized labor. This district represents over 87>i per cent, of the output of the entire western field. Injured In a Railway Wreck. 0., May 15.—At 2:45 a. m. Big Four freight train No. 40 while at Main street, just outside the city limits, jumped the track. Fourteen loaded cars piled in a heap, Braketuan C. J. Bolen, of this placo. had one arm and both legs broken. It is not thought he can live. Two trumps were taken out of tho wreck and removed to the hospital in a patrol wagon. Their injuries are supposed to be fatal. Wur on the Chlnu«3. PORTLAND, Ore., May 15.—From private letters received in Portland to-day it is learned that the auti-Chinese agitation has sprung up afresh. In Baker county a mob of twenty men drove out a gang of Chinese working in a mine in Salmon Creek. The district attorney Intends to secure the conviction of the leaders if possible. Tho Chinese section bands along the Union Pacific arc also being- terrorized. Walsh (Ga.) has introduced a Dili male- ing it a crime, punishable by imprisonment from one year to twenty years, to retard or obstruct the passage of any truin carrying tho United States mail. THiS MARKETS. Ur*ln. ProTUloni, Kto. CHICAOO, May 15. FLOUB—Dull, weak and demoralized, will nomine doing. "Winter — PutunUJ, I18D3 3.Q.); atralghis, E.60Sii7J; cloaca, fl20@-.W; HeconJs. H.8J&I.OO; low grades, »L6<>3,I.7J. Sprlnif—Patents, KL'£>Jti50; simiuli 2,00; Bilkers'. tl.7J&i.ia; low (trades, Rod Dog, H.SOaUii; Uyc, $2.403tt,W. WDBAT — Fairly active and lower. 65340(3: May, 5S*Mo; July, &ft^ijj»73io, C'OIlN—Fairly active and weak. No. 'i 37® *7,"ic; No. 1 Yellow. 38Jlu; No. 3, 38li933>ic: No. 3 Yellow, sr«u: May, UT^c; Juno, 37/4$ 37J»e: July, SiSffiSSj'jc; September, 38J.Q OATS—Weaker and lower. No. 2 cdab, X'^S 3So; Muy, 3^^(K3^/4c: July, 28!-i®-&?ic: September, U5tt->;>ic. Samples steadier. No. 3, 3SK«>iHc; No. 3 VVUIto, 35330c; No. 2, 34ij Sltfo; No. 2 Whtto, 3U»3a>jo. Rr«—No demand except tor u few cars ol cash Ryo. No. ~" cash, <5c: sauiplo lots, W5}60a May delivery, 4Sc: July. 40c, BABUY—Is salable yci slow. Cboloo bj sample, 6<xaWc; fair to Rood, Sia^Sc; common, 444)500, with scroeDlnga tl7.uOulil.00 per ton. Muss Porut—TrudlnK light and prices-lower. Quotations ranged at li!SJili.i2'.4 (or cash tug- Ulan H2.10412.17!4 for May and IllilSiaiiS^W tor July. LARD—Very qulot and lower. Quotation* ranged at 7.«tf®7.t7V4 for cash; t7.«Ka,7.47K for May; H.iWHS^.OT'i for July, on<l tf.OSMtil 7.07H torSeptombcr. Liv« POULTIIY—Per pound: Chickens ~YA So; Turkeys, &37o; ducks, ~',i^8'Aix Qcose, l3.OOQi.00 per dozen. Burma—Creamery, DQlfc: Dairy, »&Uc; PacUlng Stock, 9O8V»o. LIQUORS — Distilled spirits steady on Uia basis ot II. IS per gaL for Uulshed goods. Oii£—Wisconsin Prlmo White, 7!*c; Water White, 7)40; MlchlgaD Prime Wblte, Syjc: Water White, Do; Indiana Prime Whlta, 8Vfc; Water Whlto, 8JJC; Headlight, 175 test, 8Hc: Can- ollne, 87 dog's, lltfo; 74 leg's, Oc; Naphtha, 61 deff'i, eyic. NEW YORK, May 13. WHEAT—Na 2 red wealt and lower, anew record being made. July, 00 l-lGQtOi^o; September, <Mi»0!J)*o; December, O&UO&tic. Conn—N(i * weaker, July, 48?ia OATS—NO. 2 dull ana lower. July, SO 1 1045 SS^o; track whlto State, 41O4Hc; track white Wsstorn, 41«M<Je. PBOVISIONS—Beof — Quiet. Family, tl'iOOO 13,00; extra mesa, JT.6031M. Pork—Easy. New mess, I13.7K3U.OO; family, UJ,i»2.15.W; sbort clear, 11140014 Ofl. TOLEDO, O., May li WnEA'r-^Lower, active. No. - casb and May, MMc; July, 66Ko; August, S7^c: September, 68J4C. CORN—Dtill, oafly. No, 2^cash and May, Sl*a OATS—Firm. No. 2 mixed, 3flo; No, 2 white, 87HC. RYE—Steady. Caah, BOo bid. CLOVIKSEID—Firm. Prlmo cash, KiOO; October, R»6 bid, Live Stock. CHICAGO, May 15, HOGB—Marhet acttvo with beat heavy and mixed lots a nbade higher and other Kradcu steady and unchanged. Sales ranccd at (4.60(3 605 for .-"Igfl; KOOO&10 forlli?ht; M.80O1BO for rough packing; M.95C5.16 for mixed, andStM £5.20 for heavy packing and shipping lots. CATTLE—Market rather stow and prices steady. Quotations ranged at M 2&Q4.00 for choice to e-xtra shipping Steers: t\11W«l4.2S for good to chold3 do.: *3.&oi&3.00 for fair to Rood; tS.£»Q3.00 for common to medium do.; $3.30S> auO for butcuov'8 Steers; $!.eOfa«.3f> for Stoclt- era; jaaOlHOO lor Feeders; »1.9083.40 for Cows; I2.00O100 for Heifers; iiOOiaS.SO for Bulls; l!!.70@4.00 for Tcias Steers, and W,00i> i75 for Veal Calves. Washington state prayinpr tor the recognition of Lincoln's birthday as a national holiday. WAR ON GRAVESF.ND. Interfered with by t!i<? Arroitt of tllO .lllllROM. NEW YOIIK, May 15. — De Laccy has made his threatened attack on tho Gruvesend track. Justice Walbh issued a warrant for the arrest of Philip J. D\vyer and others for conducting- a lottery on tho grounds of the Brooklyu Jocltey club. The action is based upon the recent decision of Judce Pryor that the Ivcs law, which permitted pool-selling on race- l.racks, was unconstitutional and in the nature of special protection to lotteries. Mr. De Lacey's move is in the interest of New York poolroom-keepers, whose dens were closed last year mainly through the influence of the Dwyer brothers and their political friends in high places. Officers started at once for the Oravcsend track and served the warrant upon President Dwyer. Dwyer was not placed under arrest, but wo« notified to appear in court Wednesday. The first and second races were run without any appearance of trouble. Just before the third race was run a deputy sheriff came into the judges' stand and arrested the three judges. After the third race they, were taken to the Gravesend town hall and arraigned before Judge Voorhoes. The Brooklyn handicap — the race in which the greatest interest was centered — was won by Dr. Rico in 2:07}4'; 'Henry of Navarre, second; Sir Walter, third. _ Ivy Poisoning Eight Years of Suffering TOLD IN A FEW LINES. Tho attendance at the Midwinter fair Sunday rose to 20,41(0. It was the first clay of twenty-five-cent admissions. Tho president lias approved tho act providing- for the construction of a bridg-e across the Mississippi river at Red Wingr, Minn. Hiram J. lirendlingw, tho second mayor of Denver, Col., was found doad in bed. Half'of his fortune of 8500,000 g-ocs to a Chicago nephew. Joseph M. Click, republican candidate for sheriff at Ashland, Pa., shot and killed himself Monday. Financial trouble caused the suicide. Mrs. Frank &. -Flint, widow of "Silver" Flint, for years the catcher of the ClilcajfO baseball club, died in San Francisco from consumption. Nationalists and orangeraen came into collision near Portadown, Ireland, during a funeral and two of tho former were shot Many arrests were made. Senator Squire lias presented petitions, from, several G.-. A, R. costs of CUT THIS OUT. JIAY 1«, 181)4. MEMORIAL WAR BOOK COUPON. Tare* of theie coupons and ten cents MMITM tb* current number of the Mem- r Book. If prffented at tbe Dqparuwnt of The Journal. COT THII OUT. CUT THIS OUT. OT AY 10,1894. STAGE CELEBRITIES, This Coupon with two others of different dates, and Ten Cents, Is good for one part, containing twenty portrait*, of lue Marie Burrongh'g Art Portfolio of Stage Celebrities. THE JOUBNAIi. Seventy Slain. TRIPOLI, May 15.— A battle between the Tuaregs and Tibboos has taken place near Kawar, central Soudan. The Tibboos lost seventy men killed and a large number of their force wan woundad. The Tuaregs then entered Kawar, capturing 600 camels and pillaging the town, Perllbcd in tb« Uoert. PHOENIX, A. T., May 15. —The bodies ot two young Englishmen, W. M. Rogers and W. McDonald, were found on. Harquehala desert. 60 miles from here. Tho men were prospectors and perished of thirst while attempting to cross 40 miles of desert on foot Six Live* Lotft. LoHDOsr, May 15. — A party of eleven Whitsuntide excursionists started from Ipswich Monday for a boating- trip on the Eiver Orwell. Through mismanagement of the boat ft waa capsized and six of the party were drowned. Sent Uof ui ST. Louis, May 15. — Joseph Temple, agent of the Adams Express company, has applied for warrants for the arrest of certain persons who are said to have swindled the company out ol large sums of money by means of bogus packages substituted for the genuine. It is claimed that they are in possession of several thousand dollars of the company's money. Wllnon A§-»ln lu IUi Seat. WASHINGTON, May 15.-— Mr. Witoon, chairman of the ways and means committee, resumed his seat in the house during the afternoon. He was greeted with applause. He is looking well and has apparently regained hie health. Salvation Army Voiigrtu, Jfifw YOKE, May 15.— The large auditorium of the Church of the Strangers on Mercer street was packed to the doors a.t noon when the May congress for the Atlantic states of the Salvation Army was called to order. The gathering fully bore out the previous statements of the executive officers that it would be the largest ever held in this city. Commander Jiallington Booth and Mrs. Booth welcomed the delegates, and a service of prayer and praise was inaugurated. llloooaigli* CaugtMl 111* l>ei»tl>- BAJLTIMOKE, Md., May 15.— John B. N. Brandt, O'J years old, died at his home, 104i East Baltimore street, from hiccoughs after an attack lasting- seven days. lie had had several attacks of the affection, each continuing about two weeks, but never complained of tho effect upon his physical condition until a day or so before his death, _ _ Cholera Knifing in Kuaun- LONDON, May 15. — A dispatch from Odessa says: "It is officially declared that cholera exists in seven governments in the south of Russia." Perfect Cure by Hood's "C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Muss.: " Dear Sin* — \Ve have tried Hood'i SwMJ»» rlllaand find It to bo all you claim for It Mf wife was poisoned by Ivy when a young WOUM, and for eight years wa* troubled •very i Hood's^Cures •with tbe breaking out and terrible ItehtafM* burning. I thought ben was as bid » cu* M anyone ever had. Sho waj In this dlitreMinK condition every year until she began to tik* Hood's SarsaparUIa, which has effected ft par- feet cure, without leaving *oy lean, »nd (b» baib&d No Sign of the Poison Since. ' She Is well and hearty. I have taken Hoed* Sarsaparlll.i after the grip with goo<i result!, and bave Also given it to our four children. Wo w all pictures of perfect health and ow« It to Hood's Sarsaparilla," J. C. FBEEMAX, Vm« dalla.llllnols. C N. D. If you decide to take Hood's Sars»p*- rllla do not be induced to buy nny other Instead. Hood'8 Pills ore hand made, and perfect In proportion and appearance. 25c, per box. KNOWLEDGE ' Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly uaea. The many, who live better than others and enjoy life more, with lees expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's best products to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced in the remedy, Syrup of Figs. Its excellence is due to its presenting in the form most acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of a perfect laxative ; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and feyera and permanently curing constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions and met withithe approval of the medical profession, because it acts on tbe Kidneys, Liver and Bowels without weakening them and it is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all druggists in 50c and f 1 bottles, but it ii man• •' "ie California Fig Syrup The Htormtcnt Roglon Known. The waters of Cape Horn have never been unvisited by storms for more than a week or two at a stretch within the memory of man. Standing on the outpost of the world Cape Horn is the meeting- place of ocean currents of very different temperatures, from the icy cold waters of the Antarctic drift to the warmth of the Brazilian and Peruvian return currents. The prevailing- winds are from the northwest and west, and these, coming from the warm regions of the Pacific, condense into fops, which the sailors call "Cape Horn blankets," and which are the sure forerunners of storms. The extremely low level to which the glaciers of Tierra del Fue'po descend, the perpetual conffelation of the sub-soil, the meeting- .of conflicting- winds of very different temperatures, are all direct or indirect causes combining ito make this the most constantly stormy reg-ion of the world.—Pearson's Weekly. How to Cure * Cold. Simply take Otto's Cure. We know of its astonishing cures and that It will stop a cough quicker than any knowc remedy. If ({you have asthma, bronchitis, consumption or any disease, of the throat and lunpa, a few dosee of this great guaranteed remedy wl'.l surprUe- you. If you wish to try call at our store, Ben Fieher'e, and we will be pleased, to furnish you a bottle free of cost, and that will prove our assertion. BEN FISHKK, 311 Fourth street. Injuriou* Cathartic*. Are you aware that the use of purging teas are injurious—they dilute the- stomach fluids, impair digestion, do- not move the secretions or bile—phy. sicians never use them. The best cathartic is a good pill—but you must g-et reliable ones. Rinehart's are the best—only one for a dose, pleasant Jc. action. For sale by B. F. Keeslinp and Keystone drup store. Chamberlain'* Er« Mill Skin Ointment Is a certain cure for Chronic Sore- Eyes. Granulated Eye Lids, Sore Nipples, Piles, Eczema, Tetter, Salt Rheum and Scald Head, 25 cents pe? box. For sale by B. F. Keesling, —One of the most cherished possessions of a penlleman in Cliicag-o is a brief autograph letter written by President Abraham Lincoln in October, 1801, which reads: "The lady—bearer of this—says she has two sons who want to work. Set them at it if possible. Wanting to work is so rare a merit that it should be encouraged." —In 128C public bakeries 'were established in Paris, and inspectors were appointed to sec that, the loavei were of proper weight and that no liine or clay was mixed with tho bread. Touring on tbe "Briny." Is very far from amuilng. untraveled reader, If BO be you are one. A rebellion fomented by each mountainous wave tlmt smites tho vessel's hul threatens «l)BOlutely to dislodge your verj vitals from tbelr natural resting place, and a nausea so frightful that It would reconcile you to a Mrml nation of jour suffartriRs by shipwreck 'harasses you, wall for you then, or rather before this crisis, If lou are provided Witt Hosteller's Stomach bitters, A swift remedy for and preventive of tbe nauseaof travelers by sea ot land, nervousness caused by the vibration of the screw of a steameror the Jarring of a railway train, and an antidote to bowel, liver nn<l stomachic trouble! caused by Impure water and unaccustomed food Tbe bitters alio. counteracts the effaces of fatigue and exposure, and Is a t afegnard ngalnst malaria, rheumatism and kldnej trtnble, Mrs. Lucy C. Miller, Blngham, Mich., writes makers of Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vitalizer: "I needed help If it Twvnt? Tears tor M»u Obstrnaton. aooept any substitute It of»na> Many oth.r.»e«dhelpfor their nerve,. TO NORSK OWNEBS. For putting a horse in a fine healthy condition try Dr. Cady's Condition. Powders. They tone up the system, aid digestion, cure loss of appetite relieve constipation, correct kidney disorders and destroy worms, giving new life to an old overworked horse. 25 cents per package. For sale by B. F. Keesling, druggist. worth Knowlnjc Many thousand people have found a friend in Bacon's Celery King. If you have never used this great specific for the prevailing maladies of the age, dyspepsia, liver complaint rheumatism, costiveness, nervous exhaustion, nervous prostration, sleep- loseneps and all diseases arising from- doranpement of the stomach, liver and kidneys, wo would ba pleased to give you a package of this great nerve tonic frco of charge. BEN FisuEit, 3H Fourth street.. Vor Over Fifty Ye»m Mrs. Wlnslow'a Soothing Syrup h*r been used for over fifty years by millions ol mothers for their children while toothing, with perfect succett. It soothes tho child, softena tbe gum*, allays all pain, cures wind colic, and is the best remedy for diarrhoea. It will relieve the poor little sufferer immediately. Sold by drugglrte In every part of the world. Twenty-ft>o- cents a bottle. Be sure and ask for•Mrs. Wlnslow'a Soothing Syrup" and take no other kind. Kates 10 Callfornln «re«tlr Hcdne»«- via the Pennsylvania l<l»e». The Midwinter Fair at San Francisco and the numerous other attractions In tho Wonderland beyond the- Kooky mountains can be enjoyed by persons of limited means as the round trip rate has again been materially reduced via Pennsylvania lines. Passengers can select any of the several routes from Chicago, and the return limit Is ample for a satisfactory io- journ. For detalli apply to J. A Mo- Cullough, ticket agent. Log import,. Ind.

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