The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 22, 1960 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 22, 1960
Page 7
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Council Minute* J tOUNCIL MINUTES The City Council met Nov. 9, 1960 with M.iyor Shierk and the following Council members: Muckcy, Whittemore, Haggard Firm & Peirco. Absent; Eltwrt. Waived the reading ot the minute*. Authorized the Police Dcpt. to buy a ho* Police radio with the County sharing J500.00 of the cost. Total cost $119-1.27. Utilities quarterly report was acknowledged, Beer permit granted to The Office Tavern. GENERAL Dr. Cameron C. Shlerit, Salary ..$ 112.50 David A. Smith, Salary . 2043) Iowa State Bank, W'Holdmg Tax 17.30 Dr. Cameron C. Shierk, Court Costs for October __________ 132.00 Advance Publishing Co., Legal Publications ...... .. . . 7344 City Clerk, Advanced Cash .... 4.50 I. B. M. Corporation, Maintenance Agreement. --------- ...... 4000 Upper Dos Moines Publishing Co., Legal Publications ______ 41 98 Matt Parrot! 8, Sons Co., Office Supplies ..... -------- ....... 2.68 The Algona Reminder, Printing 1500 STREET Jess E. Lashbrook, Salary ______ 163.76 Albert F. Pergande, Salary ____ 163.88 Glenn F. Burtis, Salary ________ 131.38 Raymond W. Motzen, Jr., Salary 120.67 Donald T. Prew, Salary _______ 143.94 Oscar J. Myers, Salary ________ . 111.19 David D. Schneider, Salary ____ 95.20 Dale R. Baxter, Salary ... ..... 46.75 Iowa State Bank, W'Holcling Tax 90.50 City Clerk, Advanced Cash ____ .39 Botsford Lumber Co., Merchandise ---------- ......... ___ 5.25 Fort Dodge Industrial Towel Service, Wiping Towels _____ 3.25 Miller Lumber Co., Stakes _____ 10.96 L. S. Muckey, Repairs . ...... . ' 3.25 Asphalt Products Co., Premlx .. 111.55 Barclay Company, Acetylene Refill 7.65 Cities Service Oil Co., Gasoline 8. Fuel Oil ________________ 277.62 Frederick Hardware, Merchandise 6.13 Groenberg Auto Supply, Merchandise __________________ 13.69 Hilton's Super Service, Mdse. & Tire Repair ___ ........... ... 23.27 Kent Motor Company, Automotive Parts ___ ..... ______ r ______ 8.17 Northwest Iowa Grain Co., Rock Borax ____________________ 181.60 Percival Motors, Merchandise .. 24.00 Traffic Devices, Toledo Wicks .. 5.78 Marvin Wallburg, Black Dirt .. 21.20 Welp & McCarten, Inc., Rock Chips . ...... . ............. 553.15 PUBLIC SAFETY Albert Boekclman, Salary ______ 251.88 Ernest W. Hutchison, Salary ... 197.40 Peter C. Jorgenson, Salary „_. ._ 184.71 Kenneth J. McBride, Salary ____ 182.01 William C. Schwarzcnbach, Salary _________________ . ._ 178.56 Eppo Bulten, Salary .' ________ .. 171.90 James A. Voigt, Salary _______ 159.64 ' Ira Kohl, Salary' _____ Iowa Slate Bank, Withholding Tax . ..... Trust & Agency Fund, Policemen's Pension Jack's O. K. Tire Service, Fix Flats _______ ....... Pcrcival Motors, "Service & Rq- •pairs .. .......... _____ ..... 141.09 Rusk Drug & Jewelry, Film 8. Bulbs ....... . ....... _ ..... Tom's Radio & Television, Radio Service & Parts _____________ City Clerk, Advanced Cash ____ Advance Publishing Co., Fire Prevention Ad _____________ John Chalgren, Recharge Extinguishers _______________ Hooker Supply Co., Rain Hats _ Plcctron Corporation, Receiver Repairs --------- .. ---------- Stouffor Fire Equipment Sales, Firemen's Helmets ________ ._ Upper Dos Moines Publishing Company, Fire Prevention Ad ____ Hilton's Super Service, Gasoline, Truck Wash & Oil ________ ..... SANITATION Reiner Helmers, Labor & Materials ...... . ...... ... ...... City Clerk, Advanced Cash ____ East End Foundry, Inc., Intake •Cover ____________________ L. S. Muckey, Valve ____ ..... Algona Tree Service; Remove Tree Stumps --------------SEWER RENTAL Robert C. Lemkee, Salary _____ Fred G. Gronbach, Salary ______ Iowa Stale Bank, Withholding Tox ______________________ Cities Service Oil Company, Fuel Oil _____________ ..... Frederick Hardware, Robert C. 1 emkce, Expenses ._ Norton Machine Works, Drill Burner etc. 20.00 163.40 15.42 4.50 8.55 17.30 2.31 46.48 6.35 37.3V 7.34 292.50 51.66 28.28 53.25 10.40 38.00 1.50 37.50 163.02 118.10 17.60 22.17 4.60 8.70 2,25 Moinos National Bank, Bonds ... ..... .... ........... 6,000.00 Iowa Stato Bank, Bonds 8. Interest . ................. 6,143.55 •John E. Peterson, Interest ___ 77.50 Iowa-D(!s Moinei National Bank, Interest .. _____ ...... . ..... 206.25 Iowa State Bank, Interest . . .. . 420.00 Valley Bank i Trust Company, Interest . .... _____ ..'.....,.. . 424.10 lowa-CJes Moines National Bank, Interest ..... . ...... ________ 322.90 The Merchant! National Bank, Bonds «. Interest .......... 5,280.00 Powoshiek County National Bank, Interest ......... _________ 77.50 The Decorah Newspapers Interest ................. 56.25 PARKING METER Richard H. Groen, Salary . .. 21061 Nancy Sands, Salary _____ ..... 89.68 Dons Riley, Salary ___________ 30.93 Iowa State Bank, Withholding Tax ............ ___________ 44.10 Trust & Agency, Policemen's Pension _________ ........ ____ 2.35 Advance Publishing Company, Index Cards _____ ____ . ___ I. 6.9'j Magee-Hale Park-O-Moter Co., Keys ................. .... 1,80 Pratt Electric Construction Co., Traffic Light 'Repair? ________ 2.00 Royal McNeeso Cycle Shop, Parts 4 OH ....... ____ .......... 19.65 Traf-O-Teria System, Keys ____ 3.60 Darrell D. Ludwig 1 , Service on Motorcycle __., ..... ___ ..... . 7 10 TRUST- & AGENCY Viola Meland guardian for Linda Counlcy, Policemen's Pension ___________________ 20.00 Viola* Meland guardian for Dennis Counley, Policemen's Pension ________________ 2000 Bertha M. Egll, Policemen's Pension .. ....... ------- ...... 75.00 Published In the Algonn Kossuth County Advance, Algona, Iowa, November 17, 1960. Municipal Utilities UTILITIES PROCEEDINGS A meeting ot the Board Of Trustees of the Algorm Municipal Utilities was held in the City Hall, City of Algona, lowu., Nov. 1, 1UHO, at 7:30 o'clock P.M. Present. Were: Buchanan, Bay, T. James Palmer, Supt.. H. W. Stroh- meycr, rcprcticntlnit Buoll 8t Winter engineering Co., Sioux City, la., and Ira Kohl, face. The minutes of the mucting of Oct. 17, illGO, were read and approved. Motion by Bay, seconded by Buchanan, thai Hie vouchers payable be approved and authorized paid as audited. itoll call, voting "Aye", Buchanan and Bay. Voting "Nay", none. Motion cur- nod. LIGHT FUND Merrill Feed Supp., salt ______ 441.00 C. M. St. P. & P. R. R. Co., freight ________ 39.03 Sinclair Kef. Co., luul oil ______ 833.07 payroll, payroll ________________ 2,102.45 Milton' Bilycu, labor ________ ». 24B.UO Mcrvm Heiltges, labor _____ ... 17H.-I1 wiiour KJ. oiiiiiLT, labor _______ 132.13 Hiiivey Peglow. labor ____ „.*-,.-.- 11U.VO iviauncc Krebsuach, labor ____ 50.U7 ihoinas Unsworth, labor ______ U3.'i(i juuius Drone, labor ..... ________ 140.UO iowa Stato Bank, withholding tax ______________ 361.10, Soc. Sec. Fund, aoc. sec. lax ----- ........... _ 198.17 North Central Pub. Sorv. Co., BUS _______________________ 7,150.0(1 Diesel scrv. Co., stipp. ________ 5107.22 Fulton lion Wonts uo.. supp. ...uuii Oil Co., luol oil ________ r.ouoi- Liuvenior Co., supp. ... The Bristol Co., repairs ------- iNoi-ihiunti Jilcc. Supp. 25.17 2.!)ti 1U.1U 655.34 90.88 Sanfax Corporation, Sanfax ----- 304.00 DEBT SERVICE R. W. Mollom, Interest --------- 22.50 Council Blufts Savings Bank, Interest _____ ....... _________ 169.95 Continental III. National Bank & Trust, Bonds t» Interest ________ 5,275.00 lowa-Dcs Moines National Bank, Bond & Interest ...... ------ 1,878.55 Central Nat'l Bank & Trust Co., Bonds 8. Interest . ..... ---- 7,235.00 Iowa State Bank, Invested in Bonds _____________________ 4,9-33.70 Interest Bank, 77.50 Security National Bank, The Merchants National Interest ... ..... Davenport Bank 8. Trust Co., Interest _____ ........... ---- 135.96 Latimcr State Bank, Interest ____ 77.50 93.75 Elee. Materials Co., supp. -----.,1. n,li-L. oupp, Co., supp. . ---- <_iosn-unt liiuc. Supp. 1^0., supp Fisher Pierce, repair ---------- L Aigurui Machine Shop, repair .- i\uiion Machine Wonts, repairs iiiu. io\vci <st unit. serv., seiv. -------- ...... -----Ready-Mix Co., scrv. ---------Hi B uiia tree surv., scrv. , ------ . Aigona Welding & Mlg. ^o., repairs ----------------Frankl's "G(i" Station, gas ---Algona Implement Co., repairs Aiuo Supp., repairs . . Sicg-Forl Doagu Co., supp. „ O.UV Bolsforcl Linbr. Co., supp. ---- 3.27 ijun tjocken bupp. Co., supp. — 35.74 .•>pi-iU'or oiov'Ci eo.. supp. ---- 143. b7 Lotlthokl Williams Co., irulse. -- ti.62 L,alias Business Sys. inc.. Mipp. - ...... ...... North la. Uir. Scrv. Inc., supp. -------------------Upper Lies Moines Pub. Co., ijiio. iV supp. ---------------Advance Pub. Co., ,juu. ix supp. - ..... -----------N. W. Bell Tele. Co., serv. _____ Petty Cash, misc. ---------------WATER FUND Payroll, payioll ________________ 358.88 Walter Peterson, labor --------- 190.02 Maurice Krebsbach. labor ------ 64.24 Renkus Helmers, labor -------- 23.77 George Weig, Jr., labor ... _____ 32.40 Max Baer, labor ._ ..... --------- IS.iiS h,ugcne Helmers, labor --------- 3.50 Iowa State Bank, v withholding tax ______________ 34.00 Soc. Sec. Fund, - B8.13 3.67 151.40 511.43 70.59 23.iiO IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF IOWA, IN AND FOB KOSSUTH COUNTY IN THE MATTER OF THE GUARDIANSHIP ) PHOflATE NO. 5901 " ) NOTICE OF GUARDIAN'S OF CHARLES RAMUS, INCOMPETENT. ) SALE OF REAL ESTATE TO- CHARLES RAMUS, INCOMPETENT AND TO ALL WHOM THIS MATTER MAY CONCERN: Notice is hereby given that'by virtue of an Order entered in the District Court of Iowa, in and for Kossuth County, In Probate No. 5901, on October 10th A D.. 11)60, the undersigned, Jens M. Sorensen, as Guardian of Charles linmus Incompetent, will sell at public auction upon the premises, at not less than the appraised value, on the 17lh day of December, A. D., 19BO, hi 1:30 o'clock P. M. of said day: Lots One, (1), Two (2), Seven (7) and Etghl (8) in Block One Hundred Fifty-nine (159), Call's Addition to Algona, Kossuth County, Iowa, free and clear of all Hens and encumbrances, for the purpose of paying obligations of tills estate; that those lots are being sold separately upon the terms of one-third of the purchase price as a downpayment at time of sale and the balance on or before December 24, 11)60, or us soon thereafter as Abstracts showing marketable titles have been furnished, and purchasers must execute contracts with forfeiture provision. Dated this 14th day ot November, A.D., 1960. Jens M. Sorensen As Guardian of the Property of Charles Ramus, Incompetent. (-17-48) soc. ioc. tax .- 25.PB Nalco Chem. Co., supp. _ 51.00 Lcignton Supp. Co., supp. IDS.11 Joseph G. Pollard Co., Inc., supp. _ 60.80' Thompson-Hayward Chcm. Co., supp. i.,. 59.52 Rep. Flow Meters Co., supp. '__'. 19.50 Neptune Meter Co., supp. 3.20 R. J. Funk, repairs 6.24 B. I. F. Intf., inc., supp. _ 16.75 Dick Helmers. sorv. ^ 600.00 Frankl's "«B" Station, gas 10.3(1 Botsfnrd I.tnbt. Co., supp. 9,!)5 Leo Frank), meter ... 14.00 Leiilhold Williams Co.. mdsc. ... fi.02 State Hygienic Lab., serv. 18.00 T. James Palmer, rxp. : 48.H3 Felty Cash, misc. 25.82 DEPOSIT FUND Prisctllfi Shott et al, refund .. 135.00 A resolution, finally approving a contract and Contract Bond with Robinson Construction Co., for construction of a steel building at the Power Plant, was presented approved- and adopted. Next meeting date was set for Nov. 16, 1!!60, at 7:30 o'clock P. M. • Meeting adjourned. /S/ Ira Kohl Secretary AS/ Allen K. Buchanan President of the Board DAY SALES EACH FRIDAY! Beginning 1PJC NOV. 25 Consign Your Livestock To Tb* Auction That Works For You, ALGONA LIVESTOCK AUCTION 1 Mi. North Of Junction Hwys. 18 and 169 NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF Hannah Speirs Deceased. IN PUODATE NO. 7817 Notice of Appointment of Administratrix IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF IOWA IN AND FOR KOSSUTH COUNTY TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Nrttico is hereby given that the un- derslRm-d lias boon appointed and has qualified as Administratrix of the estate of Hannah Speirs late of Kossuth County, Iowa, Deceased. All persons In any mariner indebted to waid Deceased or his 'estate will make payment to the undersigned; and those having claims against said deceased or his estate will present them in like manner and form ns by law required, for allowance and payment. Dalecl this 18th day of November A.D.. 1BGO. Ruth Flllcnwarlh Administratrix of said Estate. NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL Stale of Iowa ss. In District Court Kossuth County No. 7818 . November Term. 1SI60. TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED, That an instrument of writing purporting to be the last Will and Testament of Woodrow Kraeht, Deceased, dated December ' 1!). JU57, having been this day filed, opened and read. Monday the 5th day of December, 1960, is fixed for hearing proof of, same at the Court House In Algona, 'Iowa, before the District Court of said County, or the Clerk of said Court: and at Leu o'clock A. M.. of the clay above mentioned all evsuns interested are hereby, notified and required to appear, and show cause, if any they have, why instrument should riot be probated and allowed as and for the last 'Will and Testament of said deceased. Dated -at Algona, Iowa, November in, 1U6B. Alma Pearson Clerk of the District Court. J. D. Lowe, Attorney Algona, lowu • •••••BBC •••»••••' AND A FLOOD OF EXCEPTIONALLY GOOD TRADE-INS ON THE 1961 DODGE ARE COMING IN. HERE IS YOUR CHANCE TO TRADE FOR A NEWER CAR AT A TERRIFIC SAVING! 1959 Plymouth 4 dr., V-8 Custom 6 Pass. Wagon, Green, White Top, Radio, Auto- Trans., White Wall Tires, Tinted Glass. 1959 Plymouth Belvedere, hardtop, V-8, push button transmission, fully equipped. Yellow and white TuTone finish. Stop in and try it en for size. THE SURE WAY TO THE FASTEST RESULTS ! Algona CTpper DCS MoinM Classified Ratei 5c Per Word, Cash in Advance 7c Per Word, Charged 50c Minimum Copy Deadline Monday, 4 p.m. • PHONE CY 4-3535 • UDM Want Ads Reach 5,400 Families Each Week ! For Sole FOR SALE — MEAT-TYPE hogs, Minnesota No. 2 and Hampshire and Yorkshire boars. Fritz Frcyhollz, phone 116 or 409, Fenton. 38-49* FOR SALE ~PUREBRED Spotted Poland China boars sired by the Grand Champion of the Clay County Fair. Growthy. rugged, mealy individuals. Also some bred fall gilts sired the same way. Bert Geerdes & Son, 3'/ 2 S. I'/fe E. Lakota, Iowa. 40tt HEAVYWEIGHT TARPS AT LIGHTWEIGHT PRICES. IF WE HAVEN'T GOT IT OH CAN'T GET IT. IT IS NOT MANUFACTURED. DIAMOND'S. 4611 FOR SALE — MEAT-TYPE Hampshire boars, serviceable age. Large selection to choose from. Joseph A. Skow, Wesley la. 44-1* FOR SALE—1954 FORD, GOOD condition. Dale Braynard, Lu- Vcrne, la. 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IB. 47 1953 Dodge, 4 door, V-8, Gyro, Green. 1957 Dodge Pickup, '/z ton. ' One Year Warranty On All Car* Listed. Bank Rate Financing STOP IN TODAY. YQU'U Bf GLAD YOU DIDi . , PERCIVAl'S "U*f On Service" •: Dfedge — Part — lancer Real Estate FARM FOR SALE — 2Vi MILES oast of Fenton, section 22, 80 acres, dairy farm. Complete set of good buildings, barn has 42 stalls, room for 1,000 chickens, j'ooin for 3,500 bushels corn, modern house, running ' water; all under plow. One-third down, balance 5%;• possession Mar. 1, 1%1, Fritz Frcyhollz, phone 116, Fenlon. 44-47* FOR SALE—NEW 3-BEDROOM home, 1204 East Call. Contact Bud Robinson, CY 4-3374 or CY 4-2325. 12tfn FOR SALE — COMFORTABLE home, close-in, 416 E. Call, 1 bedroom and half bath clown- stairs, 2 bedrooms and bath up, good basement, Ras furnace, •price at appraisal $9,800. See Joel M. Ilorbst or Ted S. Hcrbsl (over Pcnney's) 47 FOR SALE -- 4 BEDROOM home, good location, $14 000. Phone CY 4-2170.' 4fi tfn FOR SALE — 175 ACRES 2¥2 mi. east of Algona on blacktop, improved; 160 acres in Lolts Creek, improved, possession Mar. 1. Carlson Farm Management Co. 47 FOR SALE — 3 BEDROOM ranch home. Possession Dec. 10. M. H. Fain. 319 E. Elm. Algona. 47-48 Tuesday, Nov. 22, 1960 Algona (la.) Upper Des Moines- 7 For Rent FOR RENT — BY MONTH 1 OR 2 room units suitable tor lighl housekeeping. Utilities furnished. Cowan Motor Court, 1111 E State St Ph CY 4-3523. 12tfn FOR RENT — DOWNSTAIRS furnished apartment. Close-in Utilities furnished. Phone CY 43786 after 5 p.m. 40 tfn FOR RENT — WAREHOUSE space. Lending Dock, Electricity. Good Location and Reasonable. Beecher Lane CY 4-3C13. tfn FOR RENT — FURNISHED~& heated,, apartment, close-in. private entrance, private bath Sop Bjustrom Furniture. 45tfn F6R RENT — CLEAN, WARM Caughney upstairs apartment, unfunhished except stove, one block from post office. Sec Joel M. Hcrbst. (over Penney's) 47 FOR RENT — AVAILABLE immediately 2 bedroom new duplex. Call CY 4-3581 days or CY 4-4360 evenings. 47 Wanted FREE! Stoebcr Hardware in Fen- too will give free installation and' delivery on Speed Queen Clothes Dryers sold before Xmas. Save now on this safe, efficient dryer. 47-48 FOR SALE — COMFORTABLE home close-ja, 416 E. Call. 1 bedroom and halt bath downstairs, 2 bedrooms and bath up, good basement, gas furnace, price at apraisa| $9800—See Joel M. Herbst or <Ted S. Herbst. (over Penney's) 47 WAITED — A RIDE TO CALI- fornia on or about Nov. 25. Will 'share driving and expenses. L. E. Potter. Phone GY 4-2281. 47* WANTED "Will train neat appearing married man for high paid job. $109 week while training. Must be bondable. No investment. Home nights. Write Personnel Manager, Box 273, Garner, Iowa." 46-49 WANTED TO RENT—A FARM., any size. Will pay cash rent for good ground. Ample equipment and labor. Experienced operator. Write Box 69-B% Algona Upper DCS Moines. 42 tfn Used Machinery PRE-INVENTORY SALE NOW GOING FULL BLAST. Buy Now — Get Your Share Of Super Bargains SALE ENDS DEC. 1st. WE WILL TRADE FOR Baled Hay, Baled Straw/ Cattle, Hogs or What Have You? JOE BRADLEY EQUIPMENT Algona, la. CY 4-2421 smv&w&ff^^ WANTED — "RuUTE MAN, 24 to 40, married. For local established route. $450 per month to start. Write Box 273, Garner, Iowa." 43-46 HELP WANTED MALE & FEMALE Man or woman — Steady income averaging $65 weekly and up possible. Call on customers for famous, nationally TV advertised Watkins products in city of Algona. No investment, business established, immediate earnings. Write Watkins Products, Inc., D- 93, Winona Minn. 45-40-48* SPINET PIANO ^"FAMOUS make — used but like new — will sacrifice for quick sale. All details arranged without expense or obligation. Write Credit Dept. IOWA PIANO COMPANY, 1148 Polk Blvd., Des Moines, Iowa. 47* Card of Thanks CARD OF THANKS I wish to thank all my friends and relatives for the many cards and acts of kindness during my recent stay in the hospital. It was deeply appreciated. E. P. Farrell. -47* CARD OF THANKS Words cannot express our deepest and sinccrest gratitude and heartfelt thanks to all who extended comforting sympathy and help in our recent sorrow. For the beautiful flowers, cards and LOOKING FOR A TOP-FLIGHT USED CAR OH TRUCK. TAKE A LOOK AT THESE — ALL PRICED TO FIT YOUR POCKETBOOK — 1959 Chevrolet 4-dr., Bel Air sedan, V-8 engine. Power- glide, radio, heater, 2-tone, ONLY $1875 1958 Chevrolet Biscayne 2-dr. sedan, 6 cyl., standard trans., radio, heater, red paint, ONLY S1325 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air 4-dr. sedan, V-3, Powerglide, radio, heater, 2-lone, white and yellow. 1954 Chevrolet 210 4-dr. sedan, 6 cyl., Powerglide, radio, heater. 1953 Chevrolet 210 4-dr., Power- glide, ONLY S 295 TRUCKS 1955 Chevrolet 3 /4 ton pickup, red paint, ONLY 1 S 750 954 International l'/2 ton cab and chassis, -low mileage, ONLY S 695 And we've got many other models and makes to choose from. 3tcp in today. KOSSUTH MOTOR Southwest Of Courthouse :Y 4-3554 Algona THE ALGONA HOTEL Will BE SERVING THEIR US UAL THANKSGIVING DAY DINNERS. TURKEY AND ALL THE TRIMMINGS. SERVING 11:30 A.M. TO 2:30 P.M. IN tHE BALLROOM COM6I SHOP i. ' ' ' Custom Drapery Headquarters By A Decorating Consultant Be Sure — Be Right See Bjustrom Furniture Algona WANTED Free Lodging For Myself, My Wife And Our Seven Kids. I Forgot To See Jim Kolp Of The ALGONA INSURANCE AGENCY For Some Good Fire-Wind-Hail Insurance Before My Own Home Caught Fire. memorials. A special thanks to Pastor Fricdrich. Mr Garry, Fenton Lutheran Ladies Aid. thi Seneca Thursday Club and the family of Woodrmv Kraeht. 47* dear neighbors and friends. The CARD OF THANKS Many thanks to all the pood people for the cards, calls and Rifts I received while in the hospital and since returning homo. I extend my deep appreciation to my good neighbors that assisted in harvesting my corn and all the ladies that furnished food and assisted with the dinner. Many thanks to K & II Oil for furnishing fuel for the tractors I that picked and hauled the corn. Sincerely. Herman Bode. 47* CARD OF~THANKS A sincere thanks to all for the many cards and flowers. I received while in University hospital. Iowa City. Mrs Chester Smith. 47* CARD OF THANKS We wish to thank the Algona and Lone Rock friends for the beautiful cards we received on our anniversary. G. A. Sharp & Family. 47 RECORD Norman Morgan. 95, can make the claim of never having missed casting his ballot at election since he became eligible to vote at the age oF 21. He is living near Depp River in (he home of his birthplace and the home of three generations of Morgans. OPPORTUNITY Man or Woman Refilling and collecting money 'rcm, High coin operated dispensers in this area. No selling. To qualify you must have car, references, $400 io S1800 cash. Four io six hours wsekly required. Will qive excellent monthly income. For personal interview write Ven-Vsst Co. 1107 41h Ave., 3. W. Box 335, Pipsstone, Minn. 47* OPENING PEL & SAT. FREE 50 Gallons Of Gas Each Week For 4 Weeks. Eibert's Oklahoma Service Station East Of V.F.W. Hall SERVICES Get Your Smoking Supplies at the NEW SMOKE SHOP KEYSMADE at Coast-to-Coast Alqona BJUSTROM'S FURNITURE Headquarters For COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS for evening appointments Phone CY 4-3690 CY 4-4609 or CY 4-2019 Store — CY 4-3837 R. O. Bjustrom — CY 4-3690 Frank Moulton — CY 4-4609 J. D. Burns — CY 4-2019 Jackie Kelley — CY 4-3788 established 1925 Easy Terms THERE'S A REASON WHY MORE and MORE PEOPLE ARE BUYING FURNITURE arid CARPETING at PETERSEN FURNITURE IN FINTON Quality Furniture Vftlfc (realistic Prices llllillllllilililliililllllilllllillllillhlilllllillllilllllH ARE YOU A RETIRED FARMER OR DO YOU . PLAN TO RETIRE THIS YEAR? Would you like Io e;)rn up to' $1.200 in inoi o p<T yc;ir? Auricultui'Hl work in your own locality.' Work at will, i-asy, no investment — work in with social security. Several positions open in Kos- .sutli County. Contact ELMER ANDERSON, GALT, IOWA or phone Dows, Iowa—4409 46-47* USED APPLIANCES AT BEECHER LANE APPLIANCE BUY OF THE WEEKl Youngstown Wall & Base Cabinets, 7 feet, comptefe with drop« in sink. $350.00 Installed 54" WALL CABINET ENSEMBLE L95 Ranqes E!cc. Hofpoint 40" Like New $99.95 Copper Ciad Apt. Gas Range $59.95 Enterprise Gns Range $35.03 Monarch Electric $69.95 1OO Gcil. Fuel Tank $10.00 Assortment Of Natural & Bottle Gas* Ranges — Your Choice $25.00 T-V SETS 17" Console $69,95 17" Table Model 21" Crosley Table Model $79.95 Terrific Trade In Price Being Given On All New WestinghouM T.V.'s Being Bought Herel Refrigerators Hotpoint 2-Door Top Freezer Comb. : $249.95 Coldspot 10 cu. ft. $59.95 Coop 10 Cu. F». $59.95 I.H.C. 11-Cu. Ft $149.95 ^••••^^••••••••••••••iHi^MBMM^MiMHaV Freezers 1-Westinghouse 9 eu. ft. Upright Type Freezer $199.93 Washers & Dryers Norge Regular $159.95 Now _ $124.91 Easy Conventional Washer $25.00 Hamilton Automatic Washer, new Guarantee $99.95 DISWASHER G. E. Undercounter 24" wide, Like New SPECIAL I USED ELECTRIC MOTORS iflfo have them, all sizes Vi H.P, 1/3 H.P., 1/6 H.P. all wort OK. RECORD PLAYERS 2—Zenith Console Record Player* For Rent Warehouse Space. Loading Dock, Electricity, Good Location, Cheap. EASY TERMS IF DESIRED ' ALGONA BEECHER LANE APPLIANCE et, i* w M » » »

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