Oshkosh Daily Northwestern from Oshkosh, Wisconsin on November 13, 1902 · Page 7
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November 13, 1902

Oshkosh Daily Northwestern from Oshkosh, Wisconsin · Page 7

Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 13, 1902
Page 7
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THE DAILY NORTHWESTERN, THURSDAY EVENING. NOVEMBER 13, 1901. /Vets BerveficiaHy* as»3L Laxative^. Syrup of Figs appeals to the cultured and the well-informed apd tothe healthy, because its component parts are simple and wholesome and because it acts without disturbing the natural functions, ,-ts' it is wholly free from every objectionable quality or substance. In the process of manufacturing figs are used, as they are pleasant to the taste, but the medicinal virtues of Syrup of Figs are obtained from an excellent combination of plants known to be medicinally laxative and to act most beneficially. To get its beneficial effects -- buy the genuine -- manufactured by the torment of trade rctatwi i Vtvscon the United Stutt-M and oth/r tommies. M1LKAQK INCH,AS1NU. 8t. I'uul. Minn.. Nov IS.-- \Voik In practically completed M'- tho Omulm'n iH'tv lino from BlroftYtuoil, Win., to ItadlKHon. t\\ only-four "rtilloH. juij it Iti expected to open the n id to locular truffle the comliiK wct-k u will probably be several \vwkn be ft iv the branch from Chlppcwu Fulls to Uunnltu. forty-five miles. Is ready foi trufilc. When tliese new branches air added to the inliuuKc of the Chicago ft Noitliwvstvrn the total inlleuRe of t.Ufct H)Hivm w i l l be y.024. which, next to the I'vnnsyl- \unla. will be the lum-i inllongo of any system In the Unit* ! States. UK A IIS OUJKVAN'fi:s ·\Vnshliiifton. I). C.. Nux . 13 --The Inter-state commerce (ommlwilon. which has been hearing «mi|lultitn in the west, returned to \Vn-iiiiiKton today and teftnn a hearing of n\- Krle\aiu»H lodKed against the Mobil \- oiilo railroad by the Aberdeen Cotnnicrclul Group association St. Paul. Minn.. Nov n --The case of the state of Mlnnesot i .iKiilimt the Northern Securities. th- r.nat Northern and North Pacific K.illrmul coai- panlc-M came up for hcnmiK today before Special Examiner 1" O Ingereoll. THE fflHiy. Cole \#fp' · -^^ · jr ( or salt, by Y ork. N ,Y. Knee, nfcy cerxta per- bottle* UO.M3 IX WOULD I\ THIS ' CO?.:SKCTIOX. t - P f l l l 01 O D I V A k fl T D A f l f i c o n l J " exc « ss of Imports, of all coun- II A rtllirli AN IKAI r tries whose ex " orts exceed the lm - UU/IL UUI I LI n l l U llinUL. jports. The figures are in metric tons of 2,204 pounds and are for the latest · available year. In most cases for 1S01: VIGtRES SHOWING WII4.T IS BEI\G ' !J nJtefl Kingdom 57,775000 Germanv 11,103.000 i tTnltod States 5.463000 ! New South Wales 3.362.000 Belgium 3.26-j.OOO (Japan 2,S09.(*0 ! Natal 3f2000 ! India 233000 ' The following table shows the total importation of coal in the principal countries of the world at the latest available year, in metric tons, and this indicates the principal markets of the world: France 13.923.000 Germany 0,790.000 Austria-Hungary 6.440000 State* IM Lender in Matter of Production, not Hnn Not A»- ··BCd Position of Mneb tAncc an ma Exporter Comparisons. -Interactive Italy 4.839.000 Canada 4,3«.000 (S;"clal to The Northwestern) TVashington. D. C.. Nov. 13.--"The ItVorld's Coal Supply and Trade" Is the title of a, mnnngraph just issued by the J Russia 3 611.000 treasury bureau of statistics. It shows Sweden 3.130.000 that the United States not only leads I Belgium 3.102.000 tli« world to coal production but hasjSpain 2.153.000 advanced rom third place to the head of the list since 1SSO. Jn that ear the "United States produced one-Jlfth of the coal of the world: last year its production was one-third of -the total of the "world. The coal production of the United States has quadrupled since 1880. while that of the remainder of the (world has not quite doubled. The three great coat producing 'coun- I ·tries of the v.orld are the United States. "United Kingdom and Germany. These Bhree countries produce practically eighty per cent of the world's coal. Since 1S.SO the United States has Increased h r output by 221.000,000 short tons, Germany by 103.000000 tons, and the T'nitec! Kingdom by SO.000,009. The relation of th«se three great coal producing countries to thf world's coal Supply, and the growing Importance of the United States In that relation«hip are indicated by tho following table, which shows the production In each of th» thr-e. in short tons, and in all other countries. In IfSO .md 1901. and the per cent of Increase in each case: Countries. Short tone. Short tons crense Per Cent 1SSO. 1901. ·will continue through the remainder of the week. A special feature of the meeting is an exhibit of certain developments In home economics. Prominent among the participants are President Ira Rems«n of Johns Hopkins university, W. D. Foulke of the United States civil service commission. Professor Mun»terberg of Harvard. President Lefavour of Simmons college. President il. Carey Thomas of Bryn Mawr college, «And Professor Mary Whitney of Vassar. ALABAMA PRESBYTERIANS. Bessemer. Ala.. Nov. 13.--Presbyterian laymen and ministers from all parts of_Alabama are here for the annual »»si»Ion of the state synod which w'll be in session during the remainder of the week. The session promises to be one of more than ordinary interest. The chief topic to be considered Is thf location of the new college. The determination to establish this institution w as reached at the last meeting: of the synod, and the location is to be definitely decided at the. present meeting. In addition to Bessemer, Montgomery. Oxford and one or two other place* an iblvn Minister of \\ ar Friend of the United 9t*t-» i n the Canal Matter. (By Associated 1'r. ·«) New York. Nov. 13.--Gt.ti.Ta] Fernun- des, minister of war, -who has resuniod his duties after a period of lllnest»,Hay» he is fa^·orably di»pos«d toward entering into a canal treaty w i t h the United States, cables the Bogota Colombia, correspondent of The Herald If nereji- uary. he added, congress w i n be convened for that purpose a*. «wn as cir- cuoiBtances permit. Don CarJos Martlnez-S!ha. formerly Colombian minister to the United State* and other influential .i,m are etill in prison. There have been no «]ia.iR«i in the Colombian ministry and thc.ro probabT) be none soon. TRUSTED_MAN FALLS. Xew York Hotel Porter Arconvd of L*rce Tbeft *f Jeneln. (By Aiwoclated Prcigl New York. Nov. 13.-- Pat-kk Bolan. for ae\ eral years a trusted porter at the Holland house, baa been .«m-st«d In a. Bowery pawnshop where h- was endeavoring to pledge for JCi a necklace of pearls valued at J2.6W The prisoner was taken to police headquarters where ne- is «aii to have given information which -nil! lead to the recovery of Jewels valued at $12.000 stolen some time ago from the apartment* of Mr*. W. J. Mattieson wife of a w?althy manufacturer. Th« police ha\-e been much worked up ot't-r tlie robbery as there was absolutely no clue and had almost given up IYP« of succeas when t w o detectives obseT\^i IKHan enter the pawnshop. The robbery Is supposed to have 'been effecj«d by gaining entrance to the apartments through a window. _ . ,. REMARKABLE /SUCCESS Boston Store, MP^% f \ At ** »^ ^ f* A .^ --· A ^" 79-81 Ma/o Street. If you watch this space you will find here catalogued every week good Merchandise at Prices that will merit your attention. You may rest assured that every price mentioned and every statement made in this space, will be faithfully carried out at this Store. Money back when you want it, does away with all risk. FOR- Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. Australasia 1.2S5.000 Argentina. ...,, 9J9.000 I bidding for the institution" Brazil 790.000 Mexico f. 760,000 Cuba 272.000 --H. C. Stetens. DAUGHTERS OF REVOLUTION. Branch !· in Sexton-- Other Meeting* in Progre». ln Press Association.) Savannah, Ga., Xov. 13.-- The aniual state conference of the Daughters of the American Revolution, which began here today, is the largest in point of attendance and the most notable in the ARMY PROMOTIONS. The Slate, H«* Been Made Up and !· Given Herewith. (By Associated Prcsa.) Washington, D. C., Nov. 13.--The p!ate for the promotion to major generals to nil vacancies caused by retirement which will take place next year lias b°*»n arranged. There will be three ·vacancies General Hughea retiring April 11. General Datlg July 26 and General Miles August S. The latter Is izatlon. Deiesates from the local chap tcrs throughout the bt.Ue were present at the opening this morning. The In- ·voeaion was b Kev. Charles H Strong and this was followed by selections, of patriotic music. Mrs. Bdward Karow. regent of Savannah chapter, welcomed the \isitors and the response was by Mrs M. A. Lipscomb of Athens. Mrs. S. Tons. S. Tons, crease. I 71.4S1.569 293,295.516 31«.C . Countries. tJnl ed States tJ 'ted Kingdom ..1C4.50',.73: 24 r . rsl ITS Germany 65 177.^:4 1B3.217C"«2 UU1 other .... 63!~2*64 isn.HT.SM GKEAT ADVANCE. of In ' - - pscom o t e n s . rs. rease I l obert Emory Park, the state regent. ,. ,, - . , - jean,' history of the state organ- lleu «e na nt general an! will be succeed- tion. Delegates from the local chap- P d . ly , x ' a J"r Oneral Young. The v brigadiers to be promoted to be major generals are Jam** F. Wado. Samuel S, Sumncr and Leonard Wood. These men are now the three ranking brigadier generals in the order named. General Wade has been a brigadier general rince May 18P7 and has seen many m«»n adxanced to the hlgtier grade while he chnlr and I Mr«. Charles W. Fairbanks, the pres- 41 ,, ! Idem general of the national society. j - ^ T i w h o was gi\cn an enthusiastic greet- iw's ' illfr ' ilrs - Fa 'rbanks delivered an In- ·° j tercsfing address, taking" as her sub- It -.\ ill be seen from tlie above figures that th^ United States not only ad- VancMj from third piaco to flif: in the j»criod from 1SSO to 1601 but th-U her actual Increase in production was nearly as muth n» that of all the rest of the world combined. th« actual increase from ISM) to 1901 beirg: United States, 221.S15.047 «=hort tons; all other countries. 273.611.1SS tons. Th«- following table shows the coal jrotluctlon of the world In the latost a\a liable year, the flgtiie* for th? United Stafs. United Kingdom. Gor- in.iny and Franco being for 1901. the Others for I?00: Co'J"tri M . tJnitcl Slates .... United Kingdom Germnnv AuBtrl.i-Hungary Prnnco S. Ton*, 43.010.7C1 .............. 17.739.016 Jnpan ............... S.1S7.SM Other countries ---- SS.S67.765 Por C»nt of Total. 8 33 S« 28.32 1942 4»C 4.11 300 209 1.00 3.3C 100.00 Total S«.1«5.SIO AS TO EXPOnTS. X\*h»» the Vnlt"S Stafoji is the world'* InTC*"! producer It ha« as yet accom- I»ll«hvi Httl* »« an exporter. Th«« following tab'e ·hows the exportation of ! Ject "Our Debt of Honor." Reports of officers and other business of a routine nature occupied the remainder of the morning. This afternoon there was on elaborate reception In honor of the visitors". The principal c\ent of the con- \ntlon. which w i l l be In session through thi rest of the week, will be the reinterment of the remains of General Nathaniel Greene and his son un- l^r the Greene monument in Johnson squ-ire. This event w i l l take place to- morroxv afternoon nnd the oration on the occasion w i l l be delivered by Colonel Asa Bird Gardiner of New York. COLL.r.GK ASSOCIATION'. Indianapolis. Ind.. Nov. 13.--Kcpr"- sentathes of the leading educational Institutions of the state arc gath'-r-id at the Dennijon hotel for the annual meeting of the Indiana College association. This c\enlng there will be a ban- iu»t for the visiting educ.itore and tomorrow the business sevrfons will be held. The ihcnjcs chosen for discussion arc: "The College Curriculum." "Tho K\oiution of a College Professor." nnd "The Evolution of a College rro«idcnt." COLLEGIATE ALUMNAE. Washington. I), c.. Nov. 13.--A fathering of special Interest to the friends of education throughout ;h« country Is the annual meeting of the Association of Collegiate Alumna", which began in Washington today and j has remained stationary- It is pre- stiined that he wjll luccwd General Da\Is in command of the Philippines when the latter retires next July. It Is expected that Cod. H. S. Brouch of the artillery w i l l be made a brigadier general and retired aj)d that Col . F. Moore of the- caxolry -will be selected for a longer service. MISSIONARIES OF COMMERCE American 1Var«« to De Exploited In Forelara Land*. (Bulletin) Press Association.) So.ittle. Wash.. Nov. 13.--One of the most cornprchensl\e stiiemos ever formulated for the expansion of American commerce will be Inaugurated w i t h i n a week or so when the steamship Oregonian will sail with a party of American manufacturers nnd exhibits for a six months' cruise to China. Hussix Japan, the Philippines. India. Sou'h Africa. Australia and the Hawaiian Islands. In this floating exposition American manufacturers will have all clas««.s as buyers from the n«: cities as well as from th* jn- tcrior.to ilcw the latest Ideas 03 merchants and exporters desirous of selling their products and raw material's. The project is under the auspices of the chamber of commorc". boards of trade, manufacturers' associations, the consulates of th«« various points visited and others Interested in the extension of the forelrn tmd« of the Unlt«vl States. At each port MslJod committees will discuss methods for the bet- Ot * Revr Catarrh Core. A large and constanttytjfccreaslng majority of the Ainertcan p«wlo are catarrh sufferers. This is not entlrelx the result of our changeable cllmato but because modern Investigation has dearly proven that many diseases, ·known by other names, ore really catarrh, formerly the name catarrh was appltol, almost exclusively to the common nasal catarrh. but the throat, stomach. Jlrer. bladder. kidneys and intestines arc subject to catarrhal diseases as well la the nasal passages. _» In fact, wherever there Is mucous membrane there Is a feeding ground for catarrh. The usual remedies, inhaler*. Bpray*. douches or powders, have b*on practically failure*, as far a* anything more than temporary relief was concerned, because they simply dry up the xnucoun lecre- tlons. without having the rrnotest effect upon the blood and liver, which are the real sources of catarrhal diseases. It has. been known for som« years that the radical cure of catarrh could ne-vcr come from local application", but from an internal remedy, acting on the blood and expelling tho catsrrhal ;»olson from the system. . A new Internal preparation which has been on the market only a short lime. has met with remarkable success as a i genuine, radical cure for catarrh It may be found In any dnic store sold under the name of Stuart's Cnt-irrh Tablets. large pleasant tasting IOZUIRCS. com~«-d principally of nntN. ptjc Ingredients. Blood Root. Red Gum and similar catarrh specifics. Dr. Alnslec. In speaking of the ni»r catarrh cure. ?n?: "I have trkd the- new catarrh remedy. Stuart's C.itarrh Tn»- lets. upon thirty or forty pitUnts w i t h remarkable satisfactory r«-«ults Thrj clear the head and throat mor- offectuat- iv and lastingly than any douche or inhaler that I ha\e c\cr goon, .in.! .although the are what Is called a patent ro-U!i-!ne and «o!3 by druggist.*. I do not ho«ltato to recommend them, as I kn.^w them to be free from cocaine and opinus, and that evon a little child mi\ u«. them wish f-ntlrc safety." Any *ufforcr from nasal cat i-rh throat or bronchial trouble, catarrh of the «tom- ach. ll\cr or bladder win -In I Ptuirf« Catarrh Tablets rcmarknt:- fr«ot!\e. pleasant nnJ convenient, an! ^fur Orug- gl«t will tell you they arc a!.«! itt] free from any Injurious drug. - LADIES' JACKETS AND CAPES They're mnde of the American Woolen mills' beat and Ilnest quality kersuy. they're Skinner satin lined throughout, have both storm and coat collars, cuffed all-even, box front*, and half-fitted backs, they're full 27 Inches in length and are worth $12 50 to $15.00. Mf * ,, Sulc price for 3 days $9.75 JG.OO Ladles' Jackets for U.90 $GOO Ladles' Jackets for $4.75 $650 Ladles' Jackets for $4.95 Ladles' Astrakhan Capes, Mn A * worth $310. for $2.45 Ladles' Astrakhan Capes, . , _ , _ - . worth $4.76. for $3.75 Ladles' Silk plush Capes, ^^ ork worth $600. for i?.. $3.89 Ladles' silk crush plush Capes, thirty- seven Inches long:, worth M. 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