The Taos News from Taos, New Mexico on June 8, 1961 · Page 6
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The Taos News from Taos, New Mexico · Page 6

Taos, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 8, 1961
Page 6
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i TH6 T API NEWS Thursday, June S, 19«1 j^H^MTM"^ i Society Phone 2241 Edited by Rsglna Cooke '• .,.,„-...,•*: PLAYING IN THE Taos Unit men t were 1 to r, Mrs. Jack eram.c..-.^ -- - "oV national women's pair chanson of e t S, from El Paso, Mrs. John Harper and E !»; *^ ^ sen . Miss Long, who won he r chan pon P April with Mrs. H. A. Wood, also 01 1-1 » _ t Ih'e U. S. in the International in Paris, France, next April. Bnnge Federation Tournament (Regina Cooke photo) Taosena Writes For Ford Times MISS SUSIE HOUSE, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Jack House of Triple H. Ranch m the Jemez Mountains, and granddaughter of Mrs. C. B. McGonapill, Taos. was graduated as an honor student from St. Stephen's Episcopal School, Austin, Tex., June 1. Mrs. Me Gonagill attended the ceremonies with Susie's parents. In the fall Susie will enter the University of Colorado, Boulder, with plans to spend next summer traveling and studying in Europe. The Ford Times, for July, ca ics an article "Last Outpost he Indian Wars" featuring olc Fort Larned by Nellie Black of Taos and Kansan Philip S. Edwards. The article is illustrated with a map and two paintings by Edwin Fulwider. Fort Larned, say the writers, was established and manned in 1R59 to help guard travelers and the mail along the Santa Fe Trail. The first buildings were adobe with sod roofs, hut the surviving structures were, jbuilt a few years later, of sandstone from a nearby quarry. j After serving in various mili-! tary capacities the fort's useful-' ness had passed by 1878, The Fort Larned Historical Society was incorporated in the 1950's to pre- 1 serve the old establishment and j this June the fort was formally ! dedicated as a National Historic 1 Landmark. Displays of historical items are now creating wide in- i terest in one of the buildings for- 'tnerly used as officers quarters. TAOS UNIT CHAMPIONSHIP Bridge Tournament csmmittee on arrangements was composed of Mrs. Ray Carr, Mrs. H. Ford Taylor, Mrs. John McCarthy, George Reynolds and Mrs. Reynolds, pictured with Mrs. Ruth Davies, tournament director, and her mother, Mrs. Hazel Williams, assistant, both of Albuquerque. Another committee member was Bob Brooks. Mr. Reynolds and Mrs. Taylor were first Taos winners in the Saturday night open pairs, north-south section A, and in section B, winners were Mrs. Saul Harberg and Jimmy Hanlon. In the Sunday open pairs, north-south section, Mrs. Carr and Mrs. Philip Yonge placed first and Mrs. Tarleton and Bob Brooks were first in the east-west section. Over-all winners in open pairs were Dr. Stewart F. Loeb, Albuquerque, and A. B. Culp, Aztec, who tied for first and second places with Jim Lynn and John A. Malsrom, Albuquerque. Doel Reed and, Gene Kloss prints were presented to two of the over-all winners. Due to the tie in scores two other artists prints will be awarded. Trophy cups were also given-in session events. More than 112 played. A brunch was served at Katchma Lodge from 10 to 12, Sunday, and refreshments were served during play. (Regina Cooke photo) WHILE HER HUSBAND, Dr. V. Seshadri, played in the bridge tournament. Dr. Champa Seshadri (doctor of Indian Medicine) skillfully worked on colorful embroidery in a quiet corner of Auxiliary Hall, Sunday afternoon. She was charming y dressed in an orchid sari over cerulean blue, and gold jewelry mctud- ing the traditional wedding chain. Conversing fluently in English which she has learned in the last five months, she said fhat she was delighted with the beauty of Taos and its art and was especially attracted to Indian painting and the pottery T Maria of San Ildcfonso. CommenUng; on worn*.. m ur rf ;„ »), 0 US she thought Jacqueline Kennedy a MISS EDNA GUSDORF, daug tcr of Mr. and Mrs. Frank . Gusdorf, Sr., is employed wij Associated Grocers of Alhuque que in secretarial work aii with IBM machines. Allhoug Miss Gusdorf was gradual^ last month with the class 19fll, Taos High School, she hij attended husiness collcgn at buquerque, since January oft.. year. She finished her coursi there May 28. Miss Carolyn Miller is expecl here this week from the Univ sity of Colorado, Boulder, School Students In Annual Show Taos Municipal School students' Juan Vargas, Evelyn C. de Baca represented in the school's an- James Romero, Veltran, nual spring arts and crafts ex-: Steve Romero. V,rgmia Monne, hibition at the Taos Community: Kip Simmons. Theater, last week, were: First grades: Mr. and Mrs. Robert Young daughter, Christy, of Boise c Okla., were Taos visitors durij the weekend. The Youngs ha the Boise City newspaper. •^•••••••••••••••••••••MM. Would You Spend $1 Per DC TO EARN $100 PER WEEK] Thii 1* your opportunity In tht field of hairdresiinq. Who and Where Mr. and Mrs. Alex Santislevancralts for their •hop. They have and children are visiting his par-ja large collection of Kachma do s ents, the Palamon Santistevans, among other Herns there. this week. Alex and his family A pre view of a first exhibition live in Kansas City where he isj by j osepn Finkler who painted comptroller for a steel company. ' hcre (ast yea r will be held at La Galeria Escondida. Sunday, GaU • Sagebrush Inn guests (his w«-kja invitation to all inter ; while looking over native handi- • estedjjersons^ , ... Mrs. Emily Michener and Miss, santafe college of beauty 217 West San Franchep Santa Fa ENROLL ANYTIME TUITION ON EASY CREDIT TERMS All instruction under the p ol supervision of Mr, DaWelf ! international hair iryli»t «« trophy winner. Frances Car- Library Group Holds Meeting ESPANOLA—On Saturday. May ' Ad- Vacation Church School To Open SANDY WOODELL, daughter of Mrs. Rose Woodell, is a candidate for queen in the annual New Mexico High School Championship Rodeo at Santa Rosa, June 16-18. Sandy who is entered in the barrel racing event, was I960 rodeo contestant at Santa Rosa and this year's contestant in the Espanola Rodeo. (Shaffer's Studios photo) The Presbyterian Vacation ichool will open at the First Pres- ivterian Church the morning of I iUIiai .UlUiaiy, .Jiaiv- ^.".".j — i -J _ r T i mission, was held at headquarters'June 12 to continue through June 'in Espanola. Mrs. Theodore Heck! 16 and will also be conducted from lof Oio Caliente, board chairman.'June 19 through June 23. Hours I will be from 9 to 11:30 a.m. Librarian's re talk CHAMPION TEAM OF FOUR: Carl Webb, Albuquerque, Mrs Thomas Tarleton, Sr., Mrs. Webb and Bob Brooks were awarded trophy cups in the Saturday afternoon event during the bridge tournament at Auxiliary Hall of Holy Cross Hospital, Saturday , and Sunday. ^E 1 "* Cooke P ho ^ Sixth grades: David Marline?., Marie Le Doux, Christine Tru- denas, Robert Gonzales, Consuela jillo, Lorenzo Torres, Cecilia Tor- ! Herrera, Rosaline Kittredege. Don ree,' Cecelia Mares, Josephine: Benson, David Montoya, Fernando Me'ndez. Linda Grant, Helen Jean : Miera, David Chacon, Joniva Mon- Porter.'Shirley Schraeder, James Dragon, Bobby Gomez, Frances Benavides, Cathy Neathamer.JTrujillo, Albert Garcia, Walter Barbara Archuleia, Kathryn Boy-;Vigil, Larry Heflin. er, Jimmy Ray Martinez, Floyd j j un j or an d Senior High: Truiillo, Barbara Trujillo, Wayne r) onna Wilev, Marcella Baca, Coca, Alex Garcia. E va Sandv, Toby Valdez, Nicky j« u J° p( V a " cruc ' """" ~'" ""TwliiVfrom* 9°to 11:30 a.m. j David Joann Romero, Roger Marline/., Noec jmg, Fillie Cordova, Bernice P'j:* 1 ™* 1 '. librarian's re-l Sessions will be open to all as Doctor of Medicine from the Roberto Chavez, Linda Ann Aus- Suazo Xlfonso Pacheco. Tommiei ° "hort talk about regional'• young people from four through;University of Utah, June 5. Dr. tin, Christina Gricgo, Kenneth ; Romero , Nerio Cordova, Jimmy ,P° rt ' * • Mis* Dor-1 junior high years. Persons wish-i Hedrick took his pre-med work Hawkins, Charlotte Evans, Betty| iHop kins, Adelmo Martinez, Roger se ™« * asr u rk. Qy •'' - '• • ....u_... .„;.,.!.. H.rv.H »mt studied for two Romero, Carla. Martinez, Clar-S vigP ,,, Tom Ortega, Pam Ferret>^y F,eld, f,eld_l,branan JERRY'S MEN'S WEAR KIT CARSON STREET TAOS PL 8-3382 AT HOWELL CLEANERS FATHER'S FAVORITES For Father's Day JUNE 18 David Hedrick Is Mel. Graduate Hedrick was graduated , ° f and a " d a reading • P"" C Komero, <~an<i Martinez, ^,.-. < yign, jom unega, ram j cjj^i.j - . ence Medina, Joe Garcia, Patricia j ju , ian Le Doux, Paggy Santiste- inormern P an Duran, Dirk Brooks, Kethy Var- !;v8n , Jonn Cunico, Mitry Ken-j°P en discussion gas, Veree Alexander, James i naugh , 'lerns. of ways Salazar, David Montoya. Sheryl ! j ose ph Ferguson, Bernice Law, Evans. | Lilly Martinez, Celia Trujillo.. Second grades: 'Betty Cortsz, Larry Santistevan, * as Erla Trujillo, Clifford Chase, Betty Hammer, Loyola Archuleta, i bers Gilbert Duran, David Oakelley. ;D 0 nna Chase, James Romero. | Kathy Vargas, Jennie Morgas,' Bobby Valdez, Ermy Chacon, j Sammy de Vargas, Libradita Gu-j Gary BnleS) Jerry Appa Mo j| y ; tierrez, Laurie Iko, Marcia Bren 'J M on t O y a, Edmundo Quintana.j rer, Joy Berrenberg. Bennie Mar- FJora Rornero Frec [ Varos, Do-i tinez. Robert Romero, Kathy Bos- lores De VargaS| Lucy Abeyla ,. tian, Linda Kay Lafierty, Patty. Stev( . Mjerfl Tomacita Herrera,;" 101 ;, Ferguson, David Montoya, James ; Gloria Va , eno £va Archu i eta ,' A " s ' wi , liam ' s Alcalde- George T. Hughes, James Gomez. : Ruby Archulel a and Louie Maes- Q . Caliente; ' Mrs. Ruth Th.rd grades: _ _ _ _ jtas . ( , ^ ' ^ Kenileth the 1 ing to serve as teachers' assist- 1 at Harvard and studied for two state An ants or in other capacities are:years at the University of Vir- 1 Dr ob-!asked to contact Mrs. Ashley;ginia Medical School prior to en- rease the 1 Pond or Mrs. Paul Iko. Pre-regis- tering the University of Utah. He means of Cation will be held at the church will intern at the County 11 cuiwJl rr in ^/^- *i»*t" *••• *••— —•-- — from 2 to 4 p.m., Saturday. Those'Hospital, Albuquerque, unable to register there may) Attending his graduation were phone the church. Plaza 8-3124. ihis mother, Mrs. Wylie Mi er. The young people's Sunday; his sister, Mrs. Robert L. Shull of school continuing through this'Cedar Crest, N.M. Mrs. Jane will vacation for July and'Hiatt and Taos summentes, Dr. •and Mrs. E. J. McCreight of Elk- The recently organized adult hart, Kans. _ . . _l_ i. 1 HA... UAH- I • •. .1 'i r,hnll a - Mrs ! rv Sontag. well experienced in Miss Heidi Harper will return Esoanola Miss ^ this field, will continue through today for summer vacation from Espanola, Miss , , ^^ ^ g;jo tQ , Q . 30 | the Univcrsity O f Colorado, Boul- All adults are welcome. 'der. «" bo " d ; hp rman was a' W «' eme ' E no i a . Albert P 0 ^ APmarjl a; Mfi> [Sunday school taught by Mrs. Har- iierra ' Bonnie Poison, Loveida Sandoval, Martha Kennon, Donna Por-, ter, Fred Prudencio, Glorya Mon- \ WliQ \ud WllCl'C Ricky Norris, Mary Alice: toya, _ Pacheco, Judy Yockey, Loyola Otero, Cynthia Bernal. Fourth grades: Vicky Trujillo. Peter McDonald, n d Mindy Woodell, Charlotte Jararnil-'.' ' lo, Pauline (John, Shirley Ann Sackett, Penny Wells, Linda Fred-, erick, Richard de Baca, David Castillo, Ursuliia Trujillo, Kobin Kramme, Lilly Buyer. Scot Polson, Alfonso Duran, Gilbert Pacheco, Dolores Parraz, Jo Ann Romero, Clara Marga. Fifth grades: Jacob Miller, Antonella Otero, Joann Trujillo, Leon Medrano. Teddy Martinez, Benny Chavez, Las Taosenas Club Meets Las Taosenas Club met with Mrs. Richard Oakeley at Kachina Lodge, the afternoon of May 28 with 13 members present. Following the business session cards were played with Mrs. Francisquita Rodriguez holding high score and Mrs. J. I. M"° toya. low. Mrs. Max Luna v. the high raffle prize and Mrs. Montoya. low. Refreshments were served at the close of the meeting Guests were Mrs, Oakeley* mother. Mrs. Elaiza Montoya. and from Albuquerque, Mrs. Julia Martinez. Craven' Espanola; Mrs. Gene-j vieve Sandoval, Trampas; Miss Field, Mrs. Mary S. McCrary, regional librarian, and Mrs. Olive Miss Daphne Gammon who will 'p/corwin, assistant regional H- arrive home from the Kent , b ranan School, Denver, this weekend, will i the summer traveling! abroad with twelve school girls Iwent on to San Luis and Monte from the East. iVista, Colo., to visit Mrs. Moz{ ley's relatives, during a short va- The Loren Mosleys, former Ta- cation from Austin, Tex. Loren osenos, visited ihe James professor in the Art Depart- lines during the weekend and.ment of Texas University. IT'S COFFEE TIME! t Chemex Coffee Mot«rj one/ Filttrs • Coffee Mug Sers and Ser/eri t Espresso Instant Coffee t firown Gold, Colombian Coffee (fhe richest coffee in ihe world) •vailabU «t east 'n west shop Kit Carson Patio Music you'll love by BOB SMEAD and HOPE HOWARD Bob U et hi* be*t en Hit piano and accomponltd by Hop* who tinqt and playt thi Morachai. Friday and Saturday Evenings June 9 and 10 for «ui evening e* eajoymtat cam* wt to Hit. •. ZUNI COCKTAIL LOUNGE KACHINA LODGE Paw* H 1-2219 LIGHT SPORT COATS P«rfect (or y««r-roun<j wear. Luxuriom light wnigM (or turn- mer comfort *» i»» «l«gan* be»*! A ptrftct gift for F«th«rl '29 95 and up A Dress Shirt is Fine , . . Any Time Van Htunn't — thi mo»t comforttbl* d r i I t shirt buy! Combad on broadcloth «nd « grttt p«ir*l nu*i. tin vdri in GOLFING JACKETS Hi'll look h'i b"« on ""V Linkj in one of theie . . • «" F«»htr'i Day! $13.75 WINDBREAKERS For e«su«l «*» in many i t y please! r or e ) • 1.95 TIES All n»w colon, pet-mi flbrici. $ I I and up WASH 'n WEAR SLACKS SOX n«*di $A7$ wt*r! Dtcre or no ironing up for M." Tie Tack* LOCATED AT HOWELL CLEANERS — TAOS

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