Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 16, 1894 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 16, 1894
Page 1
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MAY 1C, 1894. WORLD'S FAIR ART PORTFOLIO COUPON. (5 coupons of different rinip* and 10 <*ntt secures tho ciim-iit number of Art Portfor- ION. tioi> ,-Klvf rtlst'mcm. VOL. XIX. LOGANSPORT, INDIANA. WEDNESDAY MORNING, MAY 16. 1894. NO. 115. An Investment Which you won't regret. Buying small wares from the BEE HIVE sale. A little ready cash properly expended did all this, and as ever, true to our customers, you have the beneft. SURELY, THERE'S MONEY SAVING, and when we assure you of anything you know you can rely upon it. EXPERIENCE HAS TAUGHT YOU THIS. It is the same now as ever, a little buying now saves dollars. We would be pleased to see you among the crowd tonr^rrow. If you ;have your own interest at heart you will surely be with us. Every other department is complete and LOVERS OF THE BEATIFUL -can feast their eyes and satisfy their wants at the BEE HIVE'S popular prices. Join the shrewd buyers and get the latest and the best. We append a price list of the Small Ware. Have you seen the prettiest store in the State? You know the value of these goods. Be sure and read the prices. A beautiful souvenir with every dollar purchase. 409-411 Brodaway. STATE TELEttKAMS. 'Newt Planned Over the Wires from Indiana Cltiea and Towns. Panic In * Village. KOKOMO, Ind., May 15.—Tho village of Flora, near here, wan visited by a curious electrical phenomenon Friday morning. A blnck cloud accompanied by a sheet of firo Approached from the west. As. it came over the town it settled to the earth, causing 1 a wild panic amonff the frightened villagers. Its descent to the ground was followed by n terrific explosion that shook the earth for miles aud shattered the windows to fragments all over tho town. The loaves were burned from the ir*e», but no buildings were fired. The broken glass was invariably sucked outward instead of falling inside tho house. There was no thunder reporta The explosion was instantly followed 'by a dead calm and a clear sky. j. riih Killed ttj Refuse. INDIANAPOLIS, May 16.— The banks of th« canal and of the river north of this city arc covered with thousands of dead fish and the putrid remains of thousands of other* are floating on the surface of the water. The destruction of the fish is claimed to result from emptying tho refuse of thro indermon straw board works into tha river and the health board is investi- fathig 1 . The river and canal are both near the wells from which he city water is secured and the ooal health board believe that the city •apply is already contaminated. An >i;d«r was Issued Monday commanding he water company to remove the dead lib at once. bruised that they gave in and fled. Undo 8am on the Trail of Robbom. VALPARAISO, Ind., May 35.—Evidence is said to have been found implicating 1 several citizens of this (Porter) county in the recent attempt to rob the post office at lioono Grove. The burglars awakened the postmaster, who, with the aid of a friend he summoned, repulsed them after the exchange of several shots. The burglars left a trail of blood behind them, and detectives say they have proof that one of them died of hia wounds and was throsvn into tho Kankakce river by'his companions. Arrests in tho case are expected later in the week. Michael Harriffan is already under detention on suspicion. Hay Strlkorn Arc Still (Jut, MUSCIE, Ind., May 15.—The boys who have beeu on a strike at the Muncie flint glass works for five days past did not keep their promise made Saturday to return to work Monday. The young-stcrs held a meeting and decided to continue tho strike. The glass company is at a los to know what steps to take, as it wil be impossible to nil the places. Girls mifrht do the work, but there are few fathers who would permit their dau tors to work at such a place. The Days demand im advance of forty cents per week. Monday on a plea of guilty for tho murder of Gustave Cline, The crime wus committed at Clinton Locks, Parke county, last November, lluhsman was from Chicago. Armine the Guard! with Jllllm. TRMIIE HAUTE, May 15.—There is muuh excitement at the Grant coal mines, this county, T'.vo days apo the powder-house was blown up and the threatened attitude of the striking miners since then has caused the operators to urm the guards with Winchester riiles. A Fight with Trumpl. W ABASH, Ind., May 15. —Throe tramps [are Conductor Brownlee and his crew n Wabath express train No. 40 a BC- •ra struggle at noon Monday. The rio were riding 1 on the front end of the taggage car and when the train stopped lit the crowing of the Lake Erie Western road Brownlee called !• engineer, fireman, brakeman, bag- and chair-car porter nd attacked the trampi, who showed |ht. The trainmen were armed with >OT«1», hammers, club* and (tones, Bd dtaplt* the heary odds the "tour- pat up a frame flght, and it wu fair hMd« w«e A Veteran in Iinnk. MARION, Ind., May 15.— William Gal meir, a member of the .Marion soldiers home who served through the war in Company C, Eighth Illinois volunteers, received word several weeks since from Germany that he was iJeir to a large estate. Ue drew upon tha estate for 4,000 marks, which he received, and lei't here Saturday night for Germany. The amount of the estate is 1350.000. _ On Trial for Murder. GRKESSBURG, lud., May 15.— The trial of Ralph Drake for the murder of Mra. Ida B. Ward at Columbus on the first day of last June was begun here Monday afternoon. The' case is of great interest to the people of four counties, as all the parties interested belong 1 to the best families in that locality. Insanity, it is said, -will be tha defense. Yean for Murder. TZRBB HAUTE, Ind., May 18.— Fifteen years in the state's prison *outh ww fht M&ttnw K*T*n Wflllanj Doclhic to 1'iiy for Their Stock. VALPARAISO, Ind., May 15.—Receiver E. N. Morris, of the Dulaney Clock company, brought suit Monday against Clem J. Kern for f'200 and W. Frcedman for *300, which amount they subscribed to the clock company stock, and so far 'frave failed to pay, they claiming that the company has failed, ,and they are not liable for their stock subscriptions. If they shall be defeated in the lower court they will appeal to the supreme court and make a teat case. ALL WOBE BLUE. Grand Army Veterans of Illinois and Ohio Moot. Annual Encampments at Rockford and Canton, Respectively—Great Parade in the Former City. 3c Nice Hu.'hMit'rehk'f.s 3c Coli:ir Buttons 5c doz. 9!ioe Daubers 5c tnillos' Vests 7 l-2c . Kej- Ring* 3 for 5c Suj tenders 4c 5c pen Holders 2 for 5c Crochet Cases 5c Hair Ornaments iisstd. 5c Looking Glasses 5c Sll, Pint. Forks-Spoons 25c Silk Mitts 15c 4 yds lOc Luces Ic yd Crochet Silk* 15c ball Irish Crochet Luces 8c doz. yds Black Silk Luce 4c yd Tape Measures 2c 2 bolts Dress Brrnd 5c Ic doz Combs 2c Pants Buttons 8c gross Burning Needles 5c for 25 Dress Buttons 5cfor2 doz Rubber Tape Ic Belt Buckels 5c 2c Hair Curlers 5c Hooks mid Efcs 2c Standard Needles 2c Silk Dress Buttons 8c a card Corset laces 5c doz Thimbles Ic Tooth Bnislii-s 3c jllk Ribbons all shades 5c a yd Knitting Cotton 3c Silk Veiling lOc yd For.eluln Buttons 2 groforSc Richardson's Silk 00 rd 2c each Rlchiirdsons' Twist Ic a spool ILLINOIS' OLD Koun, ill.. May ]&.—Kvery train into Kuckfurd was crowded with vetur- ttns, many of whom were of state and national reputation, who (':mie to attend tho twenty-eighth unnr.al encampment of the department of Illinois, Ci. A. R. The streets wore thronged and the hotels and private houses filled to their utmost capacity. No fewer than 4,OUO visitors are in the city. A Oroiit 1'arudc. The Grand Army of the Republic of the Department of lllinois.'in serried ranks, hud possession of the streets during the afternoon, :md the great parade 111 which 2,000 or more battle- scarred veterans participated was the down by oflicers. When approached by the pursuing party Williams blew the top of his head off with a shotgun. Mrs. McNally was an estimable lady and had been persecuted by Williams for months. WARNED A BISHOP. I ltdth Due to Impure Vlru». FOBT WAYNE, Ind., May 15,—Frank Madden, 7 years old, is dead, and his death is alleged to be due to the effects of vaccination. Thirty persons here are critically ill from being Inoculated with impure virus. nalzell and Stoue 18«uomlnat«d. PITTSBURGH, Pa., May 15.—Congressmen John Dalzell and William A, Stone have been renominatod without opposition for congress by the conventions of the Twenty-second and Twen- third districts respectively. The Kentucky Derby. LOUISVILLE, Ky., May IS.—In the presence of thousands of enthusiastic spectators Chant won the derby easily; Pearl Song, second; Migurd, third HecHver for Dig Stove Concern. NEW YOBK, May IS.—Charles W. Eichards has been appointed receiver of the Simmonds Manufacturing company of this city. The company did a large business in the manufacturing of itoves. The liabilities are put at 1446,513 and the assets at $885,000. COMMANDER BLODQUTT. most imposing and inspiring spectacle ever witnessed in northern Illinois since the days when the boys in blue marched to the front in detense of their country. At 2:30 o'clock the parude started, going north on Main to State, east ou State io Kishwauhee, thence eouuter- inarchod to Main, north ou Main to North, west on North to Church, north on Church to Park, west on Park to Court, south on Court to State, east on State to Main and thence south to the Nelson hotel. School I'nutlB sine- In addition to the inarching posts were numerous bauds and drum corps sandwiched in the line. At the west side paric Over 4,000 public school children were massed, each carrying an American flag 1 , and as the parade passed the pupils cheered and sang: "Marching Through Georgia" and other patriotic airs. Tho veterans, with uplifted hats, returned the compliment with cheers for the young Americans. At the courthouse square, where the largest mass of people had gathered, the carriages containing Commander in Chief Adams and str.il:', together with other notable visitors, drew out of the parade and reviewed it as it passed on its march eastward. All along 1 the line of march the boys iu blue were lustity cheered by the patriotic spectators. Tho " department, made the most magnificent showing- ever seen at an encampment in Illinois. At NlKlll. At nijyht two big 1 campiiros were held at the opera house and Court Street Methodist Episcopal church, which were addressed by Commander in Chief Adams, ex-Comuiandcrs Weissert and Fairchild, lieu. McNnlla, ex-Gov. Fifer and others. Charles A, Works pave the address of welcome and Commander Blodgett made the response. Olilo V<?teriiuN Meet. CANTON, 0., May IS.—Numerous delegations have arrived to attend the U. A. K. encampment and the W. 14. C. convention, The encampment proper opened at 10 o'clock a, in. in the tabernacle. There is considerable business of importance to be transacted. Among the matters that will come up is the proposition to change the representation to one delegate for every fifty members of a post, instead of oven 100. Louisville, Ky., St. Paul Minn,, and Atlanta, Ga., have large delegations here to capture the Ohio delegation to the national oncampmen 1 in the interest of those cities for the next encampment IJourke Corlcrau'n fecugnlloiml Atldreri* In New York. NEW YojiK, May i:>.— At tho opening of the Catholic educational exhibit of New York ut the Grand Central pal.'icrt; Monday evening 1 , Jiourke Coukrun issued a. warning to ArchbishopCi)rritr:in and to the Catholic clergy of the country, lie spoke in u manner that awoke the enthusiasm of the thousands who wore present and created a distinct sensation. Mr. Cockran denied that the Catholic church was hostile to tho republic. It WHS while Hpcakin? of the loyalty of Catholics that the sensii- tiouul climax of the evening came. Turning 1 toward Archbishop Corrigan, who wus sv».tcd on the btago, Mr. Cockrun, advancing with forefinger outstretched, declared with impassioned eloquence that ho would accept tho teiLchinps of the church from • is grace with the utmost rev- euce, "but if tho day should ever come," and here Mr. Cockran's voice rose until it echoed through the big hall, making the rafters ring, "but if the day should ever come"—he was now so close to the archbishop that his outstretched forefinger almost touched his nose, "when from a Catholic pulpit you utter one word hostile to the integrity of this government, I toll you that if such language falls from your lips it will be heretical. You will be false to the republic and false to the church that placed the consecrated oil upon your hands for the blessing of your children." A subdued murmur of astonishment ran through the hall, and persons looked at one another as the words of the speaker came forth. It was quickly followed by a great burst of applause. HOGAN'S DOSE. For Leading a Band of Train Stealers He Gets Six Months in Jail. His Undar-Officers Let Off with * Sentence of Thirty Days—Troop» Ready to Aid Marshals. MUST RIGHT THE WRONG. The rrrriUlent Orfters an Immediate De- initntl Made r>n Nlcurugim. WAsmxfiTOS, May 15.—The administration has no intention of goinp to war with Nicaragua, but the murderer of the American, Wilson, in Hiueliclds must bu punished and proper indemnity given to the family of the dead man This is the conclusion of the president. After thorough investigation the authorities are satisfied that the killing' of Wilson was nothing 1 short of ;i brutal murder and that the Nicaraguan government has not displayed the proper spirit toward the United States in seeing th;it the perpetrator of the outrage is brought to justice. Before the president's departure on Saturday evening additional instructions to Capt. Watson and to Minister Jiakor, making 1 certain positive demands upon Nicaragua for redressing its wrongs perpetrated upon American citizens, were prepared. Long 1 cipher dispatches, containing 1 these instructions, were sent from the state and the navy departments. They relate primarily to a demand for the punishment of Murderer Aigrello and for indemnity and apology. It is also understood that Capt. Watson has been instructed to land a force of sailors and marines under certain contingencies. MKNT TO .Till, HKI.KNA, Mom,.. Mny is. — ,)udfl» Knowles in the United Slates district court on Monday disposed of the 850 Coxeyites who stole :i Northern 1'aciflo train in iiutte early the morning 1 of April '-•), llogau, the man iu command of the army, was sentenced to six month* in the county juil; the eiiginetraod fir*man who ran the train and the forty captains aud lieuU:n:uius were given thirty days each in the county jail. Th« other 300 will be brought into court in. squads of thirty and upon pledging thulr word not to engage in any mor» such proceedings the jndge will turn. them loose. This is the body of men that brought on the scrimmage ut Hillings, when tha first blood of the Coxey warfare wu shed. Their defense was that they took the train with the tacit consent of the Northern Pacific managers, but the judge did not accept it as a, defense, ha having previously issued an injunction restraining them from interfering with the road, which is in the hands of n>- ceiv«rs. Troopi Are Itoadj. WASHINGTON, May IS.—Report* of a disquieting nature were received Monday by Attorney General Olney respecting the lawless acts of various "armies" of Coxeyites in the we*t in seizing trains and interfei* lag with the mails. The attorney general consulted the secretary of war and it was decided to adhere to the lint of policy pursued lost week in dealing 1 with these cases. While general instructions had been sent to the military commanders in the troubled districts to give all lawful and necessary assistance to the officers of the United States courts in reprew- ing these outrages, it was felt proper to send specific instructions to Gen. Otis at Vancouver barracks and to Gra. Brooke, commanding the department of the Phitte, to take active step* to head off the marauders in their dto- tricts. acting of course as auxiliary to- the United States marshals. ftecftptured the Train. GBEEX RIVBH, \Vyo., May 15.—When the train captured at Montpelicr, Ido- ho, arrived here Trainmaster Hay, of the Uuion Pacific railroad, under the protection of Marshal Rankin and twenty well-armed deputies jumped aboard the engine and ran it into the roundhouse. The 200 commonwealen then left the cars and went into camp. Fires will be drawn from all unprotected engines and the industrials kept here. VOTE TO INCREASE PENSIONS. SEEKING INFORMATION. Juqulrj' of TAIm»(re Want* tb* Caih BBOOKLTK, May 18. — Dr. Talmape will not again assume charge of tha tabernacle unleM 1380,000 In oath 1* now buUding »nd *hf . Fanner*' Cong-ret*. CHICAGO, May J5. — The executive committee of the farmers' national congress met at the Palmer house to arrange the programme for the annua, convention of the congress, which will* be held at Parkersburg, W. Va., in November. The congress is a delegated body composed of one member from each congressional district in the country, appointed by the various governors of the states, and of the presidents of the state agricultural societies and agricultural colleges. The committee selected a list of persons to read papers and delirer addresses before the congress. ' Murderer Blown Hln Head Off. Stout WOBTH, Tex., May 15.— Dare Williams, who shot and instantly killed Mrs. Sue McNally, with whom be wa» btoauM *h« rafu*ed ton- Nemltor .Allen Aiki fur Broad Scope. WASHINGTON, May 15.—At the opening of the session of the senate Senator Allen (pop., Keb.) introduced and asked for the immediate consideration of a resolution calling upon the secretary of the treasury for information us to the total number of persons enyaffed in protected industries; the number of such persons whose wages are claimed to be affected by protection; the number whose wages are not affected; also the proportion of the population of the United States dependent upon the foreign market for the sale of their products; also the number of persons engaged in protected industries who are native citizens; the number naturalized and the number who are aliens; also the proportion of native ••naturalized citizens who are .being displaced by aliens. The resolution went over. Home Committee Favori v*tirm» of th» Mexican and ludian Wan. WASHINGTON, May 15.—The houM committee on pensions voted to report to the house a. bill increasing the rate* of all pensioners of the Mexican war and Indian war from. IS to $12 a mouth. Representative Caminetti (Cai,) had introduced a bill to give this increase to Mexican war pensioners, and the committee decided to extend it to the Indian war survivors. But one member of tha committee opposed the measure, taking the ground that it would open the door for a service pension to survirorm of the civil war. A »srro Lynched. '\YELHOHX, Flo., May 15.— Coot WU-' liams, a negro convict, was taken from Mallory's camp at Pine grove, 8 mile* north of here and lynched by a crowd of 100 men. It is said that be was implicated in the brutal murder of the two ladies in Hamilton county not long since. The negro escaped not long ago and the murder was committed while he was gone. He was recently captured in 11 aeon, Ga., and brought back to camp. IN A BAD CONDITION. A Hunk'* K««ilTer S»T« the Institution llaa Been Insolvent for Year*. K«w BLOOUFIBLD, , Pa., May 15,— Ford C. Fink, the expert who has been making an examination of the books of the defunct Perry county bank, has made his report. He finds the bank has been insolvent for at least eighteen years, and since that time has run further behind nearly every year. He places the losses at about 896,000 and finds a shortage of $50,000 for which no explanation can be made. The amount in the hands of the assignees will probably all be used in the payment of preferences and expenses, leaving nothing towards the the (110,000 due depositors and other creditors. Harvard gtudcati Drowned. Bosfoir, May 16.— Some clothing and a part of g wrecked cat boat were found on Thompson'* island and an investigation indicates that a boat hired by four" Harvard itudenu o» Sunday • ,ovarturned and all of them YORK, May 15.— C. J. Vieau * Co., dealers in interior decoration*, . carpets and furniture, at No. 90T Broadway and at Providence, B. L, have assigned to John M. Kanch without preference. |Mr. Vieau was reputed to be worth (1,000,000. The Providence branch was opened twoyearg ago. Collections have been hard and bncinww dull for some time past. The- liabllitlM are 840,000. Want* to Be Henator. CHARLESTON, W. Va., May IS.— Ei-Oor. E. W. Wilson is a candidate for United States senator to succeed Charles J. Faulkner, Gov. McCorkle and J. IS. Chilton having refused to make a canvass. Wilson will open his fight May •IS at Wayne Courthouse. Appeal tn Control. CHICAGO, May 15.— A petition in be» iug circulated among- the strikers at Pullman rehearsing the grievanoea of the employes and requesting congreei to take up the strike and investigate Ik Fatal KMult of a Qu»rr«L PHILADELPHIA, May 15. — Hermu Friedman, 88 ytsarii ol<5, of 909 Kortfc. Second street, wu killed bj Joeepfc Kindtrman during- » qnamL X»- dera»a MM MTMtei

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