The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 14, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 14, 1940
Page 3
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PFRRUARY M, 1910 Boycott. Me' Uro-es Merchant, Canned Out Government fessional I'o (ARK.) rounrRn To Slump Out ("oilon Surplus 1»V \V1I.I,JS TllOli.N'TON' Ni'A Kmii-c Stall' CuiTc-ijiom: Ti'ti thousand people vi'rc- tiled fli professional politicians. 'I'Jisy wrote ti) 1'Yiink Rrnes' Ciuiuitit, iioelie.stci-. N. Y., iv-w:,- papw publisher, and sukl so. And thai, is why Ci.innett siiys lie Is a eandkt.ile. lor the Kc^Kib- Monii urfildrntlui nuiiiliiiitluii. Gannett, at, >; a ij>i s inr-:is juaji, ti successful (,iie. He is proinl u: success achieved fro:n :i poveity- i Helen youth. He uwns and rui.'i 1!* newspaper;;, alt in the black "The UniteJ Shiliv; s oiwii:i is the big'^rxt business in the world." he says. "It's time we plate it under ihL- (lueetiiin of a business man. fit least, a mit-i svlici can read a balanu? sliest." (-inimi'U, is iu dtnci earnest about netting tliis Republican nomination, and he isn't, running lo lw _i I lip as somebody's vice president He is cm a speaking tout which j will extend nil the way thi-Juga the south to the west coast DROUGHT f.VTO J'OUTICS HV COUKT -TACKING" Why should n newspaper puli- Ksher. who up to lOUti hatl pridtd hlmscll in not sdii'-ie mined up in uolities. do Hits? It gees back to a trip Gannett made through Kuiope, He saw Gcrnmny, nusshi. itsly. He sa'.v whal 1O.S.S of freedom means. "I was fiiBJuened." lie says, "to see pezule witlioiit, newspujjere • wllhcttt any light on what was go- ' i"e on. I saw that life under such conditions «ns no Ioniser worth while. Ami when I returned, I vcars .'no when a Iniruln .ran right into a presidential plan Schmidt's .mill 'v- u - v • . • lo 'pack' the Supreme Court itl", .. CM1My St °'' C ' he " 10 "S hl Du ' 1 - rt »jh,m nothmg but eorntat. Rcn , My tllc , nai , Uc , mn( , 0 ularm sy:.|em went en strike. Unable to picJcet thcii striken picketed Mr. Schmidf.s shop. A siren, lmion sympatiw fcchmrfi not only okayed the idw. bm he i,,«l ,„„,, out J&y ' c ;" c [ —i_!! a !_"!^ 1* mh l " BCS hLs CW " clls!oi!IL ''' ;i '«' boycott Mis shop 10 wns then that I 'resolved soinethiiig about il." The resulting fight which Gannett made nuninst the cciirl-pack- i«g nlun, asaiiwi (he reorynnlza- lioji bill, against tile spcn:!-lend program, are history. In the vast correspondence of that neht came (he. 1L.QOD letters with their underlying theme: "a business man for president" ACQU1HEI) KARI.V DISTRUST OF LIQUOR In 1892 a boy of in was cleaning (be euspidois, sweeping out and serving early drinks to "hangovers 1 ,' in ,the"Ke.wtoii H;tel bur in Eolivar.,'2H..-»Y-.'>Thht. ' v?as , Gannett, earning his board. It gave him a dlsgtisi for liquor which has made him a teetotaler since 1Q13 and one of the conn- tiy's outstatuiins tlrys. He dnesn'l. cwsHlei- natlotmt prohiuitio:i an today, linvevcr. an;! thinks when education brings it would bring workers of the own firm t>,e E<i-aca(ion in Reverss; U Pursues Woman fessional ball player. On the hnjli •ichool team at Cottland, N. Y., for which Gannett caught, was 111" yreat Fielder Jones. Now ho cnnrmes bin-self in ,^ r .,,^~, slio-.ling golf in the hiijh 80s -iid ! OT , '' N - "' <"1 J >—Mi's, an occasional swim N ea t ,}„,••, < ,* ."• I-oss Is11 't pnrsuin? an lin-striped suits, sedate spe'cficlc5 I f il(ciUl °" ~' e^iiication is pursuing -mn'i.-lete; lack 'of jewelry, inark the bns^ness-inan I) ; pe he pcii'oni- (Slaves Most Successful Campaign Kor F i g h I Paralysis Fmirl Drive MK'iissli)])i County will receive the pil/e 10 'at (jlvo i by 11 u'voy (J. Ci:u?li, stiitc •.•litilrniitii lif ilu: "t'lijtn ; hilantllp I'ninly.sK" iviinpalsjti this 5'enr, lo tho county in I lie Northeast dlstiitt raisin^ the mo:,t iisoney, it was announced toilav. Ali'iotish .South Mississippi county lias no! yi't aiinoiKiced Us report. Nuilii Mksl;sii>pi Conuiy netted }3it)>;v whkh g.ive the counts 1 first pite, jaiiies lllll J,.. county cliiiirMaii. has tn : eu ndvisod. Qne- lisili v.ill li' ii'iiirni'il for us* In \artti Mls.sis.sippl iiminiy. Mr. Hill has \.iltton Keith Mor- IJfui, national clmlrinnii, for iho. fliiiitM- for North Mississippi County, naming Mrs. j»j,ii; S u. clnrk, \v. J. WimrterUfh, Cecil shine mul C. A. Cunningham as inembi'rs of the Advisory Coun.-it. This t-onncll will ndjiiJnlM,.,. i,, ,)„. CTI,,,,!,^ children i:i North Mi-.sls^ljipl County and disburse funds returned to li. A. !,ync-h, (.jcrclsry and ireas- urcr. Hale Jackson of Os.-eola. clmlr- iniin lor the southern cUstrict, bus annmtnueil that an Advisory Council lor IhH porlioa of county v.Hi Ije iiiinied slionly. j The original plan or (be county committee to avoid asking outright donations from the public inul lo : give cacn one his moneys worth Is Itelleml to liava aiclc.l greatly In : making the campaign a .sircessfiit i one. In a statement tu.:,\y, Mr. lllll saltl: -Altliough the linanciiil stule- inent being made ptibiie fi»- North Mixslsslpjil County i.s probably u ( credit to the committee, \ve reall/c i nntl wish to point out that such Mi statement of pk-asino facts would ' not- have been possible without the Intelligent cooperation hard work of all those who assisted In the drive, and the loyal, humane support cf (he farslghtcd people ( who contributed to this most worthy caiisc. I. wish to thank nil of u.cin most sincerely." He painted out in the financial statement 'Unit the difference In the money actually raised anil the net funds raised represents expenses for the entertainment, all of which ivas furnished by vnrtous businessei. at their actual cost, thereby not .sal... Sir/.!) 1- which did not ti.-kets fur ijucsis who also ,i ti,,. baiHiiifl; ta K ...ak>« In CMhi (•umniimillt'B, s!4.ur>; tlona- oiv. njjlrh iniliid/xl the chi-.-kin;! coal:, ni'.d hiils sponsurcil by the :oin IKIX i-ummhtce. $'>8.BJ' given the Mis«K;lp|il County AiimlCHi- Ki'iball l.en;<iK'. S-IO.SS; rionntlon 01 Manila 1,| S |, .school. 50.05; March of mini's douiitlcn In Dlytheville •Chcols. $23.;n; benefit wri'slUnj; nmlcli sponsored by American !/•'. iion i;osi. $)a,s:,. for nil cash re- :Mvetl. Another dtinntlon was the people to want lo abolish saloons again, it will be by a slow process :md not another constitutional nmeiidmeh!. The bar boy was ambitious, and worked his way thrcugh Cornell. mostly by willing newspaper correspondence "without benefit of nny National Youth Administration," as Cleveland Chamber of Commerce President F. C. Crawford reminded hearers in recently introducing Gannett. He i.s now a Cornell trustee. .Gannett went into newspaper- ing, won his way to the top. and lodny has- "-IOUO contented em- ployes" on his ID newspapers. He is also chairman of the board of the American Agriculturist, a farm paper with 200.000 circulation in U-.c northeast. He has made a lo; of money. NEWKPAPKRS \VIU, GO TO FOUNDATION But his children. Sara. tfi. and nixon. in. will i-ot inherit his newspaper properties. Gaiuicll has already arranged that at his death, his newspapers will go to a foundation ivhic!) will administer them for their employes and the public, with 75 per cent, of the profits going lo charities and social and le- scarch wj;k. Employes already share in pio.'its. In 1938 Gannett backed Borah as Republican presidential nominee, consented to run as his vice president. He feels sure that Bor- nli. were he alive today, wctild back his candidacy. Ho traveled 8000 miles working for his National Committee to Op- hold Constitutional Government More thousands of miles loom ahead of him in the present campaign. Not an cl;mienl speaker though an earnest and obviously sincere cnc, (jamielt doesn't enjoy campaigning. But win or lose, he Ls iu this to the end. "At Ihe worst. I shall have contributed something to hoMlng be- frre the people the one central Issue: that our constitutional democracy grounded in free entcr- pilsc is fighting for its life." Gannett might have been a pro- llle i venture. But 'Je lives in suburban Brighton outside Rochester, has an alternate home at Miami Beach Mrs Caimeit. Ihe former Carolina Werner, is net active in politics— in fact, his family tried to dis- Gaimett from his present' - now that he's :n.; Mrs. Gannett will travel with him. i and ''she can make a g:o:l spee'-h i if she likes." he says. [ The Gannett candidacy Isn't j helping Tom Dswey ally, but the i .publisher tiorsn'l rare, ; "Dcwty." he says, "wouldn't car- ! ly nijper Ne,v York state anyway." . in 1SOO her house was situated 1 on Wakelicld street," but. she had I to move it half ,1 mile up the street • to mate way for a high school I When a r.ew high s ;i,ool was uianned. the spot selected was ou the site of her home. She moved •"he house again. WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- Without Calomel—Anil Von'il Jump Out ol Bed in Ihe Mc/nmir Karin' la Go Tlio liver Khm:l.l |inur out Iwo pint! of Mfly-M.v (.'or.nties in 17 states of ~. | ihc Union have blast furnnci'.s. j Eishtj-scvon per cent are located j in six stales: P.nin«ylvanh. Ohio. Uli:icis, Alabaiiia. Iiulisna. and New York. 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UKTdmii- worfli ill t i:>en :.(:M[.;I Jieu' coltin) ; ( ond.i ,,blr 10 , I,,.,, im addition,,] M.UO »,„(), ,,1 will, U., *2UO tou,l tl,, v ,,m lit rein I) i;,. v ,lil,h „.«,, ,,| m , •„,, Blyllii'vine U ;kl,u; CJoii)|),in v us In (!»• l>iv-.i ( ],.|,r s b:mi|»rl. 1,1 iTjiorl Mibmltted .VIK-II -.liiuv;! that th l-tm't Inl Inii'-ii'mie .- (lui tcnil you inlo hai.'.h ciK'nslirc-: !»r fclli'f. <i«.|iHr. bill tlioroiiKii HI- llfii nsimlly follows u B< xwl ITS! wlii'ii 11I,ACK-))RAUC11I'1' inki'ii lit lj«!l!iiu' by slni|ili> clli tlrais. Its )jrini'|)ml iii^rwllcm lielp.i lmwi'1 iniiselcs. Ncxl llnic. dike nll-vi', S |,|cy. nrrnnalk. UllK-tL'sll'll liLACK-nHAUCtllT. H i.s iconoinicnl: as io •!(; closes, Kc. $7 GAY & BILLIHGS, Inc. Pho,* 70 A Few Cents A Day Will Pay For A New Deeper >E MILES PER .GALLON: .. IN THIS OFFICIAL 1940 ECONOMY WINNER Vi-'hcn nny cr.r salesman claims "top" economy, l-,i;n I'or /vw>/-t!>c kincl of |-.rcof that Hudson gliui ly gives yon. N'.nc cf the; "other three," nor any oilier full- sized cr.r ever buih, has ever £one so fur ])i.' gallon of gas r.s the iic\v Hudson Six did, in an official 1000-mile test on the I'onncviilc Huts, Utah. An r.verage of 32.6i) miles per ija!!on, under A.A.A! Contest Board supervision (car cqui^pcc{ v/ith overdrive a:id o[7;:o::ai rear axle rndo). KU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For Prompt Laundry and Cleaning Service I.ven in ordinary "stop-nnd-go" driving, which, oi course, uses more gas, HtiiJsou Six ccontiiitj- will anmc you! Prove this for yourself by driving a new Hudson Six. Notice, too, its remarkable performance; its roominess and luxury- new to this price field; its unmatched safety; i:s easy riding and handling. Sec why it's the most amazing lowest priced car ever built, SON& LOWEST PRICED BIG, BEAUTIFUL, 92 HORSEPOWER SEDAN DELIVERED IN BiYTHEVILU NOTHING MORE TO PAY Nudion Also Pretcnlr. 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