The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 8, 1960 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 8, 1960
Page 10
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1 Th% Unit&d States Wtfl have a harder pelting together 'enough votes 16 pftss resolu- frtjns on cold war issues in the U.R General .Assembly. This fact cannot be pushed under a rug. For the 1 Oth straight year »he General Assembly "recently approved a U.S. resolution to * defer the issue of seating Communist China. But the resolution this time squedked through ,;by a mere eight votes. That compared with 15 '',»nly a year earlier and 35 back in J952. The tally last month was 42*34 and there were 22 natidns which abstained from voting. ; If only a few of the 22 nations abstaining happened to slip over on the other side the lil.S. majority would be gone. « One of the majoT tasks facing a new president will fee tb shore up Oi/r friendships around the world. If he cannot succeed, it is likely that in a very short time the percentage voting on the American side will fall below a majority, the U.S. was once in a strong position because it was Imked With a large majority of the U.N. membership through military alliances arid was giving economic or military aid to others. With the addition of so many new members not allied with the U.S. and a change in our recent policy to giving aid through the U.N. arid not on a nation-to-nation basis, we^face a rough rpad ahead if we are to remain with, a majority support. ' IOWA VS. IOWA STATE - ; Humboldt Independent — Harlan Miller of "Over the Coffee" has long been an advocate of an Iowa-Iowa State football game. Coach Stapleton of, Iowa State is now th,e aVurns for such a gqrrie. Others seem ( to believe tftat st/ch'o: gjame Would be a^dod thing'., 4 We disagree" with them. We believe such games wouie revive all the old hatreds and ill- .wJll betwdln Ihe two schools. They are both excellent cjfnters of learning that rank high in scholasjfic standing but they are in totally different leiCgues when r it comes to athletics. a^t the preseht time both towa^artd Iowa, "* . -i . r i. .i 1 »**„_$.'«._ -..•!. It is much better {his way ihtfn it was in the days when the Jwo schools Ifarf athletic,relationships. We knd4 that Iowa State cannot attract the crowds thlaf Iowa does. We know that a game between .the two; Tf played at fowa, would result in a much bigger gtite than Iowa .State usually attracts and thus be a great finarV. cial benefit to Iowa State. But the financial benefit would be small pay for the hatreds stimulated. * * * NEWSPAPER INFLUENCE How much political influence do. the daily newspapers o'f the United States possess? Bditoi 1 & .Publisher, a national newspaper publication, made a recent survey . of the political support of the daily newspapers in the country. Of the 801 cjaily papers reporting 453 are for Nixdn and orrly 125 for Kennedy. There are 243 independent papers, some of them wait until they know how the politico winds are blowing before they make a choice. The low daily newspaper 'support for the democratic candidate is nothing new. It has been that way for many years. Even in 1936 when Roosevelt carried all Jiut, two of the-48 states, 75% of the', daily nfeWspbpers- supported the republican cancfiddte.; -A^rfigher percentage were against Harry'-TrujTtan when he won the surprising election -ir^^ T948-.'!,; i What is most jsU^rJsjng Jin > this newspaper poll "is thdt there. are'; rnord ', republican than democratic neWspdpiffl^ *in r iciutberri states that have been voting|^eril.ancrjttjd 'ever', since) the. Civil War. v }.( «• } $' i Jj t * I *' ^ ] I' || * .States witji a"*"Jqra;e^ pojpufatfd'rV.Jic^fej tHeJ largest percentage! 9^ 'f$PP™3& n ', 'papers* New; York vVhrch goe;s dem^c('cf>fc|c|f least half off trie •Hme-has but 3; de^rfocratic Hafly pdpers. While, • j %>•,}.' ' • . / ,. '' - v ^l^' '(^aCf-'^"^^ ^ ^ " ' ^ - ^>i$ V"^ -*' ^ lv J^ALJlV^jM&AM&L.k. V. ,. V, •„, : -^Hi .^A^nt t a. V Jitf jfefeafc ? deluge l - High , There • Was " HO 'tnbve- tof bu«*s afv tfairis, streets •, > and •• eeyftty '-:h«df$ -wete ,4hipaf ». bte fw ibofsl u§) attS 4fi traf- birs at the 1 highway patrol. Matty events, including football games ' -state, were You Can;Addre*J **"" Dart! My friend and 1 Would like to know What you think f when it gbfes-ho further .thart inttbcent kissln|., Almost **vS hJn tsarks and we ffefei ote of place if we-don't. tew .tetlcksXafid, local 7 jariged !SBS3SfaSWs M'l ^."Vr*'-.) .^-^^ i^aar.:***! fcfirfli..., ^^K%dM fl « errfw ltiite'4 fe4^ou§lnd teen-age girls^wind .... ..X. ,E[*«w?noen g ^^^ ydfr ftid'4t'«"fafe to assume a -good "I'll buy anything — just promise not to send Mt *njr.' 1 • more of your jumbo calendars.?' ,'« \ , ' . • ,_'*g' • 4 >- .., t . «. .'.' : 1 .< ..t • ; lovvi JijplJbuti " the republicans; haVe* *. Our 5 ow/i state, newspaper listed ai t&mocratic". ill ^ f he Daveijh-' j.__j. r\-. _____ i '-.£ ._Il_.TJu LJ_ii* . O.C il t ;_ ».L _ __ 4rf*^ X,T^W t"e present nme oom lowa^ona iowa Theisprfeay bet^eeh|teW V?State supporters cheer fo ? r both tfeamS to wih, -, O crqt)c weekry papers is about ~-f and hope that each is successful in all their ath- the dailies.'fhere are -fewer u letic contests. Butjhis is a muth different picture than used to existi When:loWa .and Iowa State scheduled games with each Other, (mostly football) the partisanship was fearful to behold, iowa State was then c6 v mmonly'calfeJdth&fieJ" and Ames rooters hoped Iowa would get knocked off in every contest they participated in. And- lOwa rooters were not far behind in their hatred of Ames. One was ridiculed by being called trie "cow college" and the other as the "white shirt" has, no democratic ' ; The Js^a^ be'tf .ocratic weekly (newspapers in Iowa from a total iof about 400. At the last 'general-'- 'electibni there were: about 6 million' more, votes.. cast for. 'the/ .demo- ,'crats- than for ^he republicans. ' ( It mys.t be embarrassing for republican editors" that so}' large a percentage of their candidates for office get defeated-.- It is proof that .our voters do hot take the. advice :of Qurj daily Washington * * highlights * * »*i Capitol by R*y TcmM ** ». *rJ ^ S J f .. 1 .J.J>l.l:/4 I la.j/-3 .... .Stre%tS feiBSf^Aniftir- u^^gnant^ll^'aiiaL'.tVery yetf plane and hangar ' at Squeeze We«entW6 Of the total 'number became pregnant as th* restty ,of Field'South 6f^lgon4 were lick- , w hat started as "innocent kissing" while earked., .. • e3 up, and tossed near the* Des "You girls do-what you, want to da.put.flreres a lot-rnore,risk Moines river, trees'and "gower, 'MvolveS than yon realize, Besides takiHf a cftSMbe, » w ?S«Ht * "" lines were 'blown --down, 'and ; 0 h & 'dark road every'tiiwTyou date, you 11 get a t reputation •phone service $as at a ttjiaiftium. Ifcrned/Any time y'c Many travelers and .hunters-were arises, you ean;get' , trapped and 1 in some eases, relai sticki would triy-_— A ,tlves,and Mends'spent worried hours awaiting reports .from Dear Dans loved ones. Livestock, chicken on leave and and turkey Ipsses were expected Widn't have 'any^ .. °--_ij z.j to run into Thousands of dollars /present 'Ait Force enlistment and my girl atod and frigid ' " " ~ "" made fuel as Some . by inactive transportation facill- oi«j"u"^« »•• •, •....- ...»>—. r — — ..-_--. *,-'. ,T,_A i5 __,, . -----™ on i w eni . tb get a small apartment okay and make out. iSclndlne .Whatid^ you think? Do you think she should come live wath me tf'hft wav or stay home after the/wedding.-John E. n ... nis .. w _ B y. - xDear'Jcjhm As -long as you're hdt gdmg overseas and housing is available,' there's no question but that your wife * belongs with Hot-cold as he waited ' vou - If he ^ a l t itude \ s aiffe . r ,? nt > then ' if l were in your shoes, I'd just S*A- ' .....-- ..,., rifles were involved 'iri no less Weft this writef 1 * *„* „ ****-*& f Si!;»£S,Ul A^J;- postpone, the, wedding'-until after your discharge from service, A aVau'tos 6 ii\wSt g hSd .H 5 f *?«• with K husbai i d whe r er nf le - Dear Dans I'm a 15-year-old boy whb looks like my father than five nunor accidents' before 1 did 2Q g ggo By that : mea hTni tall and well built. Dad/thinks if«/''' i IRKSbME -ISLANDS ^ .1 Pifesiileati4l' • campaign' i victory? defeatM fna^bd ti^fced i3irec|-^! ' ' the trip ended). ; * " it H :, « ' , same sp'tfrts, ;the weather prior io the BIG but I'm not. I know his feelings are hurt because I'm not as inter- , that just .because -I look like he used to, I should be able to -play .the ' , same sp'tfrts, He was a football and basketball star in high school iromise-W a'pjppintmeni idjE'any- .«X -r**« .'n.iUlin' +.ffi^, ^nt.'44m i vWtvL .-/putilio Office jfofr'the.'puii- had been 26 degrees before the band and please myself at the same time. of. jgainihg; iVo|efe." '•Neifcttefr sub-zero ' WatfieV ' iribVfeo'-Mn.'" * 'What's a-guy Supposed to do when he's in a predicament like •----•*"---—^-''-*J'*-'-^- Snowfall was estimated a eight.Ihis^T-.G. ,,, s<s,-j.' : All fathers, and I'm no 1 exception, hope their sons will "- footsteps 'whether it's in sports, .in farming, in IJ le you. For 'my part, I'm living for the day __<-son wills go' tearing down-the rfOotbalL field heddjoff in "the stands.-The trouble is-I may be "' boy may'be 1 right alongside-of me watching fealize'Ti son 'can't be a' trarbon copy of a father JKertnedyi ma campaign rand boner 'when Unstated \ flatly this is $4,964,370 more than S was Ipngth, were topped 1 fty some thitV treatment.'of th'e'injury.- «hion, fell' down that the United States would -defend the Chinese islands, no n ter! what.'This, of course, has been the position of President- 1959 than hV 1958."This differJsMie Save-something Eisenhower or our military plan- is accounted for in the factfiSkt to try for. nferi IjNiKon later took a different some states require sportsmen N ".«,,».?,. * vieWKennedy's big-blunder was purchase j Separate: j licei^es ( or {Joe 1 Lrfwe,"Al|(6hi «att6nteyi to'feay this. 1 co«nfry;aibuld*s'tfe;ng i - permits for different 'species x>f r&ently bagged a bull moose on 4.1**v« *L. n >.«4-£ i~*f, rt4-4»A i£^W^wvC> ..l<xJtl* _«» 1- . tl, * f' _L • . • n * /l?nvt.n»3Wtv«r_ ttimtinr* +.**** then the anti-Castrb forces-both fish as welli as for fishing in a! qanadte^- hunting* trro.; Ijte putside and inside Cuba. But this' different areas. But one thing is brought plenty of meat" nbme, was inappropriate since the Unit- clear: fishhig is still one of the ahd m'enjbers * of \ the,, - K^w^ni? ed States has always pledged great American pasttimes. , Cl6b,; jvjhich, Joe f belonged, itself not to interfere in the inter- :— feasted on some of it' a'weeJi br ••affairs -of 1 Sriothe'rNBti6n>So *- jKejnnedy 1 ,,Ji;^e.Ni3?on, .backed off,, tfJe'tsfana* issue will be corisicler-'' ed> by (many ; voters; before they a , a gainful e ipjury Saturday when struck by m barn' 'j_ u««« ..,„„ *„„„ ie bqne was frac. wa< tttkeit <tjthe 1 .'MAJ[L ' ! R. C. Kastler, pf Clarence recently r retired ,after ,31,, years as mail carrier.' Of the original 115 patrons on, his., route, only J.1 remain. . '.. "cow college" and the other as tne white smrt newspaper editors as to how they should vote, school. Other epithets not printable were fre-' * • • * r< . • ;--' ••"? quently used by both sides. . , 1 The present conditions, wherein each plays in its own league, has resulted in better mutual support and a deepening respect for eadh other. n- Upper pea JBtoines ill E. Call btrcel—Ph. CY 4-3535—Algona, Iowa Entered as second class matter at the poeWffloe ' at Algona. Iowa, under Act of Congreu of March 3. 1879. Issued Tuesday in I960 By (•HE UPPER DES MOINES PUBLISHING CO. II. B. WALLER, Editor & Publisher DON SMITH, News Editor MERLE PRATT, Advertising Mgr. GEO. M. SMITH, Foreman NATIONAL EDITORIAL NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE Weekly Newspaper Representatives, Inc. 404 Fifth Ave., New York !«, N. Y. SUBSCRIPTION HATES IN KOSSUTH CO. One Vear. in advance "J3.00 Both Algoni fapers, in combination, per year $5.00 Single Copies . lOc SUBSCRIPTION RATES OUTSIDE KOSSUTH One Year. 'In advance $4.00 Both Algona papers in combination, one year $6.00 'No subscription 1cs£ Ih.m 6 months. OFFICIAL CITY AND COUNTY NEWSPAPER ADVERTISING -RATES ON REQUEST FEWER THAN HALF OF OUR PRESIDENTS ' ' ' WERE MEMBERJS OF A CHURCH- • ' ! • '' Grundy Center Register — The'church affiliation| of the candidates for President this year is of more conter.n to many voters than, during many late presidential campaigns. Both or the candidates for president this year are affiliated with a church. One of the candidates is a Catholic, the other candidate is a Quaker. Whoever of the two candidates is elected will make ,no better or poorer President because of the'church that he attends. Church and politics shouldn't- mix, and fortunately a large majority of our people will not be governed in the vote they cast for president in November _by. .the candidate's church affiliations. We have had Presidents from different religious faiths. None of these presidents were influenced through the discharge of their, of- fical dutjes because of their church affiliations. Only about half of our presidents were known to have been church members at one time in their lives. Some of our great presidents were never members of any church. Among this group were Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln. Three of our presidents joined a church during their time in office, Cleveland, Caolidge and Eisenhower. 'Ouf National Government has gotton along well since its organization with complete separation of church and state. Let us continue that way. Let us keep our church affiliations out of politics. Both of our candidates want it that way. They asked that no one vote for or against them'because of their religious faith. Mr Casey Stengel may have been "fired", but when you walk out with a bonus payoff ol $180,000 as he did to add to the million he already has you can't help but wonder why, at age 70, he might not be content to watch future games from the grandstand. cast their ballots. SOMETHING BORHOWEp — Many VSters 'don't"realize dt, biit: r '' when' they went ;tp -the polls "they , will be casting an Australian ballot';/thatfis'-those whb-'dort't' ,use votinfi Teachings. It was ini ( J"BOM,TfIE|" FILES 1856 that Australia introduced ALGONA UPPER DES • MOINES ' NOV. 12. 1940 '< ^ so': ago. Mr Lpwe decided it .wciuld be a ifirie y ftiea iif .inerjibej^ M offthe local Rotary Club also got ,a jphance, at t a -g^pod moose .meat, dmher, So -ga^e order! ''to Biej lofal hofel to' ^rve' it' ai fliaf. club's next meeting — presumed td* be" 'Comihgi>Up Monday-. noon. ; Me 60 dinners were prepared, biitinqne. of'.thje>Jlptarians showr ed up. Now, the reason they it due to :tt»e ., moose" meat,' rather because it-was Armistice 'Day—^lence, no hieeting. slated. Wonder what'^happened ?fo "SAVAQE BLIZZARD STRI- those 60 dinners that stalled, ~~ COUNTY" 'was' tHe.'banner along with the cook, in the kitch- »'» • • , v ' ' ' Professional -INSURANCE • ^SAi-J/ {Aritfe) Ricfclefs Hospitalization. ;., :,He.alth ^,Ag:ident -.-. .,, Life ^r- Auto — Fjre — -Hail - CY 4-452U iropractor the 'secret••ballot. Since then 'it!' has been referred.,to as the Aus-, tralian' ballot. In the early days' iof this country, voting- was done/ by a variety of methods .— by _ voice, paper ballots provided by i headline blazed across ! the' top ep of the hotel. the voters themselves and colored ballot provided by the politi the UDM. And it was savage, . too." The storm, according to , J. H. Warburloir of Lakota lo*l ALGONA 'INSURANCE .'-'^t, AGENCY "";>.-/ >J. R; (Jim) KOLP Surety Bonds — All Lines of Insurance • v 206,l!ast State-St Phone CY parties. In 1875, we, finally ,. many, compared with the worsta valuable cow during the week ' ' " ~ "" 224.74 GIVEN AWAY... tn the month of October this newspaper ran 396 inehe* of straight publicity for various drives, clgbes, organizations, etc. At the local advertising rate this equals $254.74 in free space, do noted fay this newspaper. Only t4te Newspaper offers complete torrrmgniry service. UPPIR OES MOIWS RJB. CO. 111 E. Call St. Algona, Iowa «OOO «U64NESS TO ;adopled tho» feecrct ballot. JUST LIKE~HOME — In a little over a year from now our American forces stationed at the South Pole will have? something- to celebrate. An atomic power plant will be installed to provide them with electricity. They will be able to . do away with oil stoves for cooking and oil stoves' for heating. In addition to giving these, men some increase in com- ' fort it will make their lives safer since fire is always a big hazard at the Pole. —o—i MASS MIGRATION — By and large, the results of the elections won't change the lives of most Americans, But thousands of Washington families are not so:, well off. A change in-Adminis- trytion means that many who are not protected by Civil Service will have to pack up and find jobs • elsewhere. Of course, that's one of .the' hazards of working for tjje Government. Both parties are now .scanning patronage'fcjists to see what jobs they can; pass out to deserving f supporters if their side wins. BIRD PROBLEMS — By a strange twist of irony, birds, which gave man Ms desire to fly, •, are now posing a -serious problem in tte jet age. ft has been i virtually concluded that a flock , of starlings tJOTtsed the recent' ; tragic air <jrash to Boston har. bor. Airports wound the country have been forced to stout down operations from time to time because of the danger of • planes raraaiiwg into flocks of birds. The Auctubon Society, which devotes itstW to the <;ause of birds, 'has toow been askc-d to help aviation by providiflg useful information sen the tafoits and control of birds. SERIOUS fWrfJNEffi — 'Oddly enough, Vice President Nixon or Sen. John Kennedy could be sent to jail for up to two years or lined up to $10,000 for answering a simple question. The question: Who will you t&pount $Q such-«>ad-such job U elected? The election laws specifically forbid a candidate for Federal office to Sv) BLOSSOM INSURANCE .;,,. AGENCY-•' - : '- : •' All- Lines of Insurance Automobile - Furniture Loan 7 N. Dodge Phbfae CY 4-2736 BOHANNON INSURANCE ' . SERVICE , 1 N. Dodge' St. Ph. CY 4-4443 Home -. Automobile - Farm Polio Insurance ' JES i?, PAXSON r . Awtp, taabilUy* fe, General Phone CY 4-4612 SPEAKING* Modern Lighting is Your 'Silent 7 Business Partner... light plays an impressive role in the success of today's business enterprises. Whether It's a store, an office or a factory, modern lighting if your faithful 'sttenf partner performing , a necessary task wUh efficiency ot low «<>«*• Now if the time to check your business estab- frshment to make tore the lighting i* fight Tt promote wore solos, better workmanship find high production. tt * • iff* Con fe» Seootif^ With Low Co*t toocMf Service Algona Municipal Utilities . ' • - i : KOSSUTH 'MtrroAI INSURANCE ASSOCIATION Ov^r $74,000,000 worth of insurance Sh force, A home company. Safe, secure. . ...: -Phone C? 4-3758 Lola Scuff ham- Sec'y HPRBST INS,'AGENCY For Auto, House, /flpusehpld Aods, and Maw Other >'oi^ni> Farm Bureau -Mutual Ins. Co. • Affiliated with Farm.Bureau Auto (with $10 t>ed\tctible) Life - Hail ^Tlracto* '- frhone CY 4>335j -Qotigterk, Mgr. HAROLD c. ^UBOET ' St»&IOTff Co.' .. VM So, mftt^m-... ?hone_OY; 4-234J »R*' ;w, '-.-'• Dr. Ojvpj -Arnold Chirspractor -.*•-- Over Penftey's Office'. P4ione — CY 4-3373 Hours': 9:00 — 5:00 ' . ..Open Friday Night Or. William L. Clegg ' Chiropractor 521 E. State St. Hours; 9:00 — 6:00 thru Sat .9:00 — 9:00 Friday Ph. Off. CY4-«7» »»». CY 4-3481 DOCTORS MJSLViN G. BOURNE, M. O. Physician & Surgeon 118 N. Moore St Office phone CY 4-Z345 BBgldent phone C? 4-2277 J. N. KfcNEFICK, M. D. Physician & .Surgeon 21« W. State Street Offjce phone CY 4-2353 Resident phone CY 4-2614 CAROL L. PLOTT. M.D. U«N. Mooi* Street Practice Limited to'Surgery Office Hours by Appointment , CYipi'es? 4-4W4 Office CYpress 4-4331 Residenge JOSEPH M. ROONEY""" Rhyacian & Surgeon _ iUJS, Moore . Offite •piiotJe CY 4-2224 ; Res|dant ptort^ CY 4-2232 > rance , KARL 9, ce in Home . . ffice phpqe C\ Iff ai^jf. t m i. sun JOHN M, SCHWrTEH, M4>. Physicuia Jt Surgeon 220 Tfa. Dodge. Algona Office 1>hwe £Y 4-4490 Residenlt phpnejCY 4'3338 QfiTQ^RISfT Pft. jtv% ^NYPER 7 - •Qpteine.jffist ' mEaW'State ^Qn* , flPei^hone CY 4-27 U Closed Saturday Afternoons Egstifitatj Street Algona, Iowa ' fene 1 CVpws 4T2198 >00,a 1 m, > to 5:QQ p.m. Aftenwmg »*»»» iwv* 1 Bldg.) 4-3743 •toiyt \%* N. Po Fb. cy i-

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