The Salt Lake Tribune from Salt Lake City, Utah on May 23, 1959 · Page 28
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The Salt Lake Tribune from Salt Lake City, Utah · Page 28

Salt Lake City, Utah
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 23, 1959
Page 28
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The Salt Lake Tribune, Saturday, May 23, 1999 World News Scenes Brazilian Marines Shoot Into Angry Rio Crowd By Associated Press RIO DE JANEIRO, May 22—Brazilian Marines opened lire with submachine guns and.pistols Friday on an angry crowd that rioted for three hours after a ferryboat strike s stranded thousands of commuters. The mob burned the ferry dock, offices and restaurant in downtown Niterol, a town of 200,000 across the ; bay from Rio. Stores were looted and | a dockside warehouse destroyed. 1 Government sources said marine gunfire killed one person and wounded between 30 and 50. Newspaper reports said up to 12 were I killed and 64 wounded. The Niteroi hospital said it had 84 patients in- I jured either by gunfire or the rioting. Pres. Kubitschek WHEN A NAVY commander or- i dered marines to restore order, the mob swarmed to the dock office of one ferry company, spread oil on the building and set it afire. Looting, burning and destruction followed elsewhere including the office of a trolley company, which claimed rioters broke in and stole 13 million cruzeiros (about $90,000). AFTER A HASTILY CALLED conference in his office here, president Juscelino Kubitschek ordered the marines Withdrawn and police put in charge. Kubitschek ordered the government to seize the Carretera Ferry Co. on the ground it had been receiving government subsidies but not passing them on to its employes. Ho also ordered the disputed back wages paid. She Washes His Feet, Says 'I Do' an Indonesian engineering stu- Keuters News Agency LONDON, May 22—Dainty, 25-year-old Indrawati Rooshe- roe from Java pledged obedi ence to her bridegroom by washing raw eggs from his feet at London's most unusual wedding ceremony Friday. AND THE MAN she married, who had to step on the egg, was Nondon Gandjar, 30, Quake, Hurricane Hit North New Zealand Reuters News Agency WELLINGTON NEW ZEALAND, May 22—New Zealand Friday reeled under a one-two punch from the elements—an earthquake and a hurricane. Moderate earthquakes shook the north island town of Picton, smashing windows, split ting brick walls and toppling chimneys. THE TREMORS were felt across Cook Strait here in Wellington on the north island, where movie-goers panicked. The hurricane swept in from the northwest through Taran- eki Province, injuring several persons and bowling down telephone poles. Rugby stadiums both in New Plymouth and Hawera were wrecked. Graham Ends Drive PERTH, AUSTRALIA. May 22 (JP)—Billy Graham ended his eight-day crusade in Perth Friday night, preaching to a crowd of 35,000—an all-time record for a religious gathering in western Australia. Altogether some 100,000 persons have attended the crusade here. Snail's Speed LONDON, May 22 UP) — Edward Milton paid a $14 fine and $2.87 costs for careless driving at 2 to 3 mph. (estimated) and promised to take a driver's test before venturing out again. It was his second careless driving rap in six months, and he explained he went slow because he was nearing an intersection. He': 91—started driving cars in 1596. HAD ALL YOUR POLIO SHOTS 7 Polio isn't licked yet... and the 1959 polio season is just around the corner. Millions of Americana are still unprotected against this feared disease. Paralytic polio cases actually increased in 1958 over 1957 among those not vaccinated. Play safe . . . make sure you and your family get all your shots. Remember-polio strikes all ages. See your doctor or health department NOW. DON'T TAKE A CHANCE— • TAKE YOUR POLIO SHOTS! Published <t> a. publ-n nervine in toofurntion with The Advcrti$inp Council'**d th» Ntviipapcr Att- vtrtMnff Extcvtivtt Attoeiation. dent. Two huge piles of fresh fruit, topped by a pineapple signifying welfare, decorated the room and during the 20- minute Javanese ceremony Indrawati wore seven different colored knee-length coats. She opened the ceremony by pelting Nondon with betel leaves, because, according to legend, a bride's betel leaves once fell on her groom and turned him into a snake. Nondon remained human, thus proving 1 his Jove was pure, real and honest. The bridal pair then sat on a seat decorated with white silk and white flowers—for purity—and showed their love and devotion by feeding each other with rice. At the end o£ the ceremony, Nondon gave his bride a bag of rice and money, which in Java means that all he earns will be given to her. Guess Who . . . MAIN AT 1ST SOUTH WARDS tt Open Till 9 p.m. Mondays Phone EM 4-7741 v* time the ball belongs to. Four Elopers Pause For Cool-Off Time LONDON, May 22 (UPI) —Two young couples'who defied parental, displeasure and eloped to Scotland called off their weddings Friday to return home for a cooling- off period. HEIRESS Katharine Dowsett, 20, and playboy Edward Langley, 27, arrived back in London from Gretna Green,' Scotland, and said they would meet Katharine's father, shipbuilder Harry Dowsett, to talk over affairs during the weekend. The other couple, Jeffrey Herscheson, 20, and the family maid, 20-year-old Sylvia Polentarutti, Zurich, Switzerland, also canceled wedding plans after Jeffrey's mother said it would be all right for them to marry if they would wait six months to think it over, MRS. SALLY Herscheson, wife of a wealthy London Silversmith, dashed off to Gretna Green early Friday to talk to the runaways. She later told newsmen, "I am now convinced that Jeffrey is very deeply in love with Sylvia, and I am more happy about it. I have told Jeffrey that if he comes home he can be married in six months' time. "If I had not jjiven my consent ... I would have lost my son. and I don't want to do that." The almost-bride had something to say, too: "I think we have done the right thing and I am very happy about it." The Herschesons earlier offered their son a generous weekly allowance, a new car and a directorship in the family firm if he would forget Sylvia. He said no. DOWSETT'S parental objections to his daughter's marriage to Langley, a Chelsea society figure, had come in the form of legal papers. He got an English court to issue an order restraining the couple from being married and demanding that Langley return Katharine "to the jurisdiction of the courts." 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