The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 8, 1960 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 8, 1960
Page 2
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2-Al06na (Id. nM Fires Baft led On Three Farms AtWhitfemore . O^tt 2&, a$r^WasJ by. Frandis Flfindel. The v> j)pore firemen rushed to th4 scene and quickly brought the fire under control. The fire started along the railroad' tracks , Jinil spread irit6 s the'Fand r el corn ' "field and about 15 acres were de|troyed by fire. "> October 27,'a fire was.reported at* th6 F/ed -Kbllasch farm. A C'ocn picker had been stopped for .repairs when sb"^eone. f ,nqticied '•" v ' w "corn stalks'rte'ar the, tractor Were burning. The fire, was put out before thp fire department arrived»and tnere was no damage. November 2, a fire at the William BOnnstetter farm destroyed a "brooder house a.nd two small sheds with some oil and tires we/re lost in the blaze. lOih Anniversary M4rtirf'(fiutoh)' Potratz cele WatlH, hfs '10th, aftrilly^rsary o business in the D-X service sta tion. Many prizes were awardec going. to the following: Georg Maahs, Mrs James Schultz, Pau Lauck, Mrs Errtlfe Meyer, Harot Greene, Alfred Bell, Mrs Ruebe Butzke, Marvin Ostwald, Mr M6lvin f R6'6ber, Mrs garold Zim mermafth, Lorraine Butzke, Mt 1 He'rman Kollasch, Frank Kisch 'Mrs;'Mike Mergen, Fred Ileftt rich, -'Mrs Ar'thur HeldenWlth M&vlh.Helhridh, Alfred Meyer John Volk Jr., Mrs Eida Simon son, Norman Roeber, Terr> Christenson, Leo Dogotch M. Carlson and Charles Baas. First Communion Twenty-eight children of St Michael's pari'sh received Firs Holy Commttnion last Sunday They were James Bormann, Co lettc Capecufs; Judy Fuoss, Mdri lyn Gengler, Patricia - Keynon David Ludwig, Dale Fandel Mike McDonald, Mike > Mueller Mike Salz, Ruth Ann Bauman Debbie Crotty, Cindy Lane, Jan ice Keerte, Kenny Dahlhauser Peggy Urich, Caty Elbert, There sri Erpelding, Mary Vigdal, John ZatloUkal, Joan Elbert, Terry Simmons, Kirk Schuller, Rdnnii Bonnstetter, Ann Kollasch, Joan TOP FOR^f^ 0' THE MARKET Feed Winner 36% Beef Supplement with stable VITAMIN A for fast gains Don't gamble! You can't depend on grain and roughage; as sources of Vitamin A. Vitamin A deficiency is robbjng many cattle feeders of profit. *TRUE, STABLE Vitamin' "A . In Winner 36% Beef Supplement *guards against night blindness, swollen joints and slow gains — common symptoms of vitamin A deficiency. Winner 36% Beef Supplement also contains proteins, minerals, cane molasses and other,' vital factors for well-balanced feeding . . . better feed; conversion. *Order Winner 36% Beef Supplement today.'; Available with or without diethylstilbestrol. ' ' ! ; 'Contains 10,000 U.S.P. units of stable vitapuii A peY Ib. 4 Clover leaf Hatchtery * T Division of Davenport Elevator Co. , Algona, Iowa WINNER FEEDS •• mummmmmmmmmmumummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmummm and Jant-Ms given ft pfents in by the Hospitalized Mrs'ftarold 2immermann is a ntedlcal patient in Lutheran hospital,. Fort Dodge, Mrs John S. Cullen is a medical patient in Palo Alto Memo- ^ial hospital, Emmetsburg. Watren Wottd r soff ftf Mf and Mrs Leo ^ood", had $is. finger^ 6h his left hand b&Aly mangled In a ear's picker Wednesday.,He was rushed to St. Ann hospital for emergency treatment and returned home where he is reco* vering. - Bernadine Belf/daughter.of.Mi' and, Mrs Bernard Bell, .had her tonsils removed dt Palo Alto Memorial hospital last week. Arrivals ^ Mr and Mrs Eonald Pettlt are the parents of a son born Oct.' 26 in Palo Alto Memorial hospital, Emmetsburg... Mr and Mrs Rayrnond Voigt are parents of v a son borfl Oct. 28, in St. Ann hospital. They now have threVf boys and three/ gh-Js. A daughter was! born- pet. 29 to Mr and Mr?. Harold Greerte in St. Ann's hospital in Algona. They now have a daughter and a son. , , r, • „ ' A/2C Paul D. Johnsotl r son of Mr_ .ahd Mrs Carl Jdhoson of Whntemore was chosen as the member of the honor guard ^Or President Elsenhower When fie visited Laughlin^ Aii* N Slprdfe Base at Laughlin, Texas a Week agq. Dr. T. J. Lensing attended a veterinarians meeting at Sioux City Friday. Mr and Mrs William Walsh and Mr and Mrs 'Raymond Coan of Denver, "Colo., spent the' \w;ek- end here ( with relatives. -.A pot luck dinner was held at the Legion hall by' descendants of the late Mr and Mrs Edward Walsh. Vic Perkins received a letter from Pete ^Schumacher in Germany in which Mr Schumacher his personal greetings to alf s friends in Whittemore. A number of .frierids of Mr and Mrs Merlyn Wegen^iv^drove to Spencer Saturday* reverung to celeWate their ffj[teentlf ? weyding anniversary. The guests included Mr and Mrs L0ui| Greinert, Mjr and Mrs Edwin Greinert, Mr and Mrs Rueben Butzke, Mr a^ej Mrs- Victor Dau, Mr and .Mrs Au^rtst' Vaudt, Mr and Mr^s -I^oreriz' Gada, Mr j and Mrs Hftgo, -Meya.ivjana Mr'?jnd Mrs Herbert! .Zumach, ; Plan Christmas , 1 md**- Jdftes, PftUl ' Jifry Mrs Ed FaMlin of Shenandoah spent Oet.^2 with }ier parents Mf 0. Waynes.- OtfiekHh day were Irvin Haynes.ol.l6Wa Falls and Kermit Conner of J*6« Cometosee Our Fashion Preview PF TODAY'S SMARTEST WATCH STYVM by For the modern woman who sets the fasb. tons, exciting, new watch designs comply ment the casual elegance of her wardrobe. And, pf course, these aie American-dwelt 22-jeweJ Hamilton*. • A, CAPELU with smart •>« sto frractJf t, B. GLAMOUR «AA" with two diamonds, JJOO.OO ALGONA.IOWA — American'' Legion Auxiliary met Nov. 4. Plans were discussed for :'the luncheon and bake sale to be.held Nov.-8 in he Legion hall. .Clara Hauptman was chairman and Rita JUcke, co-chairman. The Christmas party will be ield Dec. 1 with a pot luck sup"per at 7 o'clock. In lieu of a gift exchange each member ''will* give >0 cents to a kitchen shower. Jileon Johnson and Rita Young- ivirth will be on entertainment ommittee, Norine Studer, Clara lauptman and Helen Young- •virth. Myrtle Lease and Mrs Lou impson served lunch, School Officers Jeanne Nelson, daughter of Mind Mrs Clarence Nelson, recenl- t was awarded a certificate of ducation for placement in top uarter jn the national Education Development. She is a junior at lurrjgun high school, Algona. James, son of Mr and Mrs J. L. Walker was selected resident of the junior class at Garrigan and Suzanne Studer. daughter of Mr and Mrs Paul Studer, was • elected vice-president. Shower Honoree Carol Martin, daughter of M: and Mrs Reese Martin, was honored at a pre-nuptial shower Nov. 6 in St. Joseph's parish hall. She will become the bride of Jim Blejch, son of Mrs Mae Bleich and the late John Bleich Nov. 19. Prairie Neighbors met at the" George Roetfer/fift- Mike ,' Arndorfe f was. 1 a, hostess. > A Tuesday club will ftteet'*>NoV ( 15 at the L. H. Kleinpeter >h6ffle. Mrs J, T. Meurer will . assist 'and give the lesson. ! " ; Mr and Mrs Elmer fioughan, Mr afld Mrs Victor Loebfg.v'Mi? ar\d Mrs Leonard AfHflbffef, Mr and Mrs* 'L. ,Wt Haupttnarf, ,Mr and • Mrs Alf Studer and , their houseguests, Mr and Mrs Henry Studer pf, Sioux Falls, S, $. attended the silver Bedding anniversary of Mr and •> Mr's; Don Buts! of Garner Oct.'30. Mr and Mrs theron Hansen spent Oct. 2&-30 ,in Washington with her parents, 5 Mr ani'Mrs Elam 'Johnson, ' ' {' , Mrs Veva Lease spent O,ct! 31 with her sistef in Jaw, ilrs 'J. W. Walker, Cohvith. /' \ ', The Corwith-Wesley community schools Thanksgiving vacation will be,from 2:30 p.m., Noy.i23 to Nov.'28.'''" '* " !i Mrs Erleing Flom spent Oct. 14-22 in Denver, Colo, with their daughter and son-in-law, Mf and Mrs Wayne Lybarger., TVUs> >E$ Ddv^ns has resigned her ^job 1 as* Jhead < cook at Sti, Josephs ' parochial school l hot lunch program. She has been re-" placed by Mrs Urban Lickteig. Beatrice Hildman is the other cook. • s 'JWIBIBIBW,**! 1 • Wi ^•••lr«rlf Gen I Is 51,^3 AtSweaCity 1 gvitea CHy -^ The!l&&0 Cbtti* fnunity Chest drive-began here' Monday with this year's goal set at $1,493. •>*, y. Tht| .town, has b|ett. divia|d T i«* Me'sdatnes tjfimoM J<}hn^ft, K&h- n*tH:itoll»ih,}feHt Pfa*®* Frank Sfflouse, Jean Tague, JUde Hill, Lowell Roberts and Florence Peterson -and A. J. Bilsborough, i » and all en-* A wllPifleef "JfoVr 16: ' ," ,' Thfe MslieMPost of the' Artieri- caritBegltirfrf I Swea City is planning^ annual stag sfcppefcjttdY. &*§^.!w»yM& will vcu cinu- jJii^es win utj (> «waiueu. tickets^-may be purchased from 4 any tegion member, fftoceeds will go to help finance* local youth projects. WSCS met. Wednesday in the ! * . - ' s. It was aecldea to i$ sUJsper l3ee. 8. eet.Mov. 14 at 8 Ttojans take to "the basketball . cour't Tuesday tr Nov. IB,, for their ftfst ., <^-~* -Center;* The ame-wfirfe£|jWye%l TH&& "' .will meet Nov.'i?*af- , ter gdhboi. Ydungstef s will, worjc - ^- iVul " ey met.. s •^«--*%l^.__.. aagistMl Mrlj 3, ^zll , . fed, ••' *~ Make it a habit td keep" your feet on the ground ^ and youll never 1 have ,far to fall." •» '"••pti6t$^ ClUfc fflepl.. Pi — -., % ~ T ^. Uie'lfflprfblWrt^fflrtU; ferjftfi tess. Mts fJ»''«r'«K^«, es T - .'",~! le^Qfi-arit WjWSMWfe^ -teerp^tlofi, , p&Atf|||||d , .Usheri yisnA'tflefo *'f ;,';' , i R6v u BaMirHaMdMeitottiin Ud ^/m^am^M IttifsdT \ C6ncor(| grdpepfW^WvSo named py reason ^(if-w?-fe^t that tho m|n wlio 6clKinattfd\the variety U^ Concord, "-- Close Postoff ice Armistice Day The: Algona'Post Offiee wiU be closed all day Friday, Nov. 11, Armistice 1 Day.'The lobby fwill be open all day but there ^will be rto mail deliveries of any kind •and no windows will be oj(en. All incoming 'and • outgoing mail will be worked .as usual. 1 ' * Btiitk's new'Wttdtot go, new Clean L,qok, afaacfiofa ^ppmy^ , , easy-living have Bale's'zooming! Biiick foi 1 '61 is selling''great ' ' ' ' ' .V .'and'itff Ae'v" Wijclcat V-8 is one big reason^ why. Refine-, ; • ; v mem after refinfiunetjt; gives the extra gorpower people, go for (add on less gas)l'And Buick's new Turblne-D<iVe (now standard on all full-size Buicks) boosts gaS savliigs ...' and go . ... even more! Add jnojre head, leg and shoulder room i..' flatter floors, wider doors ... a new satin-smooth ride ... a new Clean Look of action . . . and you've got the exciting story behind Buick for '61. See your dealer todayl • . \ •\ SEE YOUR LOCAL AUTHORIZED' buAL'rtV'BUlck DEALER NOW ... ' if ' ! • • } ., • Your Quality BUICK Dealer In Algbjtia.ils: South Phillips St. Surprise Party AJf Studer was honored at a surprise birthday party at his home Oct. 20. Dinner and uvun- )ng fe'iii'sls were Mr und Mrs Ernest Guides of Wodt'n, Mr and Mrs Lc'o Young of Garner, Mr and Mrs E(J Downs of Wesley and Mr :md Mrs Henry Studer of Sioux Falls, S.D. Honor Birthdays Guests in the Ed and Joe Eisenbaeher homo Del. 30 in honor of the birthdays of Ed and Teresa Earlemeier wero Father Linus Eisf-'iibacher and housekeeper, Miss Earlemeier of Pomeroy, the Girard Strouth family of Heading. Minn., the Kenneth Studer. family of Bancroft, the Clarence and Charles Nelsons, Joe Studers, Norbert Hilbert children and the Vincent Eisenbafh- er family. A pot luck supper was served. Wesley • ynd Praivie Centej; Methodists who went to Spencer Oct. 30 t<? attend a mejetiiig i^nd dinner in the Meihodist church were Mr and Mrs Charles Nygaard, Mr and Mrs Luther Ny- « ' i 1 H i i n ' »* il ,\ J ,u« ii $ '"t l r . :'1'J ,'"£«» i • i~ We Won't Have A Truck On The Street But You Might Find A Crate Or Two Jn The Asile Of Our Store. Please Excuse The Way We Look During This Sale . , , We Want To Move Appliances .', . A Full Truckload, NO PAYMENTS UNTIL NEXT YEAR ! Easy Credit Terms Offered On Every Sale Item ..,'.. And Every Jtem Qoes On Sale... 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