The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 1, 1960 · Page 18
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 18

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 1, 1960
Page 18
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doubta.footn, breakfast for fabu- room. frM TV and fm lodajng 16 child ,M INSULATION Costs You Nothing! • , * ** , ' > It Pays For (itself , •-,, ,1 / -By. The Savings Of Fyel POUR TYPE - BLANKET TYPE ROLL TYPE u Save) Will! Insulate You. fit Bronson Building Service *il '- * - -r* I'll' I! 1 "I can buy for less, why pay more for Hy-Line birds?" Answer: ft always costs more to produce something measurably better. Generally you get what you pay for. And how- much ahead are you to pay less for chicks which earn a lot less later on? Hy-Llne layers returned from 27 'i to $1.14 more Income (an average of 55j! more per bird) than , the 9 next largest-selling layers In 22 official Random Sample Tests ending in 1958.and 1959. Yes, an average cf 551 extra Income after deducting all feed and chick costs! Hy*Line chicka costs little more, return much mow BS layers, ORDER FROM YOUiT LOCAL SALESMEN ROBINSON PRODUCE, Wesley CALVIN VAUDT, Fenton IYNDON KERBBR, Cylinder AREND SWALVE, Buffalo Center LEROY SCHIUZ, Bancroft AARON STEUSSY, Algona WALTER VAUDT, Whittemore ROBINSON PRODUCE, Algona DONALD JACOBS, West Bend BURT PRODUCE, Burt FRANK SEELY, Kingsted JAMfS MAYNE, Ledyard ALFRED HURLBURT, Elmore MAYI^IARO HURLBURT, Swea City WHITflMORf HATCHERY - PHONE 4161 $3 ptr 100 pullets... ^^^ now, for or prag delivery, (fa.) u>pirOiiMbinM Kossuth Weather Variable - To Say The Least It became -apparent, at least in this areb r last Weerf that Winter ttiight make an &i.t ly bid fdi' pfotflinence this year. A dip to a near-frfgid" 18 'degre r eg eai-ly Thursday mbmfng' sent hiany auto owhers Scurrying to gai-ages arid 'Service stations for antifreeze and hgme'owners gotTsUsy arranging for fuel and steamed- up furnaces for the first trial tun of the season. ' A return 'to near-normal readings during the weekend furnished relief, at least for the moment,, but a flip to 21 Monday morning drove many into overcoats again. Some persons might not "believe it, but. a "barely-visible flurry of snow -was noted fiere Thursday Afternoon. A ( trace of precipitation was -also tiotcd, in the form of rain, two days earlier. " Here are the readings for thp week: * U T, Oct. 18 58 36' Oct. 19 __—— 51' 23 Oct. 20 —L. 35 16 Oct. 21 „_- 59 23 Oct. 22. 70 39 Oct. 23^.——- 63 35 Oct. 24 —, — 21 R • Tr. Tr.S THe Lottit Crle'j- „ Club M& thfelfcftilirtthly mlet- ing at Bierstedt bfothstsT" " Members received -their''_ books. David', ajnd 'Lart^,,; ga^e a talk oft "What To .Me." ^ei held at AWaf * ^* *• •'•%-"•,,. ,3^ ES ld COUNCIL .MI Council me«lhtf l .wai wlfh Whitwmsfs, Mayor, the following cauh^.m Elbert, HaaaaM, Ffrm" t *'»l»ftfrc& *'»• ' Reading of tK6 mltturcs :• ware waived Resol. authorlzlngv ..the die. ,6f a .portion of vacated Ackley to»Mfs»;A,rndoff«r was adopted, ' . . ; . Authonzad Robci't Lemkee fa attend a meeting In MasOh 'City 1 ,' 'ili, - j ' r ,. Authorized City Attorney &• CHy Clerk to Invest surplui special aiscssmont bpnd money in Gov. bonds* <• • Ord. No. 417 VacaHnd', alley In Blk. 1 ' . . 230 Call's Add. 'v«s ! ',-. GENERAL- i ',, " Dr. Cameron C. Shierk,' Salary'.t ,tlj.50 David A Smith, SalarV ..i--... Iowa State Bank, Withhaltilng Dr. Cameron C.' Shtericj Court- Cdsti - SiptembeH* iai'JJl.^ ,la. Empfo^merif Security I Social Security, -~-'-^~~ la. Public EmpleyeeV-Ret. torn. Retirement Tax ..—._.' Advance Publishing Co., Legal Publications ... _ City Clerk, Advanced Cash -.— Eugene H.'Furst, Att'CotSfKll , Meetings ^-U-lJ'J-ii— Kossuth Mutual Ins. Co., Rertt » Daisy Schauer; Refund on,Cig. Permit 1 ^^ ••*> —T.L-«i.-..^.. Upper Des Molnes Pub. Co., Legal Publications ,u f STREET jess Lashbrook, .Salary , 1,__ Albert Pergande, Salary —* Glenn Burtis, Salary „ ..^,Raymond Metzen, Salary -—- — Don Prew/ Salary ._ Oscar. Myers, Salary "Favorite song,'being hummed by many, during the week, was David Schne'icfer, Salary "Button Up Your Overcoat". ' ? ale -§ ax . fer -- Sa . lar r.."r-rr—- Plan Armistic Service Here , The.Hagg Legion,Post and the Veterans of Foreign • Wars ;are planning a special observance which will include a parade on State Street ' and an Armisti<ii Day speech at the corner of State and Dodge. Retail 'stores afe requested to close from 11:00. a.m. until after the service or 12:00 noon. This closing was 'decided at^a Retail' Bureau meeting on Oct 13th which was-very well attended. Retail stores will be open regular hours on Armistice Day except for the: Observance at 11 a.m. It has been customary in'the past to close for an observance, if there is one.. If you . employ someone who will be in the parade, you are asked to allow them to leave early enough so that they can change clothes for the parade. The Legion and V.F.W. will" greatly, "appreciate your co-operation. News LuVerne guest speakers at.Hit- meeting of the Progressive Woman's Club Monday evening was Mrs .C. C. Inman of Bancroft. She- is' the republican candidate for State Representative for Stafe; Representative from Kos f suth County. Mrs Ross Inman, Bancroft was also a guest, Mrs Emerald Strand was welcomed as a new member. Mrs Bert Ramus was hostess for the club meeting. Mr and Mrs Elmor Hunt of Lakewood, Calif, visited here the past week and looked after tluiii, farm tenanted by the, Cfiarles Hnfty family. Dorrance and Gary Thonm:* of St. Paul, Minn., were week end visitors of their parents Mi and Mrs Bert Thomas and family. Beulah and Doris EMlfston DCS Moines wrrsr weekend visitors with their parents Mr ;mo Mrs 'G. A. EsalestO!!. Dinnei guests Sunday were their sislei and daughter the Charles Ny gaards of Wesley. The Birthday Bridge club wen guests Tuesday of Mrs Art Inn Dimler. Honors, Mrs Adam Zwic lei. Mis Hugh Shirk had tin October birthday that was re membercd. Mr and Mrs G. A. Egglcston had as guests Thursday his sister Mr and Mrs Albert Ruppel of Webster City. The occasion was the birthday of Mr Eg^U'ston. Henry Loerwald has returned from a trip to Hawthorne.', Calif. tic went to attend the wedding of his daughter, Mary Ann Loerwald. Mrs Ray Agard and Mrs Wilder Bockwood were in Eagle Grove Wednesday evening to attend the concert by Rubinoff, famous violinist. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission was organized in 1915. , Iowa State Bank, Withholding Tax »._.'... la. Employment Sec., Cpmm., Social Security'i-,. ....... la. Public Employees ,Ret. System/ Retirement Tax „.Botsford Lumber Co.,. Merchandise , i ~ £j — Fort Dodge Industrial. Towel . Service, Wiping Towels .(. Greenberg Auto Supply,,Automotive Parts -~ X- -Hilton's. Super Service, Tire Repair ,-,., ,., Miller Lumber Co., Merchandise L. S. MucRey, Merchandise .-. Taylor Implement Co., Part —,, Algona Implement Co., .Shaft & Gaskets —„- -_.—.. Arnold .Motor Suppfy, Starter _ : Asphalt.'Products Co., Premix „ ' Barclay. Co., Oxyge/i Refill Bituminous Material & , Supply Co.*;CUtback Asphalt^ _, Bradley,Bros., Parts,. r*— W. Cx Brown Supply Co., Merchandise — _-—, "., Cities Service Oil Co., Gasoline & Diesel Fuel.. ".... Frederick Hardware, Merchandise George's 'Body Shop;, • Repairs -Kent .Motor Co., Parts i Parks Oil Co., Anti-FYeeze. „_!.. PLANTATION BALLROOM ' -—Whitfemare, Iowa Rowaft.MOrra dlneerlrt SI cvleej . ^.. 'CO., Me Peter JorS/W6n« Si Kertrwifh IMctylfAS wiiiim'fecftwMAVibi #&iirf"'J^| l *£***£*& 'Sttfti £«nV«P(4bHe 'Mrvtf*. ,Vj- . . SISg-Fort DodgB 'CO., Mefth«ndfte. ' Sf«ndard Oil CO., Cutback^ .. phalt »..»* _____ •i..»ii*LJ 4lp A McCarten^ lrie,,,Ro«k, v . jlhips ... ---- — - ----- ,"- r"" ' PUBLIC ,$AI%tV Albert Boftkeirtiarj, Satiry, -J. ^^ -i • f : ^ - , -i u*i«JJ *!«».*.. __.-».. , 1 Eppo 1 BtlltSrV Jam^s .Veiffr/ Ir* Kahf/.E Trust a'Aoe^'FurtoVP^rSlprt Deductioni •.----.i^-i'AA, la. Employment sae. Cttrflrro r " Social Security ^.._|4...tJ«. Advanca PubllShlTW.Co.i *" Supplies Ui... -, 14.66" M ,' , SANtlAIIUIN > ^fjjr,-, 'WM^il^icr i^ i- *T.....a »*H._I-...L*£| n.L&j*.£.j4.L ^ -£ J *i J i.i., .»«... _Ccjfrtfrl., irtfy 'w^Ai^a^.---^ * t&loyess' Ret. Sys* V»,«m,' (WtlrWMrtt-T« -»...* •^aefae'i B6dV Shop-/ Repairs ... ttCftBAfKSK' " ....Joyri'terif.-Se*, C6mm.,' ilai;; Setuflty .^---^•^-.ITJ . fo3.62 •llSrlO, ' )VM m.?4 32.00 fjei Lighf<.R«p4litf • twi-6-Tlrls syit$rn> Metsf; TldUifS /.ti..'1/ifc.Ja.^.J.Jl.v.-— Vfioil 'Palnf A Wi* Co,, Paint H? " J 'f & SuflHlekW-—<i. *• .J.-'-- <!..... , ... Vi,.., I li.F.vla W 130.8* 345,00 SUNDAY, NOV. 6 Ray Lewis No Advance Booth Reservations Doors Open at 8:30 Large Stock of REPLACEMENT PARTS On Hand Prompt Service At All Times Service Motors Availabll For Emergency Use PRATT ELECTRIC CO. Phone CY 4-4326 Algona, la 162.11 T61.53 131.38 .f22.02 140.70 114.16 5,20 105.20 YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT Will Bf ;VERY WUCH APPRECIATED ..,• j'tf-ft'r #«-' '' t >:,'^ •' •' REPUBLICAN TO [X[RIEHM I " CONGRESS * RAISED ON A FARM VETERAN * LAWYER fUtHHI K>H COIiGktiS COiAMinti s; IS THERE ANY CHANCE OF YOUR TELLING MY FOIKS THE WATER'S ONLY GOOD FOR DRINKING? You'll like this,too/Sonny! A NEW WILL IS A PLEASURE FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY! FOR: * WELL DRILLING • JifP PITCHING • PUMP REPAIR IN AIGONA : This Area's Oldest And iy^«.*elioWs Name In The Well D»UI ing Business ' -y^ M<( ^tiSil(ti«>i^«>M»i^^iyv»i!ii««»iui»v»^^

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