The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 1, 1960 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 1, 1960
Page 16
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attgli!!gfr^ ..!L l»* 0 .... , *•" • PROPERTY TAX PEBATE •' When Qovernor H^schal, Loveless entered fhe Slate IHouse,, l^a>sVffn"a*rt<Ks were In poof i. ' «•& t * k *,. i.. ir *„, $j i t^iL _i iL. .*. ^A.^.IA *tiH shape. Durina'h'i* $djpirt}4|ra$>p the state, sur- plusha^'more than doubled/ and without an increase;, fn the* sales tax. The Loveless-McManus. sjaje administration has performe'd Iri a ' copabt*. and financially sound manner. • ''< ' '^ow, Mc/Aanus, sde}ks. the governorship while Lovefesi is, a'candidate for the U. S. Senate. Gorman Erbe,_' "opposItic-X cdnd}da*e fo,r governor, has been dVound, t^ie state making speeches, and,' pe|ntlr»e|,,t&. the;'increase in "real xeitosfe dncl personal' property,'taxes as something to be laid at the'door of Loveless and McManus. ErDeils.'nof'sd'stoprd'fhd't heiblelleVes 1 this. He knows 6s we|l as anyone that, property tax is the result ONLY; of Joc,al," hcjrne spending by city, county and school district. It is a local tax, self- imposed and, sejf,' approved. Ifanyon"? has any.doubts/as,to which man — McManus or Erbe'— makes the most se.nse in the governorship race, the answer is simple,. Any map who spouts off aboUt the increase in the property tax and implies that the state admin- " istraticr) has anything -to either is oj ^ first class hypocrite or very much uninformed. > . . * " (* ,' !{ f < | ' WHY IS THE REPORT SECRET? j , Refusal of 1 'the national i, administration to release the report compiled- in nine* ' foreign ) countries on their aftijudf -tpj-vard trje United ,/States lends much speculation as to jwhat/the,, ' report shows. - ! .'',''' The U»S." Information Agency made* ' the ' overseas; survey at. government, recjuest. it is.. quite evident that the contention of Senator is~cbVrectrAclrn]nistratfen'' refukc^l foMeyeal the f iudingspOjf {its own report so .indicates.. ' ( j JV1 -' 1 ---''except .an ostrich'can claim that • . the U.S.!bjpd moved .ahead, of Russia. in the teven yqrs. ' to do is read the* « papers. Senatjor Kennedy^ call for' a national effort in beh-Sif of g"e|fio^ joff dead Center is , genu'ine^ ands" well founded,., Americans 'have never gained ;«?* :t |geld 't^«|iriposit}p.n' in' the; wonrf • jThet'' Am'ericd wiircKoose; ; hexf •: we l <r*™mw° *ni ;hallengevin tn better, meet 1 If we dbn't "move, this.,mignf be jce rje>(v and jerjioiis challenges, in the world and ; 'triaj:'we Rao^ berWrg^.rn^ the , w ^,. r , vf4acV MiHer to get Hers'chel Love r s! 'uT^ p&fitj"cat cjte^atM Have, been,: partially 5uc<e>sfw;lV *he' gjjye'enp'r has. appeared and will appear• orv sdmp |^tf<*jr/rj* with his opponent for lhe/U,.S, Sena,fj'»..vByt^.«j'i^ r ? i % efjfprts .jOre; bj?ir\g made to make it appear thai Loveless is evading deba,tfj wi|h^ M'Her. The inference.Js obvious. ' Now, hov/eyer, the. acceptance .of an offer by Jack Kennedy for, the 5*h TV debate between' himself a.nct Nixon has, met with a refusal on the part of Nixon to appear a 5th time. There is a void in the final two" weeks qf the campaign - after the 4th debate.'At least two networks thoughf thaJ. a- 5^h debate during this period would olfpr.d ojj oppprtunity to discuss the points of interest .that, roight arise closer to the election. Kennedy accepted; Nixon declined. It will now be ijMeYesting to'see how, the. state political propagandists of the Republican party handle this one. Their problem will now be to reverse their field, and defend Nixon's decision/ the very thing for which they have been condemning Loveleii. * * * Can. yov r*8K»mb«r "way back" when counjy, district-, statfj ajpdi natiqnal hand corn picking coftte^tti were held? 231-s 111 $. Call btreet— Ph. CY 4-3535— Algona, Iowa WIU VVfl St6EP TOO LONG? Regardless of' anyone's personal political beliefs/ one thing must 'be very evident to rpost ( everypne, in. thijs counfry. ' .->-,.. (jur nqfi9rt has lost Its Initiative, its drive, and its leadership art, a national and world level. Perhaps some of ( this con be blamed, on a presidential election «year, or the fact that the incumbent' leadership is in its' final morrths.' Whatever, It is, our position in the eyes of the world has, deteriorated'rapidly, as evidenced by. an\tnere'asing'nu'rr|Ber, T of 4 e ^ c *J!, ons among nations,-on whicK v we.relied as frierids, as well as, deletions fr.drrr'within the" ranks of our own dd/nintetratwp appoiftjees. ^. j ,• j .What' h6s .hjapp^ed-^tqjus?' \ , ' '' Have w*e^ heally IdsroOr vigeroua initative and our honest,'sincere interest in maintaining our pos'iticin in {the family ofjn'ations? Have we substituted 1 the golf course fo'r aggressive foreign pplicy? Have we substituted a subservient press for a press that is uiiafraidito tell what it knows about the weaknesses in some of our most important departments of government? Is payola more important than honestj respect, .from the Kest of Jhe" world?, ' ; , (t\, ; |. * ' |j %f ;Ev,6r)/ great jrtatjo'n in{ jhe historical, past ' went to its downfall after strdrig*/ vigorous leadership deteriorqted, and after internal corruption .so, weakened, public confidence that a strong .enemyl rib'dJ easy pickings.- , 3 .! - •' ^ f.' Isn't it about time for us to take a good ."Ib6lc Icjt* ^(irsefvel^ ana*! an| honesj <lbok*| Not to see the picture 'that our'one-party newspaper .and roagq-Voe, Jor,ds,wpu!,c(^gve us see, 'but' thfjt real.pipture tof a igreat ^atiorij that rjas 'been'alldWed'to'slip' to Hose Hs national-agress- iyeness t its sense, of purpose,, jts interest in hon"est arid good* govern/Dent, and| fhV Welfdre'of the v common ma'n. Have we lost* pur Muts^ jand 'substituted >lazy! complacency? ( If 'is r|igjp|^tirrje •\ye*ay^itjkehed; to sleep much liAger may welf '•be td sfeep' tpo lpng. ! ! < i • -. i rilrtfj.ip . *{ ;i * . „ * ** ; ''•' ^^ARE T^E RENDERS? ..', :: ^ From the daysj of^ George Washington to ^January 20, 1953, jtist after Harry Trumar left office x( 164 jyears), the .-total. taxes pajd.^y U-S.' Icit'zerts'.vYps ^$,5,70,78,6,54V&lf','",'.-',! 1'/ In the peribd of ^'yedrs, 4'mohths : arid : 1^1 'dciysj, JrefrnlJanliary |20, 1953, to 4urie, 1, 19$Q/. 'twees «rece«vedi by 'the U.S. ttf $572,258,8 19,664. : The "tax |ake'' in the pasft7%!* years is ' about "1% billjOn dollars more than IN THE ENTIRE-'PRECEOfNG :164 YEARS. ' . Yet,, because of the ; Vdst 'spending ^in-fhe past 7*.k years, it has been necessary to .raise. . tb'e jecja^ debt Ijmit of the U.S. government, and the total'goverrirrnent debt today is'the : IfARGEST IN THE HISTORY, OF THE.COUNJRY. > ; .... , - ,., At the same time-, .had it not beep for a Democratic; majority in the Gongress since 1956, jfri* J&1& woula be even larger. Democratic op- 'po'srtTcjr? has Icjpped nearly 10 billion dollars •ftorn proporsed; Federal budgets from 1955 into 1,960. ' ' ' -•:''(•••, '!, Who are the "big spenders"? - - i,; -. ' * • * THE GALLUP POtl Entered w (e^end at AlSRiw March 3, 1879. matter at; the postoffioe Act o( Congress of Isiuect, Tuesday in 1060 THE q^RCB OBS MOWBS jhe GalliuD; poll? gcjllops from one side to iar. Qij^ week lately the Gallup Poll gave o, kkwleifj 6 poirtt* r over Kennedy. A week later Ik l»«Bi t^ff twc., c«f»4ida|es running even. Vote*-cforfc't SB*tilcb.. thot fas^.. At least 90% of the vspleisfcnew wh4 are going, tp.vpte have made up 'their mmct whathe^ - ar« going to vote for. Many pecjpFe- wonder, how and .where these prafassiqfwl. poj:lste« get their information. 'If th«¥ have ai> army of; poll takers over the courtfiryi intervwwing. people, they have been missing Kossutfj. county completely. We have neiver heard o.f q»y, pretleaafciona) poll taker trying to find put how people are going to vote in this area. Anyone wanting to learn how people are going to vote can get very generous tips in barbershops, in coffee shops, beauty parlors, on lounging.benches, in grain and livestock delivery places. We have never heard of a Gallup pollster listening in at any of these places. Any one can make q guess on. an election outcome. Some are better guessers than others. The best and the. luckiest guessers are not always working for the poll collectors, CO. R. B. WAM^ES, Editor & Publisher DON SMITH, News Editor MEffj«P PRuiTP. 'Advertising - MjJr- GEO. M. SMITH, Foreman The Democrats keep aPltifig bo«s^ all the time. First James Hoffa, labor strqng qrm man/ says he is supporting Nixon. Now Mr» Pearl Mesta, the hostess with the mostess, has switched parties again and is back in the GOP camp, to the dfilight o.f most Pemocqts who have had to put up with her pa/ty qntics qnd their notoriety always labeled with q Democrpt'c tag in the, Republican press. The show is npw qn the other foot. • * * * Kossuth County isn't quite as bad off as the Fedgral government. The cognty orjly had tjj burn up ? 1,1 55 ijallQts that were printed incof^ reqtly. The Federal cjoverqmen) bq» jyst discoy- ered that there is an error in one section ra, T garding doductiocis in the 100 MILLION booklets to be distributed with next year's tax forms. * * t In Cslifnmig »he Unft StPch Savings $ Loan Ass'n was seized by the Federal Home Bpnk, for inv»|sUagtJo/i p,f gll§ged "irreg, r iefc" A Long Beqch \g^¥ firm was given q g "retainer" of $4,^09 q mq/ith *°- handtf the affairs of the concern on behalf of the Fecjp ergl Home Loan Bank. And guess who is in the low fom getting this fat fee? A lawye* who is Nixon's campaign manager- M* $oyth®r,n ornia! candidalc ii yet rjivimj Ircidiny starnpi. J *{••* . ,„* A*s«W*- *•*••-' "*-** ^ 1 "fff\,,, '' YdU Cflft (jra^edfJlf6aBS4 MUfjC' £ndeW rt .1, *an! AS Barents* my husband' ??4AMi18£'$) |)f^^ v$fty& i&s&A&'a* a^b^^s^^ft *u ih&im-thin en together .take turns, with us; Kos'stfiKVe •tfitf^ittf ,'weW oii me. umieo, DIB«- taKe turns wna usi , . . ,. _,, MllMt * 'tf&^'&'&im, ' "WHtareVo^ iderfs 6". this subjec ? - . £• it^5 :S» *!»I .S!^, s L/.Viiifi «/»«>., t61d "there is no Santa Glaus" b» ^^•-^oSdW your two ' statehiehi, s may cause homes *thatt- ,if eVery -*"«.AiZ"^*J«i*l Mtlt>at*a its tin ^flfltfl CJlflUR" DU.V tlcv65''«clcSSt. A. 00tl<t WG J shouldbe Uhing bnd drying dishes-when tfcere are iV h4 other chores they can do arid should do dishes Isn't one of them. Now, now, fellows, s. I'm just a" friendly'guyT ' > - * * - * RanlC Ck P sa4£eTamily'lJl"Co"r;" : Dear p B * e n«.'ana- Adult*;- JByen. though "Under 21''iis strictly for With" were, Jisted W* the, armed! teen-agers and children, a portion of my mail each^ week muudes forces afterdate and Orvis en- adult, problems from' adults. I answer-all suck letters.,by. personal listectYre'cehtlyY' 1 ' *' " "'-' " J 1 "" t "—*" J *" *"" ' * ' * • '• Hplans^for AlgontTs ( r ~—,- seSson were • announced, during, tile week by the, Cfi&mber Commerce. "A parade, "ftfalUririjf Santa Glaus, .was slated; f6* r Fri* oV/Nov/29. A4sc? iHcltCded diiif ItiS ,th| t day ..wferi^^se^raj <£re<j ruses <».. ^^^~*^t*^ '«.'*; •' v • ' washimhion . , *C7» •,. cnit?ilainniciif.ja'wiaiaiiu j.rvt£ Ids: Dec. 4w 11 find ^18,-\chji from aroUnd the. c&dMy* wfe'Fe, to appear hete !to\ sirigt cKfiStrrias Cctrols an j ^""^^ft^t^annt^ AA^I^H the 1 YUle i-61d sophomore and have discovered my ;'far as it should. However. I can't keep izfeverytime 1 want something. • j^o ».v -pen to m<3 and where can I obtain part;. I'd"lurfely" -appreciate your- advice.',— Wanting ri Your"age'is one drrfwtiack^at, tif&^tM^ut I'm kye just doesrr»iigo?as''far as n snoum. jnywcyci,, a*king rhy p'aWt-* forVpdnWeverytime i want something. * ^M?^£. job - s -^ - b ^ A to . I ??.- a .? d ^ r 5- c .te- 0 ^ ta w,?? !r , t ; time' gmpWyjneht. AjJqb;. •' • t Dear Warilinst Your age' sure if ifo;u*sqout arouhd enough, you'll 'ring ' baby-sittitif* Jwduld probably',be' the me «fA employment 'Jtau could find at this time.i , , , f ^CI • Check 1 ; JtMM >vbui- 4ocal^io,vernment employrhefct 'serMSe '.and if * n no job ISM *T*nV ',*' «"^~"^*«r.;»r^;*«r no 1°° i^no^avaiteble'fBtf bfter schooLdr 6n^rteetfertf|Mle an 'balls'and'.candy,4ft,3tate street, applications You fchdulolalsd read theVhelp "warited" ffib^itt,-this "' s* well as .run?, an ad yourself. <: /< ''l;iY«i'j , store-lirbnt decota- \were &lso b|in^ plahned. _ ? _ _ , _ _ _ ___________ t , CAMPAIGN! INFLECTIONS^- 'irtg to. Name! Qualified 4Igro to 'flfm 6ne of the harsh' by-ptpducte-of Cabinet." 'Ah, .well, thfe poli- ^ a Presidential campaign is the tics. * < i nia-i iiinesstne j« -" an i DeW.fReadews ^Here's something raan^, of, you .have .been asking but aboutf-f-4 how to 1 get the names of foreign children land, teenagers as ae^llpentMsJ] ,.',„• <* 1 " '''' ^ '* i L- -I 't ' ancl teen-agers, 1 10 to ,18 years' of agej may a Presidential campaign effect it has on the people of other countries. ; Reading the One thing is certain in • this Clarion into su a conference v garhe. one^tcoii 9fi n i 26-0, in The locals wb ..w* %.V.H..»^*^.». ' -.«««.— p , f ., ^. t,., -4v counted one i luucnui headlines they can'only get the Campaign: both- candidates desjer- auarte i4 on "the way 'impression that we are a Nation ve' the praise of a .Nation -for S,^- __i_j '_»_^_.£« 't_ Plea for Pea£e, World Affairs Center,' University of Minn- eso ta, Minneapolis, 14, Minn. For each namd requested, enclose 25 cents. The, quarter isn't ; for <._. i^._« * ___ __ a ___ A __ ;_1 ______ i- ___ 1 iJ_ «. 1JI_«' . Tl« . ••.uH.j^.^* *** -tVm is not : easily understood for free mind 1 you "will 'be .aware! .elections are not everywhere the whatever your decisioij, .privilege it is .to. enjoy in the could plunge the, world on war. United States. On Nov. 9, when Is this the k'ind of job you'd like theivcftes have been counted, we to sign up for four'or even eight ;will once; -again be united in years? .'Spirit was well as in fact. ' i „. i,,,.','. —o— A late-developing issue in the II has been pleasant to see the campaign — and we 'return of the '^whistle-stop" train the most important :<>a eltherf address lirfiway Isr^iThe." ~J~ " '• uie' ',auto was L fortunafely; Mrs* A • •-** .injured and was fur- suggesti Lining" newspaper. childr.en and teen-agers may write to the university of United States'children and teen-agers, also-endlos- each name.. However,, if they Wish to/eceive in- ipen pals from overfee|a's' t couhtriesj \ hey; should,con- Tanner,, Box 178, Markham, Ont.J Canada. ', I ' \-' I ,te_a(Jherf{; i Canadian; and American, ^may'also write to «KV.*w«-r>'o*v,oB O f overseas teachers. " ' ', ~^~> ROSEBUSH, „•• , Jessie Heins-of Rcdfield recently measured a rosebush' stalk in his yard that measured 16-.feet _}' ., LPOPJ5 V . *«"' j sjiock of • Hiwkeye soybeiris, 1 eaJ recently .by Vern, Schneider,* Of "Fred- return of the, >histle-stop" train me most imporiant — wine the road and picked it up.'It was toithe A'mericsihtpqlitical scene, question of , whether American st m wa rm^ They. took. the. phea- For a while' it seemed as prestige has suffered or .improv~~i a *j^g ome - d v t ^^ parentsV Mrfllsuffered no j hjury -' exce p t , a i brokfeh neck a-back seat to anyone and espe- whic h .caused Us. death, so it was cially not to Soviet Russia. It is For a while it seemed as prestige has suffered or . o<tMfc ^ ithrpugh the airplane, which can ed in recent years. Ag Amencans, fi ^ n i cover such vast 'distances in so of course, we don't like to take ihilfr ^,?' short a. time would banish the "Whistle-stop special" to Limbo, But it'has" not and r the'campaig- U P ,. ,,. , , n'ers are finding out how valu- Clde for himself whether we are able is to move through one still the leading Nation of the world or the second best, rnust also . decide for whether he thinks. we--' can' go forward faster under 'the Democrats ; or mnder the Professional Directory i small cbmmiinityx after another, nieeting voters who might never go to an. airport and really feeling the political pulse at its grass-roots level. /There is -an in- timgcy' about a political speech at train-side which can never be achieved in the hurly-burly of a cleaned and .enjoyed,at per meal.-.'• • , ''..'*•">-•»> „„ -• ' : "'•"•- ''*•'*" :*'•<*•'• "jt*, HO ' An • argument in ' an." AJgona ***- i ' * ' _ .« i. .','•:. 1*1 - - ' • ' ' - - - ' - " INSURANCE ! A, J. Rlcklefs We At least this arc at the crossioadb of our destiny, The way we votp qn Nov. 8 busy airport. We hope the "whis- could . be the most impdrtant ever tie-stop," like the straw poll, cast ln a11 history, never completely vanishes. Perhaps never before in his- toiy haye wives .played such an important role in a Presidential election.'All four of the candidates' wives are pitching in hard to see their husbands elected. And, without fear of contraction, it can certainly be said that all four have proven to be assets. Since women increasingly take on a greater role in politics it seems only natural that the female half of the family should be fully represented on the campaign trail. People frequently judge accidents as much by the wives they select as any other qualification he may posses. So the wives are trying hard to make a good impression, they are succeeding. blows, when .th6y eye to; eye orr'the a $6 2,E. Health MAccJdent -*- Auto — Fire— Hail ersonal Claim Service ^- 3 - ( ; CY Chiropractor Dr. D. D. Arnold ChiroDractor Over 1 penney's • Office'Phone ~. CY 4 : 3373 ,. Hours: 8:00 — 5:00 Open Friday Night; see ALGONA INSURANCE -•• There were ,> very few official Weather rWdirigs available, dur- ; Jng the week due to the fact the ;• weatherman's Jl|erm'om'e)er shattered, High" reading, , registered Oct. 28, was-.-30,, while the'low was 35 degrees. Both readings , came while the* thermometer was , doing 4ts usua.1 good Job. • ,,. Surety • Bonds* — 'All Lines of Insurance 206 E,ast State St. ;phcmfl7CY- 4*^3178 BLOSSOM INSURANCE i '•'•'•"' AGENCY ' All Lines of Insurance Automobile - Furniture Loan N. Podge Phone CY 4-2735 FROM THE FILES Of THE ALGONA UPPER DBS MOINES ' NOV. 5. 1340 Leslie Anderson. 36, who operated a farm nine miles east of AJgona, died of injuries received when a truck he was driving hit loose gravel and rolled over af- And ter v hitting some stumps in a ditch on the Sexton-LuVerne road. He was pinned in the FRIENDS , Two old friends met recently in Aplington. They were Mrs Harm Haren of Grundy Center who is 105 and Mrs John Betten Who recently observed her '91st birthday. They met m the Betten home, . . • , ' j .' « . IF ITS NEwii — WE WANT H BOHANNON INSURANCE 'i - SBRVICE IN. Podge St. ' Ph.' CY 4-4443 Home - Automobile - Farm - Polio -Insurance CHARLES D. PAXSON PwelJing, Auto, Liability, / Life, General • Phone CY 4-4SI2 KOSSUTH MUTUAL INSUhANCS ASSOCIATION Qvejr"f?-t,000,QOO worth ol in^ aurancfi' in force, A home epmpany. Safe/secure, Phone CY 4-3756 We feel the television debate* overturned.. machine and. the -' - -- trugk had to be lifted from him- At first, it was thought his between Sen. John F. Kennedy: and Vice President Richard ,M£ Nixon have made a great contrir bution to politics. If nothing; e!g$ they exposed*the voter to issues? which they might not otherwise/ pay attention. It has made peQpt% discuss these issues w h i c h^ means they are thinking about, them. All too often, too many- voters are content tw, select thejis candidate on the basis of his appearance, his party affiliation or some other factor apart from his qualification to fill the office capably and effectively. Now there is considerable evidences that the Great Debates may be changing all this. It doesn't take much to start § red hot controversy in ap ule^» tion campaign. Sen. Kennedy did 1 it when he raised spine doubts, about the wisdom of this country committing itself to a light-to- the-end defense of the off shore islands of Quemoy and Matsu; And GOP Vice Presidential No» mince Henry Cabot Lodge thrusj himself into a hornet's nest when lie said (or did lie?) tiiat the Republicans would name a Negro to the Cabinet. This latter dispute brings t« nijncj something President Eisenhower said shortly before his election and which was subsequently forgotten. 'A' headline dated Sept. 6, 1952 — two months before the election — proclaimed, "Eiienlunvu' Will- Or. William L. i - . , , Chiropractor S2r E. Sta:e St. Hours: 9(00 — 6:00 thru Sat. 9:00 — 9iOO Friday Ph., Off. CY 4-4677 Be». CY 4-346( QOCTORS"~' MELVTN G. -BOURNE, M. D. Physician & Surgeon 118 N, Moore St. Office phone CY 4-2345 , Besidenv phone CY 4-2277 I. N. KENEFICK, M. D. Physician & Surgeon 218 W. State Street Office phone CY 4-2353 Resident phone CY 4-2614 CAROL L. PLOTT, M.D. UO N. Moore Street Practice Limited to Surgery Office Hours by Appointment CYprqss 4-4864 Offipe 4-4331 Bureau Mutual Iw Co, AflBJiated • AHtQ (with, $19 Life - Hail: » 'Tf^tflr Phone CY 4-335MB0p>gt|fjj), Mgr. "HAHOI.P Q PALE W The Equi Iowa fcet the Iiah4 ^Ink Mli» t *}»<Hir mikf Ahoy Cravy'Tqrd DENTISTS ( FEDERAL LAND BANK % At PY f. 6(Hi r JOSEPH M. ROONEY Physician & Surgepn ••• W4-N. 1 Moore • fice phone CY 4-2224 phone CY 4-2233 JOHN M, SCHUTTER, MJD. PhysiQiari & Surgeon 220 No. Dpdge, Algona Offiqe ph«8¥ CY 4-4400 Retaident phope CY 4-2385 1-irfQMiTRISTS Optometrist 113 last State Tejephone CY 4-27U turday losed Saturday Afternoons BII. SAWYER i»nd ERICKSOMI Eyep Examined Contact Lenses Hearing Aid Glasses 8 Bast- State Street Algona, Iowa Phone CYpress 4-2198 Hours! 9:OQ a.m. to 5:0.0 p.m.. Closed Saturday Aftoynoonji '

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