The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 1, 1960 · Page 13
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 1, 1960
Page 13
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VanBuskirks Of Ottosen Observe Golden Wedding Mr <tirid M'ifs fjesaeL.yan BUS- .irft observed thWltft Vtdtfirii anniversary with oflen House in he parlbfs of Ottosen Ptesby* erlan church. Approximately 155 juests-attended.- > ,-' > , ' \ Mr Van Buskirk/ Who -retired recently as station agent, had .served &i Fenton, Ceylon, Minn. find other "points^ before moving ft jj*. > . - »«& f J M.Ui.1 ' ** to Mr ' Van, BiuSkirk ,,and. Helen Logan werVttffirrfe'a tf#' Rev. ,'Holdeh, a Baptist minister, at the .home 1 of the bride's parents, Mr I'jmd Mrs,John Logan at Brad- igate. It was a-five o'clock wedd- •ing under an archway of house i plants and, fern- with, a white , wedding' 'bill fri'"the center';. A. dinner- was served .after, the, ,cere- \fnbny,' and "for-a honeymoon, the •couple 1 ,Went;to-Salt Lake City find Ogdeh, Utah. , -J V HostlNa't the- aftrittefsafy were' the five daughters and*their hus- • bands,'Mr arid MrS Lee Holt, Mr ' !nd Mrs Clarence Krdegef of j^pencer, Mr^a,nd Mrs Merle Pressell of Denver,'Colo.', Mr and Mrs ftudolph' 'Bernl^haus .' of • Stevfr- art, Minn.; and Mr and Mrs-Qer-. pd IvSnttja-'of, SioM', Lalb. .Mrs Berninghfcus,. 'and' Mrs 'Iv'ersdn, Fae arid'Mffi;-'fire 1 fwirlsi fherS Sre also 17 grandchildren. •V Mrs Raymond. Wehrspann but the cake and Maria' Jean rBern- i'nghaus assisted. Mrs Holt-, Mrs «Iverson and • Mrs '. 3erninghauS, p'ouredj'and'Mr.ah'd Mrs" Kroegfef presided ,atj ,th£ 'punch Ibowl. Grandc'hlldreW afsfi assisted' wifbf refreshments, >and kitchen hostesses were-friends. , • . Lone In Minnesota Lo'ne Socle — Mr and Mrs Willis Cotton accompanied -Mr and Mrs R. E. Morgan of Algona to the wedding of Miss Dora Peter, daughter of Mr and Mrs' Albert Peter of Staples, Minn., to William fi.'WllsW Jr; .'dtfttgHteT- 6f Mr and'Mrs, William Wilson Sr.. df Sia'ples, - v „, The^ wedding was;held in,the Trinity Lutheran Church* Sunday at ,2. o'clock p.m. -They attended the reception „ following the cerernoriy. The Petef's are' former-residents of Burt, Iowa. Birthday Observance ..,,;, ,,,,,._ ,, ._ r 7 ^ f%<frV ^ ^ er Long home in Lone tft gftd tfaftcy OA m ttddtta C. df BWrM Weri dinner iy'feef ttefs" In the home faf . . AH 2iimieh ani Charlfi hd Mr% '' Mr fehfl Mr'S ^FrltZ Newbf dugH and. Mr and Mrs La Verne Smith, Mr arid Mrs D'elrHk'r Angus £nd Joyce.,of Burt, Mr,and ', Mrs Bob Anguts faf Bu'rt, a'nd flM Kruger of ^ Lone, Rqck, Were guests in .the 'Lawrence Newbrough home. Mrs Roy Ziinkel was a caller. The •group celebrated 'the 'Birthday 'of Mrs Lawrence Newbrough." • Mr$, .and Mrs I Carl Beck, Don and' Irene of' Cylinder, and" Mrs Dora* Haack of Fenton were recent • evening ^-visitors in the Rog- Trdhsparent Plastic. ' ' •Jl*~i& 9/i& B Mm ^B B ffva BR Sheffield Design ^ TURKEY 'jfi^'poi. . ifully' engraved ^ith authihtlfc repro* B of tfieSKSfflSra HSirlpoa^S, hara or roa|t9, your /Hf/f*y pJa(i«f today at your local DUIN HARDWARE A , j,ti *v !J$&&M*ft&6£!£0^^ j? i" «•«••*- "I Js4«iJ •$ M^>JtiZ i£jiift J * &J Mr and Mrs Larry 'Strayer and Cafla Jo df Fort Dodge wetl recent guests in the home of Mt and Mrs Edwin Wichtendahl, Mr and Mrs Edwin Wichtefla dahl of Lotts Creek t callers in thfe 'home oi Mr and Mrs Edwifi Wichtendahl ot Algona. Mr drid MM Fi-aHk* Dr'eye? arid Judy Juhl were, visitors in tHS Mr ahd Mr^ Jdfck Tlemttii honie at, Burt. Mrs Fi'ank Dreyer arid Te*rry Tieman were sponsors at the Baptis{n of Teresa Ann Ti|man, infant daughter ttf Mr arid Mrs 1 Jack Tieman in the Lutheib* an church there. , Mr and Mrs Leslie Baxtlt ot Lohe Rocic arid Mr arid Mrs Dale Baxter; of Algona were guests iri the home of Mr and Mrs Robert Baxter home iri Ruthven. ' Mr and, Mrs Ellsworth Bran,; d6wj and 'f^rhily of Algona were Sunday afternoon visitors in tile home of Mr 'and Mrs Larsent ! I , > St. Joe Folks ' i < i i > • i Taking A Trip . < •. • i • \ . • To Colorado St. Joe —:' Mrs Adeline Wagner and .daughter Betty, accompanied by,' Peters Erpelding and Patricia , Wagner left Wednesday tbit' Colorado' 'Springs," Colo] fl^a vMt-'with Mr arid-Mrs- Clarence^ ^Erpelding and family. Clarence 'is arson bit;;Pe'ter''l!rpe % lBiri£ and a' brdther of ,Mr^' 'Adeline" ner.' Betty' arid 'Patfici'a Wagnei- are having a two week vacation from the .Central Telephone Exchange, Fort Dodge. 4,-H Club Elects ,The St. p'oe. Trojans 4-H Clilb i met Tuesday at the home of Vif;_ gil Wagner. Installation of new officers was held. President; Ronald Illg; v'ice-preside'rit; , James Erpelding; histprian, Duarie Hilbert; reporter, Howard Kohlhaas; .secretary - treasurer; Kenneth Bormann. A talk was giv.en by -Richard McGuire arid a .demori- fstration 'wgs. given by Robert Er- tpeldirig. Lunch ,was Served by 'Mrs Adeline Wagner,. ivirs 'pariifan', Centgraf and infant sori, ThcimasfMieKael .bovn 'ih Mercy Hospital,'Fort. .Dodge, Oct. 21, came home Thursday. Mrs Therma'n Pruitt from Livermore, sister of ; Mrs Centuraf, is assisting with the work in the Centgraf hoijie for several weeks. Dorothy Kramer, Judy Bor- mariri, Doris Ann Kohlhaas and Judy;Wa|ner,'freshthap at Briar Cliff .College,- Sioux City, received the-academip garb of the college iri traditional ceremonies in the S9hbbl gymn Friday, Oct. 28. Parents, friends, and faculty attended a'fter which the girls .dre to spend a ]or»g week end at home. Classes will resume Nov. 2.' ',,:.', . Mrs E. J'. Gales entertained her 500 club Thur^ddy With Mrs Eddie Zpimpi H Hawthorne; Calif, as a. guest. I^eceivlni prizes .wei'c Mrs_, Jpe. Sinawejl., M^rgarei; Reidmiller and Mrs Anton Becker. Mrs JOQ Sinriwell eritertains offfttnfl and^rs Ralph Hetllng Reding". ,Mfs- ^Saab and Mw.Leortar'd *» Henry Thlig'e'a \ eritertains ,. club-Nov. 21.' " Ivfk;. Kb|e? het ferfb 6U1B Charles Berte, .jjiifc Sob', and ,Mr3>,Franklirt' .Wagner 8s guests. Prizes were, awarded to Mrs Donald vRedittgr,MrS?,Alb£r£ Becker" a'ft'dVMfs" Deftltd- Illg. % Leonard Studef^ entertliis the club' N6tf. lt.^ ' ' . , Mrs Johrt'Ori^rrls a'-p'fitleht irf St. Antl holfJiM In Algeria Mbftdfiy. * Swei Ciiy — The Fall Stewardship Program is in^ fallowing at Imrriahiiel Lutheran church. C6tla^e Mietirigs are belhg* plfirf- ned for NoV. 1 at B.p.rri. ih the homes of the Earl Kvamsdales, Walter Magnus'o'ns, Milton (5rei- rhans, Hdrvey C. Larsen's; oh Nov. 2 at 8 p'.m.,' they Will b6 held at the Carl Lofstroms, Henry Larsens, .Reginald' Petersons, Martin Dahls. The, Clifford Anders, 6'hs will the, hosts Nov. 4. The Lloyd Thorsoris a'nd Edha Pearso'h will have meetings at their homes Nov. 6 at 8 p.m. An afternoon meeting, is scheduled for 2 p.m. Nov. 7 at the A.B. Tweeten home. The.: same evening meetings will be held at the Ed Petersons and Archie Dits- Wdrths. The final .meeting, will be Thursday,' Nov. 10, at the Carl Andersons. Halloween Party The Jr; MYF of the Methodist church met : Wednesday- evening for a costume Halloween party. Prizes were awarded for the best costumes. They went to Betty Hanson, She/yl Briggs? Gloria Taylor, John Barnes, and Randy Lien. \The group decided to hold a rummage arid Christmas gift sale Sat. Dec. ?. Class Play The; seniors of Swea City school will present their class play 'Nov. 9 at 8 p.m. Donna Hacker will direct the play entitled, "Chicken Every Su'riday." ! ' JrHere will tie^ rip School Friday, -NtJv,. 4; so'teachersiinay attend the:"s,tate' teachers---meeting tit Des Moines. :.. Mrs HayoM Fridefs erjtf r-tgin- tho F.a'r,mfcrette .§00 dub Wed- Kesday wjth Mrs Tqm M^Keow^ aj gUest, Receiving prize'? were, Mr? John CapeS'iui Mrs Milfprd Plfi'tlio, aiiij Mrs Jl^afvin Redin.g, Mrs Martin Friders entertains he : club NPV. .80, , ... .... .... . The R-Nw :5qp club met Thursday at the: home p^.Mrs.Ah'tph Weydert with Mrs Ray Thilgei.' arid MT.S Wilfred Schneider x as $ttes"tsV Receiving prizes were' Mrs- Ed Bojrrnafjni Mrs] Ralph. Riding and Mrs Ray f Wlges. Mrs; Sylvester Wegneu entertains the ttB NOV- 17. , . ' ' ., Mrs Iforolti Tlijlgcs entertained , her. 500 club Thjjrsdaj? even-;: Four Bancroft Residents Are Hospitalized Bancrofi — Peter. M. Schiltz is a pqtieh't 'at Ploly Family hospital, Estherville, where he underwent surgery. Mrs Evelyn .Eckheart is a medical patient at Holy 'Family hospital ... Mrs Ross Inman took hpr mother; Mrs John Reding of Whit tqmore to St. Joseph Hospital, SJoitx City Saturday for rhedical treaj;menj;. They returned home tlie .same day. 'Mr and Mrs Harold Boeckholt were called to Ipwa City Wed- riesSa'y by ^he serious illness of their daughter, Cindy. Firemen Called • The firo department was 1 called after'riob'n .when fir^ broke but along^the railroad^trpcks and tlireateried several Home's and trie bulk stations, , Mr' and Mrs^ ( Glen Cowing, Irenej Blppkpr and -Meredith Bergman attended a banquet at Liavu-elns Sunday,'_ The victory dinner held' at St. Magnificent gef en 1 ' V/ed. thru -Sa'i. r Evening, 7:1)(| and , ( , te|fe?,t Adventure". Satflrda'y malinee g:00. Sunday, - 1:00-3:10-3:30-7:30-9:40 , a»q Tuesday, 7:25-935. B.LGOMA SPECIAL MAT. SAT. AT 2 P.M. John's school ThufSd>i# 'fdr tti6 baseball team" was Well attended. Mr and Mfd tfohn Bduef 6nd Craig spent the'Weekend with relatives at'Paton. ' Mr and Mrs Jurilb'r, .Doticy, Owatonna, Minn, spent the week end at the Geoffe Dobcy home with his father .whb has been 111. Plans aje being rriade f6r the tUrkfey dinner tb be* hfeld Nov. 6 in St. John's Catholic cHuroH. . Hears Talk By Casey loss Ledyard -~ The Ledyard Parent — Teachers organization- met at the school for its October meeting, with the ,program committee of Mr and Mrs Melvin Logeman, Mr and Mrs Carlylo' Engelby, and/Mr ahd, Mrs Lowell Underbakke in charge. Mr Logeman presided. . Music by the Boys Quartet- Billy Menke, Virgil Wallentirie, Tom Busch and Bruce Rhoda, accompanied by Nancy Hurlburt. Talk by State 'Representative Casey Loss of Algbna. Solo — by Mrs Schniltger Ac-. companied by Mrs Ihglet. After a short business meeting lunch was served by,the follow- ing committee! • , Mr and Mrs Menry Dohtje, Chm., Messrs and, Mesdames, Virgil Kitnkel, Vernbri Richardson, Jack kfebsbachi Fred Cutton, Jens MadSen, Antone Ber- , Mov. 1, t96d Algona (lef.) Uflpef ven,; Cecil Mennen, John Stein* berg, Homer Wolf, Mrs Edith Busch, Forrest McGregor, and Orland Peterson. SAEBS BOOKl; fegisfef felt- eta, register carbons, addef sshd cash register rolls at,.the Uppet Des MSines Pub. ,Cp. : , Algonal i RE-ELECT CLARA WALKER WIDOW ®t WoftLD WAR VfefERAN DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE F6R COUNTY COUNTY, IOWA Your Vote and Support Will Be Appreciated QUALIFIED & EXPERIENCED SUNDAY THRU WEDNESDAY •P% I W ^"f .^^ «^ "P "W^ ALGONA I'll Tell You Mine • |l Came Upon* Mkfni|ht ClMfJ .Jlhl tWeritk S«H •: , £~, Bt My Gil • f«B», FIIJD D«w • IWoHiVPiiUrt. i \! ' • • ,:..—., Plus - Color Cartoon — Admission — Adults 90c - Juniors 75c,- Kiddies 25c Matinee Friday At 2:1 ALGONA YUL MNNER as you've never seen him SEVEN WHO FOUGHT LIKE SEVEN HUNDRED! • Vyptyen Wanted~fo Loye Them... Ckitifari Wanted To frofeci- Them., .. fyfweps Waited To Help ~fkew.;li^ / ? ;.,theu became Me ^ I'l-i TjWjON. WALLACH AtMi&'&e&H A MM.7&NA6Z STAR •HORST 1UCNHOLZ COLD AS STEEL...TWEY.HAP HEARTS J OF GOLD... AND BECAMf LE6EN- PAPY TO A SMALL FARA COMMUNIT/ {!.' ; SEVEN -.00 PLUS - COMNTRY MUSIC SHORT SU=:J':CT "HONKY TQNK HIART" ^ 75e -

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