The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 1, 1960 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 1, 1960
Page 12
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*r < i^w,-*^-' < • ^7»r^ijv>>? M ' * Vi- *>li V> •' ' '•' ' r '^l ,^l%!Ftp, , ' " t ^,'lffi>: .'« - '• J .tC * * * • 'V'>--',';', ^ , H "*' A- - c s • „. t l r ' "A- -V /.& '.,,•. -. . ^ ** ' - * '.ft*"".. ' - ' T 1 B W u n^^fCTw ^-JUIfH-W* <»i • •*• i' ,L i l^ f i" v fc--.w. l.t '*.,.« v er 1, 1960 f" *?, -v > USE... OUR OWN HARDWARE ciGEAClli 'Nciw you can budgtt out " yblr' hardware' bill-make (p^, monthly poymetifi with a imdll'i*rvld»' cdarg* p»r mclnth, •< acjdfng purchaJei whinftver yob with at i.. STOE0ER HARDWARE FENTON Find 1946 Copy Of Fenton In Mpls. Hymn Book •'Penldn ~ Paul Hudson 1 lias in his, possession a supplement of the Fentoh Reporter of May 9, 1946'.'Paul's niece was attending regular 'church services at a pVerfbyte'i'ian' church in Minneapolis recently and upon opening a Hymri-bo-ok noticed the paper neatly' folded. Knowing her Would be interested, she lorewtuucu the .paper to him. If the.paper,has been in the hymn book all this time, it has certainly been .handled wlth,car,e, for it Is neither to'rn nor crushed. How- even it has'certainly 'yellowed' throtigh the years. s The paper carries the .headlines 'Fenton wins 7 to 6. Coach Tatdm Fields Classy High School Baseball Team. Extra —Thrill- Packed game goes H innings. In- c'idently. the game-was played with Presentation Academy of Whlttemore, 'and the item states that the bale lasted 3Vfe hours. Names'listed in the item include, Hack'baith*, Montag, D r e y e r, Mueller, • Berkeland, Johnson, Lowman, Kisch, and Jergens. 'Sortie of the other items on the page included the Gregerson— Henciar wedding. Elaine Mit- 'cheU,' student nurse at Minnea- polls spent the weekend at her parents. The'Lorenz Geitzenauer family attended a birthday party in hdnor Of Mrs Delbert Gcit- zenauer. Gerald Radig left for Camp ttobinson, Ark. after a furlough in'the parental Alex RadiR lome, just to mention a few of the items. .' • ' Doesn't it sorta make you wonder who took the! paper to Minneapolis and left it fti the hymn book? ' Mr itod Mrs Ed Schlei and Mt rind Mrs 'Marold Schlei and Steven attended the special services at the Burt Presbyterian church Friday evening. Speaker soloist for the evening was Russell Killman' of the radio 'Heaven and Home Hotir' program. He also showed .picture on Hong 'CK93&&. TTftt< NOW Is the lime To PRODUCE-Fenton CAN REN T A NEW NOW—kill disease germs and flies in all your farm buildings the easy, low cost way! Sprsy with Carbola, the disinfecting white paint that de- •troys profit-killing insects and germs on contact. Stop in at our store today for a supply ol, Carbola and ask .about our low-rental Portable Sprayai DUNCAN PRODUCE FENTON, IOWA ELCO Sweet 30*30 cattle feed combines 30 c /° -molasses with 30% protein, It's excellent for either beef or dairy cattle feeding. Qnly the finpst ingredients are used and extra smoynts of the important ones are added. Yo|j can count on it to stimulate greater production in your* beef or dairy herd. 'For Lambs. FELCO SWEET 30-30 is available with either 80 or 140 milligrams of Aureomycin. in. Let's tftlH about your beef, dairy and lamb ing .pWf W* Md FKW9 SWEET 30-30. Fltco FENfOH CO-OP ELEVATOR FENTON, IOWA Kong, Mrs Olga Huskamp and Mrs Clarence Arbogast spent Wednesday afternoon at Britt. They visited Mrs Gerald Schmitt and new daughter at the Britt Hos- jital and also visited at the Neil rluskamp home. Sunday evening, Mr, and Mrs entertained at 6 o'clock dinner Raymond Stoeber, Mr and Mrs Dick Stucki and Julie and Mr and Mrs, Arthur • Anderson of Swea City. , , ' " Sunday, November' 6, Rev. Paul Hsu will be the guest,speaker .for Mission emphasis Sunday, at Blakjer Lutheran church. Xev. Hsu is a student at Luther Seminary from Formosa.' Services will be held -at 10:45. Mrs Ed Schlei was hostess io the Dorcas Circle at her home Tuesday afternoon. Nine members were'.present. " Mr and'Mrs Curtis" Olsen of Fen.ton were among those helping Mrs Cleo Classon of Ring- sled observe her birthday anniversary Thursday evening. Others attending the- occasion were Mr a'nd Mrs Clarence Peterson and Mrs Gaylord Olsen of Ringsted, Mesdames Mamie ;Eckert, Earl Stafford, Kenneth Larson and/Bob-Jacobsen .of, Mafc lard and Mrs Ray Goering and Sonia of Jackson, Minn. Mr and Mrs Henry Schulle spent last Sunday at Gaylord, Minn, with Mr and Mrs William Schulte who were observing their 58th anniversary. Barbara Halverson, sludeni at the Lutheran Bible Institute, Minneapolis'and Merle Halverson, student at Waldorf, Forest City spent the weekend in the parental Kenneth H a I y, e r s o*n home. \ Mr and Mrs Reuben Luedtke, John and Mrs Ernest Luedtke, Lone Rock attended the baptism of Kent Steele, son of the Carroll Steeles, at Alberta Lea. Minn. Sunday. Mary Rossiter, Forest City, was a sponsor. Mrs Steele is a niece of Reuben Luedtke. All were dinner guests of the Stccles following the baptism. Mr and Mrs William Domek of Fairmont were Tuesday evening supper guests in the Frank McFall home. Mrs Arvid Dennis, Patty and Jerene of White Boar Lake Minn, and Mrs Elsie Rood of Algona wore Friday afternoon nnc supper guests in the Ray Stoeber home. v Mr and Mrs Gerald Schmitt at LuVerne are parents of a daughter born Monday, October 24 a the Brill Hospital. Shn weighec 7 Ibs. 4 oz. and has been named Cynthia Lucile. The SchmittF now have a family of Iwo boy; and two girls. Mr and Mrs Clarence Arbogast of Fenton are Ihc maternal grandparents. St. Johns Lutheran WMF met Thursday afternoon at Depew with hostesses Mrs Tilman Egland and Mrs Joye Jacobscn. Mrs Russell Kuhn spoke and showed slides of the work on the Brazil mission field. Mrs Lloyd Finnes- lad sang a solo. Mr and Mrs Dale Weisbrod and Nadine drove to Sioux City Sunday to visit Pam Weisbrod, a sludent at Morningside College. Mrs Morris Mitchell. Mrs Albert Mitchell, Mrs Marlin Olsen, Mrs Rudy Christiansen, Mrs Lena Christiansen and Mrs Merle Flint spent Friday afternoon in the Ole "Pedei'sen home when- they helped Mrs Pederson observe her birthday anniversary. Several members of the local .Methodist church attended the Churchman's Institule held Sunday evening at the Spencer Methodisl church. Mr and Mrs Frank Ross of Eagle Grove were guests in Ihe home of Mr and Mrs Raymond Lister Sunday, Mrs George Jorgenson Sr. accompanied Mr qnd Mrs Don Jor- Kcnson of Algona to Ames last Sunday where they were guests in the F. Fauerby home. They also visited Mrs Clara Fauurby who is a patient in the hospital there. MIJ Patrick Noble of Leaven worth, rtans., Mrs jcituum«cuue, Marathon and Hadley Bfti«y t of Bettendorf, Iowa" called »6fi Fenton friends and relatives Saturday afternoon. .The, gi?pup,had,at- tended fdtoftl . «AjMAft'SK Weir half-brdthef Fred .Bailey aff M6r- shall, Minfl. on- Saturday *Mtfn- Mr and Mrs 1 MaynkML Ifemltz Visited with R6v. and Mrs C. C. Callahan at Kanawha, Sunday. Mr and Mrs kenneth Halverson and Mr and Mrs Henry Wilberg were Sunday; afternoon visitors) in ,the>' Omeal Nelson home at Humtfoldt, c , Mrs Ralph Walker of Wfillie- more and Mrs t Adolph Deitrich of Emmetsburg Were Md'nday af- icrnoon guests of MrS' Martin Hantelman. , , i., ., ' Rev. and Mrs R. D. Eckelman moved into the Faifyille parsonage Tuesday afternoon. - Rev. Eckelman was Installed as pastor of the St,' Luke Lutheran Church Sunday afternoon. He has been serving the congregation at Dows City and the Buck Grove parish-near Dows City. , Mrs Williams Raska of .Spencer was honored at a miscellaneous shower Sunday afternoon at the Fairville Lutheran church parlors. Mrs Richard Preston of Ringsted was in charge of the afternoon's program. Mrs • Raska is the' former 'Phyllis Bruhn, daugHter of Mr and Mrs Alfred Jruhn of the Fair.ville vicinity. Sunday dinner guests in the Richard Theesfiefd home were Wr and Mrs Clarence Theesfield, Vtr and Mrs Larry; Theesfield and son of Fairmont and Mr and Mrs Charles Theesfield. The Fenton Township Homemakers met Friday with Mrs Ed Priebe with Mrs Martin Hantelman assisting. Seventeen members and one guest, > Mrs Harry Haase was present Mrs Randall Clark, Algona presented a esson on the voting .ballot. , | , Henry Lindsey Leaves Fenton After 67 Years Fenton — After 67 years as a resident of Fenton twp., Henry C. Lindsey left here this week to make his home with his son, ,E. H. Lindsey at Marshalltown. Mr Lindsey recently . sold his horp^ •m- Fenton to Duane Widdell, and Saturday held a closing out sale of furniture and,similar personal items. In the 67 years Mr Lindsey has seen a' lot of life in Fenton, and witnessed successive eras of growth and business change, as well as knowing almost everyone in the area. He will be missed, and probably will miss Fenton, too, but he expects to Liable to make a return visit now and- then and will keep posted on happenings of his old home town via this newspaper. Natural gas was first used as an illuminant in 1824, at Fredonia, N. Y. '' - f - r* * ' f '"';' • ' V^!' . t r . - / -: ' &; ' f '. —'-•"TVS ••*!*$$$ 4*1 <* f r " l *..A,Ji? s-' yk*f>^;^t!iM '" ''<W|i; ,,-•, *j.. } ^ w,,, Coming \ fvenf s ttjfe .Wednesday, Nov. 2 - ; ... Supper Bt Methodist Ghufeh, Johns Ladies Aid SocietyT* -•«-' Thursday, Nbv. -3 ,— Falrville Ladies Aid Society Woman's Society of Christian Service. ^ «. Seneca Woman Honored On Her Birthday fjie §tfsy See- Club »»"„««.. 'MM H/A; Mblt^gfen-wlth; ; lg gU6 presfeni Some — „ L attenUtd the JtffrWeddliig "L.. niveraafy 'of Mr and MrS Frank Asa~at Rutland,' • Pedersen Seneca — Mrs Ole observed a bfttfiday on Thursday. In honoFof th£ casion relatives dropped in. Enjoying the cburtesy were Mesdames Martin Oleson of Haifa. Hans Christensori, Rudy Chris? tenson, 'Merle Flint, all 'of Ringsted, also Mrs Morrld Mitbhell and Mrs Alb«rt Mitchell of Fenton. Thursday a'f ternoon callers included Mrs v Merle •Lbckwood and children of t Swea City and Mr and Mrs Enill Bleckwenn of Fenton. David Looft, son of the Henry Loofts, who recently' enlisted in the Iowa Air National Guard, left Saturday for the Lackland Air Jforce Base near San Antonio',where he will take his basic training. . Tilda Johannesen of Fairmont, Minn, was a Thursday visitor at the Martin Wilbergs. Dwane Johannesen, son of thfi Fred Johannesens, who recently enlisted in the Iowa Air National Guard, left Saturday for San Antonio, Texas, where he will take his basic training at Lackland Air Force Base. Mr and Mrs Gayle Petersen (Mary Lou Simpson) of San Francisco, Calif, are parents of, a son born Oct. 7 at San Francisco. The second child in the family, he weighed seven pounds, 10 ounces and has been named Scott , Brian. Mr and' Mrs Leo Crowley and Mr and Mrs Harold Petersen of Armstrong are the grandparents. The Rev. Paul Hsu will be guest speaker at Mission Emphasis Sunday at the Blakjer Lutheran Church, Nov. .6, at .10:45 airii: The Rev. Hsu is a stUdeht at the Luther Seminary in Formosa. There will be a pot-luck fellowship lunch at noon. followed by an informal" afternoon session. LONE ROCK Mr and Mrs Fred' Mortensep and Kathy and Both Ann Feye of Fenton, and Mrs,Glenn Householder of Lone Bock were recent guests in the Darryl Householder home. The group celebrated ELECTRICAL WIRING & INSTALLATIONS Contact McF ALL Plumbing — Heating — Electricians FENTON FENTON BUSINESS and PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY GERALD VOIGT THE FRI1NPI.Y TAVERN Invite* You To Fenton WEISBROD Implement Company JOHN DEERi, NEW IDEA and GEHl EQUIPMSNT Bui. Phen* 3 Bef. Phpn* 60 HANTELMAN BUILDING SERVICE For Building r Remodeling PHO||» 125 or 17 Or, E, W, Ruske OINTIST QHiw Phent 79 F«ni9n> Iowa Ths Nntoh RIPORTIR The Only That Take* An Interest In licensed M, Phone And Au Iff J» . i»WS Danker 'of Letter were guests In the Art'Priebd 1 home recently. ' Mr flhct -Mr¥' Aft' Priebe, and family, Mr attd^Mrs Bob Chest- MfwUbl'a'nd faniily, M£ Md Mrs flffiAl-Wtebe' #nd flftlily,/Mr fsMy Priebe aridi&milM ina r JVir8/«ay i-neoe unut«u»",nr Mr tmd'Mft Cdflald Priebe anfl family find Mf afid Mrs fid Pricf- i be* 61 Fenton Ivefe everting su* llr the home of .Mr anfl *>&*. . _ X-*_ _* A^JIjiLtiLa. IM. WftUlXtt f f h •^«g«at»^ Ever"tackle the job'iofdif- ' ! ging and hacking to re-mix, the gooey oils rfnd half-, petrified pigments,in ajcan' GlLT ; J^W?"H6fW>&& ', nized" Paint. It never »et- tles or hardens*. .-.s never! needs mixing or stirring JA.J doesn'trun.driporiplattef.f FENTON LUMBER -, .'**'£?. . ';. V. : ..\t>^j- g a «&;»• {*&,-.-. now i—., — can do 1,001 cutting jobs io easily! WEISBROD IMPLEMENT FENTON (41.-44) home. * 'MrMmd MC'Gnart»vMolri m s tyefe - callte 1ft tee P> * » •','- «• ' Experienced ", i* * '" ' -y- * Embalmers and Funeral Directors , Ambulance Serv . Sellable 24 Hour -, •:..-. ,.,•-••„ «, Funeral May B^,; Referred To Us With Confidence Phones -V f,'!2'3 . 21661 21006 . 20216 tfwwwvvrtv^ j .. _ , i.t/'v.Jsi ***-!<. .'>», i'. •/111 t r t i f,' >,<-< ' WE SELL And INSTALL IECT me; ; WA[TPi iHEAT^S;;; All, Types of jLight' & Heavy^ p,ijty / { If i, ' V • W •• **? Bi • m • • • • • m ^ , m m mm *.— • *. j " f 4 >( ^' s \ • t - t '" » » . 'jV*?*'**! 11 *f|I(%ltdbff'«|;Central lowd^'Adequeft^jWit'lng.Bureau) >^ r 1 iJrtbNE |l t Q9 |' 4; '. ^ X^f^jVJtfiffX^^^SwV^ J ^ lif-ii liii^T 1 >'^i ! i : ;?^ jHill 111»{» , -i-s .; l ifj t . ll-.l Ml \ •/<: ! :' In •> ''Jt-fH Building or\' • • THIS EMBLEM IS ... when you're | ... when you're buying a house j living in a house i i i i i i i * Thli «mbl«ni 4 on Iht main I IrU pan.l, cirtlfitl fvll •!««• I |il(«l wmforl and tffltliney | with room to expand. I j "i i fi ...if/later/ you must sell . Thl* Ad»q«at# Wiring C«ri|fl«ai», with yeur dud, will add 19 )!<• valu* of yovr Kovtft Ihli tlgit will fMldf y»u I* • i hog,, "'•'wiiy »Unn»4 fw ' J * gnjoy the saUsfacUon of Certified Adequate Wiring all l«ng •ItclrUol lift, I u . i „/... i , . j through your year* as home owner, With plently of conveniently placed outlets, yo|u get the best out of your electrical equipment in quick, 1 economical service, Your'e always in position to idd new appliances,, '„ your wiring permits new installations at minimum expense. Conjult Cenfql IpWfl CERTIFIED ADEQUATE WIPING BUREAU WIRING FORTH! ASKIN0 IOWA KiECTIUC LIGHTS FOWKR For Farther Infarmqtion $ee Any Of Following Eleetricinnsl JQHN PJXQN ElECTRIC, Lone Rock MING - HEATINQ - ELECTRIC, Fenton ij-r •; -*•

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