The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 1, 1960 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 1, 1960
Page 9
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PHONE CY 4<3J35 - .YOUft . ^.l.^.^..ji.J^_. ^.^.^. JLX^ j.,^ •,;, .A J Gut Sta-N> B 'TiJiijBt jj^^p'^^^ '^m AM' REE!! Storage Protection for i i«s t M^rtl ,**,', , i ,*s "•-• • • • , ; ^ " , '• '• . • Y6b Don't Need More Closet Space •I You, Just Need Mote Space In the Closet You've Got. »."'"*rfT* J * ' 1 ' / J ( * . '' •* >- y 1 ' ' -." .:• • •/ -, . -••! '•<..-•", ;• » ' . 'It's Hfnfe to store away svmn\6f t appttr'QtiHd 'drf»< ready for/thttse Chilly months to come.'Why let dainty sUfTli^4f thing*, get crumpled ^and soiled in closet and bureau drawers? We! keep ^urtimer;.flarmehts and household articles Which .you won't need \ until, uexf jummer'perfectly cleaned and pressed until 'you need them.' ' ', , ' ' If you should decide on a winter vacation, now convenient .to have everything clean dnd freshly pressed,'ready to'go; Pay only the normal cleaning charges whep garments are delivered.- ' ' FREE! PICK-UP AND DELIVERY . • •. i" ' i ' ' i • •BURT By Mn At Hlnekley JUST PHONE CY 4-3265 ! 5 ALGONACLEANERS f . .; .n /j.., ''T'/ K''-« > ' ?i \ : '. ! ' ' LAUNDERERS 11 ' . ' > ' I *' ; * < '' . • ^ \ , < i • ALGONA , , . >'/'' Across from Courthouse > — IOWA Leg Injured • A ,Burt business, man, Cliffofd Holding' was,; seriously - Injured in a freak ttcdidteflt' Get 17, He was getting into his caf to go. to work and was all irt exeepjt his left' leg When a dfiverleSs car struck his car, pinning his leg in the door. ; • _ '< He suffered a badly bruiScci leg. It was kept in ice packs foi| some time. . r Jerryi Weiner Had stbpped ai the Emil Hasse-honie to leava some saws to be sharpened, and while he was, out of his car It! started rolling down the hill. It had gathered momentum before ,striking the Holding ear. • .. ( Pot-Luck Supper < ' The first' quarterly conference ,meeting was held at the Burt Methodist church Wednesday? evening. A pot-luck supper for' the congregation was held ,with Rev. and Mrs Dawes, Spencer, district superintendent, as guests. Career Day Set tlgona ISpper Be* jWomes; AlGONA, I0WA, TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 1960 VOL. 97 - NO. 44 Fri., - Nov. 4 PRIZE NITE Andy -Doll & Band Sorrtedne Will Win 500 < ' Tickets For Xmas Nile Also Other Prizes During The Evening. Don't Miss It. Sat» - Nov. 5 Henry Charles .And His Orchestra Sun., -'Nov. 6 - 9 to 1 A.M. Western Special Marvin Rainwater j Wand' Jackson Stonewall Jackson ' ' . Boby Hankins - !And .The Blue Boys , Adiri.jll70 plus tax tot. $1.90 ! \ ~i»» ( 'I '«f SHIRTS < *^ v by Arrow Our Best Ad Is On Your Back * Our many successful years in Algopa are • not founded on fantastic advertising claims. 5 -• i • ( . * ' "Our best ad is on your back" — ,11 is the i ^ ' f * r 11 ' * I i " suit of clothes, ^ihe ^topcoafc' 4the «hir^ t i^apk^, or ^ '"• v '*^ d ""^ rf ^^ory U jKaY'Vota < 'puridlia8ea from ZENDER'S long ago that has retained its original beauty and • given you that "dressed right" confld8nCe"each't . 'of the many times you have' wont it HATS ' ' ' ; 'by 1 Stetson & Champ TIES by Regal SOCKS by Jerks TOPCOATS by 'Season Skipper SUITS by Kupenheimer Clothcraft Griffon These. famous brand names and dozens of others assure you of complete satisfaction. There , is no substitute for quality , , . , and in Algona , there is no substitute for . , , , "AIGONA'S EXCLUSIVE MEN'S READY-TO-WEAR SHOP" " T T ' •'.'' '' '' '• "MS9NA' ' ".' ; : Burt Community School wil be host to the Annual Careei Day Program for all Juniors in Kossuth County and all State Line schools Wednesday, Novi 1 Three Enlist Joseph Cunningham, Gary Ab- bar, and Dennis Wolfo, all members of this year's graduating class, enlisted this week for a 3- year tour of duty in the U.S. Army. The young men will leave Tuesday, Oct. 25, for Camp Carson, Colo, where they will receive their basic training. Farewell Party » Mr and Mrs George Becker were guests of honor Saturday evening when members of the board of directors and employees of the Burt Cooperative Elevator and Lumber Coi planned a 1 farewell for Mr Becker, who recent-: ly resigned as manager of the lumber department, a position be held -for 7% years. < Mr Becker was presented a gift from the group. present besides the honored guests .tyere Ray McWhorter, Mr and Mr&'j. L. Miller, Mr and Mrs Bill Madson, Mr and Mrs Melyin Johnson, Mr and Mrs Larry Mantis, Mr and .Mrs Dean Andrews, Mr and Mrs Paul'Weber, Mr and Mrs Earl Shipler, Mr and jMrs Russell Patterson, Mr and jMrs Frank Becker, L net la iSphenck, Lulu Hawcott, Selina I Clifton, Roger Chaffee, LeRoy ^Davis, and Grover Giddings. INew Garage |> The M and D" Auto and Repair Shop \which opened for business Monday, Oct. 24, is owned.and Operated by Darrell McFarland and'Darrell Davis. ( Me Farland has had 9 years experience as a mechanic. Davis has had.<a years experience as a of a Kossuth County conservu tion Board. Plans for the annual Hallo ween party were discussed. The committee on Boys and Girls Activities to have charge of the evenfhg. Leo Mitchell heads the committee. Mrs. Fred Samek accompanicc Mrs Evan Routh of Good Hope to Spencer Monday where they attended a dinner and meeting oJ the. Spencer District Methodist Minister's wives. Mr and Mrs E. R. Woltz spent the weekend at the home of their daughter and family at Rochester. l .. ... • mechanic tractors. on diesel trucks and HSve New Member- John Ley wa's accepted as a member of .the Bujrt ^ions Club 1 at its regular monthly meeting Louis Scott was rushed by Ambulance to St. Ann's Hospital on Oct. 17 after he suffered a coronary. ',.'.. • • Dr. J. G. Clapsaddle is a patient at' Mercy hospital, Mason Sity, where he Was taken Oct. 18 for medical aid. . , Mrs Ella Meyer left last week for an extended visit at the home of her daughter and family, Pas;or and Mrs Henry Friedrich at The Dells, .Oregon 1 . Mrs 'James Christenson, Mrs George Koestler and Mrs Eugene Meyer attended the 18th mnual meeting of Lutheran !ome Finding Auxiliary held at I'ort Dodge Tuesday with an attendance of 160 ladies. Mr and Mrs Kent Ryerson and family, DCS Moines, spent the weekend with his .parents, Mr and Mrs Frank Ryerson. The Young AdUlts Klub of the Methodist church will hold their annual creamed chicken supper rtpv. 9, serving to begin at 5:30. Tickets may be purchased in advance from any member of the Klub. . ' ••; Rev. F. G. Samek, Frank Ryerson, J. L. Miller, Lance Riebhoff and Art Phillips attended the Spencer District Men's meeting held at the .Emmetsburg Methodist Church Tuesday evening. Mr and Mrs Jake Smith and Mrs Helen Vogel "spent the weekend in Iowa City. The Smiths atended capping Ceremonies at Monday- night; Howard McMui-1 tne Memorial Union building, len was elected Tail Twister to , Thei r daughter; Sheryl, was One fill the unexp'ired term of Erviri Of'the 123 Student Nurses to re- Perdue, who last week moved to ceive her cap. Wisconsin where he accepted a' position as manager of. a large, cheese factory. . ''••<•'.' State, Conservation Officer filler and "Harold^ " grem presented a short pro L . on the duties and the setting-up cently. FISH Vic Rademaker' caughjt ,a .„.,„ '—' J catfish ,in. the :Des* Motner north of LiVerrriofe 1 '. rti- ATTENTION VOTERS! WHEN YOU VOTE NOV. 8 ON THE COUNTY CONSERVATION BOARD QUESTION YOU ARE VOTING; WHETHER OR 'NOT jYOU WANT TO CHANGE SOME OF THE WASTE LAND IN OUR COUNTY INTO PARKS AND [RECREATION AREAS. WHERE YOU CAN GO FOR AN OUTING OR FAMILY PICNIC IN A CLEAN SUPERVISED PARK IN YOUR OWN COMMUNITY WHERE THE KIDS CAN SWIM ON A SAFE BEACH AND HAVE A PLACE FOR CAMPOUTS AND OTHER OUTDOOR RECREATION. WITH NO ADMISSION CHARGE. ' . 'THE PURPOSE OF A COUNTY CONSERVATION BOARD is TO PROVIDE THIS FOR THE PEOPLE OF THE COUNTY. THE FACT THAT MO'STpF THE COUNTIES JN THE STATE AND ALL THE COUNTIES AROUND US HAVE VOTED; CONSERVATION 'BOARDS WOULD INDICATE THAT THIS is SOUND SENSIBLE WAY TO FILL THE GROWING DEMAND AND NEED FOR MORE AND BETTER FACILITIES fOR OUTDOOR RECREATION IN OUR COUNTY. ' «WE URGE YOU TO GIVE THIS CAREFUL CONSIDERATION. THIS AD PAID FOR BY THE IZAAK WALTON LEAGUE. THIS IS THE WEEK THAT marks the anniversary of the'big revolution. Each man's home Is his castle, but the man Who had aeen king ( around here willingly abdicated in favor of a new monarch. I, who had been lady-in-waiting for several months, became the Queen Mother, and the new king, William the First, began sellovving out' his commands to his adoring subjects. In the 17 years since that time,'things have never bee'ri quite the. same., We were sarents for the first time and that's aboyt as revolutionary a development there is. ' ' • * '*..'*•.*.' THERE HAS BEEN QUITE A bit of discussion about which are he beait years of a person's life. Some people think they are/during • he teenage; others vote for the time when you are a foot-loose and 'ancy-free bachelor or career girl. The year or so that you are newlyweds is pretty special, and, looking back on it, childhood is a nice 'ime. But there's quite a bit to be said for the time when you start., iving with your first offspring. Surely that should be included as one of the best years of our lives. •'.*'*.. * WHEN WE HAD OUR FIRST BABY, the hospital scales said' hat he weighed 7 pounds and 13 ounces, but we thought surely he must be worth several times that weight jn rubies. People said he vas a .nice, normal-looking baby, but his parents' secretly knew here had never before been an infant quite so handsome. We had •ead quite a few books and articles on baby care while waiting for Bill, and we were determined to be good, even somewhat stern >arents. But we hadn't reckoned with the. way a little scrap of uimanjty can wrap two otherwise fairly sane adults ardund a little inger. He was a real rogue. He took.most of our'energy, embezzled- 11 of my time, and stole the combined hearts of his parents. ; ' : * . » •*.•»• BEFORE THE REVOLUTION. WHEN .we' reared for the night,' lothing but the fire whistle could cause us .to get up again. After he baby came, the .tiniest wail would send one, or both, of us, tumbling to his 1 crib.' On the few'.occasions the' baby',did sleep hrough his night feedings, we his parents would lie awake wonder- ng why he wasn't crying! ' • ,«..;'* ,;.'*'• * ' " « " • ••<•••!, < THE BOOK SAIP THE BABY SHOULD have sir, so every ay whether'! felt like it'or not, I bundled 'him 'up'! and took him for ride in his buggy. It .was below zero much of that first winter, Jut I had gobs of blankets as'first-baby gifts and I used.'every one f (them, The baby was sweating away down in'his deep'cocoon but about; caught pneumonia.; There was plenty of fresh air, allrighl,' ut Mamma was the only one who got any. ':•".•' ' ;' • * , '*' ' :.*'• *,..., . , 1 BILL HELD COURT FROM/ HIS erstwhile clothesbasket, leribboned into a bassinet. At first he slept'most of the time, but he kept good track of meal time aqd announced it in an earshaWng voice which he still has. .He would reward us once in a while with a jroad smile which less sensitive, souls attributed to jgas, but the day he-giggled right out Jjaui^for the first time, everybody had to admit' hat he knew what h6 \vas-dOiivg. -..,. ' ^..,,^,^.^, , ;•,- . "V.w,<i--v-» .^ %»^^. ~:-*,-:'-fif'••• • • •• • n ''* V> A&>MiOOiCBACK. IiCAN see that our first baby was really the )est behave^ baby we've, ha'd at our house. If I had k/iown thatjhen. I wouldn t have spent so much time worrying over him. His biggest, problem was the threat-of starving to death. One baby later, the' elf-demand, idea of baby feeding came in, but in Bill's regime; 1 >abie,s were,stjll suppose^ to be kept on schedule. Both the book and our doctor said he must be getting enough food for his weight, ' but Bill, npt haying read nor consulted either, didn't know that He yelled because lie wanted his belly fille'd. If he ?was supposed? to eat at 6 o'clock he usually started complaining at 5 so I'd hold him until 5:30 to calm him. Then I'd sneak a bottle to him. This made me feel quite guiltj;, but jt sure shut up little Willie. • ' * ' * * * • • • . WELL, HE'S STI^L HUNGRY MOST OF THE, time, and although he is no longer the exclusive object of our adoration, we are still mighty glad he is around. No major catastrophes have happened to him unless you count the time he fell out ; of the swing and nearly bjt his tongue in too; the time the 2 by 4' fell on him and made a grape-fruit size bump; the two times he cut his eyebrow; the time he had that convulsion; and the time he broke .his arm playing Tarzen and before it was healed, scratched the. 'cornea on his eye so that ht» was bandaged in t.wo places. * ; * * « SO FAR .WE'VE WEATHERED the Cub Scouts with him, the bow-and-auow,. B-B gun, spinning rod, Hfle-and shotgun stages, and entered the driver's license and dating; phases. He's in the politics stage right now and looking forward >tp college and a career. I won't go so far as .to say that he is. oiir favorite child for each is special in his own way,'but he is our favqritfe son. And he was the one who embarked us ion some qfUlie best years of our lives parenthood. ' • ; ' - • —•" * '•'' f* I *' - . *'. . • '• IN THE ELECTION NEXT-TUESDAY, we will receive a small ballot asking if we shall create a County Conservation Board. I admit that the last time this came up, I voted against it because I didn't know what it was all about and I thought it would cost money but I found out that such is not the case. If the issue is approved, the board of supervisors will appoint 5 members to the Conservation Board, they will serve without pay, and we'll have some fishing and picnicking spots we can go out to after work and on week-ends, without driving 40 or 50 miles. * * * * THE SURROUNDING qOUNTIES _ HANCOCK, Humboldt, Palo Alto, and Winnebago, already hsve such a board. Ironically, an Algona man, Joe Lowe, was on the state board which did so much work toward getting the system set up and now his county is the only one in the area which doesn't have a board. « * * * KOSSUTH COUNTY AT PRESENT HAS only 70 acres of public arks, the Call State Park and half of that is timber. The county already owns 430 acres of gravel pit land, available at no cost for iarks and recreation areas, and the law authorizes the board of upervisors to make county owned equipment and operators avail- ible to do the work of fixing them up. I'd like tu see this thing go hrough so my Old Man and little Willie won't have the urge to harge off to Minnesota to go fishing, and so some of our waste areas can be turned into beauty spots. * * * t 1 FOUND THIS WEEK'S RECIPE in my file. It's for Date Rocks and it's signed Mrs R. S. Blossom, but I don't know when or where got it. 2 cups brown sugar 1 cup shortening 2 eggs beaten 1 cup dates I K cup walnuts rolled in 2 tablespoon's flour I'/ii teasp. soda 3 tablespoons hot water 3 cups flour 1 tsp. vanilla. Cream the sugar and shortening together, add the eggs. Dissolve he soda in hot water, add to the creamed mixture along with dry ngredients. Drop by spoonsful on greased sheet and bake at 350 egrecs. —GRACE. Name Cheerleaders Ledystd — The high school tudents last week elected cheer eaders for the current years asketball, with the selection of our Senior girls: Janet Richard- cm, Janis Goetz, Carol Runks- aeier, and Donna Ingebritson. Marriage Banns Bancroft — Banns of marriage were published in St. John's Catholic Church Sunday for Dennis Schumaker, son of Mrs Mary Schumaker, and Rosemary Szuelo, St. Louis.

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