The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 14, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 14, 1940
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VOI.UMU XXXVI—NO. 230. Blytlievllle Dally News UlyU)<.'Ville Courier T^UOMWANTNEWBPAPEn OP NOHTHlS/Wr ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Missslsslppl Valley leader li!yui< vine Herald „ HI,Y!I1KVII,1 Roosevelt Departs On "Fishing Trip" Amid Much Secrecy . WASHINGTON, Feb. M. (UP)—IVftmleiil JImisevell nis plans still shrondcil in nitirh secrecy, left the capital to-' clay for a vacation fishing miise "somewhere in soullieni waters." + Cnly a few facts filtered through the While House censorship. Thr- president left Weshinmon aboard a M1KAN8AS. tt'KDXKSDAY, KKBKUARY |.|, 1<MO |P, [ JO Maryland Stale Troopers iiatlle Mob Of Farmer SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Southern Railway train nnd Si was : understood thai he would fa to I Penfaeola, Fla. There he 1., ex- \ peeled 13 board the cruiser Tusca-! loosa, on which he cruised in tint j north last, summer. Where this cruise would hike him was noi known. The White House olfeicd no explanation for the unusual secrecy but il was thought thai the president might extend his l«'ai-ley Dodges A ho ui As Wdl As Koosc:vdl. Aldermen l!e;u- Pica, Delay Action; Scl Aulo iajj "Deadline" STOCKTON. Md., Feb. H (UI 1 ) TI U , mol) -—Two Mule iroopirs nnd several Him) (jy i runner. 1 , ftcre injured tocluy In ••( Cnllick ' ;r>, furious half hour halite between ^u,, ul \~ } , 25 uoopeis mul :il)0 members of a tin- Hie j,ln' !m:b dim had taken n negro wu-.oi-\cin--olt\ u.i.f child from (lilt snotv Hill jdiiiinhicr, Vlrulnln.'i-l. i 'liu- women were belnir held for Wr-l-mvortlijmlojr' In Ihc sli.ymi; ol und CharliM l-.u-hai | mid ihe cnll-ul w iincl- r u!i Mll ,. cj , J1|lk|; r-old common law ,.„,„ k . soll| .| a , m . of H.uvey lMlolu,rd. inrnw and Ihcir " S Finns In Desperate I Of Attempt To Hold Off Soviet Russia's Hordes Mai-ylnnd .slat cunt \V. A. Weber , -" s ';; iy ™ . " . lhu ;" 1 "i R '!"!'" ill|: "' '" ' S '""' l " y w " ills wife .a Ihelr l;.n» home, " i|: " 1 ' lll " i "' 1 s ' lllt ' c " mi ' k In MEMPHIS, Tcni)., Feb. M (Din —Ho.stma.stei- General James A. Farlc-y. t» Memphis lo speak on Amei-lcanU'in, declined tcduy to rr,L« n i« ,i, i (lisi:llss tw ° subjects—a third icnn region where neutn.lit, pa^ol ^ '"' "^'P 1 U " osere1 ' ™* » "^ sols are keeping wuieh along t);e fringe cf the Gulf of Mexico. At, White House orders absolute Govcrnor is Critical Of "Jitterbug Stale s ui a n- slu'p" In Speech HOT Ity United Press Kiin>|)i/.s wars nul today nml rm'siHl HH1.SINKI, Pub. 14. (UP) -Kmliiml charged HUSK)!! The. council also ordered ( Polite E. A. Hi.-a lo give ho cai.l /.ithouKh one member of . thc , T h( . m0 b. which look tlie women moo was n-iicncd nullei- ( 0 liavc tut »j lixlay before the .Smnncni <;.is <\s- soi-uitlon convenlion Hint United Stales not function on a coiiliner.lal b.isis us 11 had l" tli<! past, unless Inequality of B ," fj'cixht rales was dlmlnnteil. Ji'iuisw of this Invisible- barrier has been net. up uctwcim llic U-lHi«l.s huv lo . |01 H«1» with deliberate violation" oi' (lie; rulos of civili/cd warfare American ( io,ia_y ami appealed anew for "bloodiest JO miles German e u "ihi'oveliuil rlfjlu". Unllcil Stales ships bun rd by luw °" nifiliusl the linn IHHuruu teats, lire ellner Him volimlmlly ,),. by compulsion taken A'a- Jimnnicniig of. a grant Uwl army ui itH Manncrheim into ullicd uiuckiide. control lions lor exatnlnnllon. Many The Red army wtis retried loday to have denied Finnish lines -"< lerm for himself. Referring to Ills refusal last, summer to discuss the third term question, a reporter pressed Hirlty »- s I for a statement. tourage which entrained with Mr"' - " T " k '' lg "" whcrB we lm 0|T secrecy was maintained plans, virtually Die around hi.s entire i' Illst sllllimt%|1 ' General," "Getting back to last why I'd say just what 1 said then," Farley replied. "Let's gel Jit on tlie light fiol, you fellows. No politics wilted on this trip. I'm sorry but I'm talking only Americiinism." "How about Farley and n first .'erin then." he was asked. "Same as Roosevelt, and n third 'erm." he answered. Roosevelt, Including secret service men and men, was kept in absolute 'ignorance as lo where he would embark, where he would go nnd exact I v how long he might slay. Mr. Roosevelt" described his trip as n fishing cruise to require about 10 days. But the secrecy surrounding today's departure lind no precedent in other spring fishing trips he has made. The range of Mr. Roosevelt's fishing trip would be limiled onlj- by the cruising range of the vessel he boards. Should he embark in Florida or on llic gulf, he easily could cruise lo Ihc Caribbean where 22 vessels cf the Atlantic squadron have been engaged in training maneuvers off the Dufch West Indies. Maneuvers off the Dutch Indies ordered shortly after Belgium and the Netherlands decreed virtually complete mobilization last inonili suggested the possibility that, Hit: navy may be preparing to defend the strategic islands in event Holland is drawn into the European war. Mr. Roosevelt, himself disclosed Hie Iccale cf the maneuvers —on.the islands of Curacao, Aruba St. Eustatius 'and Bonaire. . -, ™c™ '™ s '»o indication, other than the secrecy, however, that Mr. Roosevelt planned to cruise a l f ,f ™ S -', hC Cnribtea "- Newspapers'Rube Elliott, 21, Blytheville in Florida recently have been re-! drivers, with accessor after corctins good fishing conditions oil I fact cf grand larceny and he peninsula, and Mr. Roosevelt ini; stolnn propertTin has the precedent of previous years "" 1»°1 10 "S l" for fishing in upper regions of the Gulf off Texas. •Am- i tic center of the Karelian isthmus ;nswe hns oeen concentrated. '•• • nounced thc dispatch of nocf.w n». -in.s '""" ""' W 11 "'" 1 oi tne liij iec. I.LWS- W j U (.], U (. t . 0mCS (!„,, , lnmln jjy 01 , Jan. l, without penalty. , A vigorous pica uy" Dr C E summer, W llson, who said he' appeared as chairman of a committee representing Blytheville physicians, resulted hr action lo collect delinquent physicians privilege licenses oeing ne'lJ In abeyance mull the next council meeting. Dr. Wilson declare:! that the medical doctor or physician was the most Indispensable 'of ml proles- G enera l No! Ye I Definite Gubernatorial Candidate TO SEER OFFICE Announces Candidacy For Nomination As Treasurer Of County He said one soliillon of "llih lioiul economic t[iu'silon" voiml lie i-i'«ujustmenl of ireliht r,iti. s so that sotiineni Na/.l Cicimnny because ol vcjio'rLc'tl |iro.luci.s uovciniiKnt consideration of IMI Im- cnllsl- cjul.1 cwiipcie with tliosc of tin; mediat iisoi, today ini-] v ,||, ,, c S0 | m , , )V olll . ot j/iij, innjj UJL- «?^u luiiiiitu privilege [; "7r C ;,ii „„ , -, , , lie said he was nit defending I any other profession iimoja tnose Women, Men To Be Prosecuted On Tourist Camo tnose wiiosc tncintiers are ussesseo. privilege licenses under tiie szatt ordinance. He said he hud no defense for who post and observers predict lhat| lur-a-ycar" official. will not be a candidate if mare l-.orn and i cared In Mississippi than time men seek the nomina- county, Mr. Robinson Is a son of | Dr. l-inley A. Robinson of this clly of the iitloriicy general]and Is well known and enjoys a pointed out that his entrance Into! wide acquaintance In both the Uo "- got aollars - for the product they'll b? Governor Car the office his sincere and earnest and charging Marvin Hucy, 20, and some other man. will have a pow- to serve the county. Wilso;i also said he had no ake for chiropractors anil Thc departure was a vacation to- Mr. Roosevelt but it was a nightmare for secret service men, newspapermen nnd cameramen They packed their bags last night, ,, 0 t quite sure hew much clothing to take cr of what weight. One newsreel cameraman had planned to take his wife as far as the port of embarkation, and reported that he encountered difficulty in convin.-- hig her that he couldn't advise what clothes lo pack because he hod no Idea whore he was going. New York Cotton Prcv. Open High Low Close Close Mar. . uai HOD 1091 HOO 954 May . IOG'1 1074 KM 1073 1090 July . 1027 1034 1025 1033 1051 Oct. . 9U2 974 9S1 972 1024 Dec. . 950 355 3<l£l 959 geo J a»- -950 800 B19 Mar. May July Oct. Dec. Jan. Orleans Cotton I'rev. Open High Low Close Close H05 1075 1035 9C3 949 947 1111 1C83 1043 973 959 1105 1075 1035 SS2 1082 1042 973 953 854 1102 107-1 103-! 9G2 947 947 Stock Prices 111 5-3 BO 1-4 27 3-4 . 76 SS 4 1-4 A. T. & T Am. Tobacco Anaconda Copper Belli, steel Chrysler . .........'. Cities Service ....... Coca Cola ... Ocn'l. Elect. ...'.'.'.'.'. Gtn'l. Motors Int. Harvester Mont. Ward N. Y. Central North Am. Aviation . Pflcard Phillips Radio Republic SUel Sccony Vacuum Studcbnker Sid. of N. J -H 5-8 Texas Corp 15 U. S. Steel 53 3-8 taxi tha recciv- . . , ... conneclio!) with the theft of $500 from Sam Thomas and Finis Keeling of Leacliville, it was announced today ty Deputy Pi-osssiiting Altornev K O. Purtlow.- Grand larceny .-Marges against the two women and accessory charges against the two taxi drivers were placed when the f;ur were arrested durins Die weekend but L)r. plea to osteopaths, whom he referred to in somewhat caustic manner. Ke declared he was making his r.Jea soieiy in benalf of tut- "M. U," Of. C. C. Stevens spoke briefly, ureibB connmiiM su^ciisiun a non-collection of the privilege license assessed physicians. He Seeks Ways To Keep Cotton Consumption From Dropping lilc-iitily Governments cUlhg : ':'n long list of Hiuslai) violations, Ih- clmlliiK Hie use of poison uaa, Ihe machine sunning of civilians, ihe i'ir|iinn« tcircrizitlon of undefended loiviw, the use ol prisoners' an.! civilians us tihlelds for Infamry llic use oi explosive bullets a-jnmsi civilians ur.d unlawful allaclu on rinnlsli av:l neulrul shipping ''' Fjiilniid was fighting for its nn- Frnnca to slrlkc nt Soviet tloniil life ugnlnst. nil nttiick thai supply lines. cs|ieclally oil for Ihe. liad nssumed Work! War s^'ale lieleh. Tluil Hie Niiy.l-Commimlsl '» 12 (lays Iho Flr.ns csilmate.-l bloc could be lem])lcd Inlo such n touay—ihe Utli of lira greatest of- i.'illlcn, lunvi'ver, seemed unlikely. f'-'Jisiva of the—the Russians' In Moscow Ihc controlled Soviet '""' lost from 30.CCO to •lO.Ofl;) men. putllcnlloiiK were becoming more Ycl every hour new llusslan troops] and mart! hoslll; 1 toward both Ihe overwhelmingly superior In numbers /Miles and (lie United Stales ami I" (he Flnnbh army, advanced Ihc confidence of the lied iippcnred to li« mmmilni; ns a result of pi'osri's.1 ri-|,'iirill(,ss of Ihe cosl nualnsl Hie mnln rinnlsli defenses. The Hussliin high command claimed 23 mere Finnish positions had linen lakon and nsserled (hub Finnish counter attacks, which Helsinki said were successful, had been broken up and tluH llu; Finns had fulled lo veiinin the losl Broiind. army n^i'oss the bloody snow of no man's land over ihe fromi corpses of then- dead. vrla l.lccuae Granldd ON. Feb. i-i. IUIM— A (Icnvrla l.lccuae 'LONDON. . crnl license has been granted to Trade Department Is .' Operating; Satisfactorily The newly installed Trade and Industrial tducntlon department of the City high school repcrls that Its vocational iiragram Is operating very sallsfactorlly, 'r ne dlvetsl- lled occtipalions classqs have an enrollment, of 30 J)oys. uiKl, gli-is. . gen-j These 'SlMilcnlsf'Jtrc'-stiidylrig -viirl- ; fice-hchlers' group will liiiv? a large following, leaving a third candidate with only thc support cf the antis of thc two other groups. This group though [lot enough to elect their own man, will have the balance of jiowev „„;, cok , of Out Of Town Friends NEW ORLEANS, Feb. M. (Ul')_ 'llic National Cotton Council, hiccj W-^r A Fnnoval wllh tllc l )owlw "ty of " cut in the , , Ward TUneral consumption of American Cotton by • lo<ll!y • wan-lily nations, loday wis tcnta- A number cf out of town rela- lively asked lo consider Ihe transfer fives and friends braved thc snow of a number ol" British ships on yesterday lo come here the Pacific lo the Atlantic'coast l-> Ilrlllch subjects to enlini In th F-inni.'ih armed furccs, It was announced In the House of Commons Herbert Schwartz To Speak At Osceoia OSCEOLA. Ark., Feb. -Her- of the receiving stolen property charges against the two men were atidcd yesterday, officers announced. These cases are expected to be among the first to be tried when the criminal division to Circuit Court, meets here April 1. The four Sfheil"' 4 ar ° " OW '" " 1e C ° Unly " lore ''•K^Mrons''to'suspend"eff'ect boj ' st:lc » Lincoln scdairhere'Feb". bruises and Ihc car was not seri- lions committee.""warned"tlml scv- t.ude n of the license ordinance against '• only to m ' Kk lllc machine In n ou j|y ilamaued. eral of the large coivsumers of U. a. <-f Miss ty continue its •ey of tlie last two or tiwei years ' v iL£ i M I Ignorlr.g the li:ens; assessed i »OUlMul NegfO IS aiainst physic,<ms but Mayor Marion Williams insisted tnai If t.;c lifcnso was not to Be 1 collision that it sc repealed by ordinance. He bcrt Schwartz, alhlcllc director of Arknnsns Slate College. Joueslioro, . will be the principal speaker al llic while some relallves were couniell- export-import, bank by $100UO!)OJ9 nrnual Fathers Nlyhl piouram ol cd Is slop In Memphis overnight. The commltlce hoped lhal some of ' Enioute here early yesterday one this money would be made uviitlnbtc car slid Into a dilch when hastily lo neiitnl countries for Imyl.-ij Sent To Stale School . | applied brakes caused thc machine S. ration The I'S-year-old negro boy who to ' m ve the highway but no om: Will Clayton of Houston, ^ 10 Osccoln Parent Teacher iisso- <:iut!on »t the high school tcnlijlit, U It Is announced by Mis. I). S. Lu' ncy, president. program nrrniijjci) and leil said he wouid noi'coiuiu-iiaii'.e any ! wllu " yoiinu white Blytheville wa! > injured except for minor miinlicr of the foreign lrn:l'e relii- by Mrs. O. Ilarlslll Banks will lu- ll is allegsd.that Ihs two women stole the S500 fr;m the two Leacli- vilic farmers while at n local tourist camp and that the two taxi drivers took them to Helena fov safe keeping after the woman had physicians, adding thai under" sitcn dunce number by pupils Pally AOklus. and vocal accident In which both Other out of town people here cotton might soon cut down on col- numbers by llic Osccola .male qimi - and other wur D. S. l.aney, E. W. Packard and Ihc ftcv. Paul Galloway, was expected to deal A cnth nwurd of live dollars will and Glythcvlllc nflcr lea EIIO, adinttlciT to oflicere Hel- Ihcy stole the iiuney nml returned $5D of il bm said ihe laxi drivers had Ihe resl. avoiding t 0 chief Depnlv Sheriff John P. Reinmlller cjrcunjEiBnces an undue burdenwa- " erc i »J l "" Ci| . was sent lo the no- v-crc: Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Uoyd of ton purchases nr.d spend more for lei composed of O. liiirl.stll Hanks, placed on him became such a reso- Bro Uoys ' Illc li:strlRl school yes- Salem, Ky.; Mrs. Harlcy Tlirclkeld nhplanes. trucks ' ' uition patently was of no le^al ef i lercl!> y nflcr n hearing In juvciiila 01 " Mari.n, Ky.; Overtoil Carr of >naicrlnl. feet. ' ' " ['court. Paducah, Ky.; John Cnm|) nnd The coimcl .._.__ _ .. _ .. The white lad, who was clrivins Io «i S=»tt of Pnragould; Mr. ana principally W llh Ihe late of cotton be given the rocm wllh Ihc lan;- '" wnrllnie today In Its general ses- csl percentage of fathers present. slon--Ihc council's second Pcrviiij on Ihc hospitality ccm- ..osvtutlon. mlU'jt: with Mrs. E. H. Chiles are '"TiUTC has been n rjral'.fyiivj in- Mrs. J. S. MtCruils. Mrs. M. 13. crease In domestic consumption, I'opc. Mrs. Geoigc Adams and Mrs. . .„ _ .. . . Mr. nnd other business and professional' men ll:>s bccn V elnovc: l from Walls llm- Mrs - H - J - IJe11 . Mrs. John nnbln- sufferej from "b-id accounts- 1 inri piin ' lo llls home where he is s °» of Memphis-, Mrs. C. U. Davis '"- " - - ••• -"•' "- T Davis of Jackson, Stacey of l.lttle trim they could see no particular • slculi "y impr;vin s . One leg, which an <l Mrs. lone reason why physicians should be Wi!s broken In Iwo places, hns been .Miss,; Gilbert exempt. .Mr". Jones pointed out that p lacc(1 '" iiock; Elmer Tlurnpson. Herschel lvltl1 Kitchie. Buford Horn and Slcillnc B'Rchncy of Hardy, Ark. M' L ! NlchOISOn r~ • r-l i tlVIC tlUD cast, and his other a truck driver in a much lower in- in i" rirs ar = much better. cciiit- bracket had lo pay a chanf- fours licenss fee which was a far r in- ir i " ' greater burden on him llian Ihe I'liH-fa! KllGS Held I n j , . privilege license Ice on a physician. p 11. u • i . COUCatOr, Altomcy rls.n; Funeral rites were held this afternoon for Alton Height. 21. who died at Walls Hospital ycslciday Altlcimatt Loy Welch saiil he was in favor of exempting; the' 'M.D.' Cs.tEOLA, Ark.. Feb. H.—Billie from provisions of thc privilege 11- Nicliolson was elected pre.sident cense if that could be none vu.,out of ihe Young Men's N. E. A. club exempting others assessed In the — , nl their organization meeting at ordinance. On query Oity Attorney """"'eg of pneumonia. i la SC: WJI.5CH Tavern en Wednesday Roy .Velson said that an" ordinance E=eause of the condition of losub cal ' . ., .. r . . Address Lions Club nrarkcts which have G. J. Guu'-h. brought ,-ut subsiantlal .imotinis cf collon In ;ovcrnmciu lean " ci.iy- 1,0 vevef' ;" rii0 - fpr i ce ls stl " to ° Iow ' Lincoln's Birthday however, to aiford cconomij c' ( ual- uy between l.'.c cotton producer an:l Industry." Prog-ram Is Presented ous vocations of their own chcos- lug, ranging from those of farm implement mechanic.'! and prlnl- Inif lo llorlst imrt ladles' nprnrot •it-iiing. . : Ulyihcville nnns now cooperat- Ing wllh the educational program, or wllh whom arrangements are being iv;rl:cd out, Include four ixbiauranls, three drug stores, two county olflces, a garage, n whole- Mile nnd a retail grocery, a soft- drink bottling company, a woman's apparel shop, n five nnd ten cent store, n paver company, a printing company, n lumber company, n Iqw of!:ce, nnd an lnsurnnc>- cfliee. There are still a few students 'for v.'hciu trulnmc stations have libt -oca found. In addition to tholr npprcntlce'- trannna work and the related tech- nlcnl study carried on at school, he students spend one class period 11 day studying general related" subjects. At present this time' Is oeing devoted to the topic cf personality development. Later In I'ni tncy v, 1:1 ta offered salesmanship, spelling, penmanship, business greinmar and coinpositlonV- ousintt.s arithmetic, an;l business" law. .,. Chinsse Grocer Dies At Hospital Today Mow Ylck, who with Richard Lee' had operated a grocery store at night. Elected with M r . Mchol- repealing the privilege license as lo llcar sen were Jimmlc Hill of Marls, Physicians only would be valid. cllt ' s ' an nncl Mr.i. Chssler Hei'ihl, vice president; Bob Graves, secre- Pointing out that he did not be- n ' siuc - I1 'e rites were not hc-Iil al tary; W. C. Mason. Jr., treasurer. "=ve a plivilegc license should be tllc Vict ^ r i' church Ihcrc as for his Other charter members present assessed against any professional 1>rothel '- Mock Height, wha d'.ed Kftf i>llil)l P £1 - Rlartln, William '"«" s ' K h as a physician a lawver Thuiscby of ihe same Illness '"' f JlMcMarlh. Max Hughes, Joe Apple- or anyone else WHO j,,, s c ., y ~,,^ " ' " " w»-»lbRUtn. Kd Elofllc, and Walter services and time lo sell. Alderman « J -°|K.c;tli. Jr. Mcilancy said lie . was fundamen- •™ j T he club which will meet month- tally opposed lo ihe ordinance, will sponsor .social affairs in Ifc s;ii(l lle "'oujhl tint phydcuns Safely education discussed by a state educator and scout nclvan- 's of this city outlined by a !o- atlorney made up thc program 1 424 Wcsl Ash street for atout 10 , ,, , , l years, died at Blylhevillc Hospital ! A "Lincoln s Birthday" program Ci . r[y thls motnjll , Hc Wa5 39 ' -• was presented1 at Ihc weekly , T(ie Chinese K ro:er was removed inccllng of Ihc Klwnnli Club at| to ihe hospital vesterdav after his Nails Irritate Boys ^. n ,° M ,. mWc .il 1 ,, 110 ™.. 1 " 1 !^ condition i,ad become crillcal be- Co-Eds' Tresses and Red , Mo., where his p:ir- ''card at Ihe Lions club's weekly ALFRED. N. luncheon meeting"al thc'VioterNo'- University boys disapprove of'giris Clark Hinith." pianist "ami bic yesterday. v "h sloppy ha-.r and very bril- instructor. 16 3-1 25 1-8 3 1-4 40 1-8 5 7-3 this section of ctuiisry. meriting schcd- At thc second tiled for iciiishi at Ihc Wilson •iavci'11 reports of the m:mteishi!) «i!l be given. r ih e c lub :::"•; will meet on altcrnst? moi-.ths in ''"Osccola and Wilson. parliculnrly were entitled to relief from the privilege ordinance : Mayor Williams jokinjly Ir.tiuircd cf .McKuney p.s lo wha't he' was ••rmuilnj for" and drew the retort! from McHaticy that he was not running '(TV- ices were conducted al the cemetery in Camthcrsvillc W ncre burial was made, lioit Funeral ironic was In charge, sponslblllty to the public. The s:out tnlk was made members cf the state department <lisciis:ion held of education of Little Hock. m.i:le associations. a tall: a:ul showed motion pictures of "Safety EducatUn" placing especial emphasis on the drivers re- fcaUulns Gcoi'sc William ncswicx, | causc of diabclic con-.a vocalist and member of thc high > poisoning (UPt—Aifrcd school faculty. ».-:d Miss Nniuiie j Funeral " U15lc " l( complela -.. - v .y bril- inslruclor. 1 thc return of Mr Lee from' Inin^r C. S. Blackburn, of Little Uock, 1 { (Ul1 fiiijernalts." according to a Mr. llcswkk sau;^ scverni cplec-! b ul j t W(ls underslooct that the "-by two ciirhtlnn lions, accompanleil by Miss Smith,' ma | ns v;ould be sent to' i!i::l nude a short talk. 1 A girl's dress nnd poise make Ihe Several members of Ihc clubj first Impression on a boy, Hie. told jokes credited to Abrahaii rfincl-lhblc discus,-,Ion rtvcaljd. Lincoln as did Mnrcas fjvrard. lo:a Other 5U[!gcstlot:s were: attorney, who' was a ijiu'st. Mr. Ev- A t's In The Giving And Not The Value Tctay Ealnt Valentine Day Livestock anything and orly SI!l1 ir ••>">' »"e had forjollfii the. ' H'.ey should hnvc s:rn trie by Percy A. Wright, wlio IMS been chosen lo head the new tro;p which Is to be sponsored by Ihs Thirty jix members he.nd Ilia two guests speak. burial. Among his survivors Is one son, Yok Pi::g Yick, of Canton, China. Cobb Funeral Home Is In charge. 'good personality" means i.vrt Invited the club lo iwrtlclpals Giant Wasp ffet Foiiml m::rc than "Kfloil danclnj." Un}S 1» a Joint mcelinj of the Lions. CRANBROOK, B C <UP) — A sciin to think that dancing can Rotjrians ami Khvnninns al the was p nest -al-i'to be one of tiis b= learned. city hall auclitorhim lo hear a con- ji nrgcsl C vcr found was dlsplayti nrvs (fon'l anm-eclate walling cert by the Blyll-.cvllls r.chool bund, j here by Pcler Edwards who pulled tco long for a girl when Uicy call • lit from a tree near Columbia lake after It hud been vacated. Tlic Chicago Wheat cp r n high io\v close Mar 9SI-2 SO 1-2 S81-2 !)9 Juli' »o3-8 671-4 961-3 97 14. May July Chicago Corn open hlf.h low doss 5S Mt-4 557-8 501-8 5G 563-8 55 5iil-4 EAST ST. LOUIS. 111., Fc-b (UP)— Hogs: 9.500-.7,503 on Top, 5.59 m-230 Ibs.. 5.40-550 140-100 Ibs. .,1.50-i 50 j Bulk sows, 3.85-4,50 Cattie: 2.400—2,200 feer.-. 7.4.0-S.OO eiaushter E te<rs, 655-11 JO Mixed yearlings, heifers, 7.5ti-300 Slaughter heifers, 5.25-1025 i Beef cows, 5.23-6.25 wanted to see that his present job was well done when he finished. ( Mr. Kelson \vris insltncl'.'Ci lo prepare .in ordinance whlcli would lulls chap at a local five and left Autn StftW cents store yesterday afternoon. , i " l " , £ on n date. They pcuernlly are not j Impressed by that long nail which Woman, 80. wosc$l lo Impress. Is Free Hunting License Peering anxiously ainona hove Die eifcct of exempting phy- (.'reds of valentines th? "alraiil 8- sale, slcisns from payment of privilege year-eld" lad finally ,-iskcd .1 clfrk The I9i0 I'nnihi- rmrh >;tol™ license and submit it to the conn- i" a haltitvj voice. "Do jcu have from ,„' ,„„{ of Os-'r Hnrdawiv" any iwo for a penny?" resltlcncc al 800 Wesi"waluut street When she replied, "Yes, li:rc sunflny nl=lu has bcei found al nre sonic," the slightly dlilv face -- The girl should be able to talk' Intcil.Rcntly about civic altalrs or fs Foimfl At Hllf/KeS nfrnirs of " lc c«niH«E~at least b "y yes and no with scms under- haps tut-door life nccounU for the standing. , longevity of the hunters and flsli- P1TTSFIELD. Mass. (UP)-Per- cil at its next jce Carney, city engineer was Ciien authority by the council lo coi.ducl the l-jiinual street tax broadened into a big grin "ns ' ic Two Blytheville lads, age 13 and Ihc approach of a 1 15 years, v, returned 1 crmen of this city, ; Mrs. Ida Baker, 80, became Iho „„„ " r " 1 '• csc Temerity aldmt, woman holder of (lie free HERRIN HI, tUP)-Quail, whcse combination license when the visit- tier vcs ordinarily are alarmed by cd the clly clerk's office " in " -"•"• "' - ' licing, Albert Smith. 84, U the oldest HI. He nnd his witc, U, nest was 20 Indies long nnd to- a " uppar dtameter ° f WEATHER .. ........ . ....... „ ..„ cutters and low cutters, 3.15-5.00 n«l bridges in use. .*'«"«« « cov owI can ve boh o, onc-my sweetheart and my lmnmni.1." provided The youths will bs turned, over' hack yan I to Juvenile In bltSi Arkansas—Partly clcudy, warmer tonight and Thursday. Memphis and vlslnlty—Fair, not so co'.d tonight, lowest tempera- lure about 30, Thursday partly cloudy and warmer. ... permits. I The maximum lempsrnture here four years the state yesterday was 50, minimum 32, cloudy with a three inch snow, ab-.. .- , ,.^ —, cording to Samuel p. Norrls, offl- uuldoor activities. cm weather oljaervcr., , F ° r " 1C

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