The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 25, 1960 · Page 17
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 17

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 25, 1960
Page 17
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lit! Flui^nsve seve- MftVtreWsHd -f/ehr ihehi uley HIS' MiiVred^S Attarls fcLI'airf Kuhn Was. given ihe?p"Mvlfegf <sf poking 'g&me'and brptffeht' hofese* 3£ v Caches, big and'Juicy 1 Sfceqitttehsv The Kuhns purcpsed -alhtjusfe' trailer awhile' agd a^id had a charice to sell it babkittd Afhe' -'original owners. Falffy^said';tKey don>t want" to sellLTne'y^ plan to spend quite a, lot" of time at the-Okobbjis next "'s'uhimer, By that timeMhey'hope. Qoi-dbn Will be able to!do dome fishing, 'and if ,he improves as rapidly in the next months as he has the past few, he will be able to reel 'em in again. ' Mr, and Mrs Orval Joseph re- gently-ferfj^alriei t£ a family dinner at "which* 13 p&radtts wer«l. ftttesehH, .1 meniidBe'd the super* gtittofl-of thai, number Being tin- Iu6ky t - to seat aVtHe table. They gdl .around itfttide.iy 1 . The oaby Was' not placed 'at the;festive board. ' , ,:r- ' , - * , * * *, t was ai the Johnson Mouse witn\ifrie'nds*one noon recently and^met Mr'S'Lldyxi .Schaller whom I<mentidned a'-few weeks ago. She is<thei woman who,came fronr Germany some time ago t and was typist in ,art' office fre* quented by Hitler; She is a cook and' her dinner Was jtist as good as the one I mentioned first. She is a pleasant person to know. 1 *' ' •, * .' Mildred Johnson was busy oh a wedding cake, she was assembling. It looked to me like a tremendous project and I told her ; ^^iMi;'";;% -i'l >, , >>;; *' "'' ' : ' Ifs Time For J : 1' Your Pre-Winter VIKING OIL ^ . . v j • t * i - ' f H > . » < J i ' ; ' • f » • •*>'•}<, • . i ' , ; • • * i i ! ^ ; ' ' • • ' '"" --'' •' ••«• • "I" vV.« ^•••, ;. i"'! ..':*>> *_L ( . Te|ted' and j Approved by ^ State , ByreaUi |of ; Inspection and ' i , « Mix Pro * ' N Yid.Uli, : : POLAR "PER GALLON (In Own Container) THIS ANTIFREEZE HAS PROTECTIVE, RUST . INHIBITOR, VIKING Heavy Duty Premium MOTOR OIL PER GALLON(In 30-gallon Drum) A TOP GRADE OIU MC-DG SERVICE VARGON BATTERIES (3Q-month Gu^ranlee) $ Price VIKING PHONE BY 44Wi OIL CO, p. B, etrlfon, Mine btw ii eate «ONB swim sd. Sh^ f epil^d, "Well, 1 couldn't wlte a column." Whan I sa^d, '1 £autdn'i make a cake" so to each his own, I guess. ' , * * * On ihe way lo auf de»iinaUdrt we passed- the Herman Hauberg hduse. ttetrtan was doing some y'afd worf and.l yelled to him "Vou'd better go back to selling ribBon." 1 knew him years* ago when hfe was employed at the Ghrischilles and Herbst store. He replied, "1 like this better." We asked him about a beautiful red .bush in his yard. He gave me a small branch and called it "uarti- mous". Now my guess as to the spelling is as good a:s yov^s-'but you get the idea. It' has cork bark, little red b'erries and quite a conversation t piece,' j met many friends when we went down town, a.nd, all asked me what it was and wtfere I got y lt. * * * ' ,1 glean all sorts of information 1 as I gather news? Recently I was /told about cranberries; by a Wo* man who had just come from Wisconsin where there are many fields of them. I, had always supposed they, grew, on bushes similar. to cui^ant^ or gooseberries. 'But 'tis 'not so'.- -They groW'less than a foot high and are gather- 1 ed by rakes. I suppose the rake rha,ve' teeth close '.together. .The berries are Washed by hose from time to tiraej in the gathering. The market was doomed last year by the warnings not to eat them, due ; to : health hazards from sprays used. This year things will -be. better -.but-it, will take another year of |two ''before the market is back ' to' .normal, my ' informant said. * ' ' ; '4 ( » * , I hope by now Mrs Jack Llnv bau'gh . has' her voice back. She cpuljd scarcely^ speak' aboye '. a whisper.' the 'lagt time 1 talked with Jher. f .The only good thing she could see about it, .she was to give her husband 'a break. She is Quite a talker und'she figured he 'might be f , relieved., I could deduct that- this ;was mere humor on;her--part-for I know hefc ; husband is a -good listener,, no matter i0 rhat> e -uses^er. voic? or. Tuesday, 6tt. 55, 1960 Alflona (Id.) Uppftf DM The young son thoughtfully watched procedings and then said, "Well, if we stand it all the time, can't they stand it one afternoon?" (I assure you this woman is ' an excellent house* keeper whether company is coming or not.) OFFICE SUPPLIES—-Business forms, office furniture, filing equipment and supplies, at the Upper Des Moines Pub. Cov,? Al* gona, across from new .Municipal parking lot. A/AWT AOS 8R1HG Phone CY 4-3535 - Your Your Vote Will Be Sincerely Appreciated JOHN J. BROWN Scottish Highlanders.., (UDM Engraving),. friertds.', Her!; .close friend Mrs Fre'd-Mielie" and';dajughter Aletha, Ecklu'nd entertained her at din-; ner , arid -Jn- the afternoon had. several invited ;iriends in-for a Visit; We had,.'announced to our friends we would, inot' eat with; them,- and -went fS a nice cafe, on the: north ledge) of town for, dinner. That didn't ')nterfere with putting 1 on the "coffee pot in mid- 1 Mrs William. Ste'ele caUed me the other morning to deliver greetings from' Betty Henry Whom she had seen recently* at McAine; 111. The Steels were spending the weekend there with Helen and Maurice Michel, well known'' former , Algonans and When the Miches;,, announced tHeyj were taking them, put for dinner and were- alsp, taking an- pther couple,' imagine^ the surprise %wh^n it turny»'.out tp ,bcj Bitty-'and' Ra#rftttA' Henrys-wwho 1 liyed here a number of years-ago. Mr arid Mrs Steele also went to Bettehdorf ; to, visit Mr Sleelu's uncle,' Charles Humphrey. En route lo Moline they slopped at Cedar Falls and were jqined ' at breakfast by their daughter Marianria, a freshman student at Iowa State Teachers College. On the way home .they Stopped at Aurora to see an uncle and 'aunt, Mr and Mrs R. F. Vender .Stoep. What a good Hol- 4aQ4er,.name .that is! Well, I'm part Pennsylvania Dutch myself. And half Irish. Another stop was made at Oelwein to see Mr and Mrs Robert Pousch. They too are former Algonans. I believe Sophie is also a Hollander. They had been living at Guttenberg since leaving Algona. ¥ * * A letter from the Kings, Mary and Horace, says they arrived home at Sunnyvale in due time, and all in one piece after a few thousand miles of travel, From here they had gone to Maquoketa to see Mr and Mrs Hiram Beedle, Mary said she caught a virus some where aloutj the way that laid her up a couple of weeks. Horace raises many flowers and his chrysanthemums were just beginning to bloom. She mentioned moon flowers which grow on the fence. They open at night and last during the morning, arc shaped a little our morning glories. Thank you Mary anc Horace for the lovely box of candy- It is delicious. I * * * A chat with Mrs Lindquist reveals -that she has an uncle and aunt, Mr and Mrs Maurinys Mor' tensen, Clear Lake, who are leaving soon for Aalborg, Denmark for a visit till Memorial day in the old home town where they have many relatives and friends. t * * Mabel and Hoy Hutzell lived at Fairmont five years some twenty-plus years ago and while there made many friends whom they do not see often. Mabel got a yen tp go there and bless her, asked a few of us to go with her, gq Oct. 13 Mrs Gillcs, Esther Benson, Lizzie Post and I were her passengers, Mrs Gilles stopped off. at S/ivea City, her former home, gsther v>sited Mrs Leonard Amundson wnom she knew at Park, Rapids, Minn., several yt-ars ago, LJzzie and I went tct the Clarence Pannkuks and weye joined there by Mrs George Hengel, sister of Mrs Pannkuk, former Algonan known well by hpth Mabel made jfjve galls and c»n>f back to pick us up, stars in, nei eyes and her heart agtow a friends and enjoyinj Clarence land ;Maggie have a; daughteV Katherine' Grotte, who recently moyedUinto a fine new home on a street in the extreme south part of town amid all new homes. They, gopn: their, car,:and we followed to see the place.! We didn't .know at the'time that] the itinerary'would-tak« us past; the duplex ;, K$ther was visit- ing,'and'haying ho way of stopping ,the-lead car,* we had to drive •~st and "hope^Es^her hadn't see-h „ JlTnd;!'Voitied ; that we miglit iorget her.-In due .time we drove back and got her, and were pn our way, happy ancl safisficd. ,1. wished -that we could bring home; Just one of the .lovely lakes and put it in a.nicd, place .near ;pwn; 1,'d even settle rfor Iowa T -'--ji It ; is so lovely there. , When I, heard the gag over radio, the , other uay . about the fellow who had a .sign over a trdy (Of apples, "Five',. cent .apples, twelve cents",: I.!-thought of the-spool of thread: I bought-the other 'day.' I handed ihe.clerk a nickel and she;asked for- a : dime more. It .hag. beejv ,a ,,long time since I pi^rchsseydS thread; and ,1 sure .was surprised at tbp -. upped price.. By.,the^Way,i is • there still such a. thing as.a fiv.e cent cigai;? . Let's go back lo 1924,'-^ About 400 teachers enrolled 'in institute Mr 1 and'• Mrs 1 A.•JF.i.paiWy (Doc' leff foft-Californif...Northwestern •Kffilf6 1 ad--disCwntiii'U|I Gerled ista ! tibri. Algona-defeated Spencer a football, 19-0. Forty candidate, ! ' . was no less 'delighted as she been Jewed by several old VOTE FOR DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE FOR KOSSUTH COUNTY • Resident of Burl, Iowa • 20 Years Business Experience • Married, 2 Sons • Overseas Vateran of ",>'"*>; World War II YQU.7 VOTE AND SUPPORT ON NOV. 8 Will BE MOST SINCERELY APPRECIATED BUUOCK FOR COUNTY AUPITQR nitiatcd in 1C of C order. * m * • Timely—"In this election year, he biggest job .Congress has is low'to get fhe money from the axpayers without disturbing the roter" ^ * • •* " •». Several years ago a well known mother, here was. .getting her louse ship-shape in preparation for entertaining a group of women. 'The 'furniture ,was b,ei : ng dragged: out and dusted • behind and. there was-general ; upheayel. DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE FOR i :•;?.'!'*, i , l 'i .'•''••:•:< i< * KOSSUTH - PALO ALTO 1. Slate Representative Palo Alto C6unty' 1958*60. 2; Mayor , of Emmelsburg 1952i56. s ' \ 3.- 4 years with Farm Credi • ' it Administration. 4. Vice-Pres. la. Real Estate Ass'n. . 5. Director Chap. 2 Nat 1 Insl. Farm Brpkerjs t ; ] 6. , ,7, , i * 8, . 9} COUNTIES J t, World War II Veteran 4 years. . Graduate of Stale U. of Iowa (1937) BSC fti Cpm- rrieteo. ' Di'rector Ertirrieisburg Ind. Corp. 19S6-60. Farm & Town 'properly owner* Palo' Alto 1 County. y l s J ' 4 '" (43.44) Your Vote & Support Will Be 'RE-ELECT DEMOCRXT Second Term Candidate for SUPERVISOR - 1st District Kossuth County (Serving Townships of Garfield, , ( Riverdale, Sherman, LuVerne, Whittemore, Cresco and Irvington). • ' ••'''.* .:,-,'• (43-44-*) t DEMOCRAT'S CARE Herschel C. Loveless for U* S. Senator Attorney Csnwal Stall Irioiurer Setrstory «f Stgto jiiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiii iiliiiiyiii'iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii RUMMAGE SALE AT DiMQCRATI? HiADQUARTERS iAST OF THI COURTHOUSE FRIDAY 4 to 9;30 P, M. SATURDAY 9 A, M- to 5;30 P, M. Clothing, Knick*Knock$« looks. Stamp* For Collectors And Mtiny Other It^ms. Cpme And Visit Us. YOUNG DEMOCRATS KOSSUlfcOUNIY Edward J. MeManvj for Governor VJSSr. •** WS" CwrtJUlw. trart JW0. .ABOUT YOU For li VOTE DEMOCRATIC NOVEMBER Owmty Democratic Central Committee PON MURRAY, Chairman MRS. PAT-BERKNESS, Vtce-Ch.

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