The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio on January 1, 1956 · 18
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio · 18

Cincinnati, Ohio
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 1, 1956
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PM 1 ert!on 2 Kr m:: fc.-. terror &: m$4rrr-, I BUY IN MT. LOOKOUT This home at 3300 Hardisty Ave., Mt. Lookout, was sold by Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Jones to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Edwards. Mr. Edwards is district manager for the Trane Co. Eleanore Sievert of the C. A. Dorger Co. handled the sale. About Town SIXTEEN LISTtD: Sixteen ssles were listed by the M&M P.ealty Co. Thev were: 7491 Pippin Rd., College Hill, to Mr. and Mrs. J. Aridison for Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Allen; 3977 Parker Place for Stella E. Hauck to Mrs. Norma J. Fisher; 5820 Argus Rd., College Hill, to Klmer V. Hoerst and Eleanor Focke for Mr. and Mrs. Ralph C Knabe; 1814 Williams Ave., Norwood, for Mr. and Mrs. William R. Tepe to Mr. and Mrs. Edgar E. Reynolds; 8362 Roland Ave. to Ms. and Mrs. Herbert Mathews for Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur J. Welgel. 2713 Ashland Ave Latonia, Ky., for Mr. and Mrs. John Stellenkamp to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Relnersman; 4.101 Schulte Dr., Price Hill, for Mr. and Mrs. Louis B. Schulte to Dr. and Mrs. Stanley R. Keller; 2773 Minot Ave., Oakley, to Mr. and Mrs. Milton L. Fuglie for Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Rlakewood; 3089 Worthington Ave., West how many years? . , . will It be until your new doufie nerdt imprnvrnirnln, rx- ?Riiion ur iiiiporlant repair? ou can pnivide now for thrve fulure nerU hr f inn'iiit vnur home with Fifth Third'. rr.KMA-H U IT.AN. Il l bn.rd n an nprn-fnd tvpe mortgage. It allows ou lo rr-uae part of the mortRage iiionrr nu've paid to finance future improvements or nr oilier worlhliile purpooe, And ?ou can do this witlinnl increasing vour monlhlv hoiiKe parments. Find out about I'F.R-M-H'M)'S advantages at any tilth Kurd neighborhood off lie. 16 Convsnisnt Nsiqt'borhood CffieM To Ssrva You er V Till: I. II. AVIL1 i:V LOIISI'ti CO. PHONE MO 1-1250 ALL M7IS Nt'VIIKnl IIISIGNS Oi l III. AND S5SS LSSiWAT A VI'Nl'E ri. ; architect urged use This attractive ..-. . - ' 4i-fc2VS wood, for Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Deremo to Mr. and Mm. Jake Fink; 4915 Sycamore St., Norwood, to Mr. and Mrs. James H. Tanner for Mr. and Mrs. Francis Bland. 60S6 Tahaiti Dr., CollrRe Hill, for Mr. and Mrs. Sidnry Flamm to Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Saboto; 5617 Sunnywood Dr., Monfort Heights, to Mr. and Mrs. Robert I. itmer for Mr. and Mrs. H. Wulfckamp: 6010 Belmont Ave., College Hill, to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Westbrook for Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Reinersman; 1127 Sunset Ave., Price Hill, to Mr. and Mrs. Howard D. Farris for Mr. and Mrs. H. Y. Morgan; 10G67 Pippin Rd., Coleraln Township, to Mr. and Mrs. Edward Woodward for Mr. Rudolph Cruenke. The above sales were handled by Edward Siefert, E. W. Hoffman, Ralph Nieporte, Thomas Asecre. William O. Stauhitz, Andrew Matto, Robert Clift, William Liscomb, Faye Terrell, Ernie Elam and John T. Kelly. Two other real estate companies, Dorothy Barrett Realty and Homer I-ane Realty, aided in the negotiations in the sale of two . . KKI'ORT SALES: The following sales were reported by Modern Real Estate Sales Co.: 1592 Krylon. Dr., Reading, for Schrand, Inc., builder, to Mr. and Mrs. Richard Brinkman; 1300 Thurnridce Dr., Reading, for Charles Braun, builder, to Mr. and Mrs. Ludwig C. Rett-berg; 4155 Jugler Mill Rd., for Fred Emily, builder, to Mr. and Mrs. Earl B. Hesselbrick; 1258 Nordica l.n., by J. P. Dorney to Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Dicks; 1357 Thurnridge Dr., for Robert P. Wvnne, builder, to Mr. and Mrs. Roy W. Hiatt; 1353 Thurn-ridge Dr., for Mr. Wynne to Mr. and Mrs. Edwin G. Paulson; 1305 Thurnridge, for Tully Lovell, builder, to Mr. and Mrs. John I... Morand; 1309 Thurnridge, for Tullv Lovell to Mr. and Mrs. David G. Redfern; 1313 Thurn- witk a lilrfims salt Yia-Packir Packaged Masonry Safety Chimney Ssvn )0-10 over brick Installs ia 3 msn houri "Biick-Psntl" chimncr houilnf Liittd for coal, oil, til Cms la ar.i fit the Iscli ( all of It ril Silverton Supply Co. 7030 Montgomery Rd. Phone TW 1-1702 6i.P.'.f-i UC'M i MIIIMKOOM riWIYNATI M. OHIO ? 1 I ' OWNFR: HOtTHWrSTFRV FI BI IHINO TOMPANT ARC HITFl TJi: ORDtt PRf S"I1R A MOI ( K fll'NI RAL ( ONTBAI TOR; ViSHt H-PK VORt: TONS TRITTIOPI CO. MASt-ftRI tU.MUAl IOR; A. K. RtC KMA.NN IJC. new lionip of Soutliw extern Public uig Company at 3101 Madison Itoad has 40.000 reasons xliy jon should consider Rending Rock for the Malls of your new luiilding. The architects urged the use of Reading Rock for the backup walls and interior xalls vhich are left exposed. Contractor Beckmanp likes Heading Kock because it makeg his work easier, his buildings belter looking. Call Heading Concrete Products, Inc., J 773 Heading Hoad, Heading. rtly en the READING ROCK The QUAUTY BLOCK florae Seetlon Shellls Appointed To District Ollice For Stale Board West Shell. Jr., ho retire in January. 1906. as president and l rector of the f nr nnati Real Estate Board completion of terms in both categories, will be installed a fifth district vice president of the Ohio Asiociation of Real Estate Boards at the winter meeting January 5-6 at the Hotel Deshler-Hilton in Columbus. (SHELL Mr. Shell was elected to the district vice presidency of the state board at the 4Uh annual convention held in Dayton. The OAREB winter meeting will also convene the board presidents and secretaries of ecretaries of constituent affili-ateg of the stste board from all over Oh. Harry J. Mohlman, secretary of the Cincinnati board will accompany Mr. Shell to these sessions. Cincinnatians who are members of the board of the Ohio Association of Real Estate Boards statewide directors include: William J. Parchman, Harold D. Comey. George E. Mayer, Jr., Mrs. Violet D. Hen-dy, Earl K. Franks, Mrs. Nina M. Fansher, Edward H. Shop-herd and John W. Bullock. ridge, for Tully Lovell, to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Dilbert: 3546 Kroger Ave., for Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bryson to Mr. and Mrs. John O. Butler. 1349 Thurnridge, for Mr. Wynne to Mr. and Mrs. John W. Gilligan; 1321 Thurnridge, for Teubner A Fisher, builders, to Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gerwin. FIVE DEALS: Five sales were reported by the office of R. W. Norris, realtor. They are: 3049 Verdin Ave., for Mr. and Mrs. William J. Schneider to Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Bogart; 6461 Rapid Run Rd., for Carl Karst, builder, to Mr. and Mrs. Floyd L. Gutlegon; Ebenezer Rd., for Gerhardt Development Co., Inc., to Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hes; 7579 Dog Trot Rd., for Mr. Karst, builder, to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lindle; 6084 Jessup Rd., for John Nullmeier to Mr. and Mrs. Mark McCoy. Salesmen in the deals were Charles Schoch, John McCoucha and William Orr. TRANSACTIONS: These sales were handled by the Filipp Realty Co.: 787 Sedam St., Sedamsville, for Mr. and Mrs. Hopman to Mr. and Mrs. James B. Cox; a three-acre lot on South Road near Van Blaricum Road, for Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Britton to Miss Shirley Fisser: 4829 Prosperity PI., Price Hill, for Mr. and Mrs. W. Stanley Thorbeck, in co-operation with A I Koch Real Estate; a lot at 918 Rose-mont Ave., Price Hill, for Mrs. ( .fining, to Mr., and Mrs. Phii.p Hofmeyer, in co-operation with Malloy Realty; 3090 Perry Ave., Westwood, for Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Noyes to Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Smith; 4322 River Rd., Riverside, for Richard Wuestner to Mr. and Mrs. Al Iderle; 515 Observatory Dr., Springdale, for Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Feldmanto to Charles Mason; 4228 Virginia Ave., Northside, for Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Johnson to Mr. and Mrs. Edward Henke; 7820 Laurel Ave., Madeira, for Mr. and Mrs. Ben Davis to Mr. and Mrs. W. L Beemon. The sales were made by William C. Filipp. Early Pendery, and Gertrude Franke. n sMt, , ---?52taf4 BUY MT. AUBURN HOME This home at 217 Stetson St., Mt. Auburn, was recently purchased by Mr. and Mrs. Conrad John Jr. from Harold and Zelma Wittmeyer. A. E. Swann and Betty Davis of the Donald E. Felix Co. completed the transaction. VVf " "professional's" choice L:fiJ 3 Ik THE CINCINNATI ENQUIRER .V'.,- ft r?fV- J: f.' 1- - fllNI f;j .. ifU lllll the Eastern Division of Inter- iiV" I t - i ti I Vt I national AJax. I am sorry, 1 t i ' li'Mf If yf didnt catch your name. , . ., f " 'If 1 aJT."... I Well, well, 1 am pleased to : , ' I x. 7-" r" W rr make the acauaintance of a man BUYS SIX-ROOM COLONIAL Mr. and Mrs. J. Trotter Thompson, Toronto, Ohio, purchased this six-room brick colonial residence at 1112 Old State Rd., Park Hills, Ky., from Dr. Carl Kumpe. Mr. Thompson is metalurgist with Newport Steel Corp. The sale was made by Park Hills Realty. t r 1 SIX-ROOM DWELLING SOLD The one-family brick dwelling -ij .v.. .. by Ed Gutfreund in co-operation with Deters Real Estate. 'I m. BUYS INVESTMENT PROPERTY These two homes at 911 and 915 Rogers PI., Walnut Hills, have been purchased by Bertha Fram as an investment from Julia Sullivan. The transaction son, real estate broker. Architect Can Be Helpful In Choosing Building Lot Many money-saving opportunities are lost by prospective home builders because they don't know what to look for in a building lot, according to the . American Institute of Architects. The Ideal lot is often hard to find and commands a high price. Many an excellent buy is overlooked because the prospective home builder thinks the site is unsuitable to the type of home he needs or wants. . It is at this stage that a qualified architect can start saving his client money, says the AIA. The average person who thinks about building a home usually buys a lot in one of three ways, the statement continued: A newspaper classified ad. Through a real estate agont. By seeing a lot while driving. Too often, a lot which could be utilized to good advantage is not even considered because the shape is irregular, it adjoins a hillside, or perhaps a brook runs inruugn me cenr oi me property. These irregularities are considered disadvantages by the average buyer. The average seller -knows it and, therefore, will take less for the property. The architect, however, knows what .can be done with such building lots. With his training and knowledge of new building methods and materials, he can adapt plans and ideas to fit almost any type of terrain and contour. He can do this without sacrificing his clients desires in the way of appearance, comfort and convenience. In most cases, these so-cnlled disadvantages can be used to good advantage to enhance the individuality of the design. BUY IN CHEVIOT Mr. and Mrs. Nickolaug Lang purchased this five-room one-floor home at 3818 Meyerfeld Ave., Cheviot. Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Franz were the sellers. Jim Rcda of the Roda Realty Co. negotiated the sale. BUY FIVE-ROOM HOME Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Pruden purchased this home at 8961 Applewood Dr. in the new Orchard View Subrii-' vision under development by the Larchmont Realty Co. The home has five rooms, tile bath, unfinished second and full basement. Mr. Pruden is employed by the U. S. Playing Card Co. as a sales correspondent. Hoadly Ryan was the builder and Fred Bazeley handled the sale. ?" if ViL-W nce. Hippy New Year. !' i V V J S rrr-Z c.lLin ha name P.enrpe ,,. v rfs i v ' .si-' at 1118 Benz Ave., above, was Mr. Thnman Pae. Mr. and Mr. William -.a -ri.. ..i j. was handled by Cele Murri- The ideal method of buying a building lot, according to the AIA. is for the prospective builder to consult with his architect first, before a lot is even seen. The architect needs to know the personality of his client so that personal taste and styles will conform to the individual own personality, rreierences. needs, desires, and budget limi- tations must be considered. It . . L. - J .1 T t the architect accompanies his client to inspect various sites with these things in mind, he will know whether or not a lot is suitable to his client's needs. More often than not, says the AIA, the architect can help choose a less expensive site yet make his client's dreams come true with the home he's always wanted. Gas Bill Rising? Don'tBlameMeter Check Air Filters In The Furnace It Could Be The Culprit This Is the time of year when the customer isn't always right, though he's almost always overwrought. So says the Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association, analyzing customer complaints about gas products. Most frequent winter grievance is that this year's heating bill is higher than last year's for no apparent reason. At least, the majority attribute this mysterious increase to nothing in particular; a few claim that it's all the fault of the gas meter. But this much-maligned object should not be blamed, according to GAMA. Actually, the meter is such an accurately operating mechanism that no basic change in its design has been necessary since its invention in 1844. Utility records show that in four out cf five cases where customers complain the meter registers wrongly the claim is groundless. And usually in the fifth case, the meter is found to be undercharging rather than overcharging the user. This knowledge, of course, doesn't placate an angry customer. But further investigation usually discloses the customer hasn't bothered to have the air filters in his forced warm air heating system replaced. GAMA points out that clogged filters cut the amount of heat that is allowed to pass. This means more gas has to be used and the heat kept on for a longer period of time to achieve the proper warmth which is the reason for the higher heat bill. Realty Firm Is Opened In Northern Kentucky The Downs & Sharp Real Estate Co. opened their new office last week at 117 W. 11th St., Newport. The company is made up of Mrs. Ethel Downs, broker, Ralph Sharp and Stanley Downs, salesmen. They recently acquired title to the building in which the office is located from Michael and Philomenia De Santis. Until a few months ago the trio was associated with a prominent Northern Kentucky real estatt office. Besides the sale of all types of real estate they will take property management contracts. ' Mr. and Mrs. Downs live, at 714 Overton St.. Newport. Mr. Sharp resides at 306 York St., Newport, t'rljl III IffTi i '.-..flint Nassau tmwi Wesfbroolc PEG L Starting The New Year Wrong HOW DO you do. I'm sure! hat myself. Pleased to make your acquaint- so important in your field. 1 often say it takes courage to write those hard-bitting editorials irregardless of special interests, like you do. t I always had a soft spot toward the newspaper game myself: I wTcte up squibs about the various personalities in the Central High Year Book, but nothing like your gift of expres- sion in your editorials. , i rivT SAY I always agree with you but when you skim off the cnarr, nonesty is xne oi thing in life when hypocrisy is undermining our country like some weird, insiduous fetish. My only criticism, don't get me wrong, but you sometimes sound like you think it Is hopeless to restore pure Americanism whereas, doggone it. I feel like Americanism is I can't express it in words but it is Just God's way that's all. Well, well, New Year's Eve again! Time certainly flies. Tempus sure does fugit, like they say in the classics. What do you say we hoist one? , HERE! BOY! Barboy! Two Old Stepfathers on the rocks! sten-bv.sten Father on the ' rocks. Rock-a-bye Stepfatner. A Happy New Year to you: Mnv haDtiv returns! Lets start the New Year right. Down the rat-hole! The hand that rocks Old Stepfather rules the waves. That doesn't make much sense, does it? Wouldn't it be funny to make a recording on New Year s Eve ana play u back first thing next morning! That is my party over were, like' to always get a ringside tow for mv New years i-ve party. Come on over and meet all the folks there. , The big .oisy guy Is Mr. Every Witchwey, he is the big wheel at International Ajax. He is my boss. I wouldn't kid you, I don't have to lick anybody's boots, but Every Witchwey is one of the sweetest guvs in the world, a sen-maue j.w cent American, it's too bad we man l nave mm ior pi cedent, he would have told those Red rats where to get off at. But still he can relax with the gang and he's just like an old shoe. MR. WITCHWTV. I want you to do me the honor to meet an old friend of mine here, a great editor he writes uo all those clever editorials against Communism through and through, but he don't like Joe McCarthy's methods. I and he have just been -having a step of Old Dropfather, but it's New Year's Eve and I don't care who knows It. The trouble with this guy he t. a nrettv eood writer, he writes verv eood sauibs but the . , , . . XT.... VaWm trouDie IS WIS IS new Eve. Boss, where did you get that funny hat? You sure look goofy in that hat. I had a goofy FOR QUALITY Painting-Decorating CALL Wm. Hofmann & Sons WA 1-2850, GR 1-2026 e RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL INDUSTRIAL Estimates Ciren Budget Payments 1 Denrtd LOANS ON HOMES 5 Interest V2 Doun Monthly DiTmntt t low u 5 85 ?r S10O0. WALLOON, INC. SOT I. 4h St. Our Lasting Home Sealer transforms Damp Kaemrnls into beautiful, useful work and recreation arras. cement and stucco paint controls moisture economically bj sealing the pores of masonry walls. is easy to apply over inside basement walls, outside stucco walls or nr concrete or porous masonry surface. IV fill T TTiTTl inside or outside, above or below ground. Available in five beautiful colors and while. Colors Slightly Higlwf 5 Lbs. $1.30 25 Lbs. $6.75 50 Lbs. $12.00 GEORGE MEYER CO. lUt Miami. Madeira LO 1-7200 EASTERN HILLS SUPPLY Weester P. 1 Walfse 101-1111 tLvJw HTTiaaw E R What happened to my goofy hat? That looks just like my hat on that dame over there. Happy New Year! How did my hat get on that dame? Oh stop it! Let me alone! I am not. Well, what if I km? Its New Year's Eve isn't it? But that looks like my goofy hat just the same. . KISS ME A Happy New Year Mama. You are wonderful you are too darn good for a bum like me. I don't treat you right. Honey, I can't give you anything but love, but I sure told that editor where to get off, didn't I pet? You aren t sore at papa, are you? New Year comes but once a year but sometimes you make a social error. I told the TOMORROW'S BIG ON WLW-T if1 TOURNAMENT HEW YEAR S WEEK-END UV5 IN RCA COMPATIBLE JiPM COTTON BOWL GAME MISSISSIPPI VS T. C. U. 4- nfPM V . V Sunday January 1, 1936 boss he looks goofy, ut that editor, I'm not worried about him. What's he know about it? They know so much! You would think nobody else had any brains. All right, all right, what if I am? Maybe I am! So what? It i New Year's Eve. You can drive. I will s;t quiet like a mouse. Quiet like e mouse, pi!t,flot a Communist rat. Can I have one more Stepfather on the rocks when we get home? Very well, madam. I am not a slave to that stuff. Happy Stepfather! Wow! I will not shut up. I am not driving, am I? Happy New Year on the Rocks! " (Reprinted By Request ) HOMES INSULATED REARDON INDUSTRIES -also nrt. HLcns-'t,B'ucEs-taJiu WOodburn OF ROSES PARADE H I G H LI 3 HT-FR 0 M PASADENA COLOR AN D B LACK-AN D-WHITl &4k. ni.TJ..S mm : - mM WMasMsjiBst NEW-YCA'S" FCOTB'ATL CrA"SStC nose how uame UCLA vs MICHIGAN STATE Vf7)J'

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