The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 25, 1960 · Page 14
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 25, 1960
Page 14
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I*?' 1,4, - ,n^%^V^,v.^ *\ i&itfittffr* <rt" NIXON'S "SCARE" TACTICS And It migfrt'.be added tKaf the only way t _ * '~i_ * i _ . l_^__,_t^L.^i_ , a vast number Of city .workers can keep Jobs Is -. i r „ f , v .,. , , U TVI3I IIWIIIWWP Wl *H«^ |j-w<«^« — •- —-•• '- — T-|— \ Vle'i President'Nixon, meeting little success jo have a sounc) 'ajjiricultural econprny, In r^eampatgn-tline effort to dlsdss'oelate himself from Agriculture Secretary Benson and his, farm policies, turned to scare tactics In an at- terrjpt to create a diversion. v .What he produced -was a large backfire with his charges, as reported In the New York •Times on Oct. 4, that "the Kennedy farm program would raise family food Costs 25%, reduce beef and pork supplies 'to wartime' rationed levels, put 2 million Americans out of work, and encourage'Soviet/agricbltqral supremacy." ' •- b «? < ? me 'j < ? p< J fr)t ,* \& LM > u,« u**u«, , Two former Secretaries' of Agriculture,f > KehneaV 'and, RlchqVa Nfoon differ'on whether Claude Wlckard of Indiana and-Sen. Clinton P.. \ they 'sh&uFd or, should v, not W\S* 1 ™**f'f*'£ Anir,orf of We'w MeXiio/set off quick! counter-? nedy ,saU /"&/ are nfc worth *h« bones of one L.I , ~ ! : Amdncan; soldier.™ J / M { ; t - ' , "Mr Nixon's outrageous,attempt fc scare •< MnlikJ kore^U-S Is ootjjoW and NEV- brings business 'to srnajl towns and cjtie:s-qnd where In turn merchandise orders flow to the big cities'. ; "If you shot off the faucet, don't expect water." ' ' * . • * * . QUEMOY ANp MATSU , . fn 1960 the Island* of Quernoy and Ma|»ii located five'mile| off 5 the Chlrtese coast have ' lx "•' ' - Senator outrageous < attempt« consumers with wild charges about Effect on consumers with Wild charges aoout eneci on ^ -''^jri, 4i , /;_ Tie L~ " " "n««^ !f«lf s±j^^'2M?*s.3 i i.s±a riffi^^^^M of the Cart EahlhaUsKirS, sUfi ' thought' ouVfarm'prbgram v is f one °* the cheapest political tricks I have ever heard of," Mr Wickard said 'in!a telegram to. Senator. Kennedy. "My many years of experience as a working farmer and as Secretary of Agriculture make me certain' Nixon's wild figures dre* the product of'the food Nixons w gures a e p , processors, and other manufacturers of farm-J j Pesoadpfes. i t | '* produced' raw: moterials, who h ? ve profiteered «: ? 'Senator .Kenned ' ese President Elsenhower cadores islands. President Elsenhower has said time and again that he will order defense of Quemoy and Matsu.'ONLY if, In his lodgement, a major assault on these islands appears to mean, a major assault on>Formqsa and the ly stands with *"« , views °* rt ' _*'fi * ft A A~J_t..»l.. He was chopping ..--—..axe he was using took'?fl$...._guided, route" te .oneTpFhB >.feet Cutting through His shoe.- H§£wdfe recuperating from severe injuries 'fo his'second and third toes; ;.- i •* * * * f Two items from Irvingtoh Five new governmeht cribs"; fdt sealed corn had been , efe'ct&l south of the elevator., A ,wf- n - carlier, the elevator Complete^. _ large 10,000 bushel crib. Herman Becker suffered an injury to one of his'eyes when a small bif'of steel fell into it while he 'was repairing his corn picker. Saturday. A doctor removed the'.fragr | ment the following day; ' ' 1 *" * * . , A fish-rearing pond, the first r t • ; project of its kind in Kossuth- YoU Can Address /intintv waa Vipintf nnnstriiptprl nl. ^ /^IIA«*:AM* T*% - prouce' raw: moteras, o ve . so' greatly during the Benson regime at] expense President Elsenhower. Pacific Fleet a ' - • •• ... j^-.^r --- erl ./ Admirals bpthT™^^^ Spruance 'and Collins, ^General Rldgway, anVthoShtfuTor hones? agrlcuMral ecinomist,'^ , have all said that the islands were strategical£ SenaVAndersonsaid ! »TheV!ce.Pesident's}-nd^ 0 s.i&le. You...can clearly see the Chinese farm 'statements) pre ed—so easy to •rresiuem at ...--;.-.,-,. ". i . . , * .' , ~ ,L inn ounfound- mainland from both islands. Less than 100 :ounty, was being constructed at j the Fisher bridge south of Air \ »ona on the Des Moines rivej-; 1 ' The new pond, wfllch was to handle an estimated 15,000 t6 30,300 fingerlings ,each year,; was located east of the, bridge, 4 V>. miles south of Algona. About 4- acres of bayou-type- area. woUl be available. Adult '' ^ ready ntO tllC ^,U1IU 14< Vlb '0f»U45 \J+ ^^UW| A^nMM^ 1941, then the aemJts, by chahg-i nights a Week. I have never ple ' ' ' ntor Anderson added: • ', K SMiiSHs£ciii5. fe^SSI^rar^: ejcpSce shows that if farm iprices ,are lifted, '— «" *•"«» ' ' ' the other] fcemi, su4hj fas t^arjspo^t.pb ancj ^ .^ ^ , ..^^ ^^ ^ p JQQ Kenneth Robinson, Mayor flf Bay- Iowa and Member" Iowa Dev- ipment Cojnmission at , ^itts.burg, Or JW l|y .yucasca* r iiyn%» «!*•«'• •. -—rr^r • • ; • • u)$ta farm! productipp,qndI-henee undpr theJaw^ Economic ; bllg t,, is no t something exclusive- bflsupply and demand, Which no one can repeal, ^^ ^ ^ ^^ -^.^ NQ ^^ stdbilize food costs. .,...• v .>,- „. . __ .-—mlmifies, in rural America are and; ? srna|l? town ; of beef and '"••••° ' f stimulation of family with resuitanf , '.">My -i M(V; lim-That will drive make :( kennjidy himself !j«W f»9«fdjthat N i , Senior ^enneay mm...i T^^M V^ $££ ^ Plo^er^ovmg 0 past -I* the u farm s.tuat.on ,s the Number ^°° m ^^f^j Silver Gray' team into first; around problem in America in I960. If tnjs ts me case, — . ,, who live in mass exodus the sense to America." ' ' ill E. Call Strcet-~Ph. CY 4-3535— Algona, Iowa ~ Entered as »econd class matter at the pontoffice ' at Algona. Iowa, under Act of Congress of March 3, 1870. _________ _ CHE UPPER 6 DES e MOINES PUBLISHING CO. Jl. B. WALLER, Editor & Publisher DON SMITH, News Editor MERLE PRATT, Advertising Mgr. GEO. M. SMITH, Foreman NATIONAL EDLTOItAl NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE Weekly Newspaper Representatives, Inc. 404 Fifth Ave., New York 18, N. Y. SUBSCRIPTION HAT?:S IN KOSSUTH CO. One Year, In advance — , 1 3 - 00 Both A'iona papers, in ccunbinatiou, O^c year .,..$5 00 Single copies „ —^- r — 10c SUBSCRIPTION RATES OUTSIDE KOSSUTH One Y«»r, tn advance T ,—J4.00 Both AlSQ" ; i pnpers in combination, one year $8 08 No gi4t>t>criptiqn less than 6 months. , , CITY AND COUNTY NEWSPAPER ADVERTISING RATES QN REQUEST • town 'closes. , , '" ' •' What then is the answer to the Mam Street erosion that has become a subsidiary of the declining farm income and population? A positive approach to this situation could * have a two-fold result. More industry for cities and towns in rural America would bolster the sagging income for both town and form dwellers and it would stop the flow of unneeded and often unwanted displaced rural Americans into the larger industrial cities. Farm families need supplemental income and this is one way to provide it. Many times industry favors smaller towns. Reasons that have been cited for this include the desire to avoid congeition, opportunity to take advantage of untapped labor supplies, attractive wage rates, availability of workers who can be trained easily, high productivity of labor, desire to avoid large city competition for labor, availability of large plant sites at reasonable cost and closeness to markets. Since the advent of the Nuclear age there has been talk of the need for decentralization of industry in the United States- If this is a problem we face, then studies should be made to determine the feasibility of movement of key industries to less vulnerable areas. Many srnaU towns do not have available the money for needed sewerage «md water system expansion and improvements, and often it i impossible to adequately finance these needed ng the water level, were to be through Saturday, removed, the fingerlings raised HOW can he expect,me ,p proper age and released. Some studies? of the work on the project was harder 1 being done by Kossuth County June( I've , ears. ,The ,ejwe]$fncy brake sys* tern on\«&f£jral<r trucks is aisd glltlng -t gdmjfSJnl'oVer SO that lway* aJSiaenls ,dafl -be stop. ' '* ' oft,"dog days, _. „ having ith pit ties &• _MhK to streicfi their mbn/y ^HMH^mWe. One KMisofi *-" its 'iT'that much, 6f, the Wdfi are^loHtf mtd tW ..,:tl.1'- _/.lUAuHA4nl>lh1 .filhH ' APART must now. O uy has" a poll, f hfey are in >nOWgh.' - The !• C08,tt> oi -, pouucai oaruei, shops and to department .sp^»i^*° y « §S§I°MH all the on it or one with a donkey, The Which can- pollsters seem even;, to, be con- •diflftte-s'wne spenas-ihfctnost for fused. A national magazine car- fer 'clothes - Mfi 'JaSquetfrie ried on account on pagei? of a Kennedy, or-'M'rs Richard' Nixon poll which favored Mr Kennedy, fl it was,only Natural that a bn page 35, there-was another whole neW series of jokes were story about a poll favoring-Mr in order. We like Un,e item which Nixon.-Some.people fcvoXa poll appears in Roll Uiill^the news- to see how many. faVof getting piper of Capitol Hill, itfjte* like rid of polls. A ; ; ^; • this. Attention 'Pat Nixonvand Question* To Him At BOX 66 ' KALISPEU, MONTANA ' ' ;, , - ~'~ r '.^r v T Dear Dan: I-ISabyrSit at »««.... ^ningsa^reek^ide&vth? 01 uayou-iyiJC aic« % muuiu , j our eve ningS a WeeK.'JO^iue available. Adult pickerel^ every Saturday and do the d r to spawn,-were to;be ptJt room picked up, do'myfown the pond in the 'spring' 64 ' Now, Daddy tells ffi he iU AM *ttn n«*i«f0 KT» nitQVictL! «j^«U4.0 n 4irAo1r T U7nl>lrlSWO] J.1IC tUUlllO' league vvcta «*.»w \*v»- ;- . , - nating some of the funds neces- it and that's~t sary. * * * Another mild week .came to an end in the county Monday when rain moved into 'the • area. Unsettled ar\d colder weather was the forecast for tue coming week. j-^LNpHv. •. —— i^t "**--j",' releaseSf -by; ! tHd g bV^cnme'ritfshoMV that'lli924,033 jnteri Sn |46 states 1 ; bbught-one i or\mdrfeMice'nsbs to ijnunt' during I j i''1969: This Is a'slight drop tof 2.2 •- ? J ! 5 'percerit f |frorh; the-j^tal --ihi 1958. These hMterfl spent; $57,811,191.66 for, hunting jliceAses,'„stamps, tags • and '"'permits required by state fish .and gartie, departments " ' sue and kill game. Thp . „. llcerfses sold aS usual .«««»' weather conditions, the .reJaiiVe; abundance of game and DRIVING AHEAD — studies is' underway formerly with Lawrence Welk 1 V '. <*•" £ me but can't say an these studies are bearing iruit.^ In one test- flashing say a ,, r t6 ; DddVe-5 signals-"are J found 1 more effective Ing you can tell me to db?r-"than : -stop-and-go signals in pre- iUit school.arid gd to work I venflng .-accidents. Engineers are time Please help me if ypu can7—'Npt Lazy. „ • , . r ahb wqrkinjf on^a nigw Wnd of Dear Not La*y: Your father,must be a real : g,em-^ ,y,ou do. as,' lighting signals'in.'which the dri- as you.say and he still considers;you lazy. IJgreejhat you[ ky er ^ead^anjtejl^e^driver, of keep your studies up 'and work Eddie Skeets Marv! Reedstrom • and^TIny Little, Sr. s _ Marv Reedstrom Ofch. = Halloween .Hats ^, Hprns,. g % .«•-••. f the forecast for tne coming week. not be comp i e tely-honest, but'after High reading,during the preced- restaurant| you could explain your s ing week was 85 degrees Oct., 26 him to fire you. He can tell your'f&v..^ JM- ^— V----A and the low was 41 degrees Oct. to be a wa it re ss if he wants to. Besides, some woman with'a—,— . 21. . to help support would probably appreciate the job more than-you' ; -..-.*•* * ,:- and it would do her a lot more-good. Earning ^extra money is fine ,,< The 16-ieam race in the'Kos- but there should be a limit. ' - , . . . - . .'>,!< suth County Bowling League- at Barry's, tightened up during the w. o .», ., —- s i gna ls common- on most ' Ray.Le>vis v Na Advpue*', |J' Booth i^pejeryatlonf Doors Open at 8:30 iiii w ^ w * !••.• ».• • .•.. • i^r^i , ;j ' r' i i Professional Directory place. Pioneer had a 16-2 record, three ^"mS, me^poSLTteSS 13 ;; "^MyTiends say I'm missing a lot but I don't agn*, What do you ivio loaoim fn rlntp was ton carries S Q v about this? — Charley. •*•;•',' 4 " . j the league to aaie was ten games ^^ Charley: There are good and bad features to gpmgfsteady out of first^ place. ^ &s ^^ ag -^ playing the fieldp No teen-ager, of cpurse, should go a c» wonorfi r woman Mrs steady just to say he has a girl or she has a boy friend. Neither should T „„ Tf,^tf hnH n ninso V°" 8° steady because your friends are. Going steady,is<a serious Lawrence Ludwig, had a close £ ;6 .sometimes a lot more serious than many teen-agers realize, call while driving her car north "". T '• advise that • - • •• •--- — - J —•• --'— >--'- of tho Seiler corner in that area. and . neve ^. ^Y 1 ?! : n ? 1 •j INSURANCE ; A. Ji (Arnie) Ricklefs; ; • Hospitalization • > ', i Health&•Accident-. : • Life — Auto —;: Fire — HaU-. iiiuic pciAwup biiciii i»iti**j v%-*-*» M p«-*N> -.».-.—-, r^rSOujtl-^a ^ P k v-4_ '. type of dating for a student unless, he's a 2 E. State *••••[ GY 4-45<!U Chiropractor .. • A.I L *, ulJU • i iJcvc* au vioc IIIOL *-j wv. v*», w«-**•**»& *v«» »* «»**«—..» „.-_ , ". of the Seller corner in that areft. senl reaU likes the girl an d she likes him just as much. The She lost control of the vehicle BiH shon iH also be a senior and not less than a junior. Dr. D. D. Arnold Chiropractor x Over Penney's i Office Phone — CnT 4-3373 Hours: 9:00 — 5:00, Open Friday Night and it tipped over on its side. She received bruises on her knee , girl shou i d a i so be a senior and not less than a: junior. ° • OIIC 1CLC4VUU Ui UIPW3 Uil JIVl J\liwc i . .- ^ ...-.;_;.... and for a time it was thought Dear Dan: A boy I've been writing to for the past three months she had fractured it. Damage to is coming home on leave from the Army at Christmas. He S a nice .. . «t.ij i_ _ - j. ! _ _*_:^*i.. .. ' f«l««£k<4 UAittAtTAi* T'rw t\f i*QiH nf* tnfiV . "l*fiT. T.n6 the auto was slight. * * A total of 46 la UUIIllilft ituillv V*» *v-s> »v **v/4** K*^ * *•» »»tj, •*». v+* .— ».», ,^—. ___._, — -• guy but is strictly a friend; However, I'm afraid he.may get the idea I should keep every evening free for him while he's here and new cars and I don't want to do that. I'jn not going steady'with anyone but I do A XOIal OX *O new ca*B ana A uuu i. we»iit tu v*u M*a*••»-**» »iwv &v**»»t» «**'**«^ ...... — - rf ^—trucks had been licensed in Kos- have my friends and activities to/keep up with^.and don t want to suth' county during the month be tied down for two weeks. • ', • of October. .The trend indicated the public in this area had shown a liking to the new models. -JCU UUWJl IIM twu wyvivo, * • - , Is there any nice way I can tell this boy how I feel without making him feel like I'm stabbing him in the back? — W. D. T. Dear W. D. T.: You may be worrying needlessly and this soldier friend may be just that — a friend who enjoys your letters. How- vcs embarrassment you might mention in your though you will be very busy over the holidays, ^ * . • l_!l_l__l,.l_ ««t A ALGONA INSURANCE , : .AGENCY ' ' =• • i J.. R, (Jim) KpLP . , Surety Bonds — All Lines of Insurance .206 East State St, Phone CY 4^3176 BLOSSOM INSURANCE AGENCY" ' All Lines of Insurance Automobile - Furniture Loan N. Dodge Phone CY BOHANNON INSURANCE SERVICE ~b. CY 4-4443 p T0 IIUJV his feeling too much. I know you're worrying about 14 dates in DICTATORSHIP were as mil "y evenings with this boy but you may be taking too much words A THIRD TERM MAY BE THE FIRST STEP TOWARD DICTATORSHIP were sponsored by the Kossuth County Republican Central Committee. The ad referred to the can- the words Polio Insurance for granted. to Dear Dan: Is there anything wrong.with a girl wearing a false il. To hear my mother talk, you'd think I was committing a I've got enough money saved to buy a pony tail and I'd like one once in a while. My boy friend said he won't mind. — projects. Here i* a field that the Feder^ 1 government should explpre with the ideo in mind of making funds available \9 the eommwmties that are genuinely in building their own future. Often a little Kelp U ell the» 5* needed. Small town, U. S. A., U a way 0* We- for a more satisfied citizenry, this lile ihouW be. pre>served. A little b»e*t from the teo^tr* in government would mqke this possible. 915 Gallons of An ti-Freeze... • jjear Nora: Of course, there's nothing wrong with a pony tail — but personally, don't you think you could invest your money into Union AMheanS something a little more worthwhilp? False pony tails look false and I'd rather see a girl wearing her own hair no matter how snort it Union Boys 4-H club met at m jg n t be. ' the community center Oft. 11. It ' ^ ^ 4 nu a mbe a r m o l f y paTe 8 nt t s aUendEV Dear Dan: I read your column every week and have been helped jrtanalion of new officers for the many times but now I have a question concerning a reran; letter, ^>IU»HI>U.. «» ..._.. , ^/_.. „_„„ ^ n c,n^A »ho riiffoi-onno Viotwppn Kisstne. neckins and CHARLES P. PAXSON Dwelling, Auto, Liability, Life, General Phone CY 4-4512 ~" KOSStJTH MUTUAL IHSUhANCE ASSOCIATION Over $74,000,000 worth o! insurance in force, A home company. Safe, secure, Phone CY 4-3768 LpU Sculfhsm- ~ Dr. William L. Clegj , „. k ' • Chiropractor '';'•' 521 E. State Si Hours: 9:00"— 6:00 thru Sat. 9:00 — 9:00 Friday t Ph, Off. CY 4-4677 RM. CY 4*346< DOCTORS ME1.VTN G. BOURNE, M, D, Physician Si Surgeon US N. Moore St. Office phone CY 4-2348 Resident phone CY 4-2277 r~N. KENJBTICKMii-O.'/ Physician & Surgeon 218 W. State Stfeet Offic.q phone CY 4-2353 Resident phone CY 4-2614 held. Richard You. owe defined the HERBST INS, AGENCY For Auto, Housa. HQuseho .and Many 'Other Vhone CY Ted S |lr^ V*V>******^ »9*«T *•»*»•*-? »•***'»*. T-— -T- TT ~~-—-,-, ~+*f ....... ^ but not clearly enough to make me, understand- .What I'm e^pfcjijlly poncerned about is this boy I da.ted last vpond vice president, Doug Jergensop, .a secretary-treasurer, and Tom week. After bringing me home from our date, we parked in front of Henry a^nd Jim Nitchals, repo^ my house for abSut 20 minutes. Curing those 20 tnjnutes^ he kissed ters. Thorp were «* new menv me three times bu^ qot in 6ucces ? ipn- Was this considered necking? bcrs joining. Mike Hanson, Den* —Worried, '' - Farm Bureau Miitual In?. Co. Affiliated with Auto (with iftf Life - Hall ny and Kenny Rirhler, Tom Teeter, Barbara Jergenson and Susan Moore. Donald Strayt-r showed slides. On Oct. 18, Thompson Distributing go. pf AlfliHI tised Anti-Freeze at $1.49 a QQ\\W IP The Upp*f Moines,, and Upper De& Moines Only. On Q«t- 19 Ed Crawfprd Reports They Sold 911 QeU«n*, are stil booming. RESULTS COUNT! UPPER DES MOINES PUB- CO 111 E- Call St. Al»4&«< to««> IT'S GOQO iUSINESS TO AT Plum Creek 4-H A meeting of the Plum Boys 4-H Club was held at Cen> tor sct»g«l Ott- 8- The new t»|{|« cers took their ppsitions for tip coming year. Thw wwe two talks nivvn, by Juhn Russell Spear- Lguth was by tne host*. Dear W°«fc4* No ' you weren't necking with the boy. Necking is when a couple settle down Jn a car or elsewhere and concentrate strictly on kis|rfp'g and embracing. I wouldn't ?ay a boy and g"'l who kissed three ymes in 30 minutes were necking although. ¥w sur e there are people wjio will disagree wfth me- ' ' PeUwg, ps yflu know, |s the follow-up U' necking and can result in trouble far t|>e girl involved, Okay? Phone C Y 4-3351 M«r. HAROLP gj The Fail inquiry tkss will gin Tuesday evening, Pet. 25, 6 {*.m- in St. Cecelia's auditori This cjsss is gofidvjcted for APR,. Catholics who are interested i|ig about tliy Catholic for course; ftkw is tH,-nse ?ff ncU.' With tbfei Dc7MoLc:fpub. Co, Washington' • ,, -.,- , , tl ^- wells and even breyfc up the inuubu are . CAROL L, PLOTT,,M.D. no w, Moore Street Practice Limited to Surgery Office Hours by Appointment CYpress 4-4864 Xiffice CYpres8 Maai Residence^ JOSEPH H. BOONEY Physician & Surgeon U* N. Moove. Offiu^ ohooe CY 4 Resident P*»W« CY ^ JOHN M. SCHUTTER, M4>, Physician ti Surgeon MO No. Pod|e v ||on* QY 4,2335 phone OPTQMITRISTS PR, 1U L, Outornetyjs Al 4-27U ...,_j"w4;w«CIWCMI Eyes I^xaiiMneil / Contact, lenses fing AiTGlasswi At State Str Form Management aSffM r — , mem* _*••'*••"• f«wiMiw« Pp,lo Alto § Kowuth Counti M

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