The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 25, 1960 · Page 13
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 25, 1960
Page 13
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Vi- RISK i I SEE A BOUNTIFUL HARVEST OF EXCITING NEW MERCHANDISE FOR YOU, YOUR FAMILY, YOUR * > i , * . , t ? ? i i s i' ,? .35 GONA V t J ( * • " • * . ' •: .,'." - ( , The air is brisk, the leaves are falling! Algona merchants are stocked to overflow' i ing with new JFajl merchandise,designed for you, your family, your home. Make a tour of aH the stores, see their exciting displays and windows. You'll agree whatever , i ' ' your wants or needs, you can shop at horn e for the newest, the finest! See a greater-. -- . than-evervariety,,.at,.lower-thaji'tiByer J prices. '' * -" ^-—^ as ^ * % PATRONIZE THE FOLLOWING ALGONA MERCHANTS f Algona Laundry & Dry 'Cleaners Kirk's Shoe Store 1 i' i Cullen Hardware Universal Mfg. Co. ;'..>• r • Percival Motors , . , , , ' ' ' i ', i a*.',* «• ~ - a «•, c* »• Lindsay Soft - Water, of Algona i Schullz Bros.,Garage & .Oil Station , . . . ' 7-——. , . . .— >-,. ..,,.. ,,' — ^~ Hawkeye Bowling- Lanes! . . Viking Oil,Co. .' = < : ( ; ' ; • . • •., . Taylor, Implement Co. . , Ernie Williams —'John Deere North Iowa Sewing Machine Co. . Beecber.Lane Appliance ;.-. . :.' I ••?•'.• ' : " ' North Central Public Service Co. Ken! Motor Co. Kossuih Motor Co. Graham's f ' , : . : • '/'[ ''./.•' North Iowa Appliance Center 'Jaco Variety Ready-Mix Concrete & Lumber Willgen Jewelers •' ,.'.-" • i '•".•" ' ' .-. Hood's Super Valu Kelley Lumber Co. Donovan Specially Shop ' Smoke Shop Waldron's 'Cafe Sherwin-Williams Paints Funk Plumbing & Heating Algona Plumbing & Heating Buscher Bros Implement HulteU Office & School Supply .Post Transfer 8e Storage Algona Hotel Reding's D'avis Paints ^™™^"™*™'^^^^^~^^^'^^r^ "''•' ; ' 1 ~ Zender's Security Slate Bank \ \ Iowa Slate,Bank Algona Theatre Co. | The Chrischilles Store Algona Greenhouses Modern Dry Cleaners Sharp's Jewelry Rusk Drugs-Jewelry Christensen's J. C. Penney Co. Honsbruch Drug Algona Insurance Agency Blossom Insurance Agency Home Federal Savings & Loan Ass'n. Fowler's' of Iowa Leuthold-Williams , (The Hub Clothiers) Shilts Brownbilt Shoe Store Algona Implement Co. Joe Bradley Equipment Thermogas Co.' Of Algona Bolsford Lumber Co. • './. Hopkins Super Service ;..^:dH Algona Produce Co. ,«s" Bjustrom Furniture Co. Dau Garage 8e Body Shop .- :.> Coast-to-Coast Store ^ .?; ' . Gamble Store ?'" Foster Furniture Co. ./ Irons Heating it Plumbing L. S. Muckey Plumbing 8t Heating Jack's O. K. Tire Service Kossuth Radio 8e Electric Read's Furniture Struecker Conoco Service Algona Refrigeration Frederick Hardware Isaacson Studio Carson's for Color Algona Flour & Feed ALGONA UPPER DES MOINES ALGONA, lOVyA, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 25, 1960 SO MUCH OF OUR OUTLOOK ON" LIFE depends upon the mood we are in. What looks/like an unsurmountable problem at bedtime can turn into • a mere pesky question after a good night's sleep. If we are coming down with, a cold, the most thrilling development can be robbed of its glamour and if we get unpleasant news when we are tired out, it can really throw us for a loop. • * ' * * <, TONIGHT I AM FEELING ESPECIALLY MEAN. I'm not particularly mad at my husband. Although there are ti few things I could speak to him about it he'd stand still long enough tb listen, I've had lots bigger gripes against him and have taken it cheerfully. The kids aren't especially unruly right now, but I do wish they would learn to pick up all the junk they have in the living room nnd either turn off the television set or stop yacking. * *' * • * . I DIDN'T WORK TOO HARD TODAY. In fact, I got in a half- hour nap. Only a few people have phoned me up and bawled me out during the last week and that's a fairly decent score. There have been times when my checks have been slower arriving and even quicker departing than they are right now. Viewed logically, I shouldn't be mad at the whole world, but I am. This of course, is not due to my having a bad disposition. It's the mood I am in! *• * * , * WOMEN, ESPECIALLY ARE SUBJECT tb moods. It is part of our legacy from Mother Eve' that we are emotional and changeable in bur dispositions. A husband does well to remember^' this when he is figuring out what makes his wife tick and if he cart remember to spring the right thing at the right time, he is truly a master in matrimonial relations. Men, on the other hand, are more even tempered. They are ornery all of the time. . . , ' " ',*•"'*"* * ' ' LET US CONSIDER FQR A MOMENT some of the changes In opinion we gals have between the times we are feeling-down in the dumps and when every think. is in the pink. When we are feeling OK,we are apt to say, "That's what makes this climate so interesting — the abrupt changes in weather." When'we are low, it's more apt to be, "This Iowa weather! 'One day we wish we had air-Conditioning; the next day the furnace 1 is running." • • . * ^,* * * • , IF THE HUSBAND IS A SPORTSMAN and he brings home the results of his trip,' when; the liltle woman is in !a good mood, he will probably be greeted with cries of joy at how much the fish or the ducks will do to pep up the'family menu. Especially,,. u> he cleans his own ca,tch. '; :' . •-•..; , : ' ' ; ^ , • '••:..• •?.•*.. '• •* •* '• • * - •• •' i •" IF FATHER GOES FISHING on a day when Mamma is in one of her uglier moods, ;she is .apt to think, "$JO for gasoline; $20 for the cabin; $7 for the tackle; $13 for the refreshments. At this rate,. , the fish dinner: is costing: us $6.50 per pound. Why can't he stay home and put on the storm windows?" ' • ' ••'•- -. :'• : . r •', ' : '*' '•• '< •»' •-'.•*•• * , >« «, : OR ABOUT A HUNTING HUSBAND1 ''Sitting out iiO this pneumonia weather, the darn fool will catch his death of .dampness. We'll pay'out, several :«times the cost of that measly'duck in doctor and penicillin -bins"-.- And the dock-will also have -a-large^mount of pin feathers. ' ' ' ' : -*""*- t "l: * * * * ',•.,•'. HOUSES ARE SURE TO GET MESSY when a growing family is living in them, Most of the time, we homemakers can take ,this incur' stride. We consider that "comfortable, lived-in look," quite; / normal and actually desirable. I know that when I am in niy right mind, but when that old bugaboo, insomnia has me in its gripiuntil the wee hours, or a day when nothing seems to go right,' 1 ^hat "comfortable lived-in look" appears to me as a falling-down hovel. And nob ( ody seems to be willing-to give me. a hand in setting it right. ;" • : : * * . .* * "•'•-• THE PESSIMIST IN ME TAKES over when I am in this,dark mood. If I were to go to the cupboard right now to get-a jar of; peanut butter, I would say that the- jar is half empty. Tomorrow or the next day when I am feeling better, I'll say that the jar is half full. When an optimist eats breakfast, she sees a nice fat doughnut; the pessimist sees only the hole. In fact, a pessimist can be defined as one who feel* bad when he feels good for fear he'll feel worse when he feels better. , . . » " * * * * WHEN A GAL IS IN AN OPTIMISTIC MOOD, she appreciates . a nice steady husband who stays home nights; when she is feeling pessimistic, she wonders if her old man is only a stick-in-the-mud. If Papa is the life of the party and Mamma is feeling pretty cheerful herself, she admires the fact that he is an extrovert and has a wonderful way with people. If she's feeling on the sour-puss side, she claims her old man is a show-off. » * * * IF THE HUSBAND COMES UP WITH an unexpected gift, or a little unusual show of affection, the wife, if she is in a sweet-disposition phase appreciates it as a token of devotion. If she's feeling mean and nasty, she wonders what he has done now and what shortcoming he is trying to amend.^ ^ ^ THE ONLY ,THING HUSBANDS CAN be sure about is that whatever the wife's mood is, it is sure to change. The whole thing is governed by the phases in the moon, by the joints in the lower sacroiliac, and by the peptic juices in the feminine digestive tract. Husbands aren't supposed to understand it. They are just supposed to cope with it. . * « * * PERSONALLY, I HAVE HAD LOTS MORE compliments about my cheerful disposition and my gaiety in spite of adversity, than I have had about my brown eyes, my figure, or my religious fervor. In the mood I am in right now',' this seems unfair and a sort of slur to my character. I get kind of sick of trying to be so gol-darned sweet all of the time! Writers, according to popular opinion, are expected to be just a wee bit nuts. I am hoping one day to get so successful and rich at my craft that when I indulge in a whing-ding of a tantrum, people will smile and say, "She writes, you know. That's why she is tempramental." Boy, that will be the day! * * * * I WAS IN A CONSIDERABLY MORE cheerful tnood yesterday when I visited the Irvington Homemakers at the home of Mrs Bernard Capesius and had a part on the program. These ladies, along with * lot of other club women in the county, get a lot ot help from the extension service in planning programs, etc. I knew it, but it was brought to mind again yesterday, that town and city women are just as eligible for the extension service help as are the country women. We all pay taxes on it, and I think some of us pass up a great deal of aid when we could just as well be getting it. 0 • » » * THIS WEEK'S RECIPE IS FOR mincemeat cookies. 1 cup shortening 2 cups sugar 2 euus Vi cup liquid (cold coffee and juice drained from mincemeat) 3Vs cups sifted flour 1 tsp. soda 1 tsp. salt 2 cups well drained mincemeat I'/ii cups chopped nuts Cream shortening, add sugar gradually, and cream well Blend in well beaten eggs and liquid. Sift flour, soda and salt together. Add to fhst mixture. Blend in mincemeat and nuts Drop by spoons- ful on greased cookie sheet. Bake 15 to 18 minutes in moderately hot oven. —GRACE. Phone CY 4-3535 - Your Newspaper ..IHHAfc* iM»-* «*»•

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