The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 25, 1960 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 25, 1960
Page 12
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^.j***JLM&&. ^ • , * I *pl'-r 1 ( «f ,*•**,/£* ' Mr and MT§ Claude of Algona returned- Jl spe'ndiflg 6 -weeks i«-;_. Maude Blanchfifd home. Mf arid Mrs fitorl girls'of ArffistroMg/^i ,__„ visitors in the Jack'Quifift horiie 1 , Mr and Mrs Charlil r:'""^ were weekend guests ,ll home of Mr ahd Mrs Jack son in GoWrie, . . .'- '>JjS<^i ' Mf and Mrs Chet Alme<ofiGt> tosen were Friday the Blanchard home. • ; ' ,'."! Mr and Mrs Alfred Schuftz.of Ottosett were Sunday cal|efSf ift the home of Mrs Maude >Blan« chard. f ' ' < < ,v '• Mrs Howard McChesney • lef Wednesday tti Mfctifr her,;husb8nd Howard -McChesney in Abifeftd Texas, where the couple will j in the HorriS of their Sbn'THF Mrs Ho.ward McUhesney.v'.fl , will attend the homecoming foot, •fall game of 'Hardin-SlmmofriS college at Abilene "wherW-'Mi! McChesney is f6otbail coach. Mr^ McChesney has been visiting Mn the home of her mother,' „ Mrs Amanda Pettit, Lone Rbck*, f ,|oi past two months. ' ' '*•'"* • ; "^ Mrs Art Priebe went -tO'DeStktQ to get her daughter and her hus- band and family, Mf artd MfS _ bert Chestnutwodd, D6h and John. 'Mr and Mrs Robert Cnefti' nuiwd'od of Phoenix, ''Ami Are .visiting in the Aft Pfiebe heftte for a few days. ,'<'''I Marilyn Bolllnger and'.Kay Qeitzenauer attended a tnetmttg. last Wednesday at Orange CKy, Marilyn and Kay are enrolled at Etnmetsfaurg Junior College. Mrs Berl Schockley and .daUgh« f'er, Betty and her children wer6 Thursday guests in the, Ruth Krueger home. i Mr and Mrs Ed Slanchard, Mrs Fred Schmidt and Mrs Marviri Marlow took Mr's John, New* brough to'Sibux Falls where she took a plane to Phoenix,' Ariz., ' ,Mrs J Donald Kneedler spent Wednesday in tne Home of Mr 'aVd'MrS Justin Bertiow in Kies^ ter, Minn. Mr and Mrs Richard Kneedler of Mason City Spent last Weekend in the home of Mr and Mrs Donald Kneedler., • Mr and Mrs Clinton Rath and Mr and ttrs ' Robert Hefiner of J ason City spent last weekend the home of ^ and Mrs Don- lld 'Kneedler. oJVIr.and.'.Mrs. Clinton Rath and • and Mrs Robert Hefiner. of Baffaft Cente? were Wednesday evening guests m the Ha?vey --''' • , l' W68droW PettiV ,br6Ugh urid-She-fi and Mrs Barrel •Househdld^ 'and Mrs Fred Mo* tensen •« of fenttih were coffei gitestHn-'the Darryl Householdei- hohti Thursday Morning to dele* brate Mfs Householders birthday, • Mf ahd Mrs Andrew Thompson were'Sunday visitors in the'Mil* ton Madsen honte in Ringsted. . MrS iRoy Jensen 1 spent from Mbnday. through Thursday in the hdme of her daughter, Mr-and Mrs Ofville Deafdorf> of Yale. The Lone; • Rock American Legion Aukiliary . will be • hdsts to a county .meeting in the Lone Rock American L,egion hall. "Mr ahd/Mrs Harbld Christen* sen, Dennis and Rhonda of Bricelyn, Minn, were Sunday guests' in th6 Ortwin Tietz home, v, • Mr and Mrs Louis SeegebartH of Algdna were Sunday evening callers in the Ortwin Tletzi'home. Mr and Mrs Paul Thacker and family, Mr and Mrs Louis Seege- barth and family-and Mr and Mrs Gerald Radig and Timmy we* Thursday, evening, guests in .the Btid-Alke, hbffie in, ."""iTY * T grdtif) eeletoatdd- - the - itfth anniversary of Mftand Mrs Alke, ' Mfs,Emm l aV^ehterff4«dMf^nd Mfs'RSyfnond ftleffletl df. Dett* ver, Cdlo. w.ere .visitors Wednesday ttfihe C*rtwin* *'tete,hohi|, j .r-Mrl -Roy. Jfnien, #:Mrt Ethel Called on Mirs, FldffenCe Macuffi- faer of Algoha to help her cele« brate her 78th birthday. , »• ' 'Mrs Amaftda Pettifr,, Mr3'Etlrel McChesney, Mrs'Glerin'Hbuse- holddr cayed on Mr and MM G. A. Sharp in Algonft last week. • Wayne Tyler of Omaha, Called ,pt the Amanda • Pettit home oh Tuesday of last'week, Wayne is the son of the late Ollie Tyifir, of .Mankatof former resident- of Lone Roek.5 Ollie,Tyler..passed away at his home ,in Mankato, Mr and Mrs LaWrehce Dittmer and Mar'go attended'the baptism of 'their, .granddaughter, Ann Marie, infant daughter 6f Mr and Mrs RichaM'Sloan in St. Mary's Catholic Church in Corwith .recently. Mr and Mrs' x Richard Sloan are living in 'the .Hillcrest Trailer courts in" Algona. Rich-' &rd has been discharged from thf M? anfW jWto* of Lake Mills. ''Wisfionsift. speht Merids and'reiauvcs.. i* • ' The' American 'Legion AtM- llarV met in the' Lone /Rock American^ Legion Mall f«£*t'y with MrS'.Jadk-Quinn and Mrs Roy Jensen as hostesses. .The Nov'eniber 'meeting will rbe(held Nb^ ind'arii p.m. with Mrs-Jim Lorig, Mrf 'Ralph Thompson ,afld MM "Ervitt V6tteler aft hostesses. - Mft a'nd 'Mrs Wayne De-ck^r . were evenirig guests; in the Da] 1 .- ryl'Hous^holder home. Mr aW, Mrs • Carry!' Householder arid ftah'ny, Mr''and Mrs Wayne DcV ker of*Algona,.and Rtmald Moi- tensen of ' Ames-'were SondAy dinner guests In the Fred Mortensen home jn Fenton. - \ METAL "NO HUNTING" SIGNS available at Upper Pea Moin|s. - Mr tab Mrs Harold Sioddard' and ihett sW vl«> reside at Hardy; «» 'h'^ ****** ***** ^Engraving). Ex-Lone Rock Nashua Church " Lone Rock — Dorothy Hobson, daughter of Mr,and Mrs Harry ^Hobson of Claribn, former Lone Rock residents, wa£ married to ID. Ernest Matthews Oct. 13 in the Little Brown church at Nashua. Mrs Matthews had bfeen working in Salisbury, 'Maryland. Parents, Of Son Mr and Mrs Willard Thompson are the parents of a son born Oct. 13 in Holy Family hospital in Estherville. ,The , baby . was named Stephen 'James and weighed 8 Ibs.. and ,6 oz. .; The ' Thompsons have two- other sons and pne, daughter, P.hiljljp, Billy, arid. Pamela. : Mr and JVIrs Francis Foley, v of Burlington and'Mr and' Mrs .Ralph .Thompson ,.of Lone Rock are the baby's grandparents. • . i'.. •;•.• . ' .'^ ' "V •• '. ' v Circle,Meetings' Marjorie circle of ,,the Lone Rock Presbyterian church met Oct. 20 in the home 6f Mrs Hugh Marlow, Burt. Mrs Merwln ' Marlow of Lone Rock was the assisting hostess. Mrs Art Person presented the le—ai), '' ". Romaine circle met in the home of Mrs Ornie Behrends with Mrs Eldin Marlow as assist- ng hostess. Mrs Robert Fortney presented the le'sson. Grace circle met in the" home of MrS Angus Cotton with Mrs Julianna Jackson assisting hostess. .Mrs'Ida SchuUz • presented the lesson. -' ,' Lively Rockets Mel ' ' The Lone Rock Lively Rockets 4-H club met, In the^iome of : ricia Binzen Oct: 8 with 13f members present. Teresa Marlow and; Patricia Binzen presented demonstrations and Patricia McCleish gave a talk on.; skin 'care. There was election of officers. Those elected were Lavonne Thompson, president, JoAnnMc- Cleish, vice president; Dawn Schultz,' secretary - Weasurer, Patricia Binzen, Historian;, Margaret - Bierstedt, photographer; and Shirley Mariow, reporter. . . '•• -. . "• . t : Mrs Lizzie Behrehds of 'Buffalo Center was a Tuesday caller? in the John Behrends home. • Mrs .Emma ; Hurlburt Was>-a_ Thursdayv.dinner •guest, 1 , iri.the Ornte', Behrends .hoftifeJ Mrs ^ariv; b^urt and - girls^yere^WfedneSday: callers in the Harvfey ( 'Rath';.howd in'Algona. ^Ttey.Vcelebratea'.'Mrs Rath's ibirtbd^x-V' >.'>' -'•'•' lj '. ! r'.V ••. - -Mr and Mrs Ervin Heidenwith and .Charles, P" and: Mrs '.Warren ; ' Thompson-•'' arid :"Lyl?,. arid-;:Linda were .Sunday. ev,eri,ing vcaller,s' in tHe Walter Thompson home: i i • : Henry' Kueck-of > Algona: was'a Friday evening ''visitor"••;in the home: of Mr and, Mrs .Walter Thompson.- •' ' .'.' ; ' •:>• ' i . Mr and Mrs Walter Thompson were Wednesday'evening visitors .Armstrong.. PLANNING TO BUILD A NEW HOME? Then Get a Price From U/S. HOMES COUNTRY CLUB $9,41S Ncntit Dnlro . 72 , N«w Model!' From $3775 I (OJhtri io': $20.000) Custom-built and'semi^fi.- ed on your lot and foundation to your plans or purs. 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CORN PICKER MW7 n * > t « \**t, ID l' 11 *'*"^ T&*~. ^-***( '" --^ It t • (3127 IHC 2-row Flicker. • (3646)'J. D. No. 15 Picker. • (3770) IHC 1-M Picker. • (3782) IHC No. 24 Mtd. Picker, • (3795) Case 2-Row Snapper. • (3870) Moline 2-Row Picker.: • (36) New Idea 2-Row Picker, • 139) Allis Chalmers 2-Row • (149) New Idea 2-row Picker. • (169) New Idea 2-Row Picker, • (188) New Idea 2-Row Picker, • (196) New Idea 2-Row Pjekerv •• (228) New Idea 2-Row Picker • (247) Oliver 2-Row Picker,, • (493) New Idea 2-Row Picker. COMBINES (3990) Alii* 60 Combine, PTO. (3639) Case M. Combine (124) IHC 52 Combine (134) Cafe A6 Combine (427) Gleaner Combine Picker, TRACTORS • (3509 Oliver 70 Tractor • (3773) Melin* 'R' Tractor t (238) Oliver Std. Row Crop Tr«?tor f (277 1939 John Deere 'B' Tractor « (365) I. H- C. F-20 Tractor (405) Allif Chalmers 'C' Tractor (3222)i M. H. Cultivator, 2-Row. (3358) M..H. Cultivator, 2-Row. ?(3516) Case Cgltiyffor, 2-Row; U3561) I. H. C. 1 Cultivator, 2-Row. f(363lV Allis -"WC" Cultivator/ 2-Row (3875) John Deere Cultivator, 2-Row. (3996) I. H. C. Cultivator, 2-Row (87) Oliver Cultivator, 2-Row. .(92) Oliver Cultivator, 2-Row, (217) M. H. Cultivator, 2-Row. ( (345) John Deere Cultivator, 2-Row (381) I. H. C, Cultivator, 4-Row (393) Oliver Cultivator, 2-Row. (406) Allis Chalmers Cultivator, 2-Row (426) AIM* • WC Cultivator, 2-Row. PLOWS (3627) 2-14 John Deere Plow, (3655) 2-16 IHC Plow (3675) 2-14 Wiline Plow (3680) 2-14 I, H, C. Plow, (3687) 2-16 I. H. C. Plow (3754) 2-16 John Deere Plow (3788) 2-14 Massey Harris Plow (3930) 2-16 David, Bradley Plow (33) 2-14 Case Plow. (192) 2-14 Case Plow (206) 3-14 Case Plow (258) 3-14 Case Plow (?66) 2,16 Allii Chalmers Plow (268) 3-14 I, H. C, Plow (329) 2-1$ John Peere Plow (356) 2-16 Gate Plow (414) N9. 109 Oliver Plow (443) 2-14 Oliver Plow MISCELLANEOUS I if' « • 9 (3873rJ. -D. V|VV»nur4 Sprejide>. (3997) N. I. HorsV Spreader.' . „ ... (364) Case Spreader • (478) N. I. SpPeader. (113) 6-row Tractor Sprayer.' J - ; • (3916) I.^H.;C. Kr5 Truck (351) Ford '/a-toh Pickup "(3739) Steel , Wheel Wagon (428) IH? Binder. • (366) Hay Bunk. (3620) Overhead Wagon Hoist. y (3658) New Ide.a -Elevator Hppper. (3780) Overhead Hoist , (3786) Overhead Hoist. (7711. H. C. Field Cultivator. (420) Wagon Unloader. : „ . . . (421) 2-way under body hyd. push * pull hoist (422) 2-way under body hyd. pu«h * pull hoist ,(172) Continental Engine, (3373) I. H. C. Hamirrtrmill, (3653) Harvey Hammermill •-'? (3663) Trailer, for Mill, ,• ,(3*64). (3978) John Peer* Stationary Mill (272) Plain Hammermill, ; (281) I. H. C, Mill, (3&9) 4-See. Harrow with Bar. (375) 4-Sec. Harrow with wood bar, (317) 4-Sw. Harrovy with noble bar, (38) 8-ft, Kevar Spring Tooth. (122) IHC Spring tooth. (22J Windpower Meeh, Uader, (282) J, P. M»eh, Uoader, (3583) J. P. Hay t99d*r (3$9«) New Idea Hay Loader. (3512) OMver 4-Row Mtd, Planter, (3517) Blackhawk 2-Row Planter, (3983) IHC 2-Row Planter. (41) I.H.C, 430 4rR»w Planter, Peere 2-R»w Planter. Nlill. DISCS t (2769) i. H, C. Pile —, 15-ft, t (3990) John Reere Disc — l f (9) Moline Pise — 15-ft. 9 (194) I. H. C. Pise — 11-ft. • (305) M. H, Pi* ^ If ft. BRADLEY ^PIPHHPIp^ • . pBKBP- ^UUJBi /W^kW" . -"^^W^ ^B^^^^BW^ . j^^^^^^^^^p ^^^^^^^^^P IH^K '' ' ' " TERMS;

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