The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 25, 1960 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 25, 1960
Page 9
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V ' '• > - •••'••• I School Board Head Gives Views '' ' '•'•',.•• • • _.. , , . f -_ . ; • ' ' jt f - On Athletic Site Development - ' i' • * - > • By E. H; Hutchins, president Algona School Board < " Algona, Iowa i 'October 20, 1060 To Upper ties Moinos: There has been some discus- -SjOW " 1-ecently. , concerning ,the feasibility oT taking'some 'slips' {Jointing \to\vard planning and gradual .development of facilities ejn schaol-pWnet} t 'land , iii the southeast' part io't Algbna."' < There HaVe bbeit V number of comments received, most of them indicating ' thqj / fldyisability of lopking ''aheaa-' and; doing some further preliminary;! ' planning. Your recent fdrfitGEial indicates that there miv be^ii number of- i \ 4.* A "1 • misapprehensions that should be 1 cleared Up. i s Your idea that itfc present playing field facilities at, the fairgrounds are (juite desirable is of course unchallenged) and the school board ; favors .continuation of this arrangement as long 'as possible '^Without trying to jfor.esee wrfat'fu^uVe, plans the Fair board might have, it must stiU'be recognized that changing plans and activities. Of the Fair Association could eliminate the possibility of use of\ the fair grounds by the' some future years. Tney.migM sponsor or permit activities which would make the field unsuitable ., , JH'AN'K Y>OU / ( . • * * - ' ., Our most sincere thanks to all the'Algona merchants who donated favors and door prizes and to all the out-of-town, manufacturers' for their fc&o'rs, to the Upper Des Moines Pub. /Co., for their papers for each of our guests, to'the Barbershop Quartette, to Van's Cafe and all .Vvho helped to make our Rdlly, Oct. 18, a success. Thank you. 1 s ' The Algona Degree Of Honor Lodge, No. 1,1.4 _ AGRICULTURAL Uses . .„ \ Lift IE ftti) p (Portable Heaters giro you heat for allliniesl^MpuriJoses, all conditions, i - • 4 With greater safety, little Red'lieii Direct Eiili Heaters s^ i^alfiable' a's'general utility 'heaters 'for 'the, (arrh-for emergency, and supplemental,heat, • f- -iteiiJ SPECIAL Model KH-1 , DIRECT FIRED HEATER as a 'football playing, .field! In case the fair grounds should ever be for sale, it is pretty evident that the price would be prohibitive for it to be .considered for school purposes or athletic field site. It occurs to-us that most public facilities 'including 'School facilities are developed either by a crash program when urgently needed or by long range planning, or some times by a combination. The long range planning procedure has "some merit 1 - in saving cost and in providing more satisfactory facilities. The current discussion centers around further planning for. use of the school-owned site In the southeast part of town possible grading or levelling, possible development , of an area which could be usea for practice of athletic games and physica' education. activities. Personnel on .the ' coaching staff and playground commission advise thsrt there would be immediate use .of such facilities for physical education, practice field and playground activities. The desirability of.'a' p better track .is evidenced by the large numbers taking part in that, activity., It is one of the.few atnletlc actiyities in which •unlimited' numbers can participate without ,r e d u^c i~n, g squad ,size. to ' ificiude only, the superior athletes'. The track usec Jn the ?past f located *dn< -the ! di«j* park area is undersize; anc money spent to put it in condi tion is Jvas<eiii-.Iti carries, aujfojmo bile traffic'arid 1 kinaergoes 'other abuse. TJhe city park is ^widely used for] jrfciay] eveiitaj {a|ndt play activities, 6f course the schoo' las litt\e direct contipol Alt . deceiving' iflne cooperation «fro he city in ijffor^ding 'its. use. ,, j We h^Ve-hterdno plkicjfjtjlea chers or'stadium or elaborate ap purtenances. If steps are to b iaken,;they> probably would > no be anything /.in nature j of' a major, deyelqpm'ent ^uch. as $pi apparently' "contemplate?; jn, jjou editorial. They would'b'e wit! the thought of taking some step in the direction; oY< IT long' raYig «pr6gr s am" : wTiidh cotild * Vrovid fairly. 3oon ( svfme' improved Cathie tic -facilities 5 •within' 1 a niodtiate cost, the .benefit)'Of whiarijwduld • No Exposed Fl»me, eHmlnatlng ttili fire hazard. . Ttie'rmojtatlc Hoat Control, prevontj •: ire overtiming and iU dangers 61 I fire and personnel Injury. ; • Electric Solehojd 'Valvel. wUh posl-i live fuel shut-off'eliminating Ui« danger of fire. ' • Continuous linltion. v "pravinUnj smoke, odor «nd flame out • Metal Fuel Lines, for greater precaution against line leakage and resultant fire ; haiard. ' ' 5 > r i 'i- '• "t * - j f- '" • Angular leg Cohstructlon. mrtlng accidental tipping i virtually Impos- . sible. HEATINpond DRYING FARM BUILDINGS: Q Poultry House* • • D Wilk Rooms p'Greenhouses • ' p Plant Sheds p Tool H°us«s . p Warehouses' B . Tobacco Sheds Sheer) Pens' -' ' P Hog Pens Q Barns EMERGENCY and UTILITY USESi h Homes—iwhen ... heating Installations break down P Thawing Frozen Water Pipes p Protecting Irrlga- tlon Equipment p-Material Drying ' during Construction and Repairing P Drying Wood and other wet materials P Warming'UmHtited Workjng .AreiSv PRE-HEA'TI'NG • , EQUIPMENT) . p Produce Vans p Tractors and other Engine Driven Equipment P Freight Cars In Process of loading BUSCHERBROS.IMPL Minneapolis-Moline - Kelley^Ryan New Idea - Papec ' Parts - Repairing - Tires - Twine - Portable Heaters 1015 N. Main Algona CY 4-345 ConceilTrio, In Appearance Here Oct. 29 The Kossuth Community Concert Association will present the New York Concept Trip on Saturday evening, Oct. 29 in the Algona :High School Auditorium at Bip.m. \ . - •'. • ' ',-• .The iirst concert features the UnusUal.' i combination 1 of cello, flute and harp in pieces ranging from the 18lh century classics to contemporary music. .,-.-..' Each member of the ehsemble is a virtuosa soloist, as, well as an experienced 'ensemble,'player .and tliey set' a record,oil 37 Appearances 'throughout 'the Middlewest and ^a'dfid.-States in' their first scas'6n together 1 last year. : Ardyth Altdn-, who plays cello, ,was born in Iowa ! and : educated at Oberlin Conservatory and New York's ' Juilliard School of kusicj /vvhere ' she.- did graduate work. ' ' ; • . _, Paul Bpy^ flujfct.ixygs Ipqrfi'ip Philadelphia dnd studied at the Curtis Institute of Music, whece his mother was a professor. Mr Boyer has been & oneniWqr of the Philadelphia l&ltte Symphon^, the Rudlophfjerkin'- Vermont' Summer Kopti^aP Orchestra, a£ well as pbaticipa^ting iri \numeij- ous recitals' in<T7ew York anfl Philadelphia 1 .* 1 . .} Cynthia .Otis, tKes Jovely Corf- necticut born harpist be'gap study^ ing the instrument when she was 8 years old. At 16, she appear,'ed> a'S' S616i5t vWth Irid NeW York fPhit-kai'monis 1 Y«u 1 rfe : Pedple't Series rirn Carnegie: Hpll.- 1 ! i ~ ' J\ i \ • '• ' ".i Mr3 George Schuller from Whittemore was a visitor here in the home of her sister and brother-in-law, Mr and Mrs Eugene, Zeimet-and family., Mrs Schuller is moving to tJarshalltovvn Nov. 1 where Mr Schuller is a. patient in a cVterans non\e. k ' (X ' . SENECA NEWS Mr and Mrs Myron Gilbert and family called on Seneca relatives and friends Sunday. ' Mr Olc Pedersen spent several days last week at Iowa City, where he had a check-up on his byes. v Mrs Chris Dahl attended a tea for Mrs Norman Erbe held at the Mi's C. C. Inman home near Bancroft Tuesday afternoon. Mr and Mrs Roy Klein attended the funeral of a cousin, William Ebcrhardt, at Iowa Falls Wednesday. 1 Mrs Ole Pedersen, Mrs Martin Wilberg, Mrs John Jolianncscn. Mrs Elmer Krause, Mrs Curtis Olsen and Mrs Henry Looft attended Guest Day at the St. Johns; Lutheran Church at Depew last Tuesday. Mr, and Mrs Chris Dahl and Dennis spent Sunday with. Mr and Mrs 'Chris fiahl and other relatives at Tyler, Minn, helping Chris Dahl of Tyler obs<|:ve a birthday anniversary. Mr and Mrs Maurice Jensen of Cedar Falls came 'Saturday afternoon to get their mother. Carrie Jensen, and take her back with them for' an extended visit. Mr and Mrs Russcl Jensen ana family and Otto R. Jensen of Fent'bn spent Sunday at Cedar Falls helping the Forest Clirist- cnsons observe their 40lh wedding anniversary. Mary England began working at Fairmont recently. Mr and Mrs'John Kressin and son of Algona were Sunday guest's at the parental Lyle Eng- lands. A weekend guest of the Larry Tuesday, Oct. 25, 1960 Algona (la.) Upper DM Foxes was Bertha Petersen, a former teacher in the Sentral schools. , Mr and Mrs Frank Looft of ( Fairmont were Saturday evening guests at the homo of their daughter and faintly the Albert Johnsons. many US«K& In -Approving n the j ,1955 ;_bqnd,,4sisue 'the', public apRrpved , acau^r,ing '.and deyeipping , the site, , among other things', 'but "the board has felt that the actual development shoujd be delayed or that it should be gradual, a'cfidrdirig" 'to "prospective use. It is felt that you and the jp'ublis •would'! ba :in "accord with this more gradual Approach which contemplates some planning for the future. KEEPjYOUR SAlFE! Don't worry ^bout losing your valu- r able, papers and personaljiiems. Rent : y rfaf f idepbffil box here loday. ' 1 Tne etost is 'only a ffew cenls a month no matter what size bojc yod rent. Come inriqwl! -,.i..", i.i'i 1 ;•'•''•.! Member FiD.I.C. .•: t = i i Algona gs SPEAKING: %W^^^ Better Your Living With Mbdern Electric Wiring ... Is the electric wiring in your home as modern as your car? The accumulation of additional uses,for electric current may have outstripped your facilities. Now is'She time for more and bigger circuits, multiple outlets and switches. Call your electrical contractor and have him recommend the changes needed In your wiring. You'll find the cost, is low and the satisfaction is great. Don't delay - do it now. 1 Life Can Be Beautiful With Low Cost Electric Service . Algona Municipal Utilities I •: ' Phone CY 4-2333 ; ..,.'. SIC. IN IOWA YOU PAY ^ , OFdASOUNE! Night Slated By ,{j j f N. Guard Here Thursday might; Novl 3j will 'bel Civil Defense Nig^ht at ^the regular meeting 'of the 'Algo'nV Ufift' of the National Guard in the armory - % ati the fairgrounds. .Anyone interested lnj'.Cj,v.ili Defensfe in Kossuth County jls invited ;to* attend. - « " : ' ' ' John Wood, county chairman of CD, and Rev, N. M. Coughenour will present a program and movie during the evening. The event will. begin at 8 p.m. S|.,Jpf,,v C.',D 9 .of Aarheld ii|i tiation" of new members Oct. |7, preceded by a 6:30 dinner with J 8D members and guests attending., Ne^ members are Mrs Robact ^B^rte, 'Mrs 1 "Dary 1 !- Baker, Mbs Marvin Sawyer, Mrs L e o h 'Thdme, Mrs James Stahl, Mrs Tom Moser and Mrs Floyd MoseiJ. Mrs L. J. Nemmers, district de,- DUrty,; iMrs i Ira/in / ISses, grand lygentl ferndS.Mrs. Llree McGuire from Bancroft and Mrs Georj&< Schuller of Whittemore also a£tended. -.. I IF IT'S NEWS WE WANT IT Storm Doors Stbrm Windows Porch Enclosures With Genuine,Original Keeps 0»tCoM Holds In Heat > $6vwypTe40% t On Fuel • Crystal Clear Plflstk [ • Shatllrpreof • lasts For Years ' PORCH tNCLOSUKES linl —is inches widi— la it 2T * «' I**'.' , o«« -,«»oi> ,15°' "(SS< 016 Costs So Little,,, Anyone Con Afford it . Compare the Ipw cost, light weight, > "convenience an4 weatherproof quaiV ities of Warp's Flex-O-Glass with expensive, breakable glass. So Easy.., Anypne Can Do It It takes only a few minutes to .put \ up any of Warp's Shatterproof .gzZZZ**^' Window Materials. It's so easy that acp BIOS, also make even the womenfolks enjoy doing it WYR-O CLASS Don't let cold weather catch you SCREEN GLWS «»pfep»re4! Gft fleaf-O-GJass oow! FtEX-O-PANE Just CMt & Tock On ; 6,1*.. CUT WITH SHE«8S ON •UCUIEU' 1 J ' e t Y J N ^fy 1 ? 1 ; ! was speaker with a,-word of welcome giyon/by Grand, ..EeguiTt- -Mary 'Jane Origer. AT YOUR LOCAL HARDWARE AND LUMBER DEALERS Tula- Tim Ad To Your Locul Deuk-r To By Sure You Get Genuine FUX-0-GLASS •<;« Units e, , , A ,The»;Riverdade Rustlers Unit 1 4-iH -Clflb he!4 Installation of pf- fifcers Oct. 19'. 'Officers insUI.1- ed were Ruth Ann Klein, president; Mary Alma O'Brien, vipe president; Bernadette Hilbert, secretary , - treasurer; Charlehe Thilges, historian; Kathleen Bee- .son and Paula Thilges, librarian; Kristine Plathe, reporter; Connie Bormann and Corine Bor- r^ann, music. Florence McGuire and her mother served the lunch. Riverdale Rustlers Unit ,2 4-H Club met Oct. 19 with installation of officers and initiation of new members held. Officers are Lucille O'Brien, president; Georgia Thul, vice president; Rosa Lee Illg, secretary - treasurer; Lois Erpelding, historian; Mary Sue Zeimet, reporter; Marion KohJ- haas, librarian; Vicki McGuire and Kathleen Plathe, music; and Florence McGuire, courtesy. New members are Jean McKeown and Janice Thul. Have New Daughter Mr and Mrs Mark Kollasch are parents of a daughter, Carla Jean, born Oct. 11 in Holy Family hospital, Estherville. Their v son Norbert, 18 months, returned to his home Tuesday after a week here with his maternal grandparents, Mr and Mrs Art Illg. Mr and Mrs Fred Kollasch of Whittemore are the paternai grandparents. Carol Erpelding spent the weekend here with her parents, Mr and Mrs Francis Erpelding and family after spending the past three months at St. Joseph's Sanatorium in Dubuque. Carol is a student nurse in Si. Joseph's School of Nursing at Mason City. Alma Illg is on a 2-week trip to California and othpr southern and western states. Alma, employed at the Northwestern Bell Telephone Co. in Humboldt, is a daughter of Mr and Mrs Art Illg from here, National Increase 1950-1959 Gasoline Tax GASOLINE TAXES UP 51% IN TEN YEARS HOW DID YOU VOTE? No matter how you voted, these facts on gasoline taxes are important to you: • Everywhere in Iowa, car owners pay $1.00 tax on every 10 gallons of gasoline they buy! • Gasoline taxes across the -nation amount to a 50% sales tax—and that's five times as high as the tax rate on luxuries like diamonds and mink-coats! „ • Since World War II, there have been three increases in the Federal gasoline tax alone. This brought the Federal tax to 4 cents a gallon, in addition to the State tax of 6 cents a gallon! • In the last ten years gasoline taxes have skyrocketed 51% — yet the price of gasoline itself has risen only 5.5% during the same period! • Each year the average motor vehicle owner in this state pays $84 lor gasoline taxes alone. That's just a few dollars less than the average wepk's pay for most people! HIGHWAYS AND GASOLINE TAXES Your gasoline retailer, naturally, favors construction of the roads that the motoring public needs. He believes in fair and reasonable taxation for this purpose but feels that taxes on gasoline have now reached unreasonably high levels. He also believes that all special taxes on the motorist should be used only for highway purposes. Yet last year, out of every automobile tax dollar collected by the Federal Government from highway users, more than 40 cents went for non-highway purposes. If these automotive tax revenues were dedicated for highway purposes, there would be no need for the latest increase in the federal gasoline tax. The Gasoline You BUY Is Taxed Too HIGH! Pr«s«nt«d in public Interest by the Gasoline Tax Education Committee, 575 Lexington Avenue, New York 22, N.Y,

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