The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 13, 1940 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 13, 1940
Page 8
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PAGE EIQTTT ,-R (Anit) COURIER NEWS. Watching For Enemy X Happy Optimists Warned i Britain Is Nol Yet Mulch \ I'oi' Nazis Air Force IiV MIt.'tOM IWOMNfCIl 1JEA Service SUIT CaiiesfcnlcHl LONDON'. Feb. 12,-Tne Cham- beriain government recently has been showering plenty of pessimism upon i British publi: (jrown too liapi.-ily optimistic- because o! the absence of c:icmy nlr rultlf-M over Euslish soil. Man for man and plane for plane, the Royal Air l^orce so fur has Itsi'lf the equal of and probably the .superior to the German machines nnd pilots encountered in air battlc-s. Ah- rnirtprs have been driven off British territory. Nazi bombers have been . This has tende;! ID make |)« ))Ub)lc forget ail important point: The Nazis almost certainly have a far greater air force Hum the British. 11 would be almost impassible for Britain lo have created in a year and a half an air force as large as that which' the Ni?is created by sevc-a strenuous years of enforced labor. BLACKOUTS AUE STH.L V1TAI, So, lo lit-ad off the easy co.'npkt- cency of the public, the Air dc- patlmmt obviously Inspired articles which appeared simultaneously in all blj British papers in which it was staled tlie Royal Air Farce was finding it increasingly tougher to bring down enemy planes because of highly improved armor and mechanism in the latter. People were warned against their- self- satisfaction with their present immunity from enemy ah- attack. It wis stMcd the R. A. F. was satisfied that in n short lime it could stop mass attacks upon Britain, but that this would not be achieved before the civil population had suffered extensive casualties mid losses in industrial oiit|iuU Arising out, of this government warning come two corollaries: First: There has boon a certain amount of grousing about tlie Intense blackouts in the cities, in consequence, sir John Anderson, Home Secretary, In a scries of speeches has biun impressing upon .the people the utter necessity of these measure.;. Second: There is ths question of. evacuation. Early in the war, the government evnciutcd about 1,350,000 children, mothers nf ymmir •earful (hat the quiet which so f,,r has prevailed in the western war Is liu-l (lie calm before a storm this spring, Britain maintains ceaseless eiinrrt. The watch, which .extends to all fronts, i s .symbolized in the above photo of a Brilisli seaman on a destroyer of the Dover mtrol /amcdln (lie last world unr. sctumlni. Ihe sea for iroiibl- ' liirvard Specialist 'Say:-, Slreiu'.ous Gomes Art- Safe hnoiigh 1>O:TON 'UPJ •- Tim Henri i.:, : Hi at physical strain with )',u '•'«" „, , !,'i injury. Or. Paul i). Whi'V <;'\ ; I' i-Viinl Mc-tlUitl Kchoat sav, n I debunking popular myths' 'a'lx. it "liven by the mod t.runliiu^ (c - fciit," he says, "it is |):aetieulty uii- |,a.sriil;lc? fai' a person in «jood iram- ing lo Mljiiiisl 11 lieulthy hftut. ttn- vuiis exhaustion n::d £0l)u)><.-e CM-T liisl—mid protect the hcart,~HejVr. lliir ni!iloti''.s heart L-j mosllv r, itij-tlr. ' " •"/'iit-re new, however, a fcv,- <••••• tiijuldiis such us jjcrions v.'io ••':'•(• culowrd with a ]i(. :! rl iniis;lc nsji-- Milt ol iiiheittiiiico or a poor jt.ut in li-bl lil'o or ciirllesl infmiuy."AU-! sillier only i» marathon racing, ovule contests aim hard, fast fkiim al hiuh iiUltuiles over u JKI-IO.) a years." In an intci view. Dr. while Indicated Unit the average sport's iihe, golf nnd tennis and f:n\ hard com|)etitive Knme.i like I«wi- bull, hockey mill basketball do rot Injure the heart. The only exertion, he says, might |, e UQys ' .,,' lc , Klrls In HID midst of growing. Two other fancies dliciissc:!' iii- ler. jiublished ncivspaperi nnd nr- giinlml a party outside of Ocrnriny wlf.i contncls In ticnnany. Otto Strasscr made ' ills broadcust against Hitler from a radio statioji in Prague, built exclusively for- Slrusssr's use by I'oimis, who had been chicl en- ginecr of the Stuttgart radio Malion snd who was imirileud. ETtrnjser .says, by the Nazis In l!H5. When Prague was occupied by Ihe Germans, Otto Strasser left for Zurich, where he published his book, "The Europe of Tomorrow." nnd forme:! [mother party to combat Hitler. clirdod Idem niioitl. lioart-i that nro ;illet-ted nnd so-called heart symn- (onis. Some |jeoj/!o bi'li^vt- uiat itiim- (In- lieiii-t is- aflevt.>cl tiu-re is ) pf.] - n]a(it.-nt lioubJc ahead, Nothing is usually lurthtj Jrojii tjie l;-i,u,' lir. While said. . "Very oHeii," ho said, "the heart IK t ion oi' !h<- heart imiscl} i'-jclfarc Injund, Kit!) r.«c'Hoit rctoverv In tnc course df time, TJH-I-C urc, of : coin-Mr, exceptions ntW these'are l)ir ; circs wo dramatically hear auoiii "Usually Ix-art r.ymiitsins do nut • Mft-.n Itt'ft'.'l (list-inc.. Hstirticiit' •holiness of breath, pjilrjitattoi »jit hunting imiiij nftc., n,[, n n-A'~art: di; t - to somr-thiiv< else 'nuijer tiian llCiU'l dlsCilS'!," Ot!i<!i statf-inc-nts t'.io l:;nt-t oy I Jr. v/hliL- uive: Murmurs, thou^ii they shou!:) br- rxjinined -,\illi c-arc, mo.lly are un- im! anil ultc.i only t.-:u-.o- iij:y. A.spijin dues not liiii-t ;hr> lu--.<it Al-.-ohol in m:,:k'iariu., i,s nul bjrj fur tin 1 hori! t. 'Iciiacco Is not b-.i«J fi,r t'^ !u.alt!>y lieavt. but I 1 . n;.\y iiTituio ti!i- heart, or b« bad in t:ie"uR»,e:iej H is important, however, tjj-t our- shniild avoid overeating. Tiiicrt- .:,<jiuire meals n day aie baif for ih- i heart, iinUffis (he person is a hard luuiiunl bliore;-. tli'.i-'.aif.i U: ivin'.i-. --. lv , chair r.pnls and Mrs. Froncl), fi'or/Jiotcd bed hoslciM, assisted by Mrs Helen Willis, .served n salad course "'ill) colh-c. The Valeiuliic mail I was carried nul in the refresli- | Tlie next meeliim will lie TIIK- j<l:iy, reli. 20, ra Mrs. Wheeler's'." | Saimon Fins Clipped ; To Check Wanderings | SEATTLB, wash. (UP)-Ttjerc : will \>y a JK-V chfipU'r iou;> to the j «i-ia of the little lishr-.s tliat uwam' . and swam all ever the duni. fiiit all tlic-lr awimmlni; wi'l lie dune \vit)i clipped fins—hrraussthe; ; Wasl.huton stiito fisht-jits depart-' : mt-iit has found it advisuljg 10 re-' ! movi! lins of maru- youn;r salmon i i to obtain a m,r,t\:.ic unil atcuiatc j i.->;r<.'> on the lionildid wajiiir-rlii'iS i ol sahncii. IhUcliery iiK-n \\lio K-movc-d the i fins usi-d dliU-rtnt combinations to I deu'nninc where the lish wc-rc J i'lJUv.ned and relea.'iird. -Scmelimes j they clippt'd (he dorsal fin. somt- <;ir;\(( K Horn In •/,„„ -s'. s. W. <Uf'i~A-lv- a"e bofii nt the Turaiig.! IM,!; ^0, Sydney, was the- first bora in l 'iH city snil .the '.sswnd in Auv ' iralia. One bor.i in the Pt-rlli 7.oo ' 'asl year livc-d only two diiys. Of- •' -cmls Hrc lakinx no C hit:ic-J.i with' 1 i.!isir new urflval, and aro l!i'<in» ' ivcry !ji-ecaut!un fj t uar:l ii.s IK.-llIt:). OCO pieces cf crockery and ( itsins of tableware. liead C.Hilcr Ncv.'s ',iant ods. Pr. J. A. Saliba Announces Die removal o'f l)i| office from (lie Ingram -iiuildin lo his home. 121 ['. Kentucky Plioue -II miPTTiiijffnnrr^ Hitler's "Enemy Number One"'Works _ Unceasingly lo Bring His Downfall children nnd expectant mothers to slra!i sc'r tlie country. Nearly 3500 bij bust- onc -' ness firms In London alone evacuated most of their staffs and records to country houses and mansions. The government evacuated .some 15,000 civil service servant's to places in the north. But since nothlrg terrible lias happened up to now, it is estimated that: almost half of the evacuees from; London have < cbnuv . back Thousands of children have bscn without ! schools In London. The By iVKA Service PARIS, Feb. 13—"Onering, speak- ig of me once, declnrcil: 'Otto Is Hitler's enemy number . Authorities ftre ! urgln z .- pnreiits ' to ' send, their chlHIie'n back to thi country :no\v ( ; -to avoid n )x>sslbie wild, mad scramble if London Is bombed. : EVACtfATION'S "flint's just what I am. Why? Because Miller has drawn Germany into a cecowl world War and I won't leave any stone unturned to overthrow him tind save the late of my country." These were the quietly determined words of thin - haired, tight-lipped Otto Strns'scr. Bavarian oi-uautor of the auli-!\'a7,i Bhick eral German cause. \VOUM) OCItMANV Slrasscr came lo Paris to cs(ab- , Front, champion of the lib- therc Is no ground for communism. "If Hits can in; nscomplLshcd, WD mny hops for a IOHJ and cquilHbu- urac;'. 'Ine lerms ivould UCL restore Cwchoslovakhi and l j oland; return a plebiscite lo Austria; dismember Germany into ' a federal stale; wipe utit i'nis.sia. "In a won!. j;'ve German)- n constitution like that of Switzerland. Form n 'Biinc!,' a 'Kanton-' only in this cuse could the neighbors of the German State live in confidence and security "I believe that Bolshevism 1m- lo be fought, because, in my opinion, Stalin win never restore his slinrc of 1'Dlancl or tlie iialtle States. I believe It 1-, ocMinanys ilut.y to amend her ml.stn.te and pay her ilt-bts—espaclfllly towards -s tlih contact with the French |jolll- , ', ny hcr ll - b <s—espaclfllly towards • ical lenders, ta get acquainted with p ° Iancl - w'lleh bus suffered grcal- thclr, personal views, nnd ID stu;lv j cs . " lroi| Sl>_Gertiiany. The 1 government has recently nmiouhccd llial-another'-OOOb civil servants' arc to bo sent to places up north. This, ir. spile of the protests of the unhappy government servants and their wives and families. For enforced evacuation is working a. hardship- on every one of tlicm, particularly, on those who own or hold lor!? leases on houses in the London area. Nevertheless t h e government has stood pa t. The official standpoint is that government business must be carried on no matter how mucli the Nazis bombed the island,. A!?d the only way to make sure (hat. business Is carried on is to have the bulk of the employes of the government in cornp-irn- tively safe places. Ihe possibility of an eventual pence, i "' n ' s o believe that vv»'couid"'uso He 1ms em-cful'.y weighed the German youths as Europe's soldiers present situation In Germany and, ngnlnsl Bolshevism, as Christian trrlnhv that the war will bring soldiers mnin«t stnlin." ruin to Europe nrul aerniany, he ' OWo Stvnsscr v.-us bovn in Bavaria has created a stringent formula. '" t^ 7 - He has been personally ac- quiilitted wlllr Hitler for iilmost ten i years, wns an ardent member of nnd a ' lhc N:illol »l Party from . , - ... German J?" l ? 1DSO - "« withdrew, because army Is annihilated. I am certain "'' vvns % M{n K. 'too powerful, lo - i-jriu the Black Front, opposed to which he believes will avert the cataclysm. "If lhc war lasts half years, nnd if thai Germany will have to face n second Treaty of Versailles, if not Tills is why I have told my friends that it is our national duty to direct our efforts towards HiUer's downfall. ' Hitler can be overthrown by a revolution—ail •orgniiixecl revolution— bromjh! about soon, while tl-.e German army has not collapsed, while the country is not in a state of complete annihilation, while . lllc Nai!ls - '" 1M3 - lle '""I 'o leave Ocl '"" >n y for Prayuff. There, he Ullrsllc[ l "'s activities nsaluxl Hit- ARKANSAS & MISSOURI Farm & City L LOW INTEREST RATES EASY PAYMENTS -LONG TERMS FLORIDA BROS. & CO. Life Insurance Fire Insurance Investment Securities Osceol^, Ark. STANDARD TIRES ^ Demonstration Club News Nolcs Varlirti Club Meets j Seventeen members of the Yarbro II:me benionstrntlnn club me'. . at the home of Mrs. Albert Hol. 'iiiBSHOitli Tircsctny for a program ; mil a sliowcr for (he lin.slc.s-s, who wns celebrating her ijhlhday. The icng of the inoiith," "My '• Cl:l Keiitueky H-jmc", was discusJ- | «l by Mrs. Ernest i-Vench and sung ; ty the dub. After tiie creed had been said in unison. Mrs. Elm ; Wheeler- i;avc the poem cf the month. Each member- answered • roil cull by telling what impiove- i iiienl she was goins; lo make in 1 her home this year. j Mrs. Arch Llndscy, gardening chairman, gave a discussion of early vegetable gardens, early (low- ?r planting nnd quilt making. Mrs. J. D. Smith, clothing chairman, GREATEST] AMERICAN W'HISKty* I BOTTLED Muiit:% • IN snNTi &'( l '-tn,maie*\ Rich Mellow Fragrant Kentucky Straight Bourbon UXITKII I.1QUOU, Wholesalers I.iltln Itin'k. Purl Kmiili 1 l)Y YOU1I UfJKJ) CAU FROM TOM Ll'lTUi: Uievrolol Co. A IS' I) SAVK THK I))KPKJU5NCK. J)ue : t.Uc «rc;il popularity nf (lie new Clievrolcl we- aru • form) tn liquidate our .slock of line rt'twidilioncd used ('iu-K ;i( iiiue. fo innlse room for more ;md more Inule-ir.s. 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Antarctic expedition tell of the advantages of their favorite ri;;.ircue...slow-burning Camels. Richard Moulton, senior dog-driver (Vfw/fr,), sums up vilien lie ;,.rs: "Slow burning is my measure of a milder, cooler, more flavorful smoke. 1 d j/tv/j-i- n 1; .ilc lor a Camel." Nothing destroys a cigarette's delicate elements of flavor and fr.u; I kc the excess of too-fast burning. Cigarettes that burn (list also burn hot. C.'.nuS ;:re i!o\ver-burnin{;...milder, mellower, aiid-n.iit;rally-cooler! Try (,amcK. 1 m.l ci.i i. r yourself liou- slmv-burtiing Cimels give you more pleasure pec puff ...ami more p.;j;i ( , c - r pack-more actual smoking (sec {iMcl extreme right). FOR MILDNESS, COOLNESS, AND FLAVOR -SLOW-BURNING COSTLIER TOBACCOS In recent la Moratory tests, CAM ET.S burned 25^ sfoirer (fian the avcr- e^c a( the 15 Older nf etie largesc- irlling brands tested— slower dun any of them. That means, on the average, a smoking fi'ttt to 5 EXTRA SMOKES PER PACK! isM. 1)10. n J B'rooli>iT.iM«<iro.. Wloacn-lilm. N'. 0

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