The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 18, 1960 · Page 35
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 35

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 18, 1960
Page 35
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Lakota Teacher Presents A Slide tour Of Europe Win Blue Ribbon* : Al Ma — the Mary Circle of the Presbyterian Church had , a 'pot-luck supper for the teachers and families of the Lakota school. , After the very, good meal the program included: Meditation by Rev, Harlan Kruse; a duet by Jtidy JUtting. arid Mike Buckles .•'$hb sang "Now the Day Is Over", accompanied by Mrs Barrett ,at the piano. Mrs Don Boyd welcomed the guests, she is chairman of the ;Mary Circle. Miss Cle'b Weldin; a member, of the Circle introduced the teach- •ers. Alma MiJeham, Mike BUckles, Marilyn flippehtrop^ Jeff Blome and Jiidy Jutting sang one number. They all attended the Pres- byteriari .Junior High School Bible Camp at Okfcboji thi^ stlninier. Mrs .V, Ak^atrett gkve a reading "The Forgotten Wpmen."'Tl!e group sangi "The Morfe, w v e Gel Together." Then Jerry McMullen showed his slides and gave a tallj on the trip he took to Europe this 'summer. - Used Clothing Drive The American tegion Ajlxi liary is sponsoring a used clo'th ing drive and would like all bart- tributions br&ufeht tfT MH "B Thompson by November d. 4——^i,'. >' Luther League $A46U The regular .iHonmiy, foL v ..«, of the St. Haul's" Ltither. League met with, Paul Geflertfeidt. giVilfg Lhe' topic "Leaguers fr&m s oth'er lands." THe ybuth group p'ldn to bntertSin . leagtJers A'brti other churches the cOrrtirig mohth. De : vdtions were gtveti by Carp'line proff. Paul Geilenfeldt, Caroline Grbff. Stanley &M ^Cerifteth Ell mart Served the lu'nch. Moving To ArlzonI ^j - ebffimittee! tftaHittf.tJttfrtHii; CM? ttfeh Cttok'tma 'C^tfjty.h Lfey. eh* fered faboks.- Thfe Historian's bboR Bn'l rteretatyfr, book Jftb hcfelV- 6d blue, ribbons. Marlha Krom h- laMs'tMfe'-hiSlni-ifiH Irfd 2ook is the decreltu-y. ah3 NbrtHfleltk going to Ariztirii Hbme. THe^ ylsitfe tal; Dr. H. H. . - M Mrs IJ^Rnis Murray their florist shop in Min are ake their ren- fs last week. Mrs.Lawreftc'e Le'ftis was call eS tb Petty last week. Her ttioth er suffered, a strbkfe ahajs^n cri tical condition. She is Mrs Leota O'Keefe; ±-~ i± kota Luckh* ' long time _.„', .City „,.. ,.„ ing supper |tl|St&, tt{jr.hbifl6. r Mf$ J3 ias been* dismissed' Jickins6n C_ r . iital SdturdJty, ( .6nU6M&$\, f wafe elected, 6s, !««»««».•••?'„••-,-, Lakota ScHo'oi Bbar8 at itfnilet. ing .at th'e.Mool* - ^ ' Mr <irid MM 0. ft. Bf Palo Atto, California, daUgh- let of- the. Wftltef- Lunri's, are Jri thi p'rticeSst of bUiiding a hew hotise. It Will be a three bed- fbbln,.two bam, and, two bar garage plus a built in 'electric kitch-' en and family roofn. They platf to be fn by CKrisrtm&si. Grandparents Ag*fi3 lilr and" Mrs J. ,E. 'URena are Irahdparerits "again. Mr 'and Mrs Ralph fiewey of §ac City have a new daughter, t Dorothy Ann, born on Wednesday, Oct. 5 the Saine day fiS ' Her rriothfir fehfl weJgVed 8 founds ^Hd Hwe'lvd Ounces also the Same 1 ai 'Her too? ther when she was born. Mr and Mrs Hilhier Hanson were Tuesday evening dinner gliests of the Mayriard Mehls of Frost Honoring the Hanson's 38th wedding anniversary. Mr and Mrs- Guy Beemer of Mrs Cf, William Daniels) former Sherry ClabaughrlS^fyoMilflg toward her. Bachelor b , ] si /^ FULL SWING* *. Another Big A i ^ LE C Ends Saturday, October HERE ARE JUST A FEW OF THE THOUSANDS OF ITEJ AT HERE AR . FREMENDOUS SAVINGS - REMEMBER, ONLY Ic BUYS THE DUPLICATE itEM DURING THIS SALE. ' . - • Giant Size Aerosol, SHAVE CREAMS 10 Ozl — Reg. 98c 2 For 99c Mi-31 ANTISEPTIC MOUTH WASH Pint — Reg. 89c 2 For 90c ;J PANOVItE MultUVitaMins ,,, 100's — Reg. $?.98 BUFFERED ASPIRIN 100's — Reg. 98c 2 For 99c POLYMULSION Children's ,Multi-Vitamins., Pint — Reg. $3.89 2 Fdr $3.90 .^ 'MIST COLOGNES Reg. $2:50 2 For $2;51 "Ypur Algona Recall Drug Store" *••;•,. ^^sssssssssssa^^ Join OuH '-*««^B-^- Christmia^ Ghaif Here's How it v nil w J * w ^« *%*IT* i gree in nursing which \wui te jp«° fwb years.. Mr and Mrs Floyd Clabaugh received Word' *M« week. Sherr^ Has be€K «i.-«.-arid is Working- i&t .thd collelb at tMe University^" *•'•"—Six Bbj;, .SdOUjSj^Jr-ttU!. Bruce Meurer, Eugene..P, ( Ronald JohnsBn, . Virgil Mark rtamiiton fi —' a'hd. Ernest Perei, , """"tt;"^"" by Scoutmaster, Gottlieb Rleffer, weht 'to Elmore, for a fkatlng party on Saturday afternoon. Supt. aria Mrs J. W. Cook entertained the -school -bp ( tefl at_J» steak fry on Mdriday'-e.YeplHg-be- fore the board r»' D t for its|re organization meeting.,,. 4* • * TB tests were given to > the children of the firsil fifth,,ninth and twelfth grades of the Lakota school on Monday afterno^. The shots were given«by Mrs Richard Campney assisted 'by,Mrs Clayton Helvick. Other 'ladies who helped were Mrs Alton Ahder- ion, Mrs Robert ^eemei', Mrs AI Johnson, and-Mrs EarLPaulSoH: Dinner guests at the Earl Paulson home on Sunday were Mr and Mrs W. B. MulVfirhill and .Teah of Ames, and Walter /Leslie. Afternoon guests wi?re Mr and Mrs William Coombes, Gary; Brenda and Rhonda of Fairmont; Minnesota. ( . , Mrs Orville Anderson, Mrs John' V. Dorenbush.; t 'Got^lich" Reiffer and John 'Zimirierm'ah fit- tended 'the Lutheran Sunday School teachers meeting at Butt on Sunday afternoon'and-even-, ing. i ' ., -,, '* A'" 4' Attending the fall organization Of 4-H at Algona 6n Moriday were Mrs C. A, Gutnecht Mrs W! D, Ley and .Mrs B.urdette HOcp-! pner. * 4 , ^ '. , ' * Honor 14 Early Burt Members > Of WSCS Group Burt — The honbrary members of. -the W-S.C.S. were nqnored^ when Ifie "society field its Regular" monthly meeting. Also observed was the 20th ariniyersaiy, of the Woriian's . Society ; of Christian Service. , ; . . : , .'• Marie .Parsons gave, the .Devotions of the, Day. Elsie Lockwood gave a brief report on the U. N. and, the duties of .every citizen in voting. . . • '• J In charge pf the program hoj noring the older members . were Benita Mitchell, and Ruby Hinckley, assisted by Elsie Lockwood. Lurena Sodei-burg gave a review of the 20 years ol the local spcie,r ty. One amusing statemem • brought out was the fact that during the first year the bers sponsored monthly Suppers for the public where the .price per plate ,was 25c. Another, interesting statement was that during the 20 years of th6 local Society, its jsecvctarifcs Have handled over $25,000.. . The 14 Honorary members pro* gent assisted in baling;a "Towel Birthday Cake" with 20 candles, while Benita Mitchell briefly told of the duties of each officer. Honorary members p r e s e nl were: Mabel Cnmpriey, Eliiabeti Kennedy, Emma .Manus, Mar^ Volcntinc, Bprth'a* Wallace, Lottie Isenberger,. Ella Sigsbee, Maymc Schrader, Edith, Chiprrian, Sara Bllbni, Cor^ b'fe^fe, Clarfi, a 6w,, Pearl .Daniels and,,Helen Vogei. ttiiaBle W be .p' cause of illiiess "Wfirt Olive Vlaore, Ett& 'tfdldren ; and .Kate ^ietzel. • . ; ^.Hostesses at .Wednesdays meW ,ng wbre GerieviCve .Graham, Mary Sa'rchet, Mary.Beth Mamll/ Ion, Mary Baer, Ma^iaH Wfe^lihg; arid Esther Schi-ader. / New Members ForShM C.D.A. Named St. J<Jd — C. t), of A. met Oct. 12. Applicantk.elboted , to 'merii- bfcrship werfe'Mfl Robert Bei-te '^JrS Daryl s Baker, Mrs 1 MarviH Sawyer, Mrs ,Leph THbme, Mrs James Stahl, ^trs.Tom Moser, Mrs Floyd Mos'&r. fteceptjdn ;df new nieinbers Jwfll be'held vOcti , T following a dinner in St. Joseph' school hall! Mrs : L. .Jj .Nemmer of Barictoft, district deputy,; an &tf leers' : of .thercdurt «\}rHi be/in charge. : '. ' ' •'••""'• ; ,; './:,;...... . •Mrs Maryin Reding., was elect ed 3-year trustee to fill the va cancy left by Mrs Fraricis Murphy who has moved, to. Fort Dodge Attending cthe C.D.A. Work Shop held at Carroll were Mary Jane Origer, grand regent, Mrs E. J. GaleS x and Mrs Frank Reding; ..,,'.'-.,.: The religious committee, presented a reading, Prizes at the social hour k awarded to Mrs E. J Kollasch, Mrs Milford Plath and Mrs Sylvester Wagner. Shower Honorfee . :' , Shirley. .Wagher, bride-elect, will be hbnbred at a pre-nuptial irt St. Jpscph!s school hall Oct. 20 with relatives and friends attending,, the, ,'courtesy. Miss WdgneTr; daughter Of Mr arid Mrs George Wagner or St, Joseph's >arish, will be the bride of Uoh Jrofer, Sb'H 6f Mr arid Mrs Joseph Jrofer of Sacred Heurl Parish, Tort Dodge, .Nov. 5 in St. ioseph's church. Turk&y iJlitirifer St. Joseph^ paris^ will have a turkey dinner ih the school hall SU.rid'ay, Oct. 3d with the following cbhimittee in charge: Mrs Raymond iCohlliaas Mrs Frank jaifbeB, Mrs P'eter Becker, Mrs Ted Wagner, Mrs Ernest Bor- marin, arid Mrs Ralph Kramer. The public is invited to attend. Co'liege students home over the week, end were Judy. Bprmann, boris Aim Kohlhaas, Judy Washer, Aliqe Bormann, Robert Zci- jttet, BeHha Berte arid Alice Rcd- "l/tr and .Mrs' M. T. Mctiuire attended Homecoming at Maur Hill Atchison, Kansas wliere their son Mike is a .high schoo sdnioh David. McGUir.c a 1959 graduate of Maur Hill now al- tehdhig St. Mary of the .Plains fctfliegy in D.odge , City, Kansas, alsQ spent'the'week end at Mdur "" : • , * Tuesday, Oct. 18, 1,960 Alaona (la.) Upper P* MoM*^ HOP consisting ol some 20 re- . „(„„„_. u , n rf> fifs&t held. village consisting oi some 20 re sidcnces, including log cabins and school classes were first and three other buildings. OlUCIIVtVO) in*.»v<.w"-o "~Q - • j_ , the schoolhous6, whdre Sunday , V . I i . n rmT in Mill .11! ' • •' •" ' ;tho eye/ •" '. •!••;-. . *-f • Mr and Mrs Will Reding entertained a Reding family gathering with a dinner and supper .with the following,in attendance. Mi and Mrs Frank Capesius, Algona, | Mr and Mrs Steve Dcvino, Cor- i with, Mr andj Mrs Nick Reding, | Whittemore, Mrs Lizzie Bormann j tind Mrs Mary Capesius from I here. cei-taintJes o^ tft? future^ Parl^ of the "buffer" yoii' neccl shboltl 66 iH cash, and tliosCf ihould be where e'an ; earn the b««t retort) ; . .- ear" '* rogulorly . . • and wet£ insured $t«f»tyl v ' <W Planned Dividend NOW IN EFFECT 100TH , { The First C.,o n g r e g. a 11 o n a 1 Church of Monticello recently celebrated its 100th -year; At the time Of the founding of 'the church, Monticello was a small HOME FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN ASSOCIATION WE ARE THIS AREA'S AND MOST IN THE . A 1 ' ' J". .v'fv'^v'r >•' iVjEUKij..* • r , f 1 f' jilt'Utf •'-•'- YouOetA , 5% Discount on Each Chair Selected 9 Down Payment Consists of One Week's Dues, V $ Dues Shall Be: Cost of Gh«ir ( minus oMssoMnt, pjwi f , by the number pf weeH* wmdiniha from time of purchase until CHrlstmfes. f No Carryirig 01* Layaway PLANNING TO BUILD A NEW HOME? Then Get a Price Frgrrj U, S, 72 WINDSOR $7.311 for"Kiri|i <}J t'Ry N«w Model* Ftgm $3776 . Custom-built and ed on your lot aii4 foundation to your plans or ours. Freight Free. , •, - • C»»h ptKounJ , • • D«irv«r,d tn 30 D»y» • W» Build any homo • 100% Guaranteed CLUB StARfs NOW ! Come in for More Details U.S. Homes arc reoNjimendcd g^£* Companies, write foi FREE» COLOR CATAM5Q set)ttjwe,«Cpine,.Jii and see is any time. BrlM .us %o\if limits Ior:oUri?rl«r8fengm£ . Algona, low ywww^rvw^ @r 1 Fdn f Will DRilUNG ® JIEP DITCHING • PUMP REPAIR PHONE GY 4-3843 - ALGCNA VI^^VVww^/V*^*^* 1 ^ 'Qr^f^^l^^J^^^

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