The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 18, 1960 · Page 34
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 34

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 18, 1960
Page 34
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Otf, 18, 1960 (ft.) Upplf Oil M*IHW •.b'ftj mw lOacH. 11 um o «'F, *« u.».— ----- fihro'ute -hflme they t stopped ,ift t , City , and, were shown through 1 thfe tHs,tHbiititt| cehtei- of thl cbtiibatty for which Ws Colwell has had an (i agency the past 11 years. FbUr hundred persons are employed there and it was of great interest to her see- irtg how that particular, department operates. » * » > If frou se6 Berl Muckey with the buttons of his vest missing, you will know he has burst them with pride over being a grea> grandfather. A son, Timothy James, was born Sept. ( 3 to Mr and Mrs James Williams of Minneapolis. The new mother is the former Susan McConnell. • * v ,* Confusion reigns in the postal department at Fort Dodge-Herbert Deal and Hubert Deal, no relation, are constantly being handed the wrong mail. Hubert Deal is" a Son of Mrs Celia Deal and prefers being called "Pete". A good idea, if carried ort in Fort Dodge, and v^ould relieve the situation. •:-••.-•••' •• .- ••'' * .. * • • ;*.' , It was sort of an old home week for Mr and Mrs G. D, ^Fundaiie, Little Rock, Ark., and Rev. and Mrs O. Leonard Nelson, t Clpquet, Minn., The Brundages ^..w^re parishohers of Rev. Nelson -when he was pasror of the First * Lutheran church here. The, families have been visitShg here, the * Nelsons being house guests of Mr ' --and Mrs E. B. Carlson, the.Brun- Jdages of the Lloyd Muckeys. 1 j often thinkf of .the story Rev; ;Nelr 'son told me abouit a. man in h|s :tellirig* hjrii ,ho"w much he ^enjoyed a^sermoh-he had listened ,tp the previous week. Flattered * fit the hews, he asked the man, "['"What was. .it, about?", for with so * much on his mind, it is f requent- " ly impossible to remember one's * sermon titles. The man answered, • -V'l don't remember, but it was ' sure good." • • * ' * * . .- • • , .... * I Have mentioned my African l^. yiolets before and I'm, going to , « do so again. They are the lovliest 11 ° things, you ever saw-pink . and ' " purple plants set in an oblong -planter, a perfect mass of blooms * that have continued week after * week to the astonishment of yisi- J-' tors, and my joy. Mrs Nick Fisch, Vwho gave them to me, stopped in Friday and declared I must have ; magic. No, it is she who is en* dowed with the green thumb, for she planted them and gave them I their start. But I am proud of ' them and am cherishing them " tenderly. » • • I think Raymond Gilbert can '" look forward to a long life, if his " ancestry has anything to do with * it. His grandparents, Mr and Mrs * Andrew Anderson have reached ;" (he ages of 93 and almost 98 re',• ?pectivcly, and Oct. 2 celebrated ' Iheir seventieth wedding anni- ,'.. versary. Perhaps they will equal the record of Mrs Roberts, former " resident here, now in Minnesota. . who will soon be 105. •' The death of Claire Gilbert , Anderson makes mu think of hoi mother whom I knew. My first .\ acquaintance with them was years ago when invited to theii farm northeast of town to attcnc , an Episcopal Sunday school paitj • with Lucille Crose. I remembei the attractive rooms and the • many, many books. Each year • Mrs Gilbert and I would have a chat at the fair. She'd alwny. say, "I hope to meet you at the « fair again next year," And this continued for several years. The . Gilberts and Mrs Anderson were • staunch Episcopalians and Mrs Anderson will be missed. * * * • Mrs Bessie Jones has been visited by her sister Mrs Mary Bever, Milford. The women spent ^ a day at Dows, their former home, and saw the building _ where they attended school. It ".." has been made into a dwelling, but the fact that it is still in exis- . tence gives an allure to the old • readin', ritin' ana 'rithmetic. Methodists are happy that they • now own the entire half block " where the church stands. Final arrangements were decided in a • meeting Oct. 6. It is assumed the house standing there will be wrecked or moved off. - ¥ » Mr arid Mrs Russell Rent? have been on a five day vacation al .Woman Lake, Minn., with Mi •" and Mrs Sam Medin who live there severaj months of the year . JCenneth Medin and Deb Hal went along and all enjoyed good fishing. Vaunita told me abou' it whcri she was hew; Oct. 7. Shi said it was beautiful up there Rose Medin is another avid fish • erwomar: along with Lizzie Post Jlose Sigsbee and Hazel Lusby Hazel had a fine chance to work pf f some of the "steam" wheh^ sh> . ways on ;.a ihsi/a !couj>le 'of months ago. She mentioned the f location, of the angling \,spot b'ut 1 didn't listen aUc'ntively enough to rememoel the efcdct' place. • * * * The.'death, of.Mrs. f ilia McCall at Seattle, Wash, takes away another-old time, Algonan, I belieVe her husband's name was Jay and years ago they ran the North- i western hotel which then stood ok, the corner oi 'Phillies anb 1 State streets. It was moved a short distance west when Frank Vera purchased it and made, it into an apartment house. Mrs McCall Was a tiny Woman, active and quick of step and she went down the ' streets many times with little white poodles on leashes. I was in her home several years ago when she .had mbvea to her-dwelling at the corner of Wooster and State streets. Mrs Agnes Laidley had an apartment there " and 'mother, and I were joining Marg Laidley. Dahl and JU11UU& •*.»*«*& *_y.-*~. — a '1 J we were having supper and a \ card uai u game we***'"-* v afted us ift.hei* hfcatt sibme AhtiiiUeS, " "V" f,Me(?ail> bails KltBfi Back Ul a« ac storm did milch damage in' LI- kcita. Festal Agent & A} Brunson states.that afl b'opae h6w skild is bad, (Tihte was hi ^rohibitlbr, is uau> VJ»«" "**" •" *c . i V V.;; days. I thlrlfe the same, ide-fl, still holds, whicH gives J>oTi my idea of liquors). Ralph Mbrgari dangerously hurt, in- grlvfel;»ij riear Algona. • Deputy SKerifUHoyej' married to Vivian feiStfflaVat Blue Earth 1 ,' Mlnrt, -, , -, •* ^ ^«, Mow l*ui-i- "A'faisjci s« himself. ' ' ' fills eohld the '* -fctlst seen the interior',' which" iVaall to' ' '-'- H* irdu> . le with political is^hat they often gel 'elected tti office.'-' .The Vafiks den'i hM Stoeh <JJ a following over/here. Mp'ft of us are for the unBetdog ?lttftal, but Casper Thiigks femaihs. Itfjtil td the Yanks. -There is & l6t bf vei'- b'al betting, but So far I've sfeerf no exchange of legal tender. * * I've seen Ine exierlo* ei ihi Surf ballroom at Clear Lake dozens of times but have never whfert ta e With her wer§ Hd«m r gt&ni • M/ Bntt and; Bother the'rrElrl Sto , wh is home bn froftT in Texas a few^ days agtf $ far. hb dbubt is ertjayiflg W&m fall weather. My- relatives, -the 1 Melvlri ftft"-"""- *»*"*•"*«' here a year back./ they: >wm & at Maggie Pannkuk's and the Others will visit friends. - t SiHhcJdy But* companied '^ r . 4 f lernittu Schrader ac- ilveretrHartmah and ttartrhan t of Fenton, Herschel -ttartman, ' Lone k ^to iieiKfofd, 111. ta attend l ,bp'erf ft^Use, Obs&vlnce of the 9Bth Wttiday annlve^ary of Mr .Schraders arid- Mrs John ftartman's aunt. Mrs Bettha Lauson on Sunday, Uet. 9. Ih spite of her years, MfS Lauson is in good,health attd still •does mdst of her bwn hc-usework, says Mr Schrader daughter, Mrs Ken. Cook. John Johnson raised a huge cucumber in his garden this year. It measured 11% inches long, 11% inches around and'3 pounds, 1, ounce in weight. GOOD [uniiiiininiiiiiiiiiiiiniir Joe Bradley South Hotel Algona Machinery - Trucks - Tires . Oliver • Mauer-HarzU Allli-Chalmen CMC Truck! FLreilon* Tlxrt Phone CY 4-24ZI Algona liiiiliiiuiu. Illllllliilllillllllllllllllll Bronson Building Service ' "Try Ui And You'll Like Us" Quality Lumber - Elliott Paints MILL WORK • I Builders' Hardware . I Tools 1 '! SIOUX Tanks & i Cribs j N. of Jet. Hwys. i 18 & 169 ! Algona - CY 4-4369 iiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiniiiiiii""" ! i YOU& ALGONA iiiiiliiiliiiiiiini ieration & Air Conditioning Service i'j i * 4 , . . . * j *. * . + _•.! i* 1 * i"4 Hour Servi PHONE CY •olialiiy lii Service'; Carrie* 'VlCB it <• 333 South Sample 1 . Algoha ,| Carrier g Trane ( , 1 M&rk IV Frigiking l!lll!!ll[|llllllllll!l!lilinilli!llllllllli:illl Kelley Lumber Co. "Our" Business - Is Building" 'Ernie Williams John Deere Farm Machinery Both Quality And Service Store Located On Diagonal Street On CNW Tracks. Phone CY 4-3561 Algona \ .IIIIIIIIIIIUIlUIIIUllllllUIIIIIUIIilllllllllllllllllllllK) Brohson Building Service, pictured above,' U a locsal corporation located just north of the' Highways 18 and 169. The Business was established in October of 1958. Bronsons is called becaul the business has a ^riuinfe, service->o off ,r every customer. "Tell ™«W-W^ and we'll do ill" says C. H. B^fe head of the corporation.; This .£ not a contract yard. work through local contract^sj ahd supply the m : iterials'for work^to b^done.^.._...._,„., ,,,. C. R. Bronson started in the lur^ber business in Waterloo in 1935. a«that time jusl, a^ young man whose job was unloading cement. It Was then he decided to someday Haye a yard of his own. Twenty^three years later, after moving around the state in the lumber business, that dream came, -true when the ground was-broken for Bronson Building Service in July, 1958. , ; .',>",':: ::'•,, ; An interesting feature here-is'the annual Builde.-'s Clinic held: right on the grounds. .This is one day set aside just for answering questions about building problems.^Contractors and factory, representatives 'are here for this purpose. ' • ' ' i' Bronson's take a genuine interest in each customs and make th|ir friendly Courteous; efficiency a, major part of their business. .If you are planning ts build soon, contact Bronson Building, Service in Algona. . . ";:':', -i •;' "^ ' • LUMBER • PAINT • fcEMEHT ' Wo Aim to Ple»i« N0ar Mllwouk** Depot - Algona Cullen Hardware Your" Our Own "Hardware Store" A Complete Line Of i Inik-pfiuleiil HARDWARE • Hbusewarei • Tools • Bldg. Supplies Phone CY 4-4630 ALGONA YOUR COUNTRY NEIGHBOR iiuiiiniiiiuiiiiwiiiiiiiiiniiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiii Algona Implement Co. Your Friendly International Harvester Dealer FARM EQUIPMENT MOTOR TRUCKS Sales & Service unuMiwul. HAMIflU Phone CY 4-3501 Algona Meet Joe Miller Of RFD Burt Algona Refrigeration REFRIGERATION - TELEVISION PHILCP BeJrlger»tori Fwwm TelevUlon Ranges Radio* AU-CoDdlHonlng k Commercial ReiTlgeratloo Phone CY 4-JI9J Al«on» lUimilMllllllllllllllalllllllllllllllllltlllllllllll Joe MUler, this week's Cou.nlry Neighbor, is a lifelong rasjdent of Kossuth county, who for the past Sight years has farmed 160 acres four miles porth.of Algpna. V Mr Miller, son of the late Mr and JVIrg Gsorge MUler, was born end raisad and began farming 8t Bancroft. His farming practice down through the years has been varied. ; He has always raised hogs and for several ^years .raised cattle, but switched frpm the latter to Sheep four years_ ; •ago, . ,'--.. ••;• s •-.•?'. ; ' . •; .'"'..''•.;..•' , Joe mfrketp frpm 120 to 150 head of sheep and from, '150 to 200 head of/hogs each year. H» believes in crois- bred hogs due to the.fact they withstand disease b«tt,« and seem'»o be healthier lhan pwrebreds, Besides Hyfr stock, Mr M>Uer ha* 60 acres of corn,. 25 acres of pats, 10 acres of bear* and « acres of hay and pasture this year. He also does a large ambunt of custom baling and combln* ing all over this aren. Mrs Miller is (he fprmer Lois Weber, daughter pf th» Dave Webers of Lone Rock. She operates a used c}p*hing slpre pn the farm. Married Pec. 3, 1945, the MiHers have I 9 «r children, TPm, J3, Jeanetle, 11, Mary, ?, all scents at St. Cecelia's Academy here, and Judy, seven ninths pjo. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiuiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiuiuiiiiiiu 1 ^ Algona Flour & Feed Complete Service For the Farmei | • F«itiUz«t. • New Holland Balert • Ferguion Tracioif Phont CY 4-2701 Algoni nfflWWIllllllllllllUUlllltllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll^ (fffiffff WATCH THIS SPACE EVERY OTHER WEEK TO MEET A NEW COUNTRY NEIGHBOR Irons Heating & Plumbing "Completely Equipped To Serve You Completely" j,, j,« . ' Plumbing -. 6he»* Mel»l c»* »t 011 u»m Punpi Complel* Fl*iuie* CY 4-M« L6U has three brothers, including Donald, Pftvid, a freshman at Waldorf, Forest C«y, and Robej)/ Sentral high school student, Mr Miller also hat' three fe.*other« living In They are Maurice, Algona, Clarerwe, Ban$ro#, Ledyard. • When asked which was. h,«Javorite named corn, which seems tp hpld faypr - ers in this area, (WRM Polaroid Photo- iiuiiiiiirHiiiii^iHyuiiiiiinniiiiiii^i Buscher Brothers Imp). Minneapolis Moline - Kelly-Ryan - Pppe? % New Idea Farm AAachinery • 8»let f Service , f friendly * CourUoui Alwayi l N, M»ln St. CY 4-9451 Beecher Lane Appliancfes Tb* FAWOyS NAMES Grttl tw" ulll ll|lll Rebinson C©n8tfuctisrtl Building Construction For si«a, long life -. of building Taylor Implement Co. and Taylor MERCURY / f. J, T::''!ii^!i : !' ; !t^ ^ ; - ; '-r' ;

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