The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 18, 1960 · Page 31
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 31

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 18, 1960
Page 31
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,. 0.i ••:.•-: ACILITIES • ^^'^^?! admltilstra. e! ottjclttU last week 'that a rtew athletic plant ' ' high schdol on -several years Somehow oV other', Rithdrd M. Nixon rjever f ine | s a Democratic appoint- whose patriotism is d t, ove susp jcl<in. In each campaign, he raises some question imputing- a, deficiency !ri Amefl- Raoi ,. - , aio in the sootheflst corner of the city limits for cah j sm fo his adversities. He djd it with Truman -- ' -and now e fs doin it with their '*> 'Afea citizens were Invited to give reactions. v ,. ,«,,.,, . • ; ... -' Recisons 'given for the proposal were UJ there is a lack of practice fields, (2) there is a lack of good facilities for track, and (3) facilities hbw Available at the'fairgrounds might not be available in the future. • On point one, there may not be enough practice fields' with three teams working out, varsity, frosh-soph and junior high. However the team* have* managed to'get along for a good mahy years, even prior fo obtaining the facili-. ties at the fairgrounds. It is -also true that the present track at the Athletic Park gets badly cut up between track seasons. Any track will require' considerable attention, however, every spring/be It new'or old. As to the. football Afield and .amphitheatre, fqi ficials say they have Ho'intention permission for use of the field or grandstand. There has been talk of relocating the fair and selling off the land of the present site. This is no fdrther,olong.. than when first broached years;-- Af: '''''* ' ' ' '" '' " ' . and >Stevenson, -and now he fs doing it with Kennedy. , Among the many observers who have com- men ted on this curious- habit. Is United -Feature* s ync |j ca te columnist *nei. fabb, who ^rittes that Nixon's present Democratic rival "is Nixon-guilty because he will not dccede to the demand.of the Republican candidate that any -cmd all criticism O f tne presen t Administration is hprmful and unr American, while NUjcf/a Khrushchev, is in these United States." : .' > I" { 7 ' //Sjn( J e tne ' Russ jan ; leader has indicated that L 6 ^ ay sit j t . o \, t her^until JcmUary/Nixon>/ould e f fective | y " muzz | e the opposition," Miss RobB adds , /That wou | d( indeed, be very nice for hinV anc j t he QOP."; ' •"•('}' -^ Q penchanf ^ r innuend o and sluf has served to en Cenbm the political atmosphere ower the quality P f American campa^l the 14 years he'has been on the scene. ' from that aspect, of ,;he matter, hU self-serving tactics in t(ii^ ( lr(s)anp4 feriaVto :cph« fuse• fhe most ivjtoj -issue;-before' |h^/Amerjcqn people'today.' ' I '• I' ? *|1* •"•','«-.'."-* ~ r ' . .1 •: . ii Vi. J _' •„..._- - °X , th r **' rover rd sentMpotb&lj ,* ie d in if ront ? f a fovared grandstand, is the bes in the North Centralconrence:. The .parking, lie-iuuuy. f • ^ •- t. * j i i * - • .-Commenting that Mr Nixon "was seeing q non-existent danger in Mr Kennedy's campaign . oratqry/' the Pittsburgh Pbst-GazetteiSaid:, ; •.! J ' "In'calling Upon h'is opponent to soft pedal remarks .about,our defenses, ancj^foreign policy. could be smoothed out and improved,.but it is far from poor. Thinking in terms of the spectators as well as the players, would a'new-field located farther out, and with only^a bleacher- type seating^ be an Improvement? remur is9 ^uwwu i .v", 1 *••>* • *•* '*«*- j , .- * p % • • T_" ' / Mr Nixfan may^dv'e^converse! effecf'. fhe enemy might suspect that things are even worse than described .by, Mr .Kennedy '.and .that Mr fclixpn was trying»to cover up our .'most iserious weakness."] ' ' The' Post-Gdzettie' 'concluded «its • •editorial t Nixon anuiiipi »»'v, • ii i*. . i^ 1 **--,••• - — .ft'. —:- ^ , raucji better one than the 35-acres purchased by >. th$ school system several years back. It also has a" re'actymade football field, grandstand, and baseball diamond that w'» h some improvement could becorpe satisfactory. There is also ample robm for a track. _ , i , , If we have to sub-divide something, let s sub-divide the 35 acres , and keep the fairgrounds. '. ' . - • • ' 'During 'the past 'three years with the fruit- lesi"efforts-on the gridiron, nobody seemed pncerned about where a the criticism of Mr .._....__,. t . , 4 , , . ; 4 , • -If is-time for real debate, and time that the Republicans finally abandoned the old. Nixon, ••'' "After 14 vedrs," said the Matsonville, Calif, years, Register-Pajaronian, "were getting a little bit suspicious that perhaps Richard Nixon is not the ONLY real American run- 'ning for office, aria 1 that '-perhaps ALL his'pp- 'ponerits are r»9t servtmtsrunwlMing or"otherwise, .county for the Selec Act suallalled There Is Ihe fflilliary aipecl in ' K ^ S8l i which cannot be Ignored, >ln j iv( othef'^word?, vbne''-i(iaflnot "be^ n g araiUj me ** dlvorcM from the other, it would gett j n g pe&dyJor •-—--, . § foojisli tJ; have the b^4 Ag f pUho ; g h ndbody ;knew it, at he i^rce {n'the 1 World, at ^he t Dest" time),-Began , here, feach of the Army . *', thfe ^ifeSt NaVy- ahd ( SecttVe 'dratteeS Ufa IP ** ilnoffe compleUly the teaches of,££fy£ ' a /number, ^(jilo^ihg, as- oltter space. Ajready, it has be<fh Mgnnten t. nf -'these h ti hi He r. s, dempnsjrated tha.t early, ^<¥ggss w hicH wa* being completed, all es in space exploration made r the United States, the na* possible 1 '4eff concepts'in survfil- |iM nal drawFng'Was to be'heldjn I_U«A Vkii^iifeohH envtAcr^ Which ilK.-t.i_i.U.L. ft ^ Tt urBa irt tMtfi laidce ^Vefih^a spying) which $g sh ingtbh, D. C. It was, in this could'.neve'f »pe .done, with air- way t jj 6t ihe. order of, oalllrtg - ' coum .nevey .pe ,aone, wj craft, Comriiunication; all , tant in modern warfare, is V improved thrbugh use of special equipment in orbit aroUftd the Dearth.'Tlje p'dtenual for predict? Cancer Films All f beautitSlShs; in . county are uhrtd to attend shdwirifl of cahfeef, movi vSSSL gona at- 8 CC(A b*l* * *4*" jj*v ••*••—- T~ * •', ,'irii*: "wether, especially*' 1 f tf$t ih) |milit&y pl&nfitot, „. 'bfeft Brjbadehed many f<Hd>jpy 4 our space program. So, as We'See ' here, the NSUdn'which lags'In J space may well lag Ih military * preparedness. , v |UlU&$iHM* irie'.anw.hitei th^JM Kenhe^^ r- way . , r-, men was 'determined.,, A ftdticfe ly fl] | o flp i, e at 1 ed stating that jf any „-)„ feetwfien the ages pf^i-and -^ 6 ^ ad no i registered ' fot Some 3f eas - on O r"tither, he had'rBe'tter. get •j5:., to \, c h with his IdM •tfrtftf l^^'Yat ance.' ' ' '^ J- . ,X * • <, * ' , h t ; ' . ' lo* !mchaid —•- IK. <You Can] Addtqss »- S. iC In? BOX 66 • KALISPELL, MONTANA fin |IeW2 p service in. ira JUJWSJWJMCIW, •feks De&rje<the|electfoh; ft ttw . I that itf'tneir preoccupation DaU Mrs fraX *° ck '- 6fl, i Milfer.reacted th^age^ /cC 16,-JJhd tMJs! ><S|iSteM| the,r£sf of the eligible, njajes V-" *L m *%« _-_ _4i—,.i ^± t «!*•«% to of L6ne cam some Christmas sper " Division B is for 10th, llth and 12th grade pupils open the there has been " real debate oh Vision a IS lor ium, lini cjnvi .i~v.. 0 .-__ r-—c—-• Subject matter is this: "What I Believe the World Needs Most U1C1C ijaij „,.„„ „„ . This Christmas.'.',Your entpr-mustnoJ: {exceed 150, wprds andI can. be iMsVmqstcritical of-issues.^#, typewritten or p<H ^M 8 wi U M t i^ u » d . ge ? - as ?? Uch °? ffiH^ called [dH:Mr^ennedy,4nA',M?:! appear on paper, either f typed ot written'in longhand, ai they>iU jf ixo *- -'-—*---«• »-;•—*-« be on the basic idea you write about. ^,ai*v.u |>#*v;.*'** *-"'T T "* ' I * ' l^ixon to come forth and'endorse as a-matter of national' policy a be on tne oasic iaea you wnic o"""i- ; as a-maui.- . ' ^Include your, name! age,.address;igfad^; and the name ^ef of goals ivfre^should-'s^-to. of yoiin schpol'pn ydpt entry ancV ma'iMt to your local newspaper achieve. Among other things, this; or(HteStlyTd-me. Entrites must .tie postmarked riot Ifiter-'than Noy- |-?n aH ont { prficy-, would, i-ecdgnizer ember 30 tdbe eligible'for the $25.00 prize in each division. • ' ''thaf We : are in' a' strategic space!; Remember, you don't have to be a'professional writer in order to yace with the Soviets. ' •, entec.-Put-ydur.thpughts down on paper and send thehi along. You t . : ; , : 1^ • - • • *_ __•"_'__':_ -t.i^* w«:» n i» irj-tui* Hiiricinn Clf\nt\ Iliolc. • t Entry in pie „„.. days was limited to one per erson and ope man-had six en itfs thrown out "of contention, pn Met enforcement of "the rules. * * /^ John Huicbison. of Wesley wa * WhUtemore, lowci. JSUNDAY, QCT. 23 v Guy be Leo * , , , Liltje, Jr. „,' formerly.-with Lawrence Wjelk FEATURING Eddie Skeefs . , ,Mdrv 'Rfeedptrbm and Tiny LiHlfe, ,$r. Marv Reeditrom Orcfi. Halloween Hat? i Horns JSMNDAY; NOV. 6 '~ Ray f-evyis . . No Advance booth' Reservations Doors Ope.1 atftSO' t^^< .»«+»•• »+.»* CllLCV* •* Uf J WLfA , v*»^»utg»»« «— •• — —-r- x—r i may win the prize in your division. Good luck. Mr .Kennedy, has already an'•••'.• - swe'red the open letter and Mr ' Dear Dan: I just turned 17.and would like to knpw bow^manx; jji xon j s expected'to follow suit. -:_u t » ^ „,„„], o air-1 nf mv HPP should be allowed out on dates and .»_ v,. nna ,>v *n1rf "Missiles and -+* ^ Professional Directory i; >^»«»»» •••!* »» t »f*»*»*t^ IJQ&X JJctn* i JUbL IUU1CU A I , c»**\* »»wv»*w »»»-.%-. «•« -^"T- •• -!-->•' • ~ ij XNlXUIl IS CAt/CVtcvi. fcv* *v*»*" »»^ nights a week a girl of my age should be allowed out on dates and ^ Kennedy told "Missiles the'time she should be home. Thank you. — T.P. Rockets" * u "~' •"- "'"* nnp Dear T.P.: The big factor in .any dating situation these days are about u . o^u^Ai onri. vnnr sfnHips must take nriority .over any, boy. sad ^. _ i Uo that school arid your studies, must take priority . ••_ • • - •''< •» jt_t__1_:""'i.£_l -.ff'IT nlin1lly4 1 and 1 Rockets" there is' rio* question ^ the Russians are win- i if they control. , • j aouui 11. .me »' ^'i^ ning. the space' of thd., Kremlin." " / * isb goocfomen".for present and "future teams that spme thought is being given to the matter. CS \\l E. Call Street— Ph. CY 4-3535— Iowa Entered as second class matter at the postofflce at Algona, Iowa, under Act ot Congreis of March 3, 1879. THE UPPER 0 DES e MOINES PUBLISHING CO. R. B. WALLER, Editor & Publisher , DON SMITH, News Editor MERLE PRATT, Advertising Mgr. GEO. M, SMITH, Foreman NATIOHAl EDITORIAL NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE Weekly Newspaper Representatives, Inc. 404 Fifth Ave., New York 18, N. Y. SUBSCRIPTION HATES IN KOSSUTH CO. One Year, In advance $3.00 Both Algona papers, In combination, per year |5.0U Single Copies - 10c SUBSCRIPTION RATES OUTSIDE KOSSUTH One Year, in advance , , ___*4.og Poth Algona paper* in combination, one year $0.00 No subscription lets than 6 months. OFFICIAL CITY AND COUNTY NEWSPAPER ADVERTISING RATES ON REQUEST Jti&? THE DEBATE AS WE SAW IT ., .,[ Indianola Tribune — Although we.would be, among'the first to agree th'at last week's TV, debate between the two'presidential contenders resulted in nojdeep-or clean cut victory for either i party, there were a few things which this pre-1 judiced eye thought-were of significance. Nation-1 wide, these seems general agreement' that Jack Kennedy made 'slightly' the best appearance and impression, but the press has been quick to point out that th[s small edge was too minute to be of any long range import. We can't help but ask ourselves this one question: If the slight edge had been in Mr Nixon's favor, would it have been as equally played down and de-emphasized as it has been for Jack Kennedy, or would the press havp seized upon it as the "key to Nixon's ability to better handle the problems of, the world," and hence the "beginning of his snowball to victory?" Sometimes the scope and importance of a victpr'y or a defeat can be of far different magnitudes, depending upon which side you stand. At any rate, this debate should have dispelled all doubts thai have been raised about Kennedy's ability tp handle himself in case he were to come up agpinst a "tight" situation. Certainly Ihe chips were qlj cjown^ and there was no one to lean upon. The American public saw it as it happened, before any film was edited or deleted, and those who had committed »he*n» selves to the Kennedy ticket prior t.o the debate found reason to b<s sure they had made >h.e right decision. On the basis of this fqcBrtp-fpse meetings, democrats acres* the, ?oyntry were more than ever sure tr)a* |hey hod selnt me righ.1 man in quest of the Presidency "this November! * '• * *• It is puzzling tp read how so many university and college foptljall teqms are "relying on youth," according tp our spirts writers. What's so strange about thot? inai scnooi ana yuui BIUUIC* iiw* ~-<*"-^ i--^— ~j • „ • "j i i J\ nine.-ine space/I-B« as those words sound. I think a'girl of|17 should be allowed at lea's! For) t. Ql spac e they one: and possibly-two-dates a.weeJc but not onxschool;nights.-Friday - : : ,^-^rth:^ the''Dem and Saturday nights are good d^te nights. Your time coming in ,„ 1 „„ *A_ „= Jstopuld/ba'Jhe'.timesyour parents, tell you to check in the house. HThS five other nights should; be devoted .to your parents;; your girl friends, your school work ancj:.keeping your wardrobe and you,r; room in order. Okay? • •{"••, , '* ' -'! '-• ' Dear Dan: If a boy asks a girl'for a movie date and gets turned down two weeks in succession, should he ask her again or should he rccept the fact she doesn't want to date him? I've asked, this same os to state that These may to acnievi. 'like ambi- ; but; -•--, ' trjr ' If we'.'could" Esn i wani vu uaic min: i vc aar.v.v*. v..« «•..,.- i.^ij. at thi> T?ii««Hh schedule WC- : twice now and each time shfe ^aid she already had a date for took at thett««m schedu le,.w«. ' isn't going ^ady'so maybe it's just hie. W hat< would probably that night. I know, she -,-, =- „ , ., . do you think I should do? — Not gurer Dear-Npt Sure: It 1 were -you; I'd ask her once however, This . dates merican- j however, ask for a. date at least a,week, in advance, u sne s,aya !i,, ; WB ^f it is a man ih sbacc ' A'* she's again already dated up and doesn't seem to give any encourage- thin|[big. If it ^ a man ,,p space f menl for. asking again, take that as-her final decision and don t Amencan picstigc wiu svijipr " L A. J. (Arnie) Ricklefs ' > Hospitalizatkm •; Health & Accident Ljfeirt-;^u>tpi— Fire —• Ha.ll Personal Claim Service 2 E. State -: GY 4-452^ ''ALisONA INS^RAiicE ' .' AGENCV. •'.. J. H, (Jim)- KOLP Surety. Bonds r-f All ~ of ftisurance . 206 East State St phone ,jQY 4-^3176 : BLOSSOM INSURANCE . . , AGENCY -', All Lines of Insurance Automobile "—"•'—•''• Chiropractor Dr. p; D. Arnold i Chiropractor Over Penney'ff Office Phone — CY- 4-337? " Hours: 9:00 —'5:00 Open Friday 'Night . waste your timwith he, e - » * . * . * . our presuge w>- uuc«u/ =<• »"•! Dear Dan: I'm a girl of 18 anc< have a brother two years younger ebb in. many P a ^ s « *e world , ^ Dod who knows more about my personal life than he should. I've done a we can t offord th»s-kind1 of set- : , . • , . _, ., • TI _.,u'. 1 «r ««j ,«,, KmHiof cnmchnu/ fniino out har-K nt the nanos oi me nun BOHANNON INSURANCE WJJU rviiu\va itiui w awvjuv iiijr j^»«* ^ui^w* **/.•- ••»»*••• •».— ••• '• -couple of things I'm ashamed of and my brother somehow found out back at about them, from the boy I date.d, I guess, and keeps hanging the gians. ihreut of telling Mom over my head unless I'm nice to him. His,way of my being "nice" is to give him spending mopey whenever he needs it 1 . . '. . I' make my spending money by baby-sitting and unless you can give me a solution to my problem, will have to keep being "nice L to my brother: Please help. —'Worried. Dear Worried: I don't know what your brother ''has' 1 on you but I'm sure it isn't that bad that yoy have to bow down to .him. My advice is lo tell your mother and hope she'll understand. Maybe you should be ashamed of yourself for 'whatever you did but so should your .brother. ' . ' ' • • • Dear Dan: Everylime I go to visit my girl her mother drops FROM THE .... i • _'?j_ • _ 11 i:..:_,« « nn «A *ii!tl* 110 * r»^rw7.. ~ K _5*^ , hands of the- Bus.,'. •••{. - Farm CHARLES P. frAXSOH Dwelling, Auto, Liability, Life, General Phone CY 4-4512 KOSSUTH MUTUAl. OF TH5 Under The Mistletoe! You con kiss q girl once a year under the mi»He- toe, but you can get business every doy with newspaper advertising I UPPER DES MOINES PUB. CO. Ill E. Call St. Alg*rtP< ' IT'S GOOD BUSINESS TO DO BUSINESS AT HOME threat. txo»i« i^v^-ij-Ltiin- * fo vi w » »M» v 4..^ o » r . ..-- ^..-.... — - - 7 - f -, Fn\Jfn li$f* * §iW)ef»' wl? r fr^>- whatever she's doing and comes and sits in the living room with us. AL GONA UPPER DES. MOIRES It's notHhat she doesn't trust us 'but she's J ust so friendly, shp feels ~> OCT | =jj 2 , 1940 she has to get into the cpnversatipn $11 the time. Is there anything * » » we can do about her? -—Two Worried Teen-Agers. f Ern»»t HelQfcbVt' LMkota, won D«ar Teeh-Ager»: Sony but jf you like.each other well enough, v he ^ niy corn Kuskjng champ. •ou'll put up with uninvited company and like it. Maybe the girl ionshi p hi. iftgg and 1939, proved ould speak to her Pad and see if he wcjn't pass thp word along that .{ V* t ' t i t i e s were not ^o».i two want to be alone .at : times bui if that doesn't work, you 11 f ,* kes by taking th^ crpwn again iwt have to put up with conditions'aa'they are. Sorry. |^ ,^ 0 . Fred Cray of Titonkia. '••' -•••'•••• ' ' "" "^ ~" '•'"' : : ' '"' wound UP second and Henry Heidecker took third. Seven other men, representing all areas of the county, competed jn the. pieet at the EC} Mawdsley farm neaf Jmnjgt<l n - Size, of ihe Pfowd at the meet was ^mailer thsii usual, due" undoubtedly tp trie , fact many'&HJ»ert| were more in* - tercsted in riiecHinical pickej-s t|ja|} the «0Pd pldjashioned w ?J r ,3 g4tMTh^ job? done. It Vas lun -to wawh a top-flight, hun^p euro picker, however, ketpiti^ a- •rr ti r -/n- < ^ ^ ^ ^ ... n ,. Lola Scuffhanv Sec'y . ;:':;•-_'."•' v.r: -i'•-•/.•••_ •;-.;•. , , KERBBT IMS, AGENCY, For Auto, House. Household ^ »ds,' and Man Dr."WUUani L. Clegg' Chiropractor 521 E. Slate SI. H6uri:.9!dO%-T B:00 thru Sat. 9:00 — fl:00 Friday Ph. Oft CY 4:.4P77 Be* CY 4-3461 DOCTORS MELVJN G, BOURNE, M. D, Physician' Si 'Surgeon 118 N. Moore St. Office phone CY 4-2345 Resident. phone CY 4r2277 J. N, KENEFICK, M, D, Physician & Surgeon 218 W. State Street Office phone CY 4-2353 Resident phone CY 4-261* CAROL L. PLOTT. M.D. 110 N. Moore Street Practice Limited to Surgery Office Hours by Appointment CYpress 4-4864 Office cypress 4-4331 Residence Washington , - ' * ' _ ' r " , ., M u,..i.;,..'.- i,... ".V.^ 1 f, Farm Bureau Mutual Ins. Co, Affjlliatfid wjtji Farm Bureau Auto (with $10 pe4ucUl^le) Life - Hail - Tractor' Henry phone CY 4^3351 Pon Stai'k, HAROLD Representing fitate Fgrro In*. <3o, o, Phillips St.- CV 4-2341 -— (Editor's No.Ui; Kyy. Yernon dp, ^'t$ from his usual type column tfjjs w<*k to discuss an issujp ol grtat importance.) States is conger^d. fyfr United DALE . Rep,. The Eqwitab; . |igt{yi<nnc0 of f / .Vernon Ql course 'this new Unit ing"was not |ost on t|p worlds fpjfHtfiyy***'^ ^^ .^M^vnrx r*p^w-T' ^- -.«5i ^ ; States launch- *(£ th> ban|board |n,:h»9 on'ttP world's , •- * : * : * H a|«iec has just scientists. .JButI we cap. safely say, I, H. •KospjW « liiJ«ched ** V-w ^ellite .Inlo-U-'nWcfe^ Hardly a dent in U»«- &H9*Ht*jW* «p«cc. This ffMiaos we have >d- polftfcsl discussions now under, »«^ took nossfiasu varjciid pne more step forward way" ill the ^residential «s^mj?ai^ in the strategic-epawj "^« with jgn. Nothing shorjr pf ^ nia/i m Soviet Russia While this achife- abac* ^ '^cjjed'either'by -yig vement niiicjfi ti?inporary hewd- United Status or Russia, —T ig lijjes it wys Jmrdly «.-nougii to likely to cau^e a npplc in th? WC»n» r.m-'v&wv!t^'L ovei-shUw developments at Uia- «pod' of polfticat' pr»t«-y now ^..S^.^Q.g 1 ^LJ United JtotkuiB where Premier ^bjastiol the pw P^ A«iwfM^n pubi*h|4 the Q^iffl.Beta Khrushchev of Russia' continued yotei-S, - ' . ' - chng'MgMf <rf Tiitflfc ~*T»fflB? Andy Gn\ AH Typfs Qt L Office Pgonfi 65 ..HWI Wf ftt. i? 'toM« dl ana « » WWYHW *»»¥ *«**»•** ffiR**^ **!f SW*Jh;^& p|onsi|U fay UJe tucxx^a of our U ti»d a qnoui, tour (f &. ajtf JOSEPH M. ROONEY Physician -^ Surgeon 1J4 N. Mbqrie OHice Phone pY 4-2224 Resident phone CY 4-2"" 1 OHN M. 8CHUTTER, Physician & Surgeon 220 No, Dodge, Algon» Office phone CY 4.-4490 PIU'IU^L. T . 7 ._,^,. Optometrist 113 East State Ale c°£sW -?^^-^-^- 7U Contact r Lehses 9 Easf §tale Str_ Algpns, loWa Phone y Vpress 44,, , .., Hours: 8;QO l-m- to f :OQ p,pi. - - Saturday' " »R, 0, M. 289) , ..., Hancock, Hymbpjdt *•»)« Al?0 ft ¥p*fMth W*~"- THE WAY* * fr's r;/wr ro rA CK UP '• TO I s • y JX 11 K V ||JHM| Ur'^TAL C-L, « ^^^fe ^*& »*l.«3'- (1 - ... .. HI ••tail fc^H JV ^«fc -^jg^p- -^jjipsp' ,VAHi' UK OS

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