The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 18, 1960 · Page 30
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 30

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 18, 1960
Page 30
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ALGONA UPPER DBS MOINES AIGONA, IOWA, TUtSDAY, OCTOBER 18, 1960 THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE regular readers of this column know that I usually stick to one subject, with perhaps a little. sideline or two as a trailer. Well, this has been a very miscellaneous week, so for a change, I'm going to try a miscellaneous column. . ' » * * * • ONE OF THE EASIEST WAYS I know of to be miscellaneous is to go through other publications and swipe stories. If you think your husband is hard to get along with, you might be reassured by this story I read in the midweek letter of a local church. This wife had gone to all sorts of trouble to make her husband a nice breakfast. He ordered orange juice, grits, 2 pieces of lightly browned toast, jam, and two feggs - one fried sunny-side up and the other, •scrambled. , After he finished eating, the wife timidly asked how he Jiked his breakfast. He replied, "I euess it was o. k. But why did you go and scramble ' the wrong egg?." •'•'•*' ••' . * * -I*..* :• THERE ARE ALL SORTS OF. POLITICAL STORIES going around during this election year. I; don't know any. However; I did get * glimpse of the other side of the political .coin -the .other night whe,n, in the line of duty, 1 dropped in at the Republican Ra y. Tlv/ editor -who assigned me to the job asked if I thought I could write 'an unbiased story. I said I would try, but unfortunately I got to.' the Rally so late I couldn't even write a biased one! « * * • * . • • '' THE SPEECHES WERE ALL BUT over when I arrived, but I was' struck with one! thing. The very same issue .that ta pro claimed lily white by the democrats is described as ink black by the republicans; and the issue that is ink black to the democrats is lily white to the republicans with seldom a shade of either light or daik gray. And each shouts equally loud about it. To Someone as gullible as I am, this can be quite confusing.^ " ' t ' ', WE ARE TOLD BY BOTH PARTIES to drop our prejudiced when we get to the polls. This is not possible, «t least th.s side OQ t. Utopia. Even such .a broad-minded person as I am (and you, too, maybe) is swayed a little by inconsequential $«». For example, . I like Kennedy because he is the best looking; white I admire Nixon • rise to fame as a poor boy without a Daddy's fortune. I think JacKie would et a. UdlfSf Seta* POUR el the«« rtchly patterned rayon wd ilUc blend «c«r- vcf for just * aoikr. 94 Inch wit head m.fejUMti, poo*t miss this! . Kennedy is prettier, than Pat Nixon, but I .«'* Jackie would get a.. new 'hair-do I admire Pat Nixon's helping her . husto and in his campaign but I understand Jackie's having to > stay home while waiting for,her new baby. • „ ' • • * \ i WHAT WORRIES *ME IS THAT, while there are multitudes ol people a lot smarter about politics than I am; *£« '"P™ 1 ^ just as. many people, who are lots dumber. And the dumb Persons vote counts just as .much as the smart ones. That, it seems to i me, I i where both the strength, and sonurof the weakness j^I a democracy lies. The alternative to this - a dictatorship - is unthinkable. But it certainly would make voting lots simpler. mem?" VICKY ANDERSONx DAUGHTER of Mr and Mrs Jerry Anderson ShedthTage thtoW when she can become « B^n^m the Girl Scouts. She was all excited about the event She told her little sister, "Just think." Tomorrow I get to be a Brownie. Little Sister replied, "Oh? Is Mamma going to frosting you? 1 rnunCH AND WOMEN'S CLUBS are noted for getting things done CI Se R n C ArnoW D Smnist for several maga^es tell. i^the sto •ihout the bus load of church women who were killed in an acciaem. Nat rally they were all slated for heaven, but there was some Sc™^, Old Ntek complaint "What with their chicken .upper. ,; rummage and bake sales, and bazaars, they're only $14.75 short or having my place air-conditioned!" ^ . t association in the state so far as is known. Schools serve more meal* to more people every day than all the commercial estabhbhmenta put together! '^. ^ ^ „ I HAD "HOT LUNCH" AT Algona Community Schools recently, and I Saved afterward to visit the kitchen and talk with Je Jad.« The day I was there they served 651 people, all in a little over an Jour in a set-up that was designed to serve a « a *««™ ''J^ people. Each worker has his own specified job and it goes i very smoothly. The kitchen is as clean as a hospital lab, only it smells nicer, , , * * BY STATE LAW. EVERY SCHOOL lunch program, to get the approximate 15'/, per cent state aid, must serve what is called [a "Type A" lunch. This, as I remember it, must consist of 2 ounces of protein food - meat, fish, eggs, and/or nuts, beans and peas, % cup fruit or vegetable, butter, a designated amount of whole wheat or enriched b£ad and milk. They don't require a dessert, but according to what I heard at the county meeting at Hurt the other night, all Kossuth schools throw in a plain or fancy desseit foi good measure. * « * THE KIDS AT OUR HOUSE DON'T always take "hot lunch" because I have to cook for Father anyway, and somebody has to eat up the left-overs from the previous evening s meal. But 1 can t cook at home as nice a lunch as they serve at school for 30 01 35 cents, and the stuff we get here isn't always w 6 . 11 - 8 " 0 "^^^* to be a "Type A" lunch. And the days when I work outside the home, school lunch is one of my major blessings. 1 t * * * MOST HOMEMAKERS ARE plagued often or occasionally, not so much by cooking, as what to cook. Instead of a this week's recipe let's consider some of the menue's our kids get at Hot Lunch. They have been proven some of the recent favorites. Oven fried chicken thighs, mashed potatoes, buttered green beans, bread and butter, butter cake with lemon sauce. Milk Meat loaf, buttered parsley potatoes, tomatoe wedges, bread and r MldS? (According to our kids, "Nobody can make better fish sticks than Miss Comfort)", tartar sauce, buttered parsley potatoes, bread and butter, fruit jello salad, cantaloupe, milk, Escalloped potatoes and ham, cottage cheese, tossed fruit salad, bread, butter and peanut butter, brownie, milk. Can you do better at home for 30 or 35 cents. I can t. —GRACE. 4 From County Waldorf Singers Four Kossuth county students attending Waldorf Junior College have been named to the Chapel Choir at Forest City. They are Chuck Kern, son Of Mr and Mrs Lloyd C. Kern of Fenton, Donald Cherland, son of Mi' and Mrs A. B. Cherland of Lone Rock, Lynn Menz, son of Mr and Mrs Willard Men* of Fenton, and Dave Weber, §on of Mr and Mrs Dave Weber of Ban- All are freshmen at Waldorf, and graduates in I960 of Sentrsl high. BEAN STALK Mrs A. J. Krohnke of Perry has a castor bean stalk in her backyard that is 12 feet tall. Castor beans normally grow to 6 to 10 feet in height. They have red or green foliage »nd the seeds are said to be miles.

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