The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 13, 1940 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 13, 1940
Page 7
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- FEBRUARY 'IS,' 19-10 ' '" E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION tally rate per line for eonsecu- ive insertions: lime per line lOe limes per line jwr day 0«c I'nree times per line per (Jay...lEic iix times per line per clay 05c ilonin rate per line GOc ;arrls of Thanks 50o & 75c Minimum charge DUo Arts 01 tiered (or three or six Jiues and slopped .belore expira- lon will be charged for the num- x?r of times the add appeared and djiisiinem ol bill made. AH Ciassined Advertising con) iomiUi'u by persons residing oiu- me oi the city must i>e accompanied by casii. Hales may ue oas- ly computed zroin above uiuie. AQvenitiing ouieieu lor irregular iatiuons utnes ihe one lime rate. i\o responsibility will be taken uj mute iJnm one incurred Inser- .1011 o( any classified ad. dory Business Dire "PULLER"BRUSHES Uiiil Kan Mcl.tun, i'liuni! 105V For Rent 2 rooms, furnished or utifurmslied •108 S, Second. . 10-pk-lal Modern furnished apartment will) ( private bath. Phone Otlli. 9-ck-H' Prices Reduced $25 io $188 * HOLD EVERYTHING Modem 3 room unfurnished a mcnt. Private bath. 1129 w. Asli.! S-ek-luj ON 01 III Furnished npnrtincnl or bedroom for couplp or gentlemen. 1415 \V.| Main, Phone 125 or 540. 8-rjk-15; 2 rood) furnished apartment. Mad-' cm. 1315 W. Main, 3-rk-tl Steam Itemed bedroom. All conven-! fences. 818 W. Wiilniit, 3-ck-tl Koom for employed woman. 1028 W. Mam. Phone 239. 2-ck-tl OSE3 CMS T»kc advnnlatri' of I his nre- siirint; Clearance. We hiivo llio far you waul, at (ia> rit'c you want In pay. For Sale 3 rcom furnished apartment. Priv- • ate bath. Desirable location. Call 280. , 1-ck-tr. Unfurnished apartment in Shane • Apartment. Building on West Main Street. Call 571 or 10T, I-ck-lf Rooms or apartment. Chickasawba j near School. Phone nti. 30pk'2-29J 3 room furnished apartment andl bath. Modern and clean. Comer 1 Main and 2nd. p. Simon, phone j 764. , 25-ck-il' 10 highly bred Jersey heifers \villi young calves. Bought from Hw- seliell Smart herd. Inquire Gaines Market. 8-ck-3-3 Nice bedroom convenient to bath Steam heat. Phone 280. 2icktl Good wood and coal. A. P. Burks Cliickasawba and R. R. Pnoiie 057. 31-ck-2-29 Notice Bargains in USED TIRES AND RADIOS Sonic Repossessed, Good as New. . SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. PHONE =5 Found Female Cocker Spaniel. Has brass studded leathe r harness with Memphis Dog License. Inquire 131 W. Kentucky, phone 329. 10-ck-U False teeth, upper plate. Pound in F. M. Hurst's yard. Norlli 10th. Oiraer may have same bv paying cost of this ad. Courier Nm--, Office. Lnrlles belt of green fabric. Found TJnirsilay morning on Main St. | at Goll Hotel. Owner llmay have belt by paying cost of this Rd. Courier News Office. Laud For Sale MISSOURI LAND-SO acres cu! over on Highway 62, SI tier acre cash, balance over period of sis us. Conway & Houchins Blythcville, Ark. 12-ek-tf Position Wanted Young lady, noiv employed, desires better position. Excellent stcnog- apher — capable shortliand and rapid typing. Bookkeeping experience. Best of references from previous employers. Write Box "20" Courier News. 3-DH Key to Willys Ovcrlanfl automobile. Owner may have same by paying cost of this ad. Courier ••.'civs Office. Farm Loans '39 Ford Ttulor. Nrw (Ires, illy driven, l.oolis und runs like new s.vil •as OJirv. ruarli. City driven. Heater cquippd). Clean throughout ':!) I'oiil IliO) Tuilur. Color llnek. Motor in evtellcnl rniulilian. Clean '38 Kuril Deluxe Tuilur. New Tin's & Sral Cr.vcrs SI 10 '37 Cliev. Sport .Sedan. i;<|Ui|i- pr-d with hratrr, radio and White Siilc Walls, flran ear at a bargain price.... S'-itifc '31 Obey. Cnll|ic. With 191U License S 87 '.13 Fold Deluxe Tmlor $105 '3C Cbcv. Coach. With 1911) License , 'SO Slmlflniker Coach S220 TRUCKS AT IMIttiAIN 1'IUCKS "il Chev. I'A Ton. 8:25 Dual roars. 7:20 Kroul. Only.. 5322 '3G Font 1}.: Tnn, Only ?21D ",\1 FunI rick-up ?£S1 '38 Iilk'rnatimial Panel Sooil •37 G. M. C. rii'k-U|i S2S5 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5lh & Walnut & 2-13 , -• Cge«. lno If HU lUVIcr, IMC- T. 14. IHC u [. f»T. OM "Vcs, cluini, I'm a broken-down (ulvi-i-lising man, slill manage ouilc well." Storage Manager Knows Cotton Bales Intimately FABENS, Tex. itrt'i-There are 2I.DCO hnlei of cotton stori-d >it (He FJ PJISO Valley Comiirres C'o.. biit H. H. Vtckore, inannger. i-in look at the Initials on any of the bales RRD KYD10K ami mime the gr'usver. tell the grade «f cotton, and explain the :omliti<rs under which the cotton was piortiuTd. A K-iuehmisc map (Minutes him to walk iiiimcrti-jlcly to any bale whni railed (or i,y «ne of (lie .Severn) liiiiwlrnl viillcy yrawcrs who use the plant. fiENO, Ney. (UI')~Hrno Is tnk- Intt to blo'clliie. Oiu: thousand KKMKMIIKK LEFTY'S Service Station for Magnolia > Mobihil and Mobil gnu Now Managed by Waller Cox, Jr. and K. M. Murray See Us For Anti-Freeze! were stiirieloiH foi' Unit, year FOR SALE! Ow, used KOCH Hcfrlgcrntor Wlitlc Mclnl Ment cnsci with FrlghlHlrf! C'omiiresiw. Display front, with excess nlorngn nml cold drink spucc, Like new. Ordinal, $H5i. cnsh price for quick .sale S3!)5. Terms ur- miiffrd 1« responsible pintles. One sum i>»|>i>r lapo ninclilnr, counter equipment and cnuily case. IMcml for quick sale. One usrrt Servlca Blntlon Air Comim-iHir. Cloc<l condition. $25. Cno Fulrbimks-MorM Water Piun|i without mclor. Trace Chnlns, n few good mule col- Inrs, cotton hoes, 1)0 bushels Ce- lesfin (rented Dl'l.-ll-A Cotton Hi'od, R. E. WRIGHT ii. «'. ti'i, one niiii- s«. Dilute IBI-,1 Now l.ocjitrd Hi 101 North Sttoni ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU OON KUWAKIIS. I'rnprtelor M>k c « nf KrtiulH iy|l*«rltf'rn, itriilltij) Miclinin (.'aloiiimont—KrpxIrliiK—fmu—Klhfuin, FJSTULA A Fislulu Is n fulse tlrulnngc eaiiul wlilrti u.suully slarls from mi iilcfiatlon tluit iieiielrntes the reelal wall and works Us way downward and on!wind, In Mm mini region wlirrc It atipcms us a boll or abscess, fistula is a Irciujlierous. (InngrroiiK condition lluil isiwlunlly and surely one's vitality und health by the absorption of pus and toxins from II, Into Ihe blnucl Bit cam. rt cure Is accomplished without iiospUallzullim or of lime from work by our ambulant office methods. DKS. HIES & N1ES wlicji bicycle tags wo drsl 'rc- nuhcrt. An additional 530 have become necessary for '(his year. ' Our Service IS YOUR . Assurance OK Safe Driving! Bute niotorliiR Is the aim of cv- I'ry d.-lver. Then, why not ns- slue yourself of this safety as far as your automobile is con- c.nnrd. Drive In and lei our mtchiinks put your ear In shape for any driving. The cost Is rpiisoiiablc and the work guaranteed. EXPERT MECHANICS' MODERN EQUIPMENT ALL WORK GUARANTEED PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. jre fir Small At Low Interest Bates. We are equipped to handle large or small loans on any sized tract of farm land, at low cost, and nt [ •i low interest rate. TERRY'ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPANY 213 Walnut St. Blythcville, Ark Personal Strayed or Stolen i Arouse SluBRtsh Liver, work olT I the bile to rid yourself of const!nation, gas pains, and that sour, punk feeling. Take one box of KIHBY'S ACTIVK «,IVER PILLS 25c at all KIrby Stores Red Mare. Mule, weight, 1000 Ibs. Bay Mare Muie weight 1000 Ibs. REWARD. Ltc Wilson Co.. Arnio- rel, Ark. 7-^k-l4 Repairing Expert gun repairing. See E. M. Damon at the Blythevillc Armory on Wednesdays and Thursday? DIRECTOR OF RELIEF HORIZONTAL I Former U.S.A. President. 12 Affray. 13 Ireland. H Great lake. 16 Formerly. . 3 7 Scheme. 18 To hum. 19Pcdal digit. 20 Tight. 21 Mortise teeth. 22 Form of ". 23 To cripple. ? 24 Narrow road. 253.1416. 26 He was also of Commerce. 27 Curse. 28 Pointed. 30 Vocal sound. 31 Shoe bottom. 32 Wrinkle. "> 34 Kind. 36 Female relative. 37 Musical note. 38 Cubic. 39 To spread. Answer to Previous Puzzle 40 Electric unit. 41 Coffin stand. 43 Plural pronoun. '44 Form of "be." 45 Bird life of n region. 46 Pertaining to wings. 48 Heavy blow. 50 He is in charge of relief collections lor . 51 He was in charge ot relief in ——. VERTICAL 1 Kgret. 2 Otherwise. 3 To sonk flax. 4 To exist. 5 To rekindle. 6 To jog. 7 To slrike. 8 Upon. 0 To incline. JO God of love. 11 Stream. 12 A transition. 15 He is an by profession (Pl.)17 Couple. .18 European rabbit. 20 Be silent. 21 To burlesque. 23 To allot. 24 Note in scale. 25 Pots. 26 To be morose. 27 Canoe. 29 Humming bird. 30 To serve. 33 Regrets. 35 Snclike cavity. 38 To line a vessel. 40Mooley apple. 42 Wnysidc hotel, •H Cuckoo. 45 Proposition. 46 Paid publicity, 47 The heart. 48 King ot Baslian, 49 Ream. specay. Barksdaie Mf. Co. , 8UT TD W1VOCK // / -to 0EUE.MS \l V LITTLE DOG RAM \ >-^wv.-< \orrw OUR X • BLECTRIC & ACKTYI.HNl Ciiarles Long, icnncrly welder-, fo BIydicflllc Machine Shop DUACiLIXE ami HEAVY ViK.l,t> ING OUlt St'ECIALTV ^ -1. Al.LBY Of)I> VOUVw'OULDW'T / TI-W1 LIMA'S RIG \-\\D • Drn CRACK ABOUT I NOTHIM'DOIM; 6iRUE7y'AWT MV CLOTHES, V GOIW' \M THERE ' WOULD VOLK VDt/p BETTER. RECOMf OH, IJO SOU'RE MOT SIDEG, BECAUSE MY S1STHP., BECAUSE TO oET TOUGH, GARAGE DelY, Ark. VRE IN THERE > RlGH'f NOW I'M AMD I'M GOIMG IM J. GOMMA GIT TOUGH, 1 EXPERT EI.ECT1MC AND .' CETYLENE ' Drag line and heavy welding a specialty. HOOTS AND HKlRUDDIKS I'lionc IS or lies. 1018 I'r«liiil)Iv True M\ ,ws\.v\t I!Y KDGAH MARTIN MO -O i VORfc'K V\ ' Sec Floyd Simpson WASH TUIJUS BY HOY CRANK V.'AV, HERE WE ARE. TUEV \OF COURSE IT AlU'l Htolti 1 ,'• 6£OLO... ) AIV)'T A4VJ1M' MV AIWICE, WA'H, BUT III ^AV ITS THE \ A1JD WE\T TIME,, \ I KeUT FA\RW Hl4rt W •SCHOOL,MB.PUSWS., BUT MVBEI^f THKD TIME \ LIKE AS TOT.THEVU \T)*M'-T LE^RM MUCH. I'M FISHTW6 THAT MOOA»t> t|rt TO K"~""''-'"-"--'•-"•• - COHTWUEF\fiHTlM6.'l BUT VOtl KM DRV OUT. \<WV 0 VfflJ SAV THEW OIL FEIAER& TRIED TO PEOWM VOU? : 1 WENT THRU OWLV THE •SECOHD SEV1« SHOU6H NOt TO TCV TO BUC FELURS H'^OI KKKCKT.KS ANT) HI.S K KY MERUIM, BLOSSBK JUNE WILL BE BACK FROM THE STORE ANT FRECKLtS ! HAVE A CH.MR WHILE i pNISH SHAVIMS / * HAVE YOO DRAMATIC ABIUTV ? COME Tb NEW "rtoRK AMD LET THE COUPOM'S BEE.M THAMKS, MR. , WAVM&N ' CUPPED I --GEE ..... GOSH A T«ME- TABLE!! THE U6HTS 8EGIN- WIM3 TD DAWN US TRAIN YOU FOR A CAREER OH THE STAGE . CUP ThlE A7TACHEO COUPOM AND MAIL. 10 US For Sale or Trade \Vill trailc for Mules, Cows, Ho;s, Cattle. Corn. Hay and Lumber. t Delia Implements, hie. Manc.vith car for few days work, Apply 102 K. Kentucky. 13-)ikl7 House and tot. in citv. Musi be icn.TOiiablc. Ilo.x n. Courier News. Wanted Io buv Government Co!ton Loam. Blythai'llle Giir Co. Wauled Io RonT 2 or 3 room lurnislied apartment. Close in. Call 5G4. 9-cx-lfi Tsnnin niifl- Rnnrrl ______ rr,,; i.i;d hrarri. Pl.r.i mlicnt 8Ki \V Asli. riicnn 9D3. !2-ck-3-12 j Chapel In Back Yard | Attracts Worshippers ! [.ipcrrowN. Ala. (UP)— Old as-e I ha* raii.'iivl .Mandy Uraham to j hiijld lirr ov.ii chapel--and n large jforgiTsaiioii has srown up around it. i Several years ago tile !)2-vef»r- ' eld farm icoiiian decided It" was l:o mi-'''!] rllovl to walk to dirndl each .Sunday, so -shr built a ehiipcl in her b;<rl; yard. It has attracted ninny worshipers and pastors of all denominations liavc delivered sermons in "• because Manriy IsnT a ,<,i!cklrr for a .special creed. "Church 'oiks arc all liriadhiM for Ihe tame place." she explains' ; '•They're just [raveling .. different! roads." • • vUtm

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