Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 9, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 9, 1896
Page 3
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Almost Distract&l THE D ID YOli EVEU .-uiror from real nervousness? Wnciiovury nervoseemed to quiver iri:h a. peculiar, croopy feeling, Ursi in one place, .and then another and all aucancd ilimlly co concentrate Ina wrltui!is,1u:imlo in tlio Drain, and you become Irritable, fretful and peevish; to be followed by an impotent wo:ii;enod condition of the nervo centers. rin?inB in the ears, unci sieeuiess, miserable ulgbts? ' iirs - Eu?euo Searies, .. 0 simomoQ Si.. Elk- lir.rt. Inc., says: "Nervous trouolos had made me nearly icsano and physicians wore unable tobeinmc. Mymomory •was almos' pono and every little thing •worried me until I was almost distracted. I really toured I was bccomins a maniac. I imagined all sorts of evil thlnzs and would cry over nothing. I commenced taking Dr. Miles' Ecstoratlvo Nervine and four bottles of this wonderful remedy completely cured mo. and 1 am as well now as 1 ever was." Dr. Miles' Nervine- is sold on guarantee. His*, bottle will benefit or money refunded. Dr. Nervine Restores. Health— Going For A Lake Trip? You'll fully enjoy all ofltsdellKui ir you -takuono of the HAKE MICHIGAN AND LAKE SUPERIOR TRANSPORTATION CO'S ELEGANT STEAMSHIPS. Sailings between Chicago and Macklniic Island Jour times every week. Tho new stcol steamship "Mwilton'' Is n II••'it'ii" oalacc. Truvtils 'iwlxt Chlcatio J-.ha-uiSoli, Harbor Spring*, Pe'wlwjr inic Island, etc. Write lor •• our rondabU -ending matter, froo, : 01 ask your nearest apont - Address Jos. Borolzhelio G. P. A. LAKE Mica. AND IiAKl . SUPERIOR TBANS-CO. RuhindN.W»KrSt.. CHiciO" 5UHMER TOURS VIA "BIG FOUR" TO THE nOUNTAINS, LAKES and SEASHORES ' Solid Vestlbnled Trains With Wagner Sleeping Cars to Hew York and Boston from Bt, Lonls, Peorla, Indlanapolia, Clncln natl, Dayton, Colnaibns, via . : ; ; OLEVBLAND AND BTJFFAX.O "The Knickerbocker' Special." "The Southwestern Limited." Six Terminals at the Great Lakes. •hlcago, Bentoni Harbor, . Toledo Detroit, Sandttfiky, CleTCla Tourist Kates In all Directions. E. O. McConnlck, Pass. Traffic Manager. D. B. Martin,' Genl. Pass and Ticket Agent. THE Munson lypewnter Is a Good Machine. A high »tandatd..ot .excellence. .Manj users of toe "Munsott" consider It THE [BEST. You will Ond It a valuable asslsUut In jour office. Address foe ptrUoolara THE MUNSON TYPEWRITER CO MAMTIfAOTUIlEBS. 1940-244 West X*ke St., Chlc»go, 111.. The Plain Question and Its Answer This Year. Greatest Discovery or me I9tfi Century. Dr. Tengne't MIWBBHXDT- Medicated Air For the Cure ot Catarrh, Aithma and all polmonaiT Dlseuei, it ha* no equal In Bide and Nemos HMd- ache, 1.000.000 pe"' die annuallj Tram abore named dlseawa. WOT Mfler and die, when Medicated Alt l guaranteed to cure 700. CUTTING OF EXPENSES Medicated Air null Drug Co., •.:.-.'•: ••;•• • ;.' B!«IU»OZK], tad.; U. ft A. .. ^ . ........ ...... .,.,.-.,. il!iM&fe7.R*Y3&&^^^ General News of Railroads and Railroad Employes. Mr. H. r. Robinson the editor of the Railway Age, said to the New York Tribune: The proposition which confronts the allwny employe is too plain a one. Does he want his wages paid iu 53- ent dollars? That is the whole ques- lou. Railway companies could not ncreasc their rates under free silver. Their expenses would certainly be in- reascd enormously—in the Interest harges on their gold obligations nnd n the price of materials and supplies. They would have less money to spend n wages. Employes would probably get fewer dollars than they do now. ;hey certainly could not get more— nd every dollar would only be worth ne-half as much. What has the railway employe to sain by free silver? That sums up the statement as brleC- y, as fairly and as thoroughly as we lave seen elm-lug: the campaign. ' ; Docs >e wnnt.hls wages paid iu 03-centdol- ars?" is the nub of the whole thing. Do other wage-earners, any more than he 800,000 railroad employes? Men are asking all sorts of questions. some relevant nnd most irrelevant— vhat is this and. what was that, and iow will it be when, and so on and so in. But when the web^of irrelevancy hat has been woven round this ques- ion is brushed nside it all comes down o the question for every wage-earner —"Do you want to bo paid in 53-ceut dollars?" That is the question the plain people of Abraham Lincoln's Ime would have asked—and answered. ;t-is the question which will be answered this year. EXPENSES' AND REVENUES. • General Manager Loree, of the Panhandle lines Is quoted as saying that •the Panhandle like nil other well managed railroads, at this time is making every effort to'make the expenditures come within the revenues. Every nook 'and corner is being searched, and where a position is found that Indicates a sinecure or even partially so, there is a head that drops Into :he basket. On a great system like the Panhandle, iu the course of years of brisk business a great many places will be filled that hare their uses at the time, but when dull business conies their duties are largely normal and coulfl b'e shifted to the shoulders of others without serious Injury to the service and this is being done as cxpedl- tlously as possible. There Is a blacksmith's helper here, a watchman there, an extra clerk in some other place all over the country tha* could be dls pensed with, and when the total Is made the figures are simply astonish Ing to even those familiar with the routine of the business of a big trunk lino." RAILROAD NOTES. Ed Peurose Is at work, again after a brief Illness. Roy Moore spent Labor Day hunting in the seven sections. Allies P.onder has returned to work after a continued illness. Frank Schwartz of the blacksmith Shop Is'the father of a bouncing boy. Chief Train.Dispatcher, H. S. Tousley was at Effner yesterday on company's business. R. F. Berndt, of the boiler shop, has resumed work after a two-weeks' lay off on account of sickness. W. T. Smotten, formerly on the Wa bash has been appointed general road master of the St. Louis & San Francisco. , Henry KUnck of the repair track gand, and his son, are the guests of Mr Klinck's parents in South Eastern Michigan. Fred Kelley of. the night yard office of the Vandalla, has resigned and been succeeded by Mr. Schlcmmer of Craw fordsvlllc. .Mr, W. S. Kurtz, who has been work ing nights for the Wabash In Mr. Fol len's place, has been transferred to At tica night .office. ' .... A new carpet was .placed on the boiler room, floor yesterday morning and Mr. Clewell says that he now ; has one of tlie prettiest rooms I'll the shop Edward Gardner, conductor on the Panhandle, wfio,.wlth' His'family,, has Been cast 'for some weeks, Kas returned ana will tills weefc take his train again Adolph Tirmenstein,' head book keeper in the Panhandle Maintenance of Way office, has resigned his .position to accept a place in the State Natldna bank. . : . Master Mechanic Cleaver.of the van dalln, is to retire from that position and : will be succeeded by M. Butler o tlie Effingh'am sliops, which have.been closed.... ...;•:. . • . General Manager, Ramsey, of th< Wab'asE must look", to his/laurels. I cost; We \Vab"iisE 72;ie per cent, of it gross earnings to. .operate the .road while the Big Four, under General Manager Schaff,. was operated on 65 ier cent, of its gross earnings. Joe Hothennel, of the pinning mill, hurt the index linger of his left hand overely while at work yesterday iioruing, and will be luld off several ays as h result. George Fettip, John McMunri, Ed Hartmau and Ed Slgmund were flsh- ng Labor Day. Besides having a. Teat deal of sport, they caught a uum- ic-r of good fish. It will be noticed that most roads the ast week of August show more favorable earnings than In tne preceding weeks of the month, which. Is iu some measure due to the fact that the week overs two Sundays. Within the last three weeks, three lundred sound money clubs have been orined among the railway men .alone, vlth a membership of 120;000. Fully .tie-third of this enrollment is made iy of former Democrats. The work on the now repair tracks s progrcslsng very nicely. Tlie task ..£ removing tho'lumber yards will be :ompleted in n day or two. When Inishcd the ynrils will be much- more oiivpnicnr than heretofore. The liic-yclu used by the employes ot ..ic Maintenance of Wny office of the •"nuhnrulle company, has undergone a •nurse of ivp.-ilrs nt the shop. Before ..-Ing turned out. it will be equipped vith :i sail nnd will bo a curiosity to lu> people'of L'oganxporr. A special over the Michigan division it' the Vnmlarm linos last Friday covered the 110 miles between Torre Haute' and Logansport hi-two hours nnd forty-two minutes, which for that portion of the Vaudalta system is fast tinning. The 'general superintendent of the iVabash'has issued au order 1o the jffect that excessive bursts of speed must be stopped, and hereafter _ the heavy ten-wheel engines arc not to be allowed to make any higher speed than the schedule. M. B. Gordon. John Hartz, Jacob Frelzc nnd C. .T. Hlldebrnndt. with' their families hfive returned from Georgetown where they camped for a short time. They report an excellent time nnd say they found fish and game quite plentiful. Two fish were caught which weighed fifteen pounds each. The Pennsylvania passenger lines had a very busy time last week, carrying the Grand Army of the Republic people, the delegates to the National 1 Democratic convention and the heavy passenger business west-bound, on account of pleasure resort seeKers returning to their western homes In large numbers. There are six lodges of railroad brotherhood men at Harrisburg, Pa., with over 1,000 members. This disproves th'e statement tEat th'e Pennsylvania Company will not allow Its em- ployes to' be members of unions, as two-thirds of the railroad men residing at Harrisburg are in the employ of the Pennsylvania. Jacob Bitter who began work in the shops of the PIttsburg; Ft. Wayne & Chicago,-at Ft. Wayne, in January, 1SCG, was- buried Monday at Ft. Wayne, and the funeral was attended by several hundred shopmen employed at Ft. Wayne. The deceased was born in Uster,-Switzerland; In 182G and came to this country in : 1853. SUCCESSORS To Harry Frank Have a Word to Say to the Public. Editor Journal: We. notice .in the Sunday Journal ,yo'ur pleasant words about Harry Frank's long and honorable business career In Logacsport. We desire to say that our firm has earned a similar reputation; at Knoxvlllc Teun., which we will fully maintain nt Logansport We will open In a few days at Harry'Frank's'old stand with an entire new. line of .goods and the public will find us all that our predecessor has been In fair dealing, honest goods, and low prices. BERWANGER BROS! & CO. Harry Frank's Old Stand. THE LADIES. . '.'. The pleasant, 'effect, and. perfect safety with which ladles may use Syrup of Figs, under all conditions make It their favorite remedy. To get the true and genuine article, look for the name of the California Fig Syr-jp Company, printed near the bottom of the package. For sale by all rest ra- 'alible druggists. .'NOTICE. ' / , .' ' ' ;.... 'All members of the Continental If U., who have promised cakes for the festival next Wednesday evening wll please have them .ready .by noon o: that day so that they .can be collected by the committee-. Mrs. SteUoel. Smlth..h'as .opened, her dressmaking establishment and is now prepared to wait. on 'the. fall trade • a ,1815 East Broadway, where she wil be pleased to'.see b'er.patrons. . . ;: Natural, gas bills "for. the month o September.', are now .due and payabli at the Company's office on Pearl street "'. Subscribe for The Journal CLOTHING. CLOTHING. We have no old shelf worn goods, but everything new and up to date. Read the following prices: Our $15.00 Suits go for $12.00 Our $10.00 Suits go for $ 7.50 Our $12.00 Suits go for $9.OO Our $8,00 Suits go for $5.5O Our $5.00 Suits go for $3.50 51)C FOR CHOICE OF AM STRAW HAT IN THE STORE. •25c choice of anyf.of our Children's Straw Hats. Boys'Duck Suits one third off, th«y are bargains. ^ow is the time'io buy a Suit of Clothss, a Hat or Gents Furnishing G J d.s, and 526 Broadway is the place-to save money, These Prices are For Cash Only. G GRACE-AGO.. 426 BROADWAY. . HONT ELtiorr. Former Kokomo Lady Drops Dead at Anderson. Kokomo News: The sad news reached this city todaythat Mrs. Mont Elliott, of Wlnamac, but formerly o£ tills city, dropped dead at Anderson Sunday. She had been called there to attend the funeral of her mother, Mrs. Jas. Gathers. After returning from the cemetery, and just as siie stepped from the cab, she exclaimed, "Oh. father!" and 'fell to the ground a corpse. I. V.. Smith' was In the: city today on his way from Anderson, where he had taken Mrs. Elliott's three little children, Mrs. Elliott was well and favorably known, here, and her death is an extremely sad one. ?100 .REWARD, $100.- The readers of this paper will be pleased to learn 'that there is at 'least one dreaded disease that science has teen-able to cure in all its .stages and that Is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure is the only positive cure-now known to the : medical fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional disease, requires a constitutional treatment, .Hall's Ca tarrh Cure Is taken internally, acting directly upon'the blood and iniicbps surfaces of the system, thereby 'des- .troylng the foundation cf the^ disease and giving the. patient strength by building up the constitution' and assisting nature in doing Its work. The proprietors have so much faith in its curative-powers, that they offer One Hundred Dollars for ajiy case that it fails to cure, fend for list'of Testimonials. Address F. .T. CHENEY &CO Toledo, Ohio. . . - . •' .' - • • "' •' ' Sold by Druggists, 75c. ^ . [cKlNLEY CLUB .AT THE SHOPS. Lafayette Courier: A great big McKinley club, was organized at the Monon shops last.night, the size, of the meeting and the size of the club surpassing aiiythlog within all reasonable expectations of the projectors. There are now 205 names on the membership • roll:of the new club, and it Is the healthiest' .organization or..the kind known hereabouts. Nearly every man in the club is a wage-earner, most, of them being ' Monon shop men. The club is,composed of voters from the Seventh ward and the snop's neighborhood, and the meeting was held at the hall near the shops. The'president of 'the new club is Warren. Plowman and C. E. Hasty Is .the secretary. Sis; vice presidents and a treasurer will be chosen later on by the mcwoers. D. E, Storm's organized the club, and was as : slsted by. George. D. .Parks,- J. ; L,. Cald-. well'and others.. .W., K. Wood, who. was to have made,'the chief, address, ,'was' too ill'to be-present. .The Highland quartette sang several, stirring songs in thelr.usually; excellent manner creating great enthusiasm.,.-. ;;• ,-. :"COINS" " HT-POCHiSY ' EXPOSED. : , A ^Chicago .special says: W..H. Harvey,-' the author of "Coin's Financial School," .refused fo.take silver yester- New Goods- Are here. (Ml and examine them before buying, AL. YOUNG, The Practical Pearl Street Tailor. Drawings of All Kinds Made by BYRON B. GORDON. Draughtsman & Patent Attorney. . Logansport Spry BJock. • day when he drew out a deposit of .$2500 at the Metropolitan'national bank, but insisted.on being paid in -bid. The paying teller demurred to. paying out gold whereat Mr. Harvey became wroth. The paying teller was obdurate, however, aud'nnally the man who; wrote "Coin" appealed to Cashier Hitchcook. He wanted to put the money in a safe deposit.box, he said, butlonly as another obj.ect lesson to the people-. After a long .talk-in the private office of the cashier, .Mr..Har-. ,vey got an.order to the teller to pay the amount-in gold. Two minutes .later he and his .private secretary were hurrying from.:the Metropolitan national bank in LaSalle-street to .the First National bank, la, Dearborn street, and soon after the gold was-locked up In Mr. Harvey.'s, strong bos,In the safe '.deposit department. Then • the ,,man who : wrote- 'fColn-'• went home, feeling that part at least, of the money-; he made from his book was safe against a possible .'panlcl- 1 , SUNDAY. SCHOOL PICXIC. There will be a celebration by the Georgetown Sunday school Saturday, Sept 12th r at the mouth of Crooked creek on the bank of the Wabasu rlttr- It is announced that a desirable present ; will be given to the largest ana best delegation present at the picnft. All Sunday schools are Invited to foBi. in the general good time. :Wben you take Simmons Liver Regulator this Spring for your blood, ana for Malaria be sure to note how. well it works, and how quickly yon find yourselves improved in health and spirit "I was Induced to try Simmons Liver Regulator, and its action was quick and thorough. It Imparted ~a ' brisk and vigorous feeling. It is an excellent iemedy."-J.R. Hiland', Mon-' roe, Iowa: Don't miss seeing ournew Jackets;— Trade Palace. Price way down dot* ing warm weather. , • _ _ - ,

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