Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 29, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 29, 1896
Page 5
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Dunlap's.. Celebrated Silk, Stiff and [Soft. = Spring Styles A DAY OF RAIN • - . i But Two Games Played in the 'National League. DEWENTER The Hatter and Furnisher. You Will be Surprised To see the suitings we are offering for $25 and $30. We have all the latest novelties In shadow-plaids for spring and not an old piece of goods In the house. We guarantee style, fit and workmanship to be unexcelled and we will not be undersold. Take a look before you place an order. The Tucker & Sharpe Co. Tailors, 3'S Pearl Street. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK -OF- LOGANSPORT, . . INDIANA. CAPITAL $200,000. A. J. Murdoch. Fres. W. W. Rosa. Cash. J. F. Brookmcyer, A»§t. Cash. DIRECTORS: . a B!ne w. H. Brlngbnrst, f i MnrdocK Dennis CM. 'RFfanttoT' F. M, Harwood, n. jr. lanua, ^ T Wilson. BanklnK In aU ita DcportJuentB promptly 'f? y c»e« and BtocXholder. maintained. CHAS. L. WOL.L, :-: UNDERTAKER « No. 41T Market Street Culls attended to imanptly. day or Union and Mutual <&**»***• DAILY JOURNAL Subscribe for The Journal All shoes shlned free ai Otto's. Subscribe for the Journal, 49 cents per month, Geo. Harrison ba» tho frnest lh» of hammocks In the city. Hallock's Anti-Freckle will do the work. Sold at Ben Fisher's. George Harrison handles LaDdreth'i flrst class garden, flower and fleW needs. The latest pretty flower hats and bou nets at Mrs, W. J. Potter's, between Fifth and Sixth streets on Broadway, cheap for cash. . Lyman P. Walter, M. D., the noted eye, ear, nose and throat.scientist from Chicago, will be at the Murdock hotel from June 1st until June 7th. Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair. •DR; \S THE WELL DRESSED GEN- TLEHAN. Whca, he has been fitted out with a handsome.new suit by Horz. There Isnt a tailor in Logansport who can transit)™ a man so quickly, or raise liim in his own estimation In such a short .time, -as Her/.. The clothing fits so perfectly and is made in all the.up- to-date styles lu material, cut and fine trimmings that everyone knows who made it before looking at the stamp Inside, 409 HARKET STREET. ADDITIONAL LOCAL. Sec us for strawberries.—Foley. Boneless fish at the Delicatessen, Flora strawberries at Eothennel. Ladies, read Harry Frank's now nd. Fresh Mocha and Java coffee—Hoth- •rmcl. An enjoyable time at the dance on tho night of May 30, Capes and jackets at 33 1-3 cents on lie dollar.—Trade Palace. Strawberries, home grown and shipped, enough for everybody, at Focy's. "Crystal Fountain" Germ Proof Fil- •ers for sale by Messluger, 521 Broadway. Call and see sample. All are Invited to call and consult tht noted eye, ear, nose and throat scientist at the Murdock hotel Monday, .Tune 1st until June 7tli, You may get In the path of a cyclone, Take out a cyclone and tornndo insurance. -Rates very low.—Fisk & Heflly, JOS Fourth street. 1 Lyman r. Walter. M. D., the noted eye, ear, nose and thro.it scientist; fron Chicago, will be at the Murdock hotel from .Tune 1st until .Tune 7th. Peru Chronicle: T. AV, Wilson, of Lo pansport. Is mentioned by his Republi can friends as a suitable person for tin nomination for Joint representative of the district composed of Cass and Miam' the same represented by "our Jim." A SUBJECT OF GREAT INTEREST Above all be careful of your eyes. Call on Prof. Hlrschberg, the recog nized New York Eye Specialist, or one of his staff, who will be In Lognnsport from May 25 to 30 inclusive at the store of his agent, D. A. Hauk. Call and have yotir eyes fitted with a pair of ni celebrated spectacles and eye-glasses Consultation free, MASONIC NOTICE. Tipton lodge No. 33, F. A. M., wll meet in special session this evening May 20, to confer the Master Mason de gree on.three candidates. All Mason: are Invited. ELI GREENSFELDER, Secretary MOST PERFECT MADE. *Q Years <£.e PAGE FENCE GOT LOST LOST. Somewhere between E. D. Closson! residence and No. .718 Market street,,; lady's gold watch. Finder please leav at {his office and receive reward. 1 CYCLONE INSURANCE .Costs but little. ' Why not protect you property?—Flsk & Hcflley. Lyman T. Walter, M. D., 1 the note eye,' ear. nose and throat scientist fron Chicago, will be:nt.,the Murdock hole from June 1st until June 7th. Subscribe for The Joiirnnl.v- < Minister's Association Wants to See the Ball Games. Rain prevented all but two of. the ames In the National league yes'.urday. 'L'ilhor Cleveland, nor Cim-innilti hived, and their standing is llicrut'ore iK'hiuwd. Today the clubs all change jcations. Cleveland plays at .Hnstuu:' iinwnnari at Baltimore; Si. Louis at •iiiladelphia; Fittsburg at Washington; Chicago ar Brooklyn: Louisville at New lurk. It. will be a hot tight between ic Clevelands and Bos:<ins ; for by vyin- ing two of the Si!i'k'; : I'rom the Spiders lie BeaiieaH'r.s can step Into- second lace, and possibly, if Baltimore throw* Jiiiclimati down, gain first notch 'in tho .. Ginolnnaii will have to' play hor' all 10 hold the position .she now occu- ies, and if tlie club returns to the'West vit-li the lend still held fast. It will bo surprise even to its warmest friends, 'lie clubs do not come West until .Tune ">. Following are the scores of yester- ay's games: . ,-Vt Philadelphia—Chicago S, IMiiladel- liia 10. At Boston—rittslwrg 0. Boston's. STANDING OF THE CLUBS. Clubs Won Lost, Pr Cincinnati 22 ' If- 1 " Cleveland 1!) ™ ioston If 13 Jallimore 10 13 Ittsburg 1" 1- 'hiladelphia lf> ^ Chicago ' 1" 1T : Vashington !•* I" 1 Brooklyn 1-1 1" 'ewYork 12 ~-2fT . t. Louis I 1 21 ~ jOiilsville ..,. " . ,-•' THEY AKE~LOST." . r Ct. •OC7 • -,00 .452 .432 .210 'age Fence Giants Did Not.,Play At South Bend Yesterday. ;, • Where are the Page Fence Giants,? When the team left here yesterday i; vas with the undemanding that they vere to play yesterday afternoon and od'ay at South Bend, but a telephone nessage to the South Bend Times last, light brought out the information that •he club had not put in an appearance there. The South Bends will be here tomorrow afternoon to play tho Ottos. Che game will be called at-2 o'clock sharp, so that it will be over in time for the bicycle races which are to follow mmedlately after the finish of ihc ball _,,jne. The same team will piny 'here Sunday afternoon. While nothing has .icon done in the matter as yet it Is un- lerstood that the Minister's assrciation, at a recent meeting decided to .confer with the management of the ball team with' a view of having the Sundays-ball lylmr stopped. One of the members of tbe ; association. Mid 'last evening: : There lias been nothing done jn ; ';'tho matter further than that the. member* of the association, or a part, of- them at least, would be fhid to attend the games, It 1 the management would decldwuot to play Sunday games. '-I'.' myself. • am n lover of the game and wbuld-.like'.to attend, but I.cannot so loughs '.Sunday games are played. I do fao't ttj' nl V. the matter lias been brought tci.tlK-atten- tlon of the management of .-the base.ball club as yet, bnt it will be .presented tc them In due time."Manager Keller was in Kokomo yys- terday to arrange a date for the Ottos wirli the club which is being, f.or.n-;' there. The Kokomo people have their ball park almost ready, and the opening jramos will be played some:'time tho coming.week.- It Is probable";tn<J>Otto; will secure the opening games. ,..,,,-. . PHILIP RAY V BADLY Boy's Father Insists the Pushed From the The condition of Phillp-'-Hay;' who was so seriously injured.1 ..... fi-onva moving street car is.still..Ci:Itrcill Andrew Ray, father of the injoiodiclilld says that the boy was pu.she.dyfrofiythi car and that two competent :- peiisoii! who were nearby at the tline willsweai to. the truth of his statement.--OIr.-Raj -is thluklJiK seriously of Ringing sul , against the company. Conductor Gran Gottsehall who had charge, 'of the cai from which young Ray -fell 'siiys 'tha' l,e asked him 1 to get off the caV two -o- three times and when his order was no obeyed lie started toward Mm. .where upon the boy stepped off the .car 1 back wards and received the serious injuri- as a' result.. , ... . -. •..-.". •.-•;•• SINGER-KEEBER,';;':" 1 -" Mr. Harry Singer and Miss Clara.Kre bcr were,united in marriage Wcdn.esdaj evening at the residence-of/the groom' parents, the Rev.-T. Si Freemau--6mciat in?, afri and Mrs. Singec^ylll.reside pi the-Westside. .. •• - '• •• , : -'- • The Eastend Pleasure'.'.e'lub will glv an enjoyable..-dance at;.';-D61nn &'Mc Hnle's hall Saturday night, M'aywO.v.J good time' is .assured: .';.', I--- • .'-., Kaufman & Co. The James H. Laws & Co., Celebrated Auction Sale OF SHOES TUESDAY From Paden Bros., Portsmouth, Ohio. From the Harrisburg Shoe Co., Harrisburg, Pa., and several other Reliable Factories Will Commence Arriving Today. Bargain Shoe Store 320 Market St. Jordan Hecht's Old Stand. SPRING NECKWEAR, SPRING OVERCOATS. JOS. Q. GRACE •»• WILL SELL YOU A SPRING SUIT TODAY EOR LESS MONEY THAN ANY OTHER CLOTHIER IN LOGANSPORT. LINECOnPLETE Buy a Lougley Hat and be up to Date 426 Broadway. P. S. If you want a Tailor Made Suit don't forget my line of the Celebrated Stein Block Clothing JOWOQPICS. Twenty-right members-'of the graduating class ha\e signed "their names to twenty-dglit pledges, to tlie effect that they will each write"a letter to the other as the birthdays come around. The first one who will licai- from her twenty-seven companions; will get a big mail .Tune 3rd. ' Hon.. George W. Steele, congressman from the Eleventh district, leaves Washington Saturday 'for his home at Marion. Major Steele has been prominently before the. .nubile recently because of his declaration that he would defeat the bill promoting General; Nelson A. Miles to ihe.post of Lieutenant General, which has'been voted'to very few military heroes until of late years, Major'Steelc has been sketched in all the newspapers and very bad pictures of his 'countenance accompanied the flat- terlng'ai-tidc'S. Major'Steele has been mentioned as a possible candidate for vice-president on the Republican ticket. '.' Several of the young nien of the city have, (legun t'0,.shave themselves, have taken 'out shires ''li>' building and- loan associations, and though their faces arc Somewhat scarred, and their expenditures somewhat lessened, they -wear such dreams-of-bfes/expressions. - and seem so well pleased..that their friends jump at only one conclusion concerning them. ' Tho verdict is that some of the, elderly"ladies of the. city will soon be- come'inothevs-in-Jaw. ^ '". Eighth street Jias been .breaking'the record this week. A 'Stiver werldlng and .a golden wedding within; two days, on the'-same street, is unusual,.May Mr. and.. Mrs. T.-P: .Swignrt. see their children celebrate sllver^veddings, -and may: Capt. Dan Mull and his excellent lady celebrate a diamond anniversary. If worth means long life these worthy people will eujoy a pleasant longevity. There is no reason" for advertising through the medium of the magic lantern and the (load wall. Satisfactory results cannot be obtained from money expended in that way. Merchants who patronize the stercoprlco.n man who has been throwing advertisements on the canvass'this week, are sorry that they made the venture. The signs are in most cases, almost Illegible/ the plates are dim, and the method all through is a very poor substitute for newspaper advertising. A card put In a local paper will be read and believed by scores oC money-spenders where a dim lantern slide.'exposed on a blank wall will not attract, one man's attention. ANNOUNCEMENT. I will be a candidate for the office-Si: Clerk of Cass county, subject to ttc will of the Republican nominating oo&- vention. JOS. G. GRACE. ANNOUNCEMENT. I will be a candidate for the office/»2 Clerk of Cass county, subject to the decision of the Republican nominating convention. G. W. BISHOP, Jc. ANNOUNCEMENT. I. will be a candidate for the officers Clerk of Cass county, subject to the decision of the Republican nominating convention. . BEN F. BARNEXT. FLAGS FOR SCHOOLS. The Ladies of the 0. A. R. Raise a Banner. Lincoln Circle No. 1, L. of G. A. R.. completed a new flag which was hoisted yesterday afternoon over the riu-m street school. While the (lag was being placed In position the children stood .on the sidewalk in front of the school building-and sang "Amerie.^ 1 and "Our Country's Flag." Lincoln Circle' No. 1 Is now engaged in making a Hag. which, when completed will float from the Ci- cot-t street seliol• building.' It "'ill replace" the one which was destroyed when the Southside seliol building was burned. ANNOUNCEMENT. I will be a candidate for the County Commissioner for the First district, subject to the will of the Republican nominating convention. J. W. REDD'. ANNOUNCEMENT. I wish to announce that I am a ca& didate for the office of County Clerk-Si Cass county, Indiana, subject to the'**- cision of the Republican nominatlB£ convention. A. R. SHROYEE, ANNOUNCEMENT. I will be a candidate for the office V?. Coui.ty Commissioner of First DlstrteV subject to the choice.of the RepvibliCK- nominating convention. • JOHN W. GERRARD. Clay Township- .In many cities the.bicycle parade will, be'made a. prominent feature- of-'rho •parade.of Decoration day., . -,.•'. v . Parasol .sale continued the balance tiit week.—Trade Palace, i i

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