The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 13, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 13, 1940
Page 6
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PAGfe SIX BLYTHEVn Xt f (ARK) OOtmiEB NEWS TUESDAY, • PEpp.T.fAP.Y 13, 19.10 Compact Brick Cottage Effects Of Various Hues I Are Outlined By A! Student ' 1 Psychologists liaiT long atl>ehc<l coiisiderable weight to ilie (iiflumct? of color on life anci health. Inn (lit- average person Ins frit little concern over whatever psychological /acid's are a&sodal?j with color. Becausfi Hjhl colors are rf^i-doii as having u tllumltuing and cheerful effect on most people, hospitals have usually considered this In choosing colors for their rooms. Also it i,s gene-rally concMlc:! Dial dark colors arc likely lo be depressing, l)i.u not all home owners llilnk of these influp.icps when choosing colors for their homes. (,'olor Sriciirc IVolu'i) The extern to \vhicli Industry luis explored the science of color is shown by a report of a color engineer engaged to arrange interior decoration of planes. He reported that o green motif would help prevail air-sickness, while brown nml yellow might, induce it, The effects of colors on human woods have been described as follows by a doctor who recently studied the subject: Red: A stimulating color which excite and increases the working power-of the brain. : Yellow: A stimulating color which helps energize Die brain. Green: Not necessarily depressing; possesses cooling effects and is useful in the abatement of excitement; counteracts brightness of solar Jlght. Black: Useful for toning strong colors and not actually depressing' best use Is In combinations. White: Cheery and attracts sun- Mght; white alone is co!d utit stimulating if used with red. yellow 01 orange. Brown: Restful anrl warming, mil depressing if used alone; tet effects arc combiner) with ormi°o yellow, and gold. _.' Purple, mauve: Sednlive, soothing, and conducive to sleep. Children', Fnvar Knl Most young chlluren prefer red the report declared, but in later years colors which have ,j soothing 50 Per Cent Of Borrowers Pay Below $27 A Monlh I he floor plan of Una home follows the rectangular desi-n popular ivilli mnny mciliiim-cosl houses. Compact ami fumiilelc for an aycrnac family, Die properly was financc'il with a 1'cilcrnl Iloiisini. Atlmimslrntion msiirc-d morlffajje of $3,100. Moiillily payments of niiliruxlnmlcly $36 will pay off ll,c morlifagc over » ncriod of I'Ji/, yearn Local (axes and hazard insurance are not included here in Hie inoutMy payments. • F LOOP. • DLAU- inniieiict-. such us blue or green, are preferred. Whether or not the right colors and color combinations In homes ire important, for both health and Jfll-lency may still be an open subject, but It Is general)v felt Hint Ilic factor should receive euiisldeifiUuii from the home owner who is setting out to redecorate his house, the lime iruiy be painted or :>ajicrcd with funds obtained from qualified lending Institutions under the home may be painted or the Federal Housing Administration. There me more limn liiOO lan- juiscs nnd dialecls used in the -imoricas. Wilh (he spring rainy season just beginning, prompt action is calle-l f m en the jmrl of property otvncrs, for early sprintr is especially hard Qr , ( | c . fective houses. Hoofs, windows, doors or other purls of your house should lie checked now and needed repairs n'uulc. If your house requh-cs extensive work, or if you wnnl to remodel or make improvements the cost ran l;c limmced with n I'll.A loan. CON-S-ULT US-THERE'S NO OBLIGATION FOR AN ESTIMATE THE ASRMO LUMBER CO. Phone 40 Your Home ,CONSTRUCTION'F.OUIPMENT REMODELING AdiUlional Windows The nppearance of nn elder home may be changed to n yrciit extent by, nddiin; extra windows nndi permitting • sunlight, to brighten, up dark corners. Frequently a seldom used room may be converted inio a siinrooni by substlliitiiiK n row of windows for the oulslde ivnll, \vliile lhe living rcoin of must older homes will usually benefit by lhe ndrtillon o[ one or more windows. Modernization of this kind nmy bi: financed under, the Federal Housing Administration's Modcrnizalton Credit Plnn. CtillliiE additional windows in u liouse does net necessarily weaken .1 if the windows UR> |>lnce;l where structural members are not, affected. A. tellable builder should be consulted In plitniiiinj the lininove- n en I. Repair t,f llririt Walls Brick walls of old houses frequently crack, or the mortar becomes loose througliuil large sec- ions of the wall. Strmural weakness develops nnd rcpnlrs should lie made by a comjirtrai. luaxaii. Kilcbrn l,i»liis In plnnniii" (lie location of liglil- ing (ixtures in (In- kitchen, the prospect I ve IIUIHS owner sliculd r In mind Hint lhe two focul iioints of the kitchen me the stove the Tiu\=c two units should Iw well lighted, and, unless .1 iTDK-r lijjlit. is stiong cnoiiBh, they should be S hvn lixtlvldual transforming this unused space into u vnluaWe sun deck. Play areas for children are also bplni; built on many house Ups. -thus keeping youngsters tiway from tvalTic dangers on the streets below. Brick walk extending n safe distance above the floor serve as protective guards in preventing falling. Because these piny courts ,-ind roof decks are subjected lo considerable foot tratllc us well as exposure to Ilic outside weather, a heavy material is necessary for the deck covering. Funds for this ivnrk are obtainable from qualified lending institutions under the Modernization Credit Plan of the PVd- ernl Houslii; •Administration. Colorless transparent liquids are available for waterprcoflny. preserving. and stnlnprooling exterior masonry, walls above grade. Eligible under the Modernizalion Credit Plan of the Federal Housing Administration, the prepariv- -lons may |j e used on cement, brick, .stone masonry, limestone. stucco. c:ncrete, terra cottn. etc. Causing no change in the appearance of the coaled surface, the vvatci proofing materials leave no film but nre said lo penetrate into the porc.s of u,e material. .':<••*• homes can be purchased now under the FHA nl n lower monthly (Ci-i Hum cv(:r bc-fors. Administrator HUfuait McDonald says. A.'.'&Dicr reduction (lurlnj the past till payments lo a point ivliere iiion- iliaii hiilf ui all families li- iiDntlnj new homes 011 the l-'HA plan in 1339 were paying kss than $•>'/ a month, or less tfian a dollar ii day. Tile media:) monthly piymi-nt on ni'W-hoiiit morlxaui-.s becoming lircinitun-payiiiB In 1D30 was .s-'OBS .Mr. Mtlhumld said. 'I'liLs com- l>.ircil will) >23.0a for 1S38. $32 H for 1OT, and $32.07 for I93U. Trc-iiil to Ohcijier lining Tlie Administrator attributed tlie year's decline in monthly payments to the reduction lo •)!•; per cent la the maximum Interest rate permitted on PHA-insmed mortgages nnd lo the trend in tlie building Industry toward tlie production, of more low-cost houses. The figures include amortization of principal. interest, and maHgagc-lmurnncc premium. Mr. McDonald also commented on lhe fuel Hint -to per cent of the families btiyhy or building new homes and more than 50 per cent of tlu' families buying homes a yeir | or more old wllh FHA-insured loans were making payments of less than $35 n month. Low-Cost. Volume Snii'M He pointed out that the building industry is aiming this year lo produce houses in much larger volume limn In the past which are suited to the needs of families who cannot -ifforcl more than $25 n month for home financing, exclusive of (axes The total number of families new and existing homes for | sa.3 a month or less in 19:15 was I $83.072. The figures irscd by Mr. McDonald refer to homes financed under Title II of the National Housiir» Act. in addition, there were 10,783 hcint.s- fln.-inccd under Title I of the Ac:t with loans of $2,5Wj or less. Suggestions For Mixing Concrete Many home owners like to make '.lulr own concrete repairs ljw;iu--e ™ often the -job i.s "too small to Aisltfy calling in a reuulni repairman. TliKc proportions for concrtie :ni.xtuics are recommended by the Technical Division of the F'.'dornl lioii'iin-g Administration: l r or plain concrete, use 1 part Portland cement, 'i parts sand, 5 parts gravel or crushed stoiw. for reinforced cuncreie, use 1 purl potl- i 'and ccmc-iH. 2 parts sand. 1 pans jravel or crushed stone. No mnre than stvtn t;nllons of water per i kit's ol cement .should be u--ecl, and _whc.« the agsreuate is .ili-pKdy "moist, Hit re should be less wuler. us the strenalli of the concrete depends lo a grcul extent on tlie fliiantity of water used in propor- i.'on to Hint of cement. Repairs Must Be Completed To Refinance When n home owner refinance the mciigage on his home through the FHA plan, evidence must be presented that necessary alterations, additions, or repairs have been completed. Federal Housing Administration officials point out. This evidence may be in the form of a Repair Compliance Inspection by a Federal Housing Administration representative or a statement from the individual whose mortgage is being refinanced that the alterations, additions, or repairs have been fully and satisfactorily completed. When alterations, additions, or repairs may have nlfected the structural mialities or design of the home, it is required that a Repair Compliance Inspection be made FHA officials say. Particular cure is used during Repair Compliance Inspections, special nttcnticn being given to whether any .section or members of the stnicture have been weakened due to curring or changing am! whether bearing loads have been dangerously increased. liftviiic DRAINAGE TAX NOTICE NAME rails Klldi llrjiiri—X'K'IJ ' '_''_ \\ Jot Btc K^.e Acres Hoof llrcks Hours of relLixntkn in fresh air are made possible in consested areas by the application of hravv rooflnn materials to Hat roofs, thus Cedar Lining Gives Closets Mothproofing Converting large cksets into cedar clothes closets can bo done with funds obtained from qualified private lending institutions undor the Modernization Credit Plan of lhe Federal Housing Administration. Tlie entire surface of (lie cloret including the inside of (lie door, r.tiiuld be covered > with tluve- elghths of an inch of aromatic cedar lining. It is preferable to line the floor with lhirlcrn-si x - tcciillu-lncli malcrial, but liu- eighths can be used. The clcor should be tiKht fitting ami close against felt ' Baskets. The lining may be placed directly over plaMor if care is exercised to nail if m the .sriiddiDf. Fntp miiline is f,-j v ^ f [• cri. but blind nailing may bi-" li.srd 1 If desired. 'Hie corners should be tilted with luiartcr-roimcl t «lar itiolrfing. Cedar sheiving may also be u.icd «lth added effect. K. llr;,,l(,, r ,|_fi\vn I'. CI»iT.-:i-\V<- XK'i II. (inrn-tl \V<:~ Sr-'i I.. S. Mii,-lu.ll —NKil ' I.. S. .Miifli,.H_SVS : i,J I.. S. .Miirlirll— XK',', >•• S. Mi:,li,.M —SVV'4 Nli'; ~_~.~_I.~_~~~~~ \'-t .•'I'li-ula llm. .-swi'l iiU-.! ""-,,', II 11 " • Kalli,. A,l,,,,,. KM. .NWl; xvvii.- :ui ' •' •'• > l.ii.j^ Hvl.—SK'i N\V'.*.. .,~ :i<i .1.'.-u.' u'.Uv'r—K.. ; ii',iV. N'i'i ; v : ':;" !| l.rv,-.- II-.B,,! — !!,,]. KV. S\V". . ' " -i: I.,!V<,. llnav.l —P,|. X.,.. K „[ !." .,,; !..'%.'!• Itinr.l — VV Dl 1. All .SK", " "K *•. II. l!Ml,iii<,,,i—XK!<, _ I.mi -J7 II II II 11 11 11 11 11 II All |.,. r -..ri~ and "<•„, Hiry uv, i..(,,,ir,.,l l,y u. MiM ,, r 11,,, s ,,;, kl :i law 10 n . ,v,ll I,,. «„!„ „[ k!l i r. r 'ar \vLlhin four ^s k.-H ('If fwM-.l III f hcn-ln . „„;,,, „„ l|l|( ,,.,, f v|. nl ., r5 . ,._. ,,,,• ll.llfl'KV .iKlKKIS Cl.r't Lovt Rales Long Terms Prompt Inspections Prepayment Privileges First National Bank niythcvillc, Ark. Authorized Morf s a Be Loan Solicitor, for Trudcnltal tnsurancc Company of Amcrll , a CLARENCE FI. WILSON Garage Doors Easily , Made Self Working Any good carpenter can casjiv transform the old swinging.typ'^ garage do:r into a modern OVM- I'.ead one tlirough Hie u<.(. O f overhend hnrriware .sels now brine made. One model works automnticnllv When the latch toll Is released. (h c cioor moves up or down. Siiiinu twislon cf Hie door Is rocliiced gradually, ns It comes to a;i c;lsv stop. Tlicse automatic door () C ', vices may be installed with lun-i s obtained from qualified lendlnc Institutions under the Afcxfcrnl/a lion Credit Plan of the ¥«leni Housing Adniinlslrntloii, Someone in Blytheville turns a faucet! Sonicditc calls for and receives water service every second of the day. Water for hatliing, drinking, shnviiiR, waler for washing the dishes, cooking or a hundred other purposes. ticcattse (his city has modern facilities for dispensing this service at low cosl, every person in (own, rich or (!onr, may enjoy !he advantage of such a service. BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO. Bernard Allen, Mgr. "Walcr Is Your Cheapest Comniodlly" Test Windows If • Heating Bill Rises When the fuel \ M is !)iujl it may be wise to check the windows bMorc blaming u, c f lln , acc j, :ml tut window in an exposed hoiiie [rent m a moderately ,;evcrt- win- t'-r can be responsible for .loiisid- wable fuel ios K e s . The losses may be reduced pnr- tiany by vvf-atlierstripplujr. p c .,_ (iinibls windows or "?u;rm sitsli" windows, tishlly rutcd, will help even more by cmtln B down hoth condiictioi! uii'J i-.-idlniioii lossc-s. Weallicrslrlpr-ing or storm windows may be installed with funds cb,imi«! from qualified lcndin» in- stitutions under the Modenilziitfoii Credit Plan of Uie Fcacral Hoii..- ing Administration. N'cw Home Plans Need Careful Wiring Check Prospective home builders ".hoiil.t not take it lor granted lhat their new homes will Imve proper elc-c- tric litjhtin-' nnri convenience out-'' lets fur (he use of appliances. Careful chocking of the plaii^ ivj I assure ccrrtct Installation of a wii-Iim sy.stcm that .should serve for the life of the hom.e. Adaniom and changes after tlis hcust: is completed me lar more expensive tiian a. Kflo( i j 00 l r) u, c beginning. . . ,. — I.. K. Miu-l,,.|l-.\-w I.. S. Mitfln.||.-SKi,i 1. S. .Min-.VH-s-W!.; Curl tii-ivu — \n xt ' Flt.ri.ln llr,, ___ Svv ,,' |ir It. Bak.-r.-K •> .I"0 H. H,t,r_R o., •""'" Uviv •'. T. <•„,,„„. A,lc,r,,,,.. ' MAIIV'KV MOIIHI.S. OHA1NACE -1-4X NOTICE .......................... ;<r rfi : 7;^ : - '- r - «"'" win Kllrii Klli-u "'. I'. 1). On 1>. lin I.. K. I- s. I- «. I.. N. Ainnri K',iri.l» U.lrry V'i.ri.|..| r' Hnriila ,„ ' ...... «» ,.,n-s. s?" 5 °' Section Ill-yan ....... .NT ..... " Hi-^an— XK " ll'Ililfnr'l — KW --- vn-ll — \V'.i XK rr,.C( — W!i SK ,_ .Mitcli,.l| ....... Xi; Kl.; Miui..-n— NW XK" ..... " MiU-ln'M — SK XK. ' Jliirlu.ll.-MW NI-: n C,.,,iml Llf,. l,, s (]„ _" rl K. n! SV: KVV _ llnlilnr.1— Krl. XK SH^ wii^VI. SE K'.V _______ a t'Aii.Tpnti — f^K ' RK • ; •- '• -, ! llr,,.. —!-,". f!',v . " Kri.s. — SU' SW _____ _ XVmJ,. — S :t:ui Ar. ,S\V ~\V llnii.— XW NVV . '_ ...... I Hrin.— KK XIV _ I""" |trn«. — S\V N'W __ "" Hnv,.— XK S\V " _ _'"" ~ Hrn.«.—X\y ,SW Hn^. — SK S\\' _ ' !""" Urns.— KVV K\V T " rrxn— Xi:, NK _ s - w - it»u,._K =4 A,. x>: XK..:: BalOT — K'i I .1,.. SK XK T'.V!) R"e Acrts 10011s 40 40 40 u in 11 <11 30 II 4ll.ll) M r.0.71 41. II I I II II II Total Tax •ST.liS 112.61 :ii'.i;i s.o i :I.H i :!./1 7. in 1.711 r..4 s 7. a 7 7.:i7 7 :n 7..17 S. m S.I ft S.I, I )' : , . > : | :„„! ,.,.„[ ,, r , lf (i,.,. „„ 11lis ,|. y _ K,,i,ni,,ry IS, 1>)IO . . I1AI1VKV -V10UU1S. I'lfrl. - ' un dHbrj a MOM ' "t"'' '•"«,-" "*.'•-. • /'(Maiiyoont realise it) Yes, sir! It's almost as easy to build a ne\v home on the new FHA terms as it is to rent and lots more satisfactory. Cant afford it? If you have saved enough to make a clown payment and have a steady income you have whal it takes. We can build you a fine modern home for a down payment of as lit lie as 10'"'. The government-limited interest rate is 4?''" and long terms (up to 25 years) make lhe payments like rent. Phone 100 E. G. ROBINSON LUMBER CO, NEW. LIBERAL FHA TERMS

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