The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 11, 1960 · Page 33
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 33

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 11, 1960
Page 33
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rbeftMot'fttt Tuesday, Oct. 11, 1960 l&r and Mr* Alex Dertnand r«- |-|fttly attended the wedding of Eflfenbeth Anest and George Vret<& at Scottsbluff, Neb. The bride i* a daughter of Mr Dermand's COUSin, the only relatives he has In the States. Alex is a native of Qfefcce and came here forty years .ago. The bridal couple took a" Jet plane for a two month honeymoon in Greece. * * • We* back in World War I, Bill Bockfer and his brither Henry Sponsored Gus Kressin, thus enabling him to .eurne hero fron Poland. He now lives at Driven port and not long ago visited the Beckers and their families. « » • Mr and Mrs Al Agena attended the American Banking Association Convention . in New York City recently but due to the United Nations meetings were unable to get tickets to tour the place. The area • was Swarming with policemen, rules were many and kept strictly. One thing about New York City, there are plenty of things to sec without the U.N. ; • * •_'••.- < . Mr and Mrs John Thuenie and their son-in-law and daughter, Mr and Mrs' William Sanguin, Cherokee, recently covered 4200 miles on a trip to the Cast coast and' Quebec, Can. "They stopped at Leonardsville, Md., to visit a relative and got in 6n the finale of Dbnha'S tantrum. That was plenty: She still had power enough to break off branches of trees and toss thing's around. plenty of rainfall arid-evil actions in general. Thdy 'made a 'tour of the capitol at Washington, D. C. '•'••• ••.»'• •• ' • ' ' • MM R A. Behrike called tine the other. day. to tell me their daughter Ruth Aim was to be 'in Washington, D, e.', the day 'of the "bake-off,",' the .Pillsbw.ry , cpn.test televised 'on they Art Linklettcr program. , She . was one of the judges. I was hoping the. judges would be '. shown; but they ^yeren't. ! Ruth Ann is food editor of the .Farm Journal at Philadelphia, Pa. • ' ' • '•'••. •' . • ' By the time .this reaches: print. Mr and. Airs George Ba'lluff,. Mr and Mrs Don Jorgenson and Mr and , Mrs Ed Mino yill have seen "The Music Man" at bes Moiries", ones. wonder ( if Meredith Willson's new show w!H ' have as catchy muisc.. I. especially like "Lida Rose" bf the Music Man. ' ' ' • ' -•• ;•>;•< . v<-- i?v> 5>* .•?••. :•• - ; My nund iprnV.nbiialgicallY to the easr this tihie .of year-the Mississippi riy<fr , an>d the, McGregor, area is £p: beautiful in the fall. . . ; '"•''' .' • ," :>-": ;.*;:.:.':•' ' : ' •' ! The Martin, Becker house jn\ist haven been -"a Vii on' Che' ''old wo- rnan in the' shoe" side Oct. I when they had 30 guests for, dinner,; relatives, bt. the band musicians. She graciously ojffered mp a place oh her pq'rch v/hich .commanded a good view. : ''.•:' • • . •• " • October 1924-Algona business women organized the Wah-fan-^ Ye flub! Supt. Biush'neli and Rev. Forrester reappouited at , Methd- dist, .conference. Hartshorn 'reunion held at Elmer Hartshorn's. Algona beat . Hampton football team,' ! 4-0. (Editors note — '; who pitched?)' . . ' '\' • "' "••'"• • ' '• ! ' •• .' ' Betty Libott. a very dear friend of mine who lives in Hollywood, entered a' nUrsing home 'Aug. J. She has multiple Sclerosis and has been an invalid quite a number of years. I think perhaps my reports of my sojourning in one Have helped her make her decision. She 'is very content and happy. • ••»•'•• • When I saw Lucille Grose Art- derzen's handwriting- on a recent letter, I tore the flap, in a hurry to get the contents. She has had a little mishap, a fall, not too serious, but not one she wants to repeat. I have been worried about her and my mind is now at rest. • * • The announcement of Rubinoff and his violin to be at Osage gives me nostalgia for the good old days when he took part in the Eddie Cantor programs over radio. I always enjoyed him so much and wish he'd appear on TV. • * • Well, thank goodness I am now possessor of only the things in my room. The last piece of furniture has been sold and I am trimmed down to just the favorite articles. It is a wonderful feeling of freedom. • » • Mr* Glenn Culbertson hat had a nice vacation with relatives >vhich began when she accompanied her brothers and sisters- W'Jaw. Mr and Mrs Robert Thompson and Mr and Mrs Roland Thompson to Monpna where they visited their grandmother Mrs Augusta' Roland and uncle and aunt Mr and Mrs James Cunningham, Mrs Roland has reached the ripe old age of 92. from there Mjf Culbertson went , «JMP via Jbup to GarnaviHo to vWt an uncle and aunt Mr and MM lUy JUto*4, thence to Du- buque to visit another aunt and cousin Mrs Esther Plait and daughter Lavcrna. * * • I had a hunch I wouldn't get Evelyn McDougall when I phoned her Saturday morning; Oct. 1. I'll bet she was right on the front row for thr parade, She and my mother loved parades and against my wishes, always put me on the front row whether I wanted to or not. "After all", they said. "If you can't see it, why come?" Which was logical. And both wore like old fire horses at the first sound of the siren! Ready and eager to go! * * * Which reminds me of a story Eel Erickson \ised to tell. Years ago the fire department consist- of ,i mnn-propellecl enrt with the hose wound on it. One time at a fire in his neighborhood, he tried to be helpful but since he was a rather awxward man, ho was making himself more of a nuisance. Finally one of the firemen said to him lather crisply, "We'd he able to do a lot better if you'd Ret out ot our way." Eel took the hint but was unperturbed. But he added, "From then on I always let them take care of ll.eir own fires." Bonni* Hanson, F a i t m o n f. Minn., dropped in Saturday to call on a few of us and proudly displayed the pretty nnd glittering ring on her left hand. Her fiamv was with hor-a big six footer who will have no trouble carrying little five foot Bonnie over the threshold, come that important clay. I gather the en- Ra.uement will not be n long one, Hest wishes to you Bonnie and ynur Boh True. ~ * * From Miv J. D. Burns comes 1his story nbmit n rerent happening in the home of her son Jimmy. The wife was in the hospital for a check-up jmcl Jimmy was earing for the daughter Jod'y and the smaller twins, Lynn and Lea. The twins were,putting on quite a performance and Jimmy wns at his wits end to know how to cope with the srtuntinn. From Jody came this sage remark. "Daddy, I'll have to get you a book on kids." CORN Charles Kreinbring of Tipton recently displayed a stalk of corn in the rear of his home that measured more than 15 feet. Kreinbring, a former seed dealer, Hot the seed for this Mexican coin from the company where he- used to work. LANDMARK An old landmark in Walnut, the Odd Fellows building was demo- PHONE CY 4-3535 - YOUR NEWSPAPER recently when the enst end of the building collapsed. The Odd Fellows building wns completed in 1899 with dedication services held on Thanksgiving day of that yenr. . AND AND PATRONIZf VIKING OIL CO GASOLINE AND FUEL OIL WE GIVE GOLD BOND Or KING KORN STAMPS BULK DELIVERY SERVICE Station and Bulk Plant North Milwaukee Depot Two Local Men Lighten Wash Work - Soften Water f LINDSAY FULLY-AUTOMATIC , WATER SOFTENERS Featuring Fiberglass Tanks guaranteed for the life of the original owner, the Lindsay line of softeners is the finest, bar none, on the market. FREE WATER ANALYSIS SALES - RENTALS 708 So. Phillips FARMERS ELEVATOR Buyers & Sellers of All Grains 1 ' ' ' v t * .. • Get our bids on your grain before you sell. • Federal Licensed Storage Warehouse. H. Dale Cole or Corwin C. Peer 419 S. Phillips St. CY 4-2741 1 • • ••- >.-U • It ... LINDSAY SOFT WATER SERVICE Phone CY 4-3755 CARPET Headquarters OF NORTH CENTRAL IOWA Carrying In Stock The Most Complete Selection of Carpeting In This Area - Displays at YoUr Fingertip* BJDSTROM'S FURNITURE Algeria's Modern Furniture Store Our Direct-From-Factories Purchases of Furniture and Home Furnishing! SAVES YOU MONEY BJUSTROM'S Low Down Payments — Free Delivery f • » + •'•»•• + »»• + •»»•«•»»» + •••••••»» Roto-Rooter Sewer Service .' : ; ' , •! For Clogged Sewers arid Drains 'No Unnecessary Digging — Guaranteed COWAN'S ROTO-ROOTER ' ' J • • .' • . • i -. Serving, Kossuth County - Ph. CY 4-3523 Algona Collect Shown above are Howard' Miller and Donald Deal, owners of the Lindsay Soft Water Service of Algeria. Both are Algona natives. Miller and Deal took over the service in June, 1959. Their franchise covers both Kossuth and Humboldt counties. Lindsay Soft Water is a subsidiary of Union Tank Car Co. of. Chicago, and is one of the oldest and largest manufacturers of home water softeners in America. Services offered by the local firm, which has offices in the Brown Dairy Building, include 24-hour emergency, sales and rentals on all types of water softeners. The office is open from 8:30 to 4 p.m. The service department, run by Don Deal, promises to remove rust, alkalies and odors from Water, as well as softening it. Howard, 40, is an Air Corps veteran, and worked as automotive parts man for Kent Motors and Percival Motors before June 1959. He is married to the former Beatrice Kollasch of Whittemore and they have five children. Deal, single, is 33. He was born and raised i n Algona, and is a veteran of the Korean conflict. Prior to entering the soft water business, he was service manager for Percival Motors. BEN WIBBEN Building Contractor ' All Types Building — Farm and, 122 South Heckart, Algona < (Please Call After 6:00 P.M.) 4-2865 ft •»»••••••»• • • » • • » e» • *»•»•»*•• . . f jr »•••»»•»••*»;»•• »«»»»t ; • ' I •'• I r ' < f ' ( ! - i •- < <n ' Your Banking Needs SAFE • CONFIDENTIAL Serving and Growing with the-. Community IOWA STATE BANK MILLER LUMBER CO. Building Needs of all Kinds ——LOWER PRICE MAX BARTHOLOMEW, Manager East'State at C A NW Tracks - Algona BUILDING MATERIALS OF ALL KINDS AND TYPES Phone CYpress 4-4266 • For Remodeling. Modernising e For Firm fc Home Building • For Ready-Mixed Concrete Ready-Mix Concrete AND LUMBER CO. So. Phillips St. Cook & Heat with THERMOGAS The Preferred L. P. Gas BOTTLE AND BULK SALES GAS APPLIANCES THERMOGAS CO. of Algona Phono CY 4-2841 Algona Moving • Storage • Crating We Move Household Goods Anywhere Fully Insured - New, Modern Storage Warehouse All Types Crating - Phone CY 4-2275 POST Transfer & Storage ERNIE WILLIAMS Your John Deere Headquarters In Algona "The Quality Name In i Farm Equipment" On Diagonal St. at NW Tracks Algona Implement Co. FARM EQUIPMENT • FARM SERVICE MOTOR TRUCKS HOME APPLIANCES Phone CY 4-3501 1407 Commercial St. General Machinery Repair Welding - Cylinder Boring SPECIALTY PARTS MANUFACTURED ALGONA MACHINE SHOP M.C. Oakland W. State ft. N Hogg DONOVAN'S SPECIALTY SHOP HOME OP CUSTOM MADE ALUMINUM AND COMBINATION DOORS & WINDOWS • RUSCO A NELSON • ZEPHYR AWNINGS •10 N, Diagonal A1OONA CY 4-2202 ALGONA PLUMBING & HEATING DAY OR NIGHT SERVICE-THE FINEST IN PLUMBING AND HEATING EQUIPMENT 4t Brunei Wtto? Kohler, Rheom * Crane Fixtures ' WHoi Met*- •fc Lux-Air* and American Standard Furnaces and Air Conditioning. __ ^r Electric Bew> * INSINKERATOn Garbage Disposal Unite er-llooter »«• PHONE CYprew 4-4240 IN ALGONA

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