The Taos News from Taos, New Mexico on December 22, 1960 · Page 2
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The Taos News from Taos, New Mexico · Page 2

Taos, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 22, 1960
Page 2
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2 THE TAOS NEWS Thursday, December 22. I Holy Cross Hospital Notes ADMISSIONS Dec. 13—Mrs. Ida Santistevan, Mrs. Ethel Meyer. Mrs. Gloria Cordova, Mst. Henry Martinez, all of Taos. Dec. 14—Luke Hamilton, Taos: P r o c o p i o Mascarenas, Vadito: Mrs. Flora Galiegos, Telesfor Vigil, both of Arroyo Seco; Miss jHulh Vasquez. Chamisal. Dec. 15 — Albert Van Cleave. Miss Lois Hamilton, both of Taos: Miss Lucille Martinez. Arroyo Seco: Mrs. E u f e m i a Arellano, Costilla; Daniel Corlez, Ranches. Dec. 16—Baby Michael Vargas. Costilla; Carlos Benavides, Taos. Dec. 17—'Mrs. Joy De Longe, Taos; Mst. Clarence Sisneros, Los ; Cordovas. I Dec. 19 — Ernest Santistevan. I Taos; Mrs. Madalena Martinez, i Ranches de Taos. DISMISSALS Dec. 138 william G. Warren, Penasco. Dec. 14 — Manuel Fernandez, ^ **•£ INDIANS ARE GUESTS—A large number of governor, members of the council and their Taos Pueblo Indians wers special guests at families, posed In the dining room with their the open house Saturday of the new Kachlna friends, and hosts, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Line- Lodge and Motel. The Indians, Including the berry shown in the back row. Who And newspaper card ' shore *»* BOND LOOT IS RETURNED—Rumaldn Garcia, left, and LeRoy Garcia of North Pueblo Home Supply examine more than $3,000 in elec. trical appliances recovered by officers last week. The appliances were stolen In October. Two Taos County men have been arrested and charged with the burglary. 79 THS Students Are On Honor Roll \aiuez; miss num Ann unpin, 1 Taos; Mrs. Marian Gusdorf and '• slu dents have been named to the baby, santa Fe. i honor roll for the second six-week Dec. IS-Mst. Henry Martinez, j period, Principal William Parr anTaos: Mrs. Flora Gallegos, Ar- nounced this week Horney, Lester Lambert, Martha Littrell, Mary Ann Mackie, royo Seco. Dec. 16—Baby Abran Casias. Talpa; Miss Ruth Vasquez, Chamisal; Telesfor Vigil, Arroyo Seco. Dec. 17—Mrs. Ethel Meyer, Mrs. Federici Raps D.A.'s Office The complete list is as follows: Lee Archuleta, Roger Beimer, Karen Benson, Douglas Benson, Barbara Black, John Brooks, Reg J^CV. If— -iVlla. £jlUCl iVlCVCl , iVJlS. — — •-. — •*- u. UN,,*, wwnu i_>twun^, A^wft Gloria Cordova, Mrs. Ida Santis-iSie Cantu, Eunice Carnal, Lydia tevan, all of Taos; Miss Lucille I Chacon, Casilda Chavez, Christine Martinez. Arroyo Seco; Procopio ! cliave7 - Faustina Chavez. Mar- Mascarenas, Vadito; Mast. Mich-iS aret Chavez. ael Vargas, Costilla. I Sana Chavez, Bella Cohn, Vickie , . , , Dec. 18- Mrs. Eralia Padilla; DeLo , nge - Karen Engstrom, Mary .J 1 __ 1 ___ *»_!_!_ * r Ait I .Trt TTn rtff »»ftfV^ Cnnrt-innM f _ «.. . ,* U. — 1 . uec. 10— Mrs. iLraua raaiua;— ° • """•" .-...s^num, 4 ««ujr The district attorney's office.fault, nor the defense's fault this a Tony Smith in connection with and bab y> Valdez; Mrs. 01ivamaj Jo Angstrom, Sarajean Esquibel, was raked over the coals by Dist. lease is a mess," the judge .said. 'the case. MartinP7 anH hahv onH Aihorf iHenry Fernandez. Albert Gallepns. - v __„,-.., --- „ ..^ », . . .v.--->. , it n, Judge Fred .1. Federici last week: Reynolds said that it was his A complaint was issued against sse agans at Raton in the middle of a crim- 1 recollection thai Federici had in- Martinez and Smith Oct 1 with jstructed his office to prepare the 'the approval of Darden. ' Later a rapped Dist.ibill of particulars in the way in warrant signed by Darden was ' «1*1M wuuj , T MtUVfc | mi J , \J II \ ai ll£\ \ "- 1 ' — ,,— —.. ~_. w ^..«> vw > Martinez and baby, and Albert l Henry Fernandez, Albert Gallegos, Van Cleave, all of Taos. Christine Gallegos, Julia Gallegos, Dec. 19—Mrs. Mary Torres and !Nellie Garcia, Phyllis Goad, San- baby, Penasco; Mast. Clarence Hra r -" r " 10 Sisneros, Los Cordovas; Mrs. Be- in the case. I that they recalled that the judce After a 50 . minu(c recess d . -— m a Dec. o hearing had told the ,. , ,-,,.. „ . umul » Judge Federici then granted a D.A.'s office that it could base its ^denci called opposing defense motion for postponement case on Martinez allegedly hav- :counse l together, the judge grant- of the case against a man shotjing committed the crime ' alone, ! ed the state's motion to amend the by city police as he allegedly fled j with a confederate, as a confed- bill of particulars and also granted from the scene of a break-in. jerate or both. A transcript of the a motion from Kastler for a post- -» ia . ^mci.o lurres ui renasi Joe Camilho Martinez of Raton. I proceeding bore out the contcn- 'ponement since his original case! Dec. 15 — A boy, weighing inal case. Judge Federici i i - -- - - ; -- i i tn_ ,. t(< , , ,, iv tii i tun. Ol^IIC'U U V L'clt Ut,'tl WclS —•*""-* «u, -jv^ti ^wtuifvao, iTli tf, UC* Atty. George Reynolds and his Ra-j which it was written by Darden.'issued against the two men Smith "aida Tenario, Luke Hamilton, ton assistant, Atty. William Dar-jBoth the judge and Kastler said is still being sought JMiss Lois Hamilton, all of Taos den.__for its -lack of preparation!that they recalled that the judce After a so-minnte r P ,,« H,,,;J BIRTHS | Dec. 14—A baby girl weighing ' 6 pounds, 12Vi ounces, to Mr. and ! Mrs. Bernabe Martinez, Taos. j Dec. 15 — A girl weighing 6j pounds, 14 ounces, to Mr. and Mrs. Eufelio Torres of Penasco. was charged with breaking andition of the judge. _ w ,„„.,„„ entering and grand larceny in con-| During the argument, presented Gained in the original bill of par- Cub Scouts Have Annual Yule Party The annual Christmas Party of was based on the information con-i pounds 12 ounces to Mr. and^ . ,. Mrs. Eddie Pacheco of Valdez. Cub Sc °"t Pack 98 was held Tues- nection of postponement T __ ,„ . — •• •"*- 'mviv.'i t.n IICIVHIL: me siaie Ja "', 1 " n ,. ,, , „ i me over with a leather when Ca- proceed with its case the court i Raton Range editor. Eric Me- sados said he first chased iwo'srants the motion of the district 1 also « survived Crossen. also look an editorial;men. Darden made a sinniai ' '" ' • poke at the district attorney's off-j statement. ction with an Oct. 1 break-in j by Reynolds for an amendment in'titulars. Dec. 14—A girl, weighing 7 a cleaning shop there. The i the bill of poriiculars, Fedprici' "In the interest of justice and in iPo^s, 15 ounces, to Mrs. Eralia *tponement was until 9 a.m.'said, -You could have knocked the interest of havin" ih e slat JPadilla of Valdez. n. 17. imp nrar \t-ith o l'«»ll-> n ,. ...I /•-. ' i ° . otaLt: I ,. day night at the elementary school with Cubs honored for good work during the year, den mothers recognized and a visit by Santa • <-»•• -.1". 11 ivy i- n M i (»i U 1C UIMI'lCl *•**""' *" «Jwi»*»fcv.4 1,/jr o Ul UL.11CI . ,-,1 .. ar attorney to amend the bill of par-! Tomm y. and two sisters, Precilla us to the boys - ticulars. Federici said. "Also in anc ' ^ ose Mary. | Opening ceremony of presenting by a brother. Connie Martinez, Eleanor M. Martinez, Frank Martinez, Alice Martinez. Polito Martinez, Selsa Martinez, Albert Medina, Peggy Medina. Avcrye Miller, Tommy Minton Juanita Mondragon, Judy Monett. Jimmy Moore, Sheila McCarthy. Concha Parraz. Carmen M. Rivera. Del Romero, Mary Ann Romo. Teddye Sloniger, Charlene Struck, Beatrice Tafoya, Joe Tafoya, Mark Simmons, Bernice Trujillo, Cecilia M. Trujillo, Luzita Trujillo, Yolanda M. Trujillo. Rose Varos, Carmen Varos, Mary Varos, Beatrice Vigil, Ernestine Vigil, Geneva Vigil, Linda Visarriagas, Beverly Weir, John White, Donna Wiley. Arabella White, Donna Wiley, Arabella Wheaton, Toby Valdez, Bertha Medina, Barbara Dekins, Maria Salazar, Bennie Gomez. The motion for postponement; for "not knowing about thV'sTt-- granls'The 'motion" oTthe"defense' Wednesday' mornin7^itjr Father came afer Reynolds made a mo- ond man in the ca>e.- Casados and noslpones this trial until Jan 1-^azur officiating. Burial was "~ hon requesting that a bill of parti-;indicated he -thought warranis 17 at <t am The same iurv wi 1 Costilla Cemetery under dii culars Presented the defendant be ; had been issued" for the arrest nl conlmue hearing this case"' >of Garcia's Funeral Home changed. The original had charged' ~ that Martinez was the principal! person involved in the alleged! crime and that he did not aid or abet commission of the crime. j D 7 /^ Baby LOI'lCZ !•„-;;;' :; 'r.r. a . 1 . u " c »\™™>.">™ u at Laramie, Wyo., after a" short i illness. I Obit uuries Reynolds made the motion shortly after Joe Casados, city patrolman, testified that he diased two men. both carrying bundles of clothing. He said one of the mem s went in another direction and lhat :sis ,""' 1V p r - sM) ^ he continued chasing the man he'fi^ 0 " 1 ' aulinc ; .thia and grandparents. |Army in Korea; one brother, Louis; ; nael of Questa; and eight sis>'-old son of ters, .Mrs. Clorinda Vigil, Mrs. Ma- Taos, died rinita Trujillo, Mrs, Lola Trujillo, Mr.-. Crcstina Vclasques. C. E. Montoya Cristobal E. Montoya, 48, a former resident of Valdez, died Dec. Mr. Montoya had been working at Laramie for the past few years Kittredge and Peter McDonald. This was followed by Christmas carols led by Otto Needing accompanied on the paino by Mrs. Arthur Noble Jr. Awards were earned by the following Cubs: John Noble, Larry Brooks, Bobbie Iko, two silver arrow point in the Wolf Rank; j Butch Holmes. Louis Cohn and: Scot Poison, Wolf badges *a. Mrs. Mariquha Ma"r"ne1 £ t^ 1^^!!^^ ^ i arrow point in the Wolf Rank young Holmes also earning a gold . ' SiCvla anri s - v "- «i Arroyo Seco, Mrs. Dolores Ar- eventually shot in 'the shoulder. !»„ Tl 8 ^ ndp ; 3ren '-- ^' and mcndares and Mrs. Olilia Sanchez Ifller idpnlififvH PQ Marlinm i aKE UI "ant, all 0! 7,'IOS. :ho!h of I.aramic VV«n „„,! w_- later identified a.s Martinez. both of Laramie, Wyo., and Mrs! The D.A.'s motion came when : . ^ Un f ^ vas , al 3 . P- m - the .same Beatrice Duran of Taos delete attorney Paul A. Kastler:^ h Presbyterian Cemetery in objected to introduction of a list of ™ no f ^ r ™* with Garcia', clothing allegedly stolen from the; uneral Home ln char Kc. cleaning establishment. The list,! Funeral services were conducted by the Rev. Felix Maestas. j Burial was in Questa Cemeiery J. S. Rael ;under direction of Garcia's Funeral Home. Pallbearers were as follo 17 niji.*i_ t u ci a \\ ei e as I o l i o W S ' Funeral Cervices _ for Jose Se- Tom Converse Jr., Dennis Ortega', found Roy Ortega, Vjrgil Trujillo. Pete compiled by Leo Vigil, city police man, itemized artices found in two separate bundles. "The district attorney should be " OVi ° Rae • 7h v>ho in a position to know what way he I0 ' {en '" deatn Dec - 8 at Questa. 'Gonzalcs. Dan Sanchez, wants to proceed." Federici 'said > Wrer J; h , eld . Dc ' c '' H al thr ' Assembly was by Plajedas Rael alter the jury was excused from ot Ood chlirt ''i m Questa. the courtroom. "When the state) A veteran of w "r!d War I. .Mr jockeys itself into a hole, you can't i Rae! 1S ; survive d by his wife. Mrs expect the court to get "you out. :0t ia _ G> Rael of Questa. font the body was returned here for ^'T , P ° int In the Wolf Ra burial. Michael Martinez, two silver Survivors are his mother, Mrs. Sincion G. Duran of Valdez; three sons, Alfirio of the U. S. Army in Germany Louis and Eliseo, both of Taos. and one sister, Mrs. Castula Valencia of Valdez. Funeral services were held at arrow points in the Bear Rank. The following den mothers were officially recognized by the district scout committee and presented den mother pins: Mrs. Elizabeth Romero, Mrs. Margaret Bachtel, Mrs. Sally Poison, Mrs. Hester t, milieu sui viLua were ncia at i — »•*-- *• *j. -m_..ii.v,i 10 a.m. Monday at Valdez with i Bostian and Mrs - J ane Archuleta. t7*«lU«« r>..f 1 ir »»> . . . I RffrPxh mont C M'Ora fiii«tiir UA J V... Father Rafael Herrera officiatin" Eulo-y ou ou. . --- ••• -c."..,,. ,,.,,,, .\ani-y vai The time to make an amendment'! ons ' Bolivar and Amador. both of daughter'of \li *_.'^,.r,i r .• . . . . Olioctn ATrtl^. ....«,.„ _r." »^. _ .*i Valdez. I 1 -year-old - - - - — - —...^..--..,.^...1 - — ... ...v.n^jii\.( (_/! t yj j* flnrf Airs Bpn to the bill of particulars is before S ue f a ' Melquares of San Die=o. Valde/ of Costilla. died'Tuesdav «-,M, ,.r,,i,n ,„ u.,..- m.- .. ?n •C.alll anrl Ss>n^n\',n l,. ....u .i. i i i ""V-" incroud.y. In addition to her parents, she i'diiiiuiali!) IS IJcl (Jl tr . ., . ' * '* you come in here. The court will £f^-_ anci Semovio Jr. not stand for you trying to gel; yourself out of the knots you have: tied," Fexlerici told the D.A. j "If your case is properly prepared, you would know what youri witnesses know. It takes some p"rep-| aration, gentlemen, before youi come to trial," he said. Federici i asked if testimony during a pre-j limmary hearing for Martinez was transcribed. William Darden. assistant D.A. from Raton, told the court that no records had been | made of the justice of the peace! proceedings. "It's not the court's' thp a ' so i needy family. Burial, under direction of Garcia's ; ? n m .° th f rs Funeral Home, was in Valdez Cemetery. Pallbearers were: Frank Valdez, who also gave the eulogy, Press Montoya, Rufino Montoya, Matias Herrera, Abenicio Fernandez and Tony Valdez. Rosary was recited both Saturday and Sunday nights in the chapel of Garcia Funeral Home. i-shments were furnished by parents. The boys with food for a Ship af May the world rejoice again, in Pw« on Earth Good-Will to Men. STf AK HOUSE «nd LA F-ONDA DINING ROOK* bett y No matter what you ship, call your local Santa Fe Agent and let the railroad that is always on the move toward a better way go to work for you. it's not too late! Say MERRY CHRISTMAS with a gift of FLOWERS! 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