Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 13, 1894 · Page 11
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 11

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 13, 1894
Page 11
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I N paint the bestis the c!-.:rpcst. Don't be misled by trying v.-iwt is said to be "just as good," but when you paint insist upon bnvhg r. genuine brand of Strictly Pure White Lead l- ; , r ;orc per jrrillon than .'•..;.• :\r.,l ias'.i many tir.ics •hrr.r.dscf \Yhite ..«-., ; r.:-,y cf l!i= fol- " Southern," "SoA Seal," "Collier." --:•: -.tioiinl I.cad Co.'s : i '.:::::•.•..; Colors. Lc- •:-.-.N.\L !.: ; -M^ CO., Now Y""t- FAHK K011 TIE •Celery DINNER Yopnu Onions SflUl'. Chicken Gtimbo ft la roral Lettuce FISH. Salmon ami Trout, French Tomatoes Shrimp Menltfr. dressed with Lettuce ItOAST. Prime Boiist o! Beet, Xnturnl Gravy English Ribs ot Beef, with Horseradish Boast Chicken, Cowell Drewlng Pigeon Pie, Hunters' Stjle ENTRIES. Teal Croquettes a la Sattel Strawberry Meringue VEflKTABIJS Mnshedjand Boiled Potatoes Asparagus and Cream Lima Beans •Wine Plant Pi? Orange Ice DCaKHT. Whipped Crenm Pie Assorted Cake CoBee Tea Milk Butternilllf DAILY JOURNAL TUESDAY MOUSING, MAY 15. Part 14 Dream City now ready. Got your hosiery now at the Trade Palace. $.1 for $1.48, at Otto's today In ladies shoes. Part 13 Marie Burroughs Art Portfolio now ready. Bollf.d ham from now on during hot weather, at A. Hubler'e. Girl wanted at Lee Wab Sing's Laundry on Third street. The ladles of tho Christian Church •will serve dinner and supper In Dr. Justice's room on Broadway, May 16. Do you really appreciate Otto Kraus' •offer? Do you care to buy elegant shoes cheap? Then attend tho sale today. The wholesale stock of small wares offered at rldlclously low prlcgs at tho Bee Hive's special bargain counter are selling very freely. Only about 300 pairs left of these celebrated Peerless gaiter and sample ihoes from tho Bradshaw Shoe Co., Chicago, worth $5 and $6 for $1.48, at Otto Kraua 1 to day. Peter Zeck, an aged and well known resident of Deer Creek, died yesterday morning at 9 o'clock. The funeral will be held at 3 o'clock this afternoon. The deceased was an uncle of L. W. PllUng, of this city. The Logan Gun Club will meet at Dr. Thomas' office tomorrow night at 7:30. Important arrangemenis concerning the big shoot with the Camden, Deer Creek and Delphi clubs to take place at the park on Decoration Day. B. J. Murphy, who was sent up for two years for Inciting the riot at Lafayette at the time ex-Priest Rudolph tpoke, has been pardoned by Gov- Matthewi, after a year of hie sentence has expired. He was found guilty by * jury, but BtrouSf influences wore brought to bear to persuade the gov. ernor that the punishment thus far was sufficient and the petition for hli pardon was numerously signed by Lafayette citizens. Qulnoey, the 14-y ear-old ion of Wm. Justice, of Clinton township, played vigorously at ball a few days ago with a parly of boys. He retired at nlgh» feeling "fagged out." and upon arls- Ing in the morning discovered that both his legs were paralyzed. His condition has Improved but little since. The trouble in in the nature of loco, motor ataxy la, but it Is believed that proper treatment and time will restore to the over.energetlo lad the free use of hii limbs. I Some Fact* Aboni It* Prevalence- The Uourd of llenltU «lve« Advice —A Cure »nB«e»te<l. From a recent telegram from the health authorities at Springfield, 111., it is learned that no less than twenty- one states of tho union are at the present time Infected with small pox. In four months' time Chicago has had close onto one thousand oases. Tho monthly figures are: January, 128; February, 233; March, 305; and tae first twenty-one days of April, 296, an average of fourteen cases a day for April, and an increase of 30 per cent, over the previous month. Cases wore discovered last week in twenty-one of the twenty-four wards ID Chicago. There are sixty points of Infection in the city, twenty-six centers being in the Twolfib ward alone. The secretary eays that vaccination has boon prosecuted vigorously; that 300,000 persons have beon vaccinated by the city board of health alone In Chicago, and bo believes it a greater number than was ovor vaccinated in any place of a similar number of inhabitants In the world. Tho-o arc rumors of cases at Winamac, and thoro arc cases at Kowanna und vicinity. It would scorn more advisable to quarantine against Chi, csi<ro than against those smaller places, containing only a cuso or two, aud yet tho prevailing sentiment favors a quarantine against tho oases nearer homo. On this subject the Board of Health issues the following card: THE HOAKD Of HEALTH TALKS. The board of health has been favored with much advioo In regard to "quarantining" districts Infested with small pox, and Is quite willing to accept all such ad /Ice, provided there be provided the means to enforce 11. An effectual quarantine would require the active services day and night of all the able-bodied men in town, armed to the teeth, and Instructed to turn back incemers at all hazards. A paper proclamation would be as effectual RS proclamations usually are. Tho board of health has taken tho step that has always proved effectual when carried out—It has directed the vaccination of all school children. If there should be an outbreak of small pox, all unvacclnated children must stay away from the public and parochial schools; and thia order will be enforced. We have also advised all unvacci- natod people to be vaccinated at once. In the presence of an epidemic this good advice can be enforced. If a sufficient number of able bodied citizens are willing to assist in maintaining a shot gun quarantine, the Board of Hoalih will be glad of their services, though H is more than doubtful if tho rollc of the dark ages would avail much. The more sensible plan Is to vaccinate early and often. Is you have a scar from a former vaccination tho chances are that a new vaccination will not take. If It does take that proves that the former vaccination had run out, as It will In from two to twenty years. Vaccination has proven so far during the last hundred years to be the most certain quarantine against small pox. If there be any other or better way, one that has tho statistics of epidemics wiped out and lives saved, this board has not at this writing access to the facts and figures. N. W. CADY, Sec. Board of Health. A REMEDY. It is always best to consult a physician when needing medical care. There sro some remedies, however, that may be given for what they are worth a» a suggestion to physicians. A "Daily Reader" of the Liverpool Mercury writes to that Journal aa follows: "I am willing to riak my reputation as a public man If the worst caao of small pox can not be effectually cured In three days simply by oream Of tartar. This is ;the sure and never falling remedy: One ounce of Curveton, . They have always been found tried and true Tho surrounding neighbors and persons from-a distance last Sunday gathered at the homo of William Banta, to congratulate his son, Charley, on his twenty-first birthday. Charley was not caught napping, but was embarrassed when his brother. Ira, presented him with a fine mustache cup on account of his prospects in that direction. The dinner was elegant and the tables groaned under the many good things, There were forty-seven present. Rob Gibson and Mrs. Emanuel Yelder were the two best looking old people present, while John Medlan(!, the telegraph operator at Trlmer and Daisy Fisher carried the honor a among the young folk. SCAT. America's Oldest, Largest Richest and Best Show on Earti. THE BIG SHOW TOMORROW. Tlio HI!sl»»T Moimrcli of nil fenced 13xlillii'lou«-f*<>ll»Hrotl>cri,'eolo»- ;»ul Circuit and Itlonn^trle. Tba Sa 11 s Brothers whoso millionaire unity of b'\s shows ia to exhibit at Lo^aiisport to. morrow having held fast to their business with a most commendable tenacity for nearly twenty three years, are entitled to do some br»g«lDg over tho results obtained, and, In fact, the claims they aet forth are amply sustained by recorded facts. It Is a big and creditable thing to have commenced In a most hazardous and exacting calling without either experience or capital, and through the force sheer pluck and brains to reach Its conceded leadership, and this by strictly honorable methods. The Sells Brothers are entitled to universal reipect as representatives of the bestt^pe of genuine American manhood, and their great exhibition to the popularity and successes such ownership ought to confer. They have never compounded with fraud by claiming that "people lite to be humbugged," for they are not rascally humbugs. They have acted upon the wise and just principle. This year they have roduoed the price of admission from 50 to 25 cents for everybody, giving their patrons more than their money's worth, and always recognizing that one man's money was as (rood Bfl anothers by giving the same complete show in every place of exhibition, instead of stuffing the metropolis and starving the farmers under tho pro- tense of serving him the same feast. They hsve treated ibe public fairly and by BO doing have (rained the full backing of popular confidence in their promises'. These made this year sug- pest the biggest feast of animate wonders and amazing acts over spread before an eager throng, and of the tnoueands who will patronize them here it is safe to assume that not one will go away disappointed or dlssatls^ Bed. So walt-for the only great show coming to this city this season. The BrlnBlmnl Reception. It Is the desire of Col. Brlnghurst and wife that all the members of tbe late.40tb Ind.Vol. Inft. meet and greet each other; also soldiers of any other command will meat a hearty welcome at Col. Brlrghuret's residence tomorrow, Wednesday evening. 16th inst., from 8 to 9:30 H. C. CUSIIMAN, I ,(. B. WINTBKS V Com. FRANK SWIGAKT 3 $100 Remrd, 9100. The reader of tuts paper will bn pleased to learn tlSt mere IB at toast one dread*! .1 Isew.™ that science lias been able to cure In all Its «.«« and that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure is the milv Dosltlve cure known to the medical fraternity, ratiirrn belnft a constitutional dl.iwso, requires « constltatlonaT treatment. Hall's Catarrh Core Is taken Internally, acting directly o» the blood and SncuVrarfBces or tn« system, thereby destroying th« foundation or the disease, anil glvliiu the pa- ?|ent strength by bolldlnK up tbe constitution and nen» MrenHs;:—*.- doing Its work. The proprle- MOKE THOU RLE FEARED ON THE CHEAT NOllTIIEIiN. On Saturday tho Great Northern grievance committee delegated a subcommittee to wait upon President Hill, and after a three hours' confer- once, begun »t noon, this subcommittee adjourned without having accomplished anything definite. Another conference was held later in the day. It was finally decided that doth the company and the grievance committee would prepare statements of their misuDder- standing of the terms on which the strike was terminated, the statement to be submitted to the arbitration board for decision, A definite agreement on all Ueiallu is desired at this ilmo by tho men, t-nd thuy inpist that everything; must be made to clear that no more misundarstundings will bo possible. Tho mun also insist on tho reinstatement Of all strikurs, heading tho list with Engineer Best, who dnrinpr the strike, took a piiMeEfrer train nut of the depot het« and, tie- sertins; the cab, 1< ft tho taain standing on tho main Una at Cumo. Tho mum. bers of tho arbitration board aro not nil at borne, and it, will be some duys before they can act on the statements to bo submitted, ar.d in the meantime tbe men will continue M work. They are very much in earnest however, and promise trouble if matters aro not settled according to their ideas. Five of the seven strikers arrestec o.t Wilmar have been discharged upon motion of the district attorney, who found that the government hu.d not sufficient case against them. A FIGHT WITH TRAMPS. The truin crew on the east bound Wabash express, yesterday, had a desperate encounter with three tramps wbo insisted upon riding. They boarded the train at Peru and were discover! d at the Lake Erie & Western crossing:, but declined to ffet oil. The engineer was called, and armed with a rivet hammer he appeared and made an on- slanffht which tho tramps resisted for a short time, but were put to flight, being badly hurt. None o! the train- mon were seriously hurt. SELLS BROTHERS BIG SHOW of the WORLD Presenting all Ne\y Exclusive Feu.tu.res, 'hree Big Circuses, in Three Separate Rin.^s. Fifty Cage Menagerie, Real Roman Hippodrome Races and Gala Sports, Gladitorial Combats. Huge Elevated Stages, Australian Aviary, African Aquarium. Arabian Caravan Grand Spectacular Pageants and Trans- P&cilic Wild Beast Exhibit. .OGANSPORT, WEDNESDAY, MAY 16. oream of tartar dissolved In a point of boiling water, to be tirank when cold at short intervals. It can bo taken at any time, and IB preventive as well as curative. It is known to have cured a hundred thousand cases without failure. I myeelf have restored hundreds by this mean». It never leaves a mark, never causes blindness and al- ways'prevents tedloug lingering. It the people would only try it and report all the cures to you you woulc" require to employ many columns If you fjave them publicity." If you decide to try Ibis cure be Rure to obtain tbe purejunadulterated cream of tartar. Cnrvelou. Health good... : Corn planting com. menoed Wheat is heading out — Oats late but look fine Sunday aohoola were well attended last Sunday Preaching at Georgetown by Bro. J. R. Cobb was well received on last Saturday evening Bro. Simp- ion will preach at Plega next Sunday afternoon at three No one need .give himself any uneasinesi M to loyalty in tbe republican ranks around . t&- ijold by druggists. f*lie Puzzle Solved* Perhaps no local disease has puzzled and baffled the medical profession more than nasal catarrh. While not Immediately fatal. It is among the most nauseous and disgusting Ills flesh Is heir JO, and the records show very few or no oasflfi of radical cure of chronic oatarth by any of the many modes of treatment until the Introduction of Ely's Cream Balm a few years ago. The success of this preparation has been most gratifying and surprising. No druggist Is without it. Tbo value ot • Friend. CORNELIA, La—For over six .years I was greatly troubled with constipation amd biliousness and was often unable to work. At the suggestion of a friend I tried Simmons' Liver Regulator and am now free of these troubles.— Harrison Tarleton. Tour druggist sells it in powder or liquid. The powdar to be taken dry or made into a tea. • Summer underwear must go at the low price* nad« — Trade Palao*. Trainmaster Burke, of the Vandalia, spent Sunday at Indianapolis. Vandalia mileage is now boinpr honored On tno Evansvlllo & Torre Haute. Fred Sheppe, electric light man at the Pan Handle shops, and wife spent Sunday at Waba.sh. The Pan Handle pay car will arrive here tomorrow. Tho shops will be paid off on Thursday. The VandaUa officials are preparing to move Into thoir now offices opposite the paasenger station. The physicians of tho Pennsylvania Relief Association were in session at Pittsburg the biggest part of last week. There are at least four candidates for the position of sexton of Moun Hope cemetery working at the Pan Handle shops. The Pan Handle wreck crow train was called to the Kenneth quarries Sunday evening, where several gondolas had left the track. The "8 Bells" company arrived in the city yesterday from JChlcapo ove: e^ Pan Handle. They will Joavi this morning over the Vandalia fo Crawfordaville. John Bowers of the Pan Handle ai brake department had hia right ham severely scalded yesterday morning while connecting a hose between th tender and locomotive. Pan Handle engine 512 broke he throttle stem yesterday afternoon jus before going out on train 84. She wa run into tho round houao. aijaln »Q' engine 78 was substituted. The earnings of 54 repreaentntlv lines for the last week of April foot u to $6,082.042 as against $7,381,37-1 fo the same period of last year, showio a decrease of 17.6 per cent. Both frelgbt and passenger buelnes on all roads running through the clt is very qulot. The coal minors ctrlk ia responsible for a good deal of th atortage in freight traffic. It is cor rectly reported that the Vandalia i nearly out of a coal supply. The Switchmen's Mutual Aid asao elation convened at Evunsvllle yester day morning, about 250 delegates be ing present. Just before the aesaio opened a parade took place, in wblc nearly one thousand men participated Including railroad men and other or jranlzed labor unions. The grand executive committee an grand trustees of the B. of L. F., li convention assembled at Terre Haute have issued a circular exooeratln Chief Sargent of all charges regard Ing crookedness in his official oapao ity, especially such an regard his rul ings in not ordering a strike 0» th C. * E. I., when the majority of mom TS RECORD IS UNIMPEACHABLE, IMPERISHABLE UNBL8K- TClTll-lTI A -w^j^trrn mi TY* I»r^*OU /M7 D l\7 A T .R V AH THI*! 1 oil hil/. A A8 THL ';•'.•, " ' _ • •••."•*- -------SKI I S BROTHEKS Inaugurated the novelty of commercial inte u ,!dot but" o" s t advortisW. moral and ^aste performances and and respectability than was ever known before m tn» suow ^ utsfi" ! fo UP bvrc(lHCi..ff their price of admission *«™ « which has been a whirlwind innovation, ast 0 ut»dmsr the largest • >very where. The press throughout the country eulogize the i 3le aud absolutely world-famous Sells Brothers' Greatest Show on Earth. ..., 1 „ « ,4 IIII.IAT. tllfl £U)J. Hippodrome Sport, Thrlllta. aud.piriteci race. of everv age and nation. FIFTY Golden ca-es fillfld with, rare wild beasts embracing every cap ive aa" I known to exist. Exhibiting more exclusive features than all othrt.ow. coined • STBEET PABA1W E absolute oon and evenng. f the exhibition. % penoriuciuueo »•»•»;• "V"- » show in the world. Prices within the reaeh ot 25 CENTS - ADMISSION - 25 CENTS Special Excursion Rates on all Lines of Travel. bers wbo are employes on that road .•oted to tie the road up. Tale la very rratifying to Mr. Sargent and to his 'riends, of which he has many in the local lodge of B. of L. F. A seemingly unfounded rumor has K aloed currency In Richmond and from there has been telegraphed to the metropolitrn press that a number of passenger conductors on ihe Pan Handle will EOOU bo called on the carpet to answer the charge of swind ling the company by not punching the tickets presented by the passen- gors but Instead turning-them over to tholr brakomen who disposed of them to tho scalpers. Aa near aa can bo told it la a mere idle rumor gotten up to injure the reputation of tho men whose namea are omitted by the des. patches. If your child is weak and sickly, give Rinehart's Worm .Lozenges. For sale by B. F. Koesllne and Keystone drug store. If you feel dull and have no appo tlto take Rlnohart's Liver Pills; 1 a doso. For sale by B. F. KeesllnR and Keystone drug store. Four "C" Nothing in the -whole history of Medicine can compare with the BUC- oess of "FOUR C." It is the ONLY KNOWN specific for LA GRIPPE. removes all Its DRRADKD and ects, inducing restful, natural ONK DOSE will frequently re- movefcurlsy pains. ONB DOSE has time anJagaln relieved a child, suffering with CROUP. Pour "C" has cured Asthma, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, and Ulcerated Tonsiiitls. In composition It is DIFFERENT is MORE POWKBFCL and ACTIVE, In fact it IB as DIFFERENT from any other lung remedy as molasses ifl diffjreat from vinegar. It Is a REVELATION. BBST OP ALL YOU TAKB N« RT«K The ESSENCE of the contract fs^Four "C" MUST GIVE SATISFACTION or money will be refunded by BEN FISHER. Nature* »l«cn»ls. Palo Hps, flushed cheek's—nature! signal for worms In children—that tb» mother may see the danger and provide the remedy. The only known thorough cure is Elnehart'« Worm Lozengoe—they remove all kinds ot i worms and the worm nost. Pleasant to take, need no cathartic and are ft • pafe and certain cure. For sale by B. F. Keesllnff and Keystone drug store. Quaker headacho capsula give !»• lief in ten minutes. SO DOZEN Of these Beautiful Waists It In Blue, Pink, Laven- $ der, Navy and Black ground. Sizes 22 to 42. Only 5 0 Cents AT THE BUSY BEE HIVE, 409-411 Broftdwtj.

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