The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 13, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 13, 1940
Page 3
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19-10 .Rumania's Kingdom Of Oil Stondai-fl Oil i ours Rumanian lo Germany HV TOM WOLP Subsidiary Oil I NEW YORK, Feb. 13. - lilita- fcrk-gs run on oil. Wlit-ti Clormnny thinks of nil lo power her loiiji-iSiiratttit'd merii- Kiilml push against Die Allies. .shs thinks of Hiiniania's vtisl oil fields as iho SOUITB Iroia which ID bo!- 1 ster her own st'imly nil .'.ujijily. | And when Germany looks toward I Hint large. ir.ineral-rJdi Ualkaii i country, ihe sen. In ih« diit;i/K:> ' the Uniieci Kinlt-s. Twelve per cent of nil [he crude oil In Rimtunta LS produced by the l?c»)Hiio- Americana company, a 100 pi.r cent Amcriraii-ouwd .s'nfo- sldlnry of the SUindnrd oil Company of Now Jersey. Wi.'l it lie America 'x lot to siij>- ply. iji lift) Jong i iiii, ; , substantial load of power io Germany's uii'ch- anized might? UTTI.R NEWS COMES ruosr ritn HELIOS • "It's lini-d'-to say what may happen. Your guess is us good as mine." The unswer cams froin Ralph Peter lio'Um, the man prcb- nbly best equipped to know. Mr. Bolton, a tali, greying Enjlishmnn in his Ms foillfx. is manager for nil European production by the Standard Oil Company of New Jersey. ! "We hear wry little from Ru-j mania since the outbreak of Euro-! poaii hostilities. Probably that's | just ns well, because the Balkans I are great countries for gossip." j Mr. Eollon does know, however, i Hint to date almost DO restrictions) on oil production have been made by the Rumanian government. There always have been regulations—mining laws similar !o these a'.l over the world. Recently, too, the government established a commission lo reg«-| i Ifite and police the oil indifslry.] But so far this appear.? to have! been merely a precautionary mea-! sure— a law to make strict, ijcv-j eminent regulation easy, if and' when ... 15 PER CENT TO GKUMANY "We nave a production of Rbonl i 15,000 bniTds A day. compared I with IlumaiiWs total dnlly output! cf lZ4,OflO'"lwrrc(s,"~ Mn Bollon He look n ipnj pu-l.on lii.s pipe and planted down at the maps of central Europe he keeps in front of him under the glass top: of his large, milittered desk. "Normally, Germany ivcnld get I about is per' cent of this oil;! about 20 per cent would Itt sold: internally in Rumania: and tUuj lest would go to (he neighboring' Dnnubian nntl Mediterranean countries.' Actually, so fr.r as we know, there have been no changes since the outbreak of the war." j IJ the war has not clmi'ged the ' distribution of the Romtino-Amcr- ' : kann's oil supply, it has radically i altered. the demand for it. Britain and -France have no particular need for this oil. in the fust place they already own a large number* cf Rumania's cil wol's— SO per cent of which arc foreign-controlled. But while' the Allies do not especially need the cil themselves. they do not want Germany, who needs it bndly, to gel it. Therefore they buy as mi.Th sis they c-a'n. The extent to which demand has increased is .shown by the vise in price per barrel—from SV to about 43.30— which has taken place in Iho pnsl few months. WIU- RKM..UN' STRICTLY NEUTKAI, Despite this price rise. Romano- Americana's stiict'y neutral dislri- , billion policy will remain unclinng- j cd— if possible. | "\Vc have ' long-term contracts J with our customers," explained Mr. | Bolton. "For example, Standard Oil of New Jersey owns the Deutsch - Amerikanischc petroleum c "-'' ieh S0ullica ''' ( ' n ?.H NEWS ilmt only 10 per m ,| n r ,),,. „„, ll() i>'s populiilliiu Is incapable of deiuwiiiiU' action. Oilier tests applied by (he pro- fftssioiiiil i>ri)iip lo the student •*in»l> imnnht tun ihe litlier's re- caiiiunii.. pnibk'ins new fiichiB the Hinv i),.)- con social tions and t rcii/aono nviirily- covering assurance ». less unemployment, heullh xr. jii'iisions and adequate, w<ni)ii dccrciiM' the ambi- iisid iiiu'i-,(y of die umployod n- tin. , only is per cent of lh« Gfi-sdkclmrt. a I;J B marketing or- UKnlBilion wltr.ln Geruinny, "It is only natural that this American-owned company in Germany should look io (he Romnno- Amej jcnna. ii.s sisier company, for supply. And in return ii's" only natural Hint Romano-Americana should want to distribute through HIP affiliate with wliiuh it has had contracts and good business rela- ticns for .so loni;. "Let's put it tills way." Mr. Bcl- (cn continued. His sdfL. low voice showed Caces of the accent he acquired us a youlli in Kumnnln, Students' Regard Lo\v For Average American "Romano-Americana is defmilr- iy not ccii)3 lo piny politics. We'll supply cur old customers. Allies, Germany nml neutrals alike, at the same rate we always have. We'll keep (icing this us long as thry wiinl lo buy and can afford to pay lor it. We will remain strictly neutral, as we should, as Icng as Rumania herself does anJ lets ics." Certainly Puuoania is trying lo slay neutral. Just recently she agreed with neighbors of the Ealki-.n Entente to maintain a "common vi«!il" (o protect tier independence and territorial Integrity, Wives; Alert to Assist i Lifeboat Men BERKELEY, Ca), (UP)—University sophomores have a poor opinion of the ntnera of the great Amcricin public to participate in the operation of a worknble democracy, according lo u series of most unusual psychological tests conducted at (he University of California. Counter balr.ncitiff the opinions thus established, however, the same tests applied to psychological pro, lessors icvcnled Ihe fact that the ( latter have 11 very high Mea of Ihc average American's filneas to make democracy workable. The tesls were can-led out oii'n gron)) of 350 sophomore students by n group of the nation's leading psychologists, following the annual meeting of the American Psychological Association which hiul been held at Stanford University. Sixty-two per cent of the students tested believed that 30 pet cent or more of the nation's population is incapable of participation in a thoroughly workable form of democratic government. Sixteen per cent of the :t,iO students held Uul i!ie figure.should be ct least 50 per cent instead of One in Tour Uo|,i capable Eleven per cent of Hie .slmlwiK even went so far as lo declare their conviction that three out of every four Americans are Incapable in- solar as lielplul in id intelligent participation u ,, democracy is concerned. The professional psychologists, however, who look the lcsls'anJ who were drawn from most of the leading universities of Uie nation, found their own reactions of an exceedingly more optimistic nalure. Eighty per cent or them held -'. «JKI_> l.l ]jv I (.till VJI 11 l>ro!o.-.iion:i! [)sycholo»,[<,l.s Ik-Id Hi snrm- vk'w, Kit'hiy . seven per rent of the snidint ormip l,..ui Unit hi'UviOur.l owiilH-iltloii Is sovliilty ne;-i>:;s:uy or tiihii.Kii in siuwssfiil liuhbitrliil I'lsuvc llalvcrt hy SuviinK Only ^1 |, n u>nl u( ,),[, ,„.()[(,,;. .sloiia] |isyi-!ioloi{lsl.s hfld (his to be liiii>. On tin' imestion of cotnpedtion (Si-ncially. however. Hie student group was lar moic adviinci'd Ihan 'he p.-oirasioim! (jrotiji. -Nlnety-oni! per ;< in uf i), B (oj-ini'i- lji;ilpvc;l Hint roinpetSllini Ls nvies-sary lo a su;-i-c.-,sini jiix-li'iy, while only u-l l«'c mil uf the prniVs.Mfln:il ivroup •.-unsiilinii li I'SM'nllii). In I in- Held of domination of national uflalis. Hit- student uroup revrali'il an liidlewlion townril the Idea of (tiict- and suiiorlorlty. Twenty-roui- pel- mil held tlml llif supci-lor prople in American cnlmie me juslllled In donihuillna ri.'.(ioii;\l nffairs, even by force If Seventy per cent of Ihe professional psychologists, however, voted otherwise. Mflliile Vnnls Ce( 3 Ships MO\)!I..E, Aln. <Ul'i-.T)>? Wntcr- mii n .SU'imishl)) Coii>ornllon of Mobile is going to construct three liixuiiiiiis pnsscnuer-frel{ht vessels fll n» a|ijiiuxlnm(ecosl of $5.000.000 for service between Gulf ports nnd I'orlo Hii-o. The ships will be -110 feel long, accommodate 50 to (>0 |>(i!.wn»m and Imve n cargo ci\pn- clly of 370,000 cubic feet. Reiirt courier News want ads. "SLOW MASH' 90 PROOF/ KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKY Stands to Reason ...It Tastes Richer . . . Takes More Time and Grain to Make .BROWN-rORMAK OlSTIlURlf CO., iKcdRPOBAIIO jt i.^:,,ai,;, K,m«<l,... s:,,« i ma FCMEWHERE CM THE ENGLISH EAST COAST (UPt—\Vlvcs cf liftbcat men, the "women who wait," are brave women. A Bi'uup of these wires launched a lifeuoat with hijh seas ruimiiig. wadinj «-jl:-:l deep into the rough .'(•a, and ihrowmir Iheir vveigbl avi'inst (lie bqat to steady it. 'Ihe first lifeboat had gone out with (he husbands, but hoius passed and it -did. not "return. A lescue beat was launched, bill the tiactor used to launch it failed suddenly. Wilb.cut hesitation the wonifii plutigeil into the sen. and I the boat was safely .started on ils course. j The first lifeboat' uUlmcl^ly re-1 tx-rncd. having .searched lift mi!es j of ,st-a in 'ts attempt !o find the! ship which had sent up lire liis-) tress signals. j Now In New Location J. J. HARGETT SERVICE STATION Main jfe rjivisiou :'honc 500 L*S£H SPfJXI) VOUR r.A.SOI.INK DOLLAR WISELY •'>c In 'It I'cr (Jilllon ON (;ASOI.INK Valuable Coupons \\ilh Kadi 1'urcliasc GASOLINE—3IOTOK OU. KKKOSENB \Vbclesalc & Urlail TKABE WITH JOYNER OIL CO. Indejicndcnt Dealer TANK CAH TO YOUU CAR IlijThway 01, North, niythcvillc \\c Drlivrr I'lionc 1S3 Vsl **J IH09E HOVJ i • ' ffS 11 n*n SENTRY CCAL M,,-, w CVCRY'ROOM THE SA'ME UWlrORM rfMTtRATURC <H V* TJ \T>* lVfyfe 0 *K? MftT ^*to«^ EME^JP^GAY & BILLINGS, Inc. Phon« 76 Live On THE SUNNY SIDE! Bask in the bright sunlight of financial seccwily where the shadows of sudden money worries can. never penetrate. This sounds much harder than it actually is. The first thing to do is to open a First National savings account; the rest comes, by adding to it REGULARLY, in large or small amotmts. It's surprising how quickly an account will grow when handled in this manner. Some clay, you'll have enough io meet emergencies, to lake thai coveted trip or just live happily, knowing you are secure. Two Per Cent Interest Paid On Savings Interest is credited lo your savings account twice a year, on January 1st and July 1st. All savings deposited before the 5lh of the month draw interest from ihe first. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK IN BLYTHEVILLE MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION No Winter Sport's For Winter Queen PAOR THREE Group of Three Faiths Flourishes on Campus . .'(ilU'isc I ti -Unions Assoclalloj), mili-aUoH v,],[ t .|i | >lin (| s to . I'luu-.slniU, cnlliolk; 'nncl program!), arrangln;? nddressf.s at fraternity houses, ond condlietltii; pollllcsl surveys. . ,; ANSONIA. conn. f[Jf')-p|»k- pockcts, iipiwrenily, liavo no eoii- KClence. Two men attending a ^ llu. „»=,. ,Wr.i»•hro.e'ta^jSlM'S,.^'^^ td »"."..."" )sl » 1 '""' isrmip on me | ; , ; , n .. m , Mr wiiiie iLy "it "n listening u> the 'Ihc D.C.H.A.. us It Is In lilt (cillrgi'. |:j inin illllldll lO.-HIDiltl-.' In C00|)i'l.'<ll(lll with u I'iK'iiHy uilvlsory bonrci. It Is ilklikul inio :;lx "ci'diliir inlcr- tnllfi Miintllnit fciniiiliin's' 1 tlml <lliw! MII-II orpiilaillonul ncllvi- tli'.i in; soi'lnl worl! unil chjully, plnnnlinj of church nnd ehujii 1 ! • o "J Illv Ji~l VICt •U known; Wnc was Ihc father of the bride by Krcshi-st H finnr:mtoi!il litisl nr:moi!i tisl I'ricp.s i Kirby Drug Stores KUYBTONH ALFALFA SEEDS Al.l, KINDS FIELD SEEDS MANY CHICKS L, K. Ashcraft Co. AMlmn.J, K l|l> „..;!!,.,,. S |;j., ,,01- sliim-s, 2ll-yeiir-«lcl Mnrjm-jt! .leiin Ciirhn (above* was iiwnrdrcl cowli'd tide., of Q lu , ell 0( (hR Uavlmonth Winli-r Cur.iiw.l by students of (he llnnover, N. II colleee. A nalivo of Jirouklvn' QIICCJJ Carlin is an undevgrad- imle at Clcorijian Court Colloijo I'likcwuod. N. .1. llolniilcnlly. broccoli It Just a mass of flower buds, 60VEIHMEHT LOAI COTTON l'limu> or M'i'ile [!s Now (ico. II. McFatMen. & Rro's Af/cnctj L C. PSTTON, Agent I'-O. !!<« 218 lender BI<! K . I'hone LM8 j In Ocofoo Wnllu'i Scnn iali Is dollnltolx U"> oulilondlna lnacc dhtovoly o[ ouf 1i i,m . . oud Q dlicovury mor e and ore mnkl» ) ovoryday li Ural CHESTERFIEIOS and DEflNHEtV M1LDE8 Chesterfields are MAKE YOUR NEXT PACK AND BETTER-TASTING You'll always find these two qualities at their best, plus a far cooler smoke, in Chesterfield's Right Combination of the world's best cigarette tobaccos. IVlakc your next pack Chesterfield and sec for yourself why one smoker tells another They Satisfy. You can't buy a better cigarette. liesterfi The Cooler, Better-Tasting, DEFINITELY MILDER Cigarette ' 1910. f.iMtrr & MVIM TpsjproCo,

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