The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 27, 1960 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 27, 1960
Page 2
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,'' 1, 'I ! /' •> 1 *&yji •r V- v <*•'''— - /*A»j> -I- ~* ' ' . - ."• GUESSERS / ' ' CONfESt fey OP Pour winners will divide ih* three cash prizes In ihe second Grid Guessers contest as a *esulf of Saturday's football t*^J^%.Mll* r ^ J ??iJ^^VtS r *.J^l*\% alte;i; of IB* The |ft"'i»" half 'of fha John , n g Krb Bfififlifft, "MBlVirl *8r-niLrlttrh .ft u •f &&, mttt , widif a, 'ftffa, <0, ¥1 -'SfcHHSVSift, -Si the tlf»Jfc flfhHSfli fMftftt 6tf '<fli hiJfli Dffck $W8ftr. fcsJph ilth, tfhd" DHrreld Btfhkofske " " Frank Mitel- :h . Id •ebri'.Sct', Were 'the ,&ren Mahle, Richai'd. Du- Meath, Eloise ChHs- _ . .- j-Anfowood. .Abboll, Mrs B. 3. BrS8- .n^Bob't.-Shilling- _..d Gary Htfgen, Algona; it,') Moftie Pear^dh, JDubu- anseh a'ftd Mrs Frank . Rdckt Hubert d'Brieh, ; and Jahles D. Hahh, :, Algbna, with only six 6n ihe contest page. , — ^™™™~™™^w •«••• • • "*VJB MettAmlStyle jkiiik-'b'tf Triee'tihfe 'of "the KossiHh 'dbiirffy fFamfly IJivlnfe *rdferkrh .Will ! be ih^ld . : Saptember; 80 ; &t 1:30 ip.m. dn •the A'lgbhb' tedlMl fttr ; tHjb 'ch^iiimHh aM Vibe- •chatfnian'b'f'hdrhema'ker/ferdubs ! ih Hhfe '<56UHty. X -iall ahd^ 'Winter stj'le sihdw \vill be presented by ; 'rnembers of the Iryingtbn HOmemaker's gi'dup. Algeria stdr'es participating 'in the show will b'e. Graham's, penny's, :Chrischilles Store, S & *L-Store,; 'Elva & Jessie's and •Fowler's. . The ramlly living program for the next y.ear will be' pr'eseh'te'd rfnd talks will :be given .by Ma*- garet Voder, ExfitehHioh Silpferv'is- or from Ames; Dean Barries, Four Petitions filed Here In Social Thion boys aria girls 4-H fcliibs Mflll hold an ice cream so- dial Seb't. 28 at the 'Good Hope Chtirch, A short program at 8 p.m. W11 precede the homemade igb^cffe^nvpie, cake, and coffee be'ihfe |erv6d. The public is in- Vite'd 't6 attend. •Several ipetitions, ranging 'from ap'pdintrhen't df a giiiaraitt'ri .to diVo'Me, ^vei'e filed this week 'in district 'court. , Joseph H.. pohah'uc;, plaintiff, has petitioned fhe court 'for }uitg- rribrit against Befn.'H, and Normb Jo'hnsdn, 'defendants, 'for J&2U.1G due on 6 Ipi^omissdry iio'te se'ctir- tid by ; 8 'rrtdrtgage. l*he principal arrtdurit 'of the hute %as $SOb. '(jo'urity A'ttorhey ^Qorddh Wln- feel Was pe'tftidrica '1!he cduH 'to Kppoirit a guaraian 'for 'Cl&i'ehce Crawl. No final 'ac'ilbn has feeen f a'k-eh 'on 'the matter 'to date. The Cdrwith State Bank, plaintiff, seeks settlement of a $897.96 •promissory rlote v-orn .Edward J arid Arlehe 'Garma'n, defendants, and Patricia Williamson, "plaintiff, seeks a divorce from Ashford Williamson, defendant, in another district court ipetition. Edward Zwiefe! OfTitdnkals Heart Victim . Titonka — Edward Zwiefel, about 70', suffered a fatal heart attack and died suddenly while Working , at his farm two miles northwest of Titonka Monday evening. • FUheral arrangements for Mr •ZwiBfel' w^re 'ih'complete* at 'press time. The Blake Funeral Home, Titonka, is in charge of arrangements. * Mr Zwiefel was working with Martin Harms, tenant on the farm, and Ralph Harms when he suffered the fatal attack. They were repairing a corn crib when Mr Zwiefel dropped to the grouhd and couldn't lie revived. Jailed After Three Hearings A Fort Dodge man, Edward J,. Echelberger, was jailed here following preliminary hearing of three charges against him in Mayor C. C. Shifi-K's court this week. Echelberger was charged with intoxication, failing to have control of his auto and leaving the scene of an accident. ' He was fined $25 and costs, or 30 days in jail, on each -ount. He was lodged in jail due to lack of funds to pay finca and costs. S.U J, •An Algoh'h Wh-l is •arrtrthg 87 Uriiwi'sRy 'of Iowa COe^ts who "have beeh flCcop'ted 'tefhlatrv'ely for the jScoWis'h HighlaHiSfers, fee world 'Ele'r^est /{ill-giW 'Ijagp/l'pe band, tofretjtbi- William Adamson artndunced -iaBrt *^k, after audi- 'tions for ^87 appjivants. She ; is Pam'e'Ih Waller, a fr^sh- rhan -at t)ie State Uh'fvfcrsiiy. ; She will ha'hale 'either <B Amm or • bagpipe. Go-Cart Races Go-cart races are scheduled this Sunday, Oct. 2, at the new track at the Algona airport, beginning at 2:30 p.m. Trophies will be awarded to winners in each division. In case; rain should 'force postponement of the races, they will be held the following Sunday. Cancer Programs Mrs Phil Diamond, who has been appointed educational chairman ior Kossuth County of the Amur. Cancer Society, announces that any group wishing to have a program centering on the dangers of cancer und preventative measures, may contact her and such a program can be arranged. TRAP SHOOT Sunday, Oct. 2 Fenton, l«, - 1 P.M. Shoot For Turkeys - Shells Will Be Available al Baseball Diamond. BY rtHTON FIRf DIPT, 1 ,(- . ,.^«. BEAUTIFULLY TOOfVKHONEO 'IO']} 1C CLASSIC FOR[^. LOOK ,,,•, •- • ,-', I ', , * • <- 1- " , * , ; i ;J * > -v '' v* ' , jr •> k >• Here Thursday At KENT , FREE COFFEE MOTOR CO. 8 A.M. to 9 P.M. ""iMiimiiiiiiili minium i iiiiiiiiiiiniimiliiiiiiilliiiiiiiiliiliiiiiiiliiiiHi BEAUTIFULLY BUILT TO TAKE CARE .OF ITSELF , -. . ' ' , .« ' . ... . - j . M' . r .. . . ' .yv-V. :- - , • - '- - "••"! ',.-..- ' .-.:' '...--."ii "* :,. I'..: ' " . - . *i , . ' ; :•. •;' .•'.-.., LUBRICATES ifSELF - Normally goes 30,000 miles{ without a chassis lubrication. CLEANS ITS OWN OIL — Goes 4,000'miles between oil changes with Ford's Full-Flow oil filter. ADJUSTS ITS OWN BRAKES - New Truck. Size brakes adjust themselves . . . automatically. ( GUARDS ITS OWN MUFFLER - Ford mufflers are double*! wrapped and aluminized - normally wlil last three times as long as ordinary mufflers. PROTECTS ITS OWN BC»DY - all vital underbody parts are especially processed to resist rust ; ttnd corrosion, even to galvanizing the rocker panels beneath the doors. TAKES CARE OF ITS OWN FINISH - New Diamond Lustre Finish never needs wax, ; BEAUTIFULLY BUILT. TO TAKE CARE OF PEOPLE •• .' ' '. : >. ' • - •''. '• ' '•' BUILT-FQR-REOPLE COMFORT - Gives thoSe extra-big inches of comfort that some of the others "styled out" this year. , NO WINDSHIELD DOGLEG — Nothing to nip at passengers' knees as they get in and out of the front seat. And Ford's high, wide door openings make entering and • leaving even more convenient. COMFORT-CONTROLLED RIDE — New softer-acting suspension system and Wide-Tread Design give hew riding smoothness, tight-turn control, and straightaway stability like never before. Steering is up to 25% easier, too! VACATION-VOLUME TRUNK — New 51-inch-wide opening allows faster, easier loading. SEE THE FORD falcon (Tudor bedan.) teaturee a new^ convex-shaped aluminum grille »nd introduces a neW r optibhel, 101-hojrseppwer engine along with durability improvement?.,M* aluminum surfaces, underbody parts and other trim items, the Falcon.- most successful new car in history, delivers .up jto 30 miles par gallon on regular grade gasoline. MOST SUCCESSFUL NEW C?AR IN HISTORY.. MANY NEW MODELS ON DISPLAY THURSDAY 8 A, M. TO 9 Pi M, 'ihe {•'order station wagon features the convement roll- down tailgate window and-8 76-2-eubic-fpei Ipad space, comparable -to that of the 1957 ford- The 1961 Falcon' vill be offered in four models—two-and four-door sedans and two-and four-deor station wagon*, The. new Falcon preserves the ftyl' ing o| the I960 m^del, and continues , to .offer six-passenger geiiing room, the sports car feel, and 23,7-cubic-foot luggage X

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