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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio • Page 5
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio • Page 5

Cincinnati, Ohio
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Friday, April 9, IflTl Tin: nf vn Bob Bnunficld Priceless Lore Shop Pogue's downtown today 'til 6 1 "fr slip fevfi I JUST IN CASE anything happens to me not that I'm expecting anything to happen to me, you understand, but just In case it does I want to pass on to you some priceless lore. The things I'm going to tell you are just too important to be lost. FIRST OF ALL, G-8 and his Battle Aces lived in the end hangar (never mind which end) at Le Bourget Airport. In addition to G-8's two side kicks, Bull Martin and Nippy Weston, there was his valet and makeup man, Battle. G-8's arch enemy was Herr Doktor Krueger, a mad German scientist. G-8's favorite 6ong was "Raggin' the Scale." The Ralston Straight Shooter Pledge of Allegiance contained four parts, the last of which read as follows: "I promise to shoot straight with Tom Mix by eating at least three bowls of Ralston every week, because I know that Ralston, the Straight Shooter's cereal, will keep me strong and healthy and make a better straight shooter all around." Tom Mix, before he finally died in 1940 (the Tom Mix Club of Lisbon, Portugal, gave up movies for two weeks as a sign of mourning), was shot 12 times, knifed 22 times, injured 47 times In movie stunting, blown up once with dynamite, and married three times. THE GIRL FRIEND of Buck Rogers' arch enemy, Killer Kane, was named Ar-dala. Buck's copilot was named Wilma Deering. Dick Tracy's girl friend (and eventual wife) was Tess Trueheart. Her father, Jeremiah Trueheart (although his wife called him Emil, for some strange reason), was shot to death by robbers when he tried to keep them from taking his life savings of $1000. Tarzan means "white skin" In ape language. The she-ape which nurtured the orphaned year-old boy, scion of the English House of Greystone, was named Kala. Tarzan's fearful jungle yodel actually was a mixture of Johnny Weissmuller's scream, a soprano singing high and a recording of a hyena's howl played backwards. Flash Gordon attended Yale, where he majored in polo. He and his sweetheart, Dale Arden, were kidnaped by a crazed genius, Dr. Hans Zarkov, and placed aboard a rocket ship Zarkov had built to escape the imminent collision between Earth and the planet Mongo (at least it was imminent in 1934). Zarkov eventually came to his senses, vhlch is more than can be said for Flash. IF YOU BREAK DOWN the following message on a Little Orphan Annie secret code card (there never was a Little Orphan Annie secret code ring, although Annie's radio sponsor turned out a metal decoder badge in 1936): "8-36-18-28-22-30-44-2-24-40-18-28-10," you will come up with, "Drink Ovaltine." Jack Armstrong attended Hudson High, whose fight song was, "Wave the flag for Hudson High, boys show them how we stand! Ever shall our team be champions known throughout the land! Rah Rah Boola Boola Boola Boola." Two long whistles, in Jack Armstrong's secret whistle code means, "Important news! Meet me at once!" And if any of this makes any sense to you at all, pal, you're getting a little old around the edges. If it doesn't, you don't know what you missed. 5.00 4.00pei,i IK 4's' 1 1 Vff 'i 'IZW 1 jmku We'd love to introduce you to Komar, our newest lingerie group We're delighted to bring you this lovely group of lingerie; moderate in price, but extravagant in beauty. Hand-cut shaped lace trim and applique, with matching hem trim. Spring green, violet, or navy. 32-38 short; 34-42 average. A cherished gift for some lucky mothers. Let us shop for you; call Jane Alden (42 1-2828) write, or come to Plaza Lingerie, First Floor, Fifth Street; also Kenwood and Tri-County Art Buchwald 1 Do-It-Yourself News Join the lingerie lib in Little Me bra and bikini by Maidenform A barely-there bikini and bra for liber-ated you'. Little Me'" pampers you in sleek silky-light nylon and Lycra tricot. One tiny size stretches to fit, perfectly. Gold, turquoise, red, taupe, parma blue, white. Bra has no-seam cup, no-close back. 2.50. Bikini, 2.00. Patchwork and denim up-dated in our Kodel cotton pantdress We'll bet you haven't seen patchwork and denim like this before; easy-care and easy-wear in a swingy pant-dress of Kodel'5 polyester cotton blend that's a snap to launder. Bright idea for Mother's Day. Gray or blue denim multi-color patchwork. 9.00. Ordering is easy; write or call Jane Alden (42 1-2828). Plaza Lingerie, First Floor, Fifth Street; also Kenwood and Tri-County Buzz Jane Alden (42 1 -2828); use zippy mail or come to Plaza Lingerie, First Floor, Fifth chickens, feet of oil pipe and tea bags. They also killed crack North Vietnamese soldiers. This now brings the total body count of North Vietnamese soldiers killed in action up to million. Asked about American air losses, the Pentagon spokesman said that the United States had lost helicopters at a cost of million fighter planes at a cost of million and bombers at approximately the same cost. BUT HE SAID IT was worth it because the American planes had dropped tons of bombs on Laos, which was more tonnage than was dropped by the allies during all of World War The Defense Department official said, "We will continue our air strikes along the Ho Chi Minh Trail." "The important thing to keep in mind," he continued, "is that the season is coming up, and this will make it much for Hanoi to "Asked why his briefing did not necessarily jell with those press stories coming out of Saigon, the Defense Department official replied, "In regard to press coverage of the war, I would like to refer you to Vice President Agnew's recent fund-raising speech in when he said the press and television media were and so on and so forth." WASHINGTON Everyone seems to have his own opinion as to how successful the Laos operation was. The administration has indicated it's quite pleased with the incursion. Some reporters went so far as to describe it as a "rout." ONCE AGAIN the poor American public doesnt know whom to believe. To make It easier I have decided to let everybody write his own news story and "tell it as it is" according to his own feelings on the war. Just fill in the blanks. WASHINGTON, D. Pentagon spokesmen have announced that the recent incursion into Laos by the South Vietnamese was the greatest of the-Indochinese war. While expressing disappointment that the ARVN did not remain in Laos until the consensus was that the incursion had proved that the ARVN could when put to the test. Pointing out that the operation 'had gained (A) months, (B) weeks, (C) days, for the South Vietnamese, officials said that the operation would permit President Nixon to step up his withdrawal plans to troops a month. THE SPOKESMEN SAID not only had the ARVN in their objective of taking the key town of as well as cutting off Route but they had destroyed boxes of ammunition, bags or rice, Street; also Kenwood and Tri-County i. Inside Report Calley Politics Evans Novak 1 4 I At WV I pVf A r---- fiy It 8.00 The knit polo shirt goes tunic length! The great new skinny-look tunic length knit polo in drip dry polyester to wash n' go all summer. Goes over about any wear-with you can imagine. White, navy, red and yellow. Sizes 34 to 40. Don't wait; drop a card or call Jane Alden (421-2828), ready now Blouses, First Floor, Fourth Street; also Kenwood and Tri-County ering a wide range of options in dealing with Calley. Ford related this conversation the next morning to Michigan's Republican congressmen, giving the impression Mr. Nixon was ready to intervene. In the ensuing conversation, there was talk of pardoning Calley. Some congressmen got the idea Mr. Nixon had discussed a pardon. But Ford told us flatly the President did not mention pardoning. Nevertheless, word filtered into a shocked House Republican cloakroom that a pardon was in Mr. Nixon's mind. THAT VERY SAME evening of March 31, Costin's restaurant In downtown Washington was the scene of a dinner meeting by the Republican Regulars, a semisecret society of conservative congressmen, now outraged over the Calley verdict. The speaker happened to be White House political aide Harry Dent, who told them not to worry. Dent was not specific, but everybody thought he was promising White House intervention. There were, however, some Republican dissenters. Speaking to the Republican Regulars just after Dent was one of Washington's wisest men, former presidential counselor Bryce Harlow. Harlow eloquently urged the congressmen to let the judical process work words to be remembered into the future by the President and his men. By ROWLAND EVANS ROBERT NOVAK WASHINGTON: Suspicion that President Nixon's motives in the Calley case were political is reinforced by his telephone call to his House floor leader, Rep. Gerald Ford of Michigan, to check congressional sentiment before his intervention. THAT HAS PRODUCED sober second thoughts among a minority of thoughtful Republican congressmen. They worried that their President is playing politics on a sensitive judicial question. Besides that, Mr. Nixon's call to Ford generated talk which certainly seems untrue that he is considering a pardon for Lt. William L. Calley Jr. What's more, a handful of White House aides feels the President was not only playing politics but bad politics. They believe the hysterical public reaction against the court-martial conviction burst in. He would have been better advised, they feel, to keep quiet or endorse blindfolded justice dispensed under written law. ON MARCH 31, two days after Calley's conviction, the President placed an early evening call from San Clemente to Ford In Washington. He noted the White House was swamped with protests. Ford was then asked to sound out congressional reaction to the news that he was consid- Your Health Blood Clots Surprise shower power! Totes umbrella is your foul weather friend Unpredictable showers won't catch you unaware; the amazing Totes umbrella folds so small, it can almost disappear in pocket or purseLThe secret: geometric rib-linkage; it telescopes to open full-size in a flick. Nylon in fashion colors. 1 1.95. Men's in simulated leather water-proof zip case, black only, 14.95. Call Jane Alden (421-2828); see them in Notions, First Floor, Fourth Street; also Kenwood and Tri-County however, dissolve an existing clot but prevent it from enlarging. WHEN A CLOT forms in the leg, it may be necessary to tie off the vein Do prevent a loosened embolus from traveling up to the lung. An experimental strainer also has been Inserted into the vein. Urokinase may replace tftiese procedures and devices. In 1968, the National Heart and Lung Institute In Bethesda, allowed 13 medical centers to test the product on persons with pulmonary embolism. According to Heart Research Newsletter, the agent was given to 82 victims of the disease; an additional 78 received conventional treatment. The results in the urokinase group were most encouraging in that clots shrank more quickly and the blood clrculatfion returned to normal sooner. Improvements were confirmed via x-ray and radioisotope studies. By DR. VAN DELLEN A new enzyme (urokinase) has proved effective in dissolving blood clots that block arteries and veins. The chemical is extracted from human urine. If preliminary Vest results are confirmed chemical might save at least 50,000 lives a year from a fatal pulmonary embolism. These clots (emboli) usually form in a leg vein, break loose and travel through tine circulation to the lung. In the past, several enzymes and digestantls were reported to have clot-dissolving potential but they worked better in a test tube than in humans. Anticoagulants as heparin and dicumarol, are useful in preventing blood from clotting. They do not, Shop today Downtown 10 to 6, Kenwood and Tri-County 10 to 9

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