The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 13, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 13, 1940
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VOI.U.MK XXXV[-\0. 27fl. Hlytliovlllc Dally News Blytl)cville Courier Mississippi Valley illytluvillc! Herald Scuttle Nazi Freighter As Warship Appears; Another Sunk, Report H JA , NRIRO - ™- U-^-lloar Aduih-al Hat-wood, comrmmle.' of Hrilixh luiv.d forces in south Atlantic, announced today that the mw of Ibe s ilp Kir l|u> HI.VTIIKV City l'A'|>cnoMces Highly Variable Wcallurr Wilhin Period Of 24 Hours F.F.UBIflB County Wins Major la Col Eon Aiu Ccnlcsts Pl'lZCS 1 Cc The Wncaiiin, 3,771 tons, was engaged in a desperate attempt with clher German men-hunt slilps to run the Allied blockade with vlliil- ly needed supplies for Germany. It lay at lhe bottom of the sea oil Brazil nnd Hritish \icn: believcu ptiim'ng other Cierman frelgluei'.s off the Brazilian coast. The Wacama was .',-ciittled bv Us crew ns the 0.800 ton <infs- IT Hawkins challr-ngcd it yi'sterday, it was repor'tccl. Until Admirr.l Hav- wooti's announcement lhe whc-rc- abollts of the Waciima's erew hud been a mystery utul ships and coast guard boals were searching for them. Many believed that Die Hawkins had taken Hie men prisoners. Admiral Harwood confirmed today that before abandoning their ship the Germans set it afire. Harwood refused to name the ship which intercepted tbe Wa- . . „.„ cama but he indicated that con-j° r lhe Shuwnee high school', "won trary to other reports it was noi: second, In the district and second the Hawkins. It was believed, ] ln " 10 si-He while Lawrence Clark however, that the British dcliber-1 Ol Lu.xora, where he attends sclioai, ately caused confusion regarding! WOM district honors and second iii the ship (hut did intercept tne. thc - st:1( e in Hie corn growing can- Wacama on th(< grounds of naval ! tcst ill:(i Malcolm Halph also '.voii secrecy. ' second la the dislricl ami third Farmeis of Aiiu-rk'n contest In cotton nnd corn growing for 193;), it tias been announced. Charles Elslamier of Driver, slu- , tent, of tlie Wilson school, won ttie ! state cotiou groivitij contest and U. S. Supreme Couri Mold;, Arkansas Stalule To Be Inoperative WASHINGTON, n-b 13-With (hive .nisticcs dl-sfntins, the au- ptcme Court yesterday voided Ar- Kiuis;is's olioil 10 collect the stale's G.5 cents (iusollnc tax on fuel In excrss ol 20 eallcm cunleil !,, the Irnks of busses and trucks travers- Inj the Mate cm Inter-state routes I A majority el lhe cuurt lieid In fin opinion delivered by J^.sticu AIcnryjiohLs' that Hie liiyj j :i w pro- vldinj lor meh tax- wrts (U , lln . conslitutiomil burdin on Intr-r- stalu ccmmcrce U the gasoline was _ for use in oilier s'.ntcs. This sus- tiiinul i lie contention ol Olxle Greyhound Lines, Inc., nnd upheld :in injunction against collection. The still is believed to Imve originally Involved luel brought crating between Memphis and St. i The newspaper O Jornal of Rio '" tl10 stalc in this competition. Making two and a fourth bales! de Janeiro reported that it learned »«.^,,, fi lwu an u a lourtn from a member of the crew of the of cotton to the acre won the ai-u- Hawkins that before Hie Wacama contest for n-ytar-c-Ul Elsland'er" was scuttled a Brituli cruiser had He produced 2,235 pounds of lint sunk the German freighter Wolfs- cotton nnd 3.515 pounds of seed on burg. Crews of the Waeama and Ho acres at a cost of $84.174 The Wolfsburg w ere reported to be crop yielded a net profit of $i49 33 The contest was on a district 111) IIJI- usual vm U-ty of won HUT Condi- lions he,-,, during tho past 24 h"l>.v «, I .spun.,' u-mpcmuiri-s v «,mvfnl ' inm-iny climbed lo which liiul a cicptli ol at luion iiml lunperatmx' ni nooi inati'ly 32 tlian falllDL'. wns or \ yc s I e rd u y 'K n m x I inu m.' hi tho mini Dak davmvak. Artio Shaw Marries StarleU Lana Turner m s ""' k ' 1 Lana Tumor wer Kcd Army General Disregard Losses, Pouv Mov Troops Ji)| 0 Onslaught To Make 1940 Parity Payments On Cotton; Wheat, ComAnd Ric<3 Russian units on III Isilnmis nftiT reuuisln new lied .iiiuisliM nualnst Hie Mnn line. _! continued on Ilio Kiiro linn Isthmus from, u, e comimmKiii. '•' ' "IP lied urmy lui.s bcci ... nl Finnish dclenses ilien for 12 days In ivlmt appeared U be 11 nilchl.v offensive ddilmied (, break llmniRli In VHpiirl' Twenty HUTC Itnsstan tanks wen. destroyed In ll|!hih% ycsterduy tin c'ommmil<nu> said. troops also were dilvci aboard tlis same cruissr. The newspaper did not give de tails of the reported sinking of the Wolfsburg, which sailed from » Brazilian port Feb. 3. Kanvood said the Wacama liad gone down about 70 miles northeast of Cape Frlo. He declined to disclose details but said ttvo other cruisers were off the Brazilian coast. He would not name the British men of war. compctilion basis makinj youi A I ' ' , ,• /- rtOfnilllStl'allOn LOJl- trols Convention Dplp \UH1OI1 UelC- gates; Feds Are "Otll" j youiv nal(;h second high in Uic Northeast ! L11TLE 1 , LONDON, Feb. 13.. (UP) — The evShlfig" News said today that six German merchant ships have attempted to break tbrough the allied blockade and reach Germany from Spanish waters. Their fate was uncertain. duced 1.000 pounds of lint a:;d j Jt» pounds cf seed on two acres with a net profit of $127.31. These records far exceeded those frcm otncr parts of the slate. In the corn competition, young Clark made 130 bushels on two acres et a cost of $33.07 to mak* a ROCK, Ark., Feb. 13 — An admonition by Hcnrv A. Schwcfcihiiul, head of the justice Deunriinont's civil Hherlles unit. (William Solomon Accused, ! Along Will, Charles H. Mullens KEW YORK. Feb. 13 (UP) — William Solonr.n. Taiinminy Ilnll chlrlct leader and one of Hie or- tt "imiliMltmrs most powerful flumes since the decline of James j. [ WC( ,|. flew here tram Hollywood. Shaw recently gave up his orchestra bemuse he was "fed up' ivllh beins the leader of a jitter- i bug band." j Before he retire:! lie made a pic- 1 , lure at Mclro-tio'alwyii-Mjycr stu- ' dios with Ids orchestra. Miss Turn<y, also under contract at MOM, met him llicre. Miss Turner Is | native of Wallace, Ida. , - ... „ ,., „. The elopDiucnt reportedly took ' Hmc5 - WM indicted to<Iay on seven Tho fl . onl luive the Hollywood [j| m colony by surprise. Two Convicts From County Are Paroled . LITTLE HOCK, Feb. Two convicts from coi-nts of extortion, bribery mid acceptance of unlawful fees. Tlie indictment returned by the New York cctuily (ji-nud Jury re- i-'iillcd from Dlstrlcci Attorney 'Iboinas E. Deivcy's Investigation into tlie awnrd of .stale prititltiK contracts to the llnrlnnd Prlnllngr company. Also named In (hi back on the Kunlc si'iMor Finns forclnu ijicm tj retire the Soviet Ironl'er. where the Russians recently been iiHemplliiH to advance that •• eo "" 11 "" 1 '' llc ' nlso I'eiiorlci' of 100 sledges" ] lm i bce.i^le^royed al I'llkaeranla Islands on l!n norlhcasl. shore if Luke l.ndo-ii Hnnlsh olilclnls said tlic i;°is- sfatis there were nUomptlnu in break llmniKti io receive Kcd army wnlls trapped In dial In (|,,,t scc . lor for soino dny.s. T)I C pj, ms lllst stopped n Russian oireaslve Ihc lukc national political conventions than Httend ns spectators won't cause federal employes in Arkansas to change then- piaiis in ibis . ..... by the stafa parole board yesterday. Prank Sothem. sentenced to a two year term on October 18, 1938 lor grand larceny was granted f a ^oik. Mullens was offered and re- ji.'ctc'.l thc Republican nciiilmitlun for comptroller lii 1938. Tbc Indictment contained OIIP of extortion three of brib iillcmpl.|[i B in enclrcl, , UK mKO mid strike nl Ihc Mannerhelin line from MIC rear. Finnish successes also were ported In other sectors iKrt'h of Uke Ladoga. Four llusslnn plmies weiu brouuht down and another was reported shot down the com- munique snld. The extent of the Finnish coun- j T] !c most scvcro (1(( ])t| lle mg m ! ic Summa sector In tlie center of inc Maimcihclm line At left flank of tb c twecn Lake Muoln and Luke : minims i,, «n lhos(! sc(j(or { New York Cotton Mar. May July Oct. De=. Jan. open . 1100 . 1072 . 1035 . S69 . 9fil . 951 high 1103 1076 1038 974 932 prev. low close close 1085 1030 1103 IOG11 1031 107-1 102-1 1040 OfiO 974 il-19 !)54 35-1 S5D 1020 053 94+ New Orleans Cotton Mar. May July Oct. Dee. Jan. open high . 1112 1114 . 1032 1035 . 1044 1048 . 973 974 . 959 959 .' 955 ... prcv. low close close 1100 1102 1103 1072 1074 1030 1034 953 052 940 'J47 ... 947 IOTO 1042 083 955 95-1 Stock Prices AT&T Am Tobacco Anaconda Copper . Beth steel Chrysler Cities Service Coia Cola General Electric ... General Motors ... Int Harvester Montgomery Ward . N Y Central North Am Aviation Packard Phillips Ridio Republic Steel .... Socony Vacuum ... Stmleb.iker Standard oil N J Texas Cor)) U S Steel . . Chicago Wheat May July open hijh 903-4 100 1-8 971-8 973-4 They've already planned to sit this parole. Younij Ralph, "in 260 for 5 in Family The contests, supervised by vocational agricultural "" 1| vloktlons of the state incom (UP)— 1 rhree sisters of the Gnskin fnm- were not Boston have been irmniedinot placed , ., brothers tax laws. The officers renu of the distributors of erallon. Tlic reason Is that the delegates tire selrcled by the Democratic Elate committee and it Is no secret that tlie committee usu- ailv is dcminnecd by the ROvernor. Veteran political "observers have freely prrdleted a contest between state and federal political groups in the August gubernatorial prl- marv. " iota! of 5o]om:n figured The city .council will meet In regular monthly session at the ^ city hall nl seven o'clock tonlcbt • May:.- Marlon Williams s.-)t<l today] In thc »«», w Ncgligcn! Homicide Clinrgc Filed Against Driver Of Aulo NOIITH M-ITIJ.; HOCK. Ark Veb rj (Ul'i-Hurns suffered lust n <ht when their truck caimlil lire if lor a colllsCii proved fatal today -o two Nortli LKtlc liock youths The ilwul were liiiyiiunul Klioiuls' 17. and Odell llnrrls, 14. ccoitlliH! lo otlicors the cm- Dial -•ollldi-d wllli (lie truck wns driven uy Jack U. Walton of Pink HID vlio was lii'Intj treated lit n Little nek hospital, Nci-lli unie Rock police Mild "U-fjiis of negligent homlulilo ( md leratlnB a car with fictitious license had been placed nualusl Milton. Dies Less TU Week ' After Brother's DutL I'ctliiii'Ciiicnts. ' Of (lie $225,000,000 In mrlty money voted by congress Itisl year 'lie detriment said paywnU to L>ro(liicern would be' - ••' fun 10 ?' ' 55 ce " 1 * pcr l )0 ' 111( i- Wheat, 10 centi per bushel: f'oni. 5 cenu per bushel. "Ice, 1.7 cents per hnndrcdwel*', iiw Hist congress authorial pur-' Hy imyniDiils on 1 Umse four crois iin;l on tobacco If ,uii> 19;jD nvcr'aeo Mnn prices were less than 75 p £ -r cent cf parity—which Is the 1900- N averasa ns related to farm pur- i;ii»A-lii(f power. The- department snld, lioivever, thnt lobucco iirlcei durliiB 1039 were more than 75 per wnt of purity nmi no prjce n( jj- ust . "lent payments will bs nndc on i:iI crop In ia4o. Tho parity payments ivers wrll- en Into the (ijrlculturnl appro'prh- Uon bill last ye,,,- without the iinctlmi of President Roosevelt H- snW that If such urbudgelod ' ft p- snoiii-lallons were ma-Je congress should provide additional tixe:i -to Ilnnnrc the payments. . :'• There Is no provision for p.uttv Daymcnls on the 1941 'crop In the "Si Cultural bill ph. MC d by the House nii'l now poiulicc Hi the .«eaat». F.'im state legislators are cam- to write them Into thc bill Mra.l ml days nnd lliclr mot Miester Height, was also 1 of thc.iinmc (llscaEs ni h ei - hcm'e car Bit-rlnB, Mo., but shu was able o L-e brmiijlu lo the bedside of her on, Alton, before ha died; Funeral nrrangcmeiils 'were In- oir.plclo today but services will c- held tomorrow ivlth burial In Cni'tilliersville cemetery nlong- y Wi. : I Speak Al Two'Convenlions He Is nlss survived by his wo brothers, Charles nnd cinr- ICG of Slcclo, and one sister, M rsr uby Howard of Slkcslon, Mo. -.. i\t u * ~"'"«'i-ii 11^,111 vru i LoLcrdHV II) tJ]C „ • -i '..»i vi 'Jiiw:^kun, ftlO - C n C Ai" 1B 'r' IC i 1 5l , 5 ' onrs ' ^ ts - *"«*• Bi'chaltcr. when °a liibn'r^ racketeer Ppmioo/^!- (f 1 ^ . tT> r\ . ?X r sX5-»,r;;,,r5: ='„;";„•'„„«; s'sz,t t Coant 3' c °-0perativc -,,,,,,,», ,„„» »,«.„. ..„„«„„,, M . Fami Pj , o . ect Becom ^ Rcal; 'wo Brothers Foremost Butterfly Collectors Lion Offers to Act Li!;e Lamb Usniccrstlc administration. — A civil seiv:c= official In Wash- Church Mf>dpl R^niiirpc PITTSBURGH tUP) — Ington raid the ban a-zainst activ- HK.-ICI ut.quiic.5 Chcrmoek -shares hi; ity at national political' convcii-i 8.600 Matell Stic'tS > , nljout fl °'° M lnotl>s " 11:i (lens would net prohibit classified ' Ecr "'es. Ills bro rjiii.-loyes from applauding, shout- NSWBCJRYPORT Ma-s CUP) ms- whislllns or stamping their A church model, made Vrcm 8.000 fiet. Several federal employes con- ,r;nlch sticks. Is dlsplaved bv Lcn- lin^rl they mijht attempt soms of ni s Dwycr. Chicago Corn May Julv open Si 1-4 551-4 high 531-4 53 1-4 low 553-4 557-8 Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS. 111... Feb. 13 (UP)—Hogs 12500-10500 on sale. Top 5.GO KO-230 Ibs., 5.40-5.55 140-160 Ibs., 3.50-4.50 Eulk sows 4.10-4.C5 Cattle 2600-2500 on sale. Steers Y.75-0.50 ftliifglucr steers 6.35-11.50 Mixer) yearlings, heifers 7.50-8.75 Slaughter heifers G.25-IQ.25 Beef cows 5.25-5.25 Cutters and low cutters 3.75-5.00 $1,030 Award fs l.ITriE ROCK. Ark.. Feb. 13,- Thc Arknnras supreme court ycs- lerday reversed a Misslssiopl coun- tv (Blvthevilla) circuit court vcr- I Unable to work because of nilh- I rills, Dwycr .spends his time mnk- j in? models In wood. The churcb 13 [ a reproduction of the Hcilsnic RPVOI-CB^ R,r PnE.'i Cl "' n «'o-'' Church here and stands Reversed sy LOU, i }5 |,, clics hlgll _ n is 13 Inches lonj and lias 37 windows. It is mounted on a'le. also constructed of matches—2.000 of them. v - • ....,.^/ 1..1V.UH, »,uun, .1.- Kach match used in the struc- riict r.nd judgment of $1.000 in fa- ture had to be split sandpapered ior iif Mrs. Susanna c. Henson g|, K d nnd shellacked after tbc s-ul- agamst the John Hancock Mutual plmr WH.S burned off The only tools Life Insurance Company, following used were a knife and n nccdl" the death, of of E. U McCullars. Jud-jnent for. the face of the ' policy and double indemnity bo- cause .McCullars met death acci-i Ttiirrl TVr.n Onr-ii dnitally hail been awarded in the 1 1 flirfl Icrm l|UGi7 lowtr court. Thc supreme onrt hcltl there was no policy in force W'TLE ROCK, Ark.. Feb. 13.— at the time ol McCullars' death Governor Bailey. like Prcsldint because the contract provided tlitre «<x>sevclt, is becoming weary of cf- \VES to be no delivery until the first lorts lo sound !llni out on a tl.-'ra • • leim. Asked at a prc.\*> conference II he had decided whether he wniil.i seek rc-clcction. Ihc goveinar s.'.id: pr.iitium had been paid. Part of tiic prcmlimi wns paid. It wns disclosed, and tho insurance ajcnl v:as to return en a certain day to celled the balance. McCullars \vris shot r,nd killed before the balance wns paid. C. M. Buck and Doyle Henderson ol this city were counsel for the Insurance company and Fto and Chciry. Jonesboro law resulted tlie plaintifi. "I tlicught I read Tn thc- tbc oilier day that f'rc'.'-uic-nt Kcosevcll was gettinj tired of mat When asked If he felt the same way about It. the governor Inured aiul ?<iid: "I ct-rtatnly dn." firm.i Police Radio Station Gets Official Approval The poil;e short wave broadcssl- ing station at Blytheville, vised both by city mid county officers, was Ivcn an "OK" by' pose in proposing ""labor" nc-icc plan in which ha woukl lake hi,unions back into A. p of I p made.offer in recent WdrcVto Amencnn Youlh Confess in Washtngton, • lions Commission, nfter an Insric-- lion was made yesterday. This is "lUe stcond Inspection tlie first havlnj tscn m:de shortly e! Canadian on War Board DoJlar-a-Year Man OTTAWA !(UPI—Tlicre-s at least one " 1 ' man serving the Canadian war effort who Is getting Just what the term would imply. He is Aubrey Davis, of Ncwmir- kcl. Cut.. ;» member of th; War Supply n&ard. In charge of leaihcr piocicciion. A.'tor he was appointed to tho brord, an ordcr-In-council provided him with a living allowance ol S15. almost as ninny Iwl- lier, Frunfc, has in his room. =SHI^ i»t Mbsourl to assist farm la!m-| Ch Vc^'™?] s^curo an"\ndN ymunl slandard i-Limbirtatton Inun for nuc;'.viai'.y teams, crs. s h nf nnd 'tenants to , i'*««-i •> niiu it. i mil iii tu uUnlii security on the land and lo ivcrfc out a "Ifvc-at-homc" pro- f! '_ cm io . r . """'selves has liten wn- Iiie insouts-all dead-represent nounccd by the P n ,- m security Ad- i.iui Is probably the largest private 'f-lnlUrallon throunh IN dhlrl-l collection of ILs 1:1::J In the United supervisor, Carl ROSS, of' SlVcil-ji) The Portage Farms', Inc. "a" co- rpcraltve association of tanners In county, «as recently here. , and thc brothers' combined •ctton even outnumbers those exhibit at Carnegie Museum , n clinrter secretary "CalT.CtbriJj" Uoiuls MONTGOMERY. Ala. Alabama Bo ii Thi IUP>—Tbc . . sutc nnancc dop.,rtm cl ,t has purchase;! 532.C03 In "carjKt- " lx>nds. floated durlnj rcco-- irtlon clays. They wiil be place;! a sinking fund preliminary tj Mid sub-leasing inn;!. Th- ciiilion has Jurt executed n of 2C50 acres of land near 10 norlhwcsl of here /aim ,n i u, , ' ivenUial retirement. for Annual Visit to Kaiser owned by A. n. nnnkmo,rof War«•». Tlio Araociatlon tlircinh its lc« nltalns for Its numtas sc' of tenure for n period of ars. This jiollcy will clim- c necessity of tenants "hav- move" i-iich year or fre- IITTLE „, < UP)_ao v . - 'barl .E. Bailey iv'm leave Little Ro:k late today for Hot -Di'Ings where he will deliver an - , ...^B. ^ ld f M o» freight rates:,tft the idc tlie newly made pirave of lili mm«?l convention of the '•oilier. ' i Eouthora Gas Association - and ""'••-'- SoiUhuin-Soutliwcstcrn Sates Conference tomorrow. • The Governor, a leader in the tight njBlnsl li-jlglit rnti dlwrtm- InitUoii, will use as his subject ' Iuitinllx.itl9ii cf Prclg-ht Rates in Indiiitrlnl Expansion of the South,'/ Appro.'ilmtilely 400 repress.-: tutive.'; of the siis Industry were altenrtini' the meeting. "In one of 'the openln? spseclics (hey heard C. H. Zachry of Dallas, Tax., president, of tlie' S-'culhern As.'oe!nUou. predict the "s« of KHS In summer air conditioning In the near future.' Woman's Hobby's Giving Scrapbooks to KotablEs KEW BRITAIN, Conn. (UP) — Mrs. B. M. Rc-iiidei'3 hobby'Us making up fcmpbooks fcr wc^ici notablis. Anioiii;-those \vlio have received books from her are President ncosevelt, Douglas "Wrens Way" CorrJfan and the British Prin- ctssts, Elizabeth and J.fnrgarEt rjoso. The President, IncidcntcJIy, Jias received 10. stock and other tut Uic efficient llnciigh Ilio oflicc loch, live- uoeds to carry farm pio^ram, of County Su- i'. 4 Rlclinnl.soii. stair, win , lion and ib members lo'tliicr the a 1,} "'•I Hie purposis for whMi'"'ihe araocliulcn was formal nnd n<rcc- >u-; ll.CIL.S With th is^i nnd lils tinfl 1 cy' r » . r "mi-' "" " °" > '' f " - " vc to i:cslilcii to make lon-j-ransc faun- m- plans heretofore Impc^ltl, under the private landlord .system It is claim;d. The association throii|;h u s board of directors will &uU-divlde the tract ond sub-lease to Its mem- fcrrs tnn:i\y-rize units varying frcm K lo CO acre.s. This will'give each Individual tenant UK opportunity of carrying out a "llvc-nt-liomc" prot'ium and diversified system of fanning for themselves. A similar awcclallcti. Independence Farms, Inc., IIM previously be-cn or;;an- I which lias leased 2055 ncrta near Kcnnctt, Ma. in uunklin county. The officers cf the new s.wo- clalicn arc: Joe M. Taylor, president; C. If. Cvcnsey, vice presl- ciciu; Van V. Adams, sccrctary- trcn.siircr. Tlic association was primarily organized for the purpose of cn- atllnj its members to lease agil- cultural land on equitable lei ins for a relatively Icn^ period of . ii « rt.ti^ V , oiiuiiiy BI- mm wun a nvinj allowance ol 315. tor 11 e station began its operation.., He refused to accept it Mld u pay - almcsi s jear ago. j tn , hLs OW j, wnj ,_ soli N. Y., pictured as he recently sailed from N<.-w Y»rf- for his animal visit lo bis life-long J"=nd. former Kaiser Wilhclm II, Bin.clow recently m.ielt public a letiVr f rorn (he Kai?2r ndvisinR warring n.itiona lo make pcacu M.iia.ilcjily crush Russia. oislilp and u?c nf iiccd?d hcivy (arm machinery and equipment to supplsment their Indivldnalli -owned teams and tools, encase in co- cpcratlvc activities for efficient uuicliasing of supplies and mar- hctinf of lls members' products. ' Since the association will not Individual tem-.nis may cany out a "llvc-nl-hcmc" program as Is new f-cln;; done with other standard re- habllltntlon families in tb!s coun- l.) mid tlii<!u;Iiout Eouthtast Mi> souri. I'vfinilf ananjcmeiits have been made with the present owner for on tlic cxlslliv; buildings on thc i-.ecdcd rc])alrs and improvements tract as well n .s provide fencing on end! scjm-ntc unit v.-Iiich will permit each tenant lo carry cut hts diversified fnrirnn o-KTallons. Ap- nrr.slmatcly 50 fnmllics will be ns- slpncil by lhe Faun Security Ad- nilnlstiaticn In coiuvjctlon wlih this assocliitlon and thc leasing of the land. Tlie piognim nf l.-nslng brje Is another effort by t!ic I arm Security Admlnistralion to nsslsl low-Income farm Isimliks to c.!;(nin rcr.Fonnblc security of ten- lire, cquitablj both to themselves landowners. In order to bs- comc nnd remain .v.'If-supjiortlirs. Another cxpan.sicn of Ihs Kami Security Administration program I in Southeast Missouri is Ilia Farm Rehabilitation of the larg Mendon, Declaration in 1773 MENDOW. Mass. (UP)—When Ihc- 13 colonies drafted the D:cla- rniion of Indepcndfnca and became lhe United Etatts, they were only fcliowlnj thc example set by the town of Mendon. The WPA Historical Records Purvey has discovered that in 11C5 ' [lie town voted not to comply with :he stamp acts imposed bv Eng- and and In 1773 drafted its own declaration cf Inciependance. program. In .each cotton counties In this area there has recently been added additional personnel to work with landowners and day-laborers thereby thc laborers wlU ke fls- slsUd in securing garden sefd. pressure cookers nnd other needed goods in order that they may carry out mi extensive garden and cnliiilns program. Landowners aie wort:|j>3 joinlly with the FSrin Security Admlnistraticn In carrying out this r.cUvity by pamlUln? day-laborers to havo available suf- Sclent garden space needs. for then- Student Whittles Way To College Education CLEVELAND. O. (UP)—Ernest I. Lockwcod. 18. Is paying his way I'.rongh college—by whittling. "It's the only way I could think of," he saW. "All I had was a knife and some white pine, so I started, carving atout -two years ego." lie lins earned $528 from carving in his spare lime Rnd Is using the money to Jirly defray his' expenses at Wester.! Reserve University. . , "I guess you might say I'm trying to carve a niche for myself," he said. WEATHER" ArTcM\s4s— Colcisr, freezing teni- pcriturcs tonight, Wednesday fair, rlsliig. tcmpcrstures, .-> -. ''WcmpJils' 1 and vicinity :— Cloudy and cpider'-.tchight;. "lowest tem- about -32; \Ved' ' nesclay

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