The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 20, 1960 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 20, 1960
Page 9
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you can pair them every which way. rich plaids to team with solid colors. in truly glorious now color harmony. MATCH - MATES I GO-TOGETHER! TWO - SOMES! Upper Be* ALGONA, IOWA, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 1960 VOL. 97 - NO. 38 Come To GRAHAM'S Colorful SPORTSWEAR SPECTACULAR! Wend your way lo Graham's right now if you want to see the glowingest, showingeit, smartest Sportswear for Autumn 1960 ! Our sensational "Sportswear Spectacular", unlike anything Graham's has ever done before, brings you dozens and doiens of the swankiest separates and complete outfits in current sportswear fashion! The August issues of Seventeen and Mademoiselle magazines are loaded with these very same fashions — Graham's has them for you this very minute! And best of all, SO MODESTLY PRICED! Pay Graham's "Sportswear Spectacular" a visit tomorrow! Our Color-laden |W%S33I SWEATERS TUNICS JACKETS • BLOUSES SLACKS < PONCHOS. • SKIRTS SLIM JIMS I VESTEES SEE these me ITT mixers that g I Y e y. o u "wardrobe e x c i temeni" for Falll L\ COLORS COLOR such as you've never seen before is the high note in Graham's "Sportswear Spectacular". You'll see wonderfully soft Chatham brushed wools combined with Wamsutta pima cottons, all in matching colors! You'll see shaggy sweaters to "go with" plaid skirts and slacks! You'll see sportswear in the' tones of purply plums . . . grape clusters . . . tobacco shades . . . the gold of an autumn sunset . . . red berries . . . green olives! Yes, glowing color is the. big news, in women* and misses togs for every occasion, in Graham's new Fall sports wear I I s'.j. SEE Graham's new sportswear in •lies for women, Misses, Juniors. SEC Sportswear in the BMW "long hair" yarn. — it ha* that • xpensive e ash mere look) Here Is Only, A Small Part of What We Have: i •. . Banlon long sleeve mock fashion cardigan sweaters, glowing colon, f>4 QO sises 36-40 ...JV- 9»laVQ Multi-plaid vestees, rich plum shade, sises 10-16 Slim skirts in purple plum plaids, sises 10-1? __ '__ Plaid tunics with self-belt, rich plaids, sizes 10-16 —... Wamsutta pima totton blouses, I tobacco shade, sises 8-16 Plaid weskits in tobacco color, sises 8-16 Wool jacquard knit bulky slipon sweaters, boat neck, f>A ftQ sises 34-:40 __-_ -,_-„__ ^Q«vO Wool and mohair brushed sweaters, jewel green, tl fill sises S-M-L Vl sUD Short crop vests, solid color, sises 8-16 Plaid belted tunics, solid color, sises 8-16 ,..^__ Solid slim skirts in Camel shade, sises 8-16 „ Plaid full skirts, rich jewel green shade, sises 8-16 , Plaid box pleated skirts, plum i shades, sises 10-16 Arnel-Cotlon solid blouses, deeptones, sises 10-18 Plaid belted tunics, vintage shades, sises 10-18 ... Plaid ponchos in plum shades sises 10,18 ,.— Brushed' wool-mohair pullover sweat-. ers, contrast )acquard pattern en large cowl nick,. ftgi flO sises 34-40 ---------,---.-- •QsPQ Orion Irish fieherman knit bulkr pullover sweaters, cowl neck, siies 31-40 $4.98 $7.98 $8.98 If* On (light Now Sportswear Spectacular at (jrcili«ims Robberies Hit 3 Area Towns A series of break-ins that occurred last week in towns along the KossuUi counly-Hurnboldt county border lines, were being investigated this week by sheriffs of both cuuimes. The robberies occured in. Thor, Renwick and Ottosen, all of which are in Humboldt county, but close to the Kossuth line. Sheriff E. H. Bradley of Humboldt county said the Thor and Renwick burglaries had professional marks wheioas the Ottosen break-in was considerably different, and probably the work of amateurs. At the Renwick Farmers Co- Op elevator about $200 in currency and silver was taken after the dial of a safe was knocked off and the' safe then punched. Only 26 pennies were taken in the other Renwick break-in, at the office of the Wisconsin Lumber Yard. At Thor the Moklebust. grocery was robbed ul about $25 in cash after a door was broken open. At the office of the Thor Groin Co. nothing seemed to be missing. Ot Ottosen the loss was two portable battery chargers from the Farmers Elevator. Alfred Schultz, manager, reported. Earlier in the month break-ltM were also reported from Bode. Sheriff Ralph Lindhorst said that the robbery epidemic thus far has remained below the Kossuth county line In .Humboldt county, but too close for comfort. He advised all small town bust- ness' firms where night marshals are not on duty to take cxtrn precautions and not to leave any large sums of money overnight in offices. To Sell Poppies Mr and Mrs Harvey Johnson and Mr and Mrs Wilbur Zeigler attended the 6th district meeting of the V.F.W. at Estherville Sept. 11. The regular meeting of the Algona V.F.W. Auxiliary was held Sept. 14 and it was announced poppies would be sold here Friday, Sept. 23. Proceeds from the poppy sale will be used for welfare work in veteran's hospitals and in this area. Quality has everything in its favor including the price. Tomorrow is the greatest labor-saving device of today. \\%A \\W\V\\ 11 S This ft the place to \^ *ave some money when you finance your next car because you borrow at low bank rates. Stop inl IOWA STATK Safe — Confidential — Friendly ALGONA, IOWA WOOD WINDOWS \ 9 ONRATI \«IASYTOCLIAIt • IASYTO V 8NSTA11 • Htficr \ VINTUATtON s • WIATHIRTIGHT > • UNITS NT ANY Yoo con tartly turn an ouftlda porch into a year-round extra room by •ncloiing it with wood awning-type windows, Optn H wide in the summer. Close H up tight in the winter. ' With factory assembled win* •low units you'll be amazed fcow simply the job can ba done.., and at comparatively lew cost, tool ^^^^^RAMr *^^kr 9p^W 9f^NrtF w^sTl^^^^B™^*J^8V ^f fir horn improvemeftt KELLEY LUMBER CO. "Our IwiintM It luilding" SIXTQN - OTTOSIN - AlOONA A LOOK AT THE CALENDAR INFORMS me that next week I shall have been married to the same man for 20 years! In some ways it doesn't seem that long; in other ways, it seems as if we liave been married forever. We must have really meant it when we made that vow, "for better or for worse" because we have had great deal of both in these 20 years, and so far as I'm concerned, I am ready for at least 20 years more. The marriage isn't about to be dissolved — I may get mad enough to murder my husband one day — but divorce — never! * * * BEFORE A COUPLE IS MARRIED, somebody is always telling them to ponder a little whether or not you will be able to stand this same person across the breakfast table from you over a period of years. This advice, though well meant, seems to me quite unnecessary. Not only, may you decide to skip breakfasting together altogether, usually you find that although the person is literally the same one you marry,' personalities change so much through the years that figuratively, you have a new mate every five years or so. And it doesn't take long for the changes to start happening. * * * FOR EXAMPLE, BEFORE MARRIAGE, it's bushels of kisses; after marriage, a few little pecks. Before marriage, a girl has to kiss her man to hold him; after marriage, she has to hold him to kiss him. * * * BEFORE MARRIAGE HE TALKS and she listens; during the honeymoon, she talks and he listens; later they both talk and the neighbors' listen. Before they are wed, she thinks he is a wit; after marriage, she concludes she was only half right. * * * BEFORE MARRIAGE, A GIRL thinks her man is a treasure; after marriage, she thinks he is a treasury. Before marriage, a man thinks nothing is good enough for his wife; after marriage, he still thinks nothing is plenty good enough for her. * * * BEFORE MARRIAGE, A MAN admires a-girl who dresses with class; after marriage he complains about his wife's dresses costing too much cash. Before marriage, men swear to love; after marriage they love to swear. Before they are wed, a girl often claims that she is a very good cook; after they are wed, he sometimes finds that she can also dish it out. > * * m BEFORE MARRIAGE, HE THINKS NOTHING of dancing all night; after marriage, he doesn't think much of it, either. During courtship, she loves to swim; after they've taken the fatal step, she complains that washing dishes spoils her hands. Before marriage, she thinks she can do nothing without a husband; after marriage she finds she can do nothing with him. A husband is never as good as his wife thought he was before marriage, and never as bad a? she claims he is after marriage. * * * .< *ux BEFORE THE WEDDING, THEY think marriages are made 'ia heaven; after the wedding they find that's why married people are always harping at each other. Before marriage, a woman waits up for hours for her sweetheart to go home; after marriage she waits up hours for him to come home. : * * * DURING THE COURTSHIP, A man yearns for a woman; after the wedding, he finds that the "y" is silent. Before he is married, a man-catches a woman in his arms; afterward he catches her in, his pockets. Before marriage, she expects' to.take him for better or for worse; after marriage, she may find him vvorse than she took him for. :'••'' * * . * . . ' .:. A HAPPY MARRIAGE HAS BEEN defined as one where a husband gives, and a wife forgives. Or one where the husband .makes allowances for his wife's shortcomings; and the wife for her husband's outgoings. ' * * * WELL, EVEN AFTER TWENTY years, I could; write a love letter to my husband, and mean it, for although the, actual cew- mony took place long ago, the marriage is still building, and rerhaps sometime we two will really end up as orie. But both the joys and the sorrows of anything as personal as marriage tend to lose luster if aired in public. ••••*. * * * ' - -\ ."','', BUT I CAN UNDERSTAND BETTER now than I used used to be able to the genuine grief of the partner left when death separates a long-married couple. Even if the romantic love was-never more than hike-warm, creatures of habi't that we all are, it mugt be like parting with your right arm! . * * . * ' . V- NOT SO LONG AGO, I was talking with a husband who los,t his wife after nearly 60 years of marriage They were a grand couple, so I'm sure he must have told her so, many times when they wer.e still together, but he said after her death, "She was the most wondef- ful woman! I don't believe'a more unselfish person ever lived."''! sat down and cried a bit after that conversation, for that, it seems to me. was as fine a tribute any wife could hope to have. Especially from her own husband! * * , » THE RECENT COOL WEATHER is welcome to most coo,ks for now we ran have oven dinners of the foods most plentiful right now—stuffed peppers, baked squash, apple desserts and vegetable soups, usine the odds and ends from the garden. My family ia kind of odd — they think meat loaf is fully as good as prime steak, and I seldom have the cash to attempt to disillusion them. Mostly, ,J iv;ikc> moat loaf by guess and by gosh, using the ingredients at hand, but you might like this recipe for beef and potato loaf I ran ueross recent ly. 4 cups thinly sliced, peeled raw potatoes 1 tablsp. cut-up onion 1 tsp. salt 1/8 teap. pepper 1 teasp. parsley flakes . 1 Ib. ground beef (hamburger at our house) Vt cup evaporated milk . , Vs cup fine soda cracker crumbs or uncooked rolled oats V4 cup catsup or chili sauce < '/4 cup cut-up onion 1 teasp. salt 1/8 teasp. pepper Arrange the potatoes evenly in a greased 2-quart baking di Sprinkle with seasonings. Mix the beef, milk, soda cracker catsup,' onion, salt and pepper, and spread evenly over Decorate top with more catsup, i.f desired. Bake in 350 degree 1 how. Makes 4 to 5 servings. -GRACE,

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