The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 22, 1949 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 22, 1949
Page 2
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TWO BLYTHEVILLE 'ARK,) COURIER >JEW» TUESDAY, MARCH », IMt Allied Nations' Military Power Measured in Relation to Units Under Arms Behind Iron Curtain By Elton C. Fay A»oclaied Pre« Military Attain K*fX>rltr WASHINGTON, March M. W>—If every We«Urn ftiropean country >oto*d the OfclMd States-and Canada In th* North Atlantic treaty their p ftttr i> armed strength probably would total only ilithtly more than tlu'amtt Woo'i. If th« Western alliance consisted only of the eltht nations which took! part In tb« negotiations, Russia and her satellites would U*4 ol almost a million and three quarter men. Th» figure* for the pact nations* and all Europe west of the Iron curtain com* to about 5,608,000 men now under arms. The «limited total for Russia and her satellites: 5,111,000. Neither figure includes reserw which might be 'called upon In tinw of war. In navai power, measured In ships and men,'the Atlantic pact nations, would have * tremendous edge, even II there were only eight of them, - • • i , • - . In til , power,. the picture Isn't known. While the balance might be clost . In • tot»l numbers of planes, the iW.eatem powers probably could muster more far-reaching bombers. And they probably could hit harder than.anything Russia has. Some Estimates Jusl GnesMS These comparisons are based on estimates, both official and.unoffi- cial. And even some of the official estimates, notably those on the Communist nations, are little better than guesses. They do not Involve the compar-- atlve Industrial production capacities of the two blocs, in which the Western probably would lead. The manpower figures Include Army, Air and Navy. The bulk of the strength, of course, Is in the United States (1,668000) .and Britain (790,000). Prance reportedly has about' 655,000 men under arms; the, Netherlands, 175,000 (some of thest probably pinned down to Far Eastern duty); ' Belgium, perhaps 8J.OOO; Canada, about 40,000; Norway, 15.000; Luxembourg, a tiny force These are the probable signers of the pact. They do not Include such hoped-for signers as Denmark, Iceland find Portugal nor other less probabl» signers In Western Europe-' Russia IB estimated to have within the Red Army, Air Force. Navy and security troops a total of 4,050,000' men. The Russian satellite countries—Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Albania and Czechoslovakia—have 1,131.800 In the only official estimate published in the United States. Keds Hare 31 Diviilons That estimate Is now more than 1 year old and the Soviet bloc total strength may be larger. A British parliament member r«- ecatly told Commons that. buffi dj»ls!6iu—eight : - — *** —^^ jjj^ a«jn»ny tions production. The U8AF has about '24,000 planes In use or In storage, of which «b< 5,500 are active combat planes. The Navy's air arm and the Marines have about 7,200 planes operational about 3,500 of them carrier-based About tlie same number are In storage or non-operational. The guess Is that Russia ma: have something like 14,000 plane, of all types, of which a little lesi than half nre fighters. Estimate on the. number of Red Air Force bombers copied from the U. 5. B-2S range up from 100. Wiretapping Figure Gives Up run'as high u 50 or 60'divisions. Th»jr" far outmatch, numerically, I thrf fflvislonRl.strwgth'of the Unit- ! ed! States, France and Britain In Wektorn O«nnanjr. •'• , ' "thi treat .'and immediate: danger If war came would' be that the Russian divisions-'reportedly are completely equipped with fuel, ammunition and transport, ready to roll. They would not have to rely on rear aitas. for supply, in the inl- tiaKphau of any attack. In the air, the Western powers would reply to any Russian aggression with heavy bomber strikes afalmt Russian cities and muni- Russian Secret Police to Attend U.S. Conference NEW YORK, March 22. m — A spokesman for Americans [or Intellectual Freedom asserted yesterday that at lerust one member of the Russian secret police Is In the delegation en rout* here to attend the Cultural and Scientific Conference for World Peace. The spokesman, who asked that his name not be used, said Ivan Razhansky, secretary of tlie delegation, is an agent for M.V.D., Soviet secret police organization. He said Razhr,n*ky and probably one other M.V.D. agent had been sent with the delegation to "protect" famed composer Dmitri Shostakovich and others In the group from "any anti- Soviet contacts." Americana for Intellectual rree- dom was founded, recently to oppose the "world peace" conference, which It terms a Communist front. The founders are Dr. Sidney Hoot, professor of philosophy at New York University, and Dr. George S. Counts, a professor at Teachers College here. The State Department charges the conference* will be used to spread Communist propaganda. The conference Is sponsored by th* National Council of Arts, Sciences and Professions. It will open Friday. American! for Intellectual ha* innourtcecl it. would hold ritW-^lly Balurdaj to voice Its .itton" to .tht .'sfl-^cajled peace parley. . >J < .-'•'•• .V-. •">' Kennetli Ryan (right) former city detective sought as a key flgun In a sensational wiretapping plot against high city officials, walks ml District Attorney's office »t New York to give hlmsell up. At left Is hi attorney, Jnmcs D. C. Murray. Ryan has been tlie object of a wfdcsprca police search sitice ills escape from city h.i!) last Saturday. (AP Wire photo.) Irked at Finding Nothing Worth Stealing, Youth Calls Police to Nob Him CHAMPAIGN, III., March 22—Wj —Carl Fletcher. 23, was so Irked tit finding nothing worth stealing, Sheriff Joseph T. Clancy said yej- terday, that he reported his own burglary. Fletcher, of Royalton, broke Into a filling station then telephoned the sheriff and state police to come and arrest him. He waited for them to comCj and unlocked the door for them. "I didn't find anything worth taking so I got mad and called the police." Clancy quoted the youth as saying. He was charged with burglary. . tudents Stage 'rarest to Retain Superintendent LAKE VILLAGE, Ark.. March 22 —WV— About 350 Lakeside High chool students stayed sway from ieir classes here yesterday to go to at for their superintendent. Supt M. D. Forrest disclosed that e had been asked by the school onrd to resign. The students met in the sudltor- im, «mg songs and just marked me while a .student committee ought to have the board change » mind Forrest said the students' action wns not a strike but an orderly meeting, with parliamentary proce- lure, but clnce U Involved the entire tudent body, classes are not being leld." The superintendent said he had ubmllted his resignation, effective 'une 30. at the request of 'David Illllson, planter and glnntr who is :halrman of the jchool board. "The school board felt there iUould be a change In admiristra- ion, and I was willing to go along with them." said Forest. Questioned about the cause o lie studints 1 action, the superin tendent said: "Well, they Just seem to think I should stay, I guess." Eleven-Year-Old Boy Found Dead in Bed HEALDTON, Okla.,' March 2J— )—Eleven-year-old Artie Francis Walk was found by his mother yesterday with a bullet wound between hl.t eyes. He cited a few hours later. The mother went to awaken the boy for school and found him unconscious in his. bed. He died while being ruihed to an Oklahoma Clby hospital. Carter County Deputy Sheriff Emmet Chase and Henldton Police Chief BUI Ratllff said » rifle was McMath Sjgns 20 Billt And Vetoes Two More LITTLE ROCK, March Vi-(/f} Governor McMath yesterday signed 20 additional bills passed by the 1949 legislature and vetoed two. The vetoed proposals would hav created a rmmlclwil court clerk a Hot Springs at a salary of $2,100 annually, and required all state owned cars to be marked. . Bills signed included House Bill 274 by Rep. Lou Cliastln of Sebastian County authorizing creation of County Parks commissions; SenaU Bill 254 authorizing organization uf a drainage district to maintain drainage ditch with federal government -plans to construct in the Cache River Bottoms; Senate Bill 321, authorizing creation ol an Irrigation Improvement district for the Grand Prairie area, and Senate Bill 349, authorizing additional deputies for the Jefferson County assessor. Australia Asks U.N. To Look into Trials Of Cardinal, Pastors LAKE SUCCESS. March 22— li —Australia asked the United Na :ions assembly today to look In :he trials of Josef Cardinal Mind zenty In Hungary and the Protests! churchmen convicted recently Btilcarla. The Minrtszenty case was placed before the U.N. last week by Bolivia for consideration of the 58-na- tlon assembly opening in New York April 5. Dr. Herbert V. Evatt, Australian foreign minister, Is president of the assembly. The request for consideration of the Bulgarian trials as well as the Mindszenty case was marte by John D. L. Hood, who heads the Austral- Ian delegation here. She's Husky Now MEMPHIS, Teill). (U.P.I—Husk. Barbara Kay Stevens looks at he album of pictures remarking "I' never believe it." The plgtalled Bar bar& Kay tins the scales at 1 pounds. Ten years ago Barbar Kay's weight at birth was 31 ounce She dropped to 26 ounces befor she started taking on weight. Getting Away From It All! .ookout on Horseback Ho Aid to Crap Shooten] PHILADELPHIA, March 12. (It Dice are sometimes referred to galloping dominoes," but Detcctl\| Nicholas Laurelli sayi » crap (an ookout on horseback la carrying hlngs too far. Laurelli and other detectiv* converged on a small ihack It >outh Philadelphia Sunday In seirc I of a reported dice game. As the detttftlves neared thl hack, a man on horseback «hoi/J ed a warning and galloped off acroa vacant lots. The warning was to little avail lowever, In the shack th* deteel ives arrested eight men and sell about $1,000 cash. Sick and tired of his work as a house painter, Chrjst J. Voelker junked Dial career in 1913 to join the Cleveland Police Department. So what has Voelker been doing as a policeman [or 36 years? For the past 26 he's been assigned to the police paint shop and has turned out 6UO.OOO neatly painted signs at the rale of 2000 a month. Here, he scratches hii head and wonders how it all ever happened. More than two-thiros of Spain' land area is either arid or seini- irid, ond part of the rest is mountainous for cultivation. to Epidemic of Influenza Is Sweeping Britain LONDON. March 22—</Pt—Influ I ema is sweeping Britain, twi] months after It hit the continent. The Ministry of Health reporteil today deaths from the malady ill London and the bigger towns 111 Britain and Wales last week totale<| 321 or 300 per cenl more than durj Ing any week lust year. Factories in industrial Warwlck-l shire may hnve to close because »<l many workers are down with Influ-l cnza. More than 1,000 children B-| II! tn Coventry. In Birmingham tliil bus service Is crippled because S3C1 drivers linve flu. Ring Back After U Tear* ROCHESTER, N. H. (U.P.)_| While working In his garden, Rus-I sell D. Lamper of Manchester found I his wedding ring he lost shortl) after he was married 25 yean tt Betting at Oak/own Park Continues to Decrease LITTLE ROCK, March 52—UP)— petting at Oaklawn Park continued to decline last week. But the state's revenue from horse racing during the first four weks of the spring season stayed above 1948 figures. State Revenue Commissioner Dean Morley reported today that during the first four weeks ol the current season at the ,Hot Sprtrun track bettliiR toUled: MJM^M', I tlccrense of $209.062 from wagers In the corresponding period last year This year, however, the state has received $512,117, an Increase ol found behind thR bedroom rtoor. No Immediate explanation could be Riven for the shooting. Gorjce on Lobster HOCKLAND, Me. (UP) — This fishing port servtd 3,200 pounds of lobster every day during the opening day of Maine'* annual seafood festival. More than 15,00o summer visitors and residents took advantage of the two for a dollar lobsters /^ TftttUo* for a LANE Hope Chest MAKE "SOMEBODY" HAPPY TODAY1 Experts know the expert construe I ion of the cool, clean, comfortable Rcsionic. THI ZEST Of YOUR DAYS DEPENDS ON THE Kit OF YOUR NIGHTS Ai LIFt .n4 tOOIC A LANE Ch«it-»ht Perfect Gift for KtTHOAU «AIMMT!0* INOAtlMINTt WIDWMOI CONFIRMATION! AHNIVIMAHIII ttyled by SLUMBIR PRODUCTS COUP TINNISMI " Charles S. Lemons Not in ;»ri)iiTi w« b«n «bl« to offtr jocfc in oimundini LANK Tllat. Thil iptcioui, bij full 4»-in ( t> thtu com«i in iht t<rr- populir »»ltrflll dtlijin. »ilh ill of'i «,c|u,i,, putnrid AROMA-TIGHT (««h l rn. VilutKU moih iniurinc< polity included with tfc« thr.l upon tppliniion, «ll for tliii new lo»- price! Com. in t«d«T.Se«nutcomple[e itleeiion of beautiful nt»Un.modeti.Tti«fe'l •a mat* lhnllm« «ift for iweeihein, mur, J.ojjhn, or mother! f*T •A IO.H «W Furniture Additional LANE Ch*s»i $59.95 to $79.50 Charles S.Lemons FURNITURE Armstrong Quaker Rugs America's Outstanding Bargain in Beauty, Wear and Easy Care No ma(ter how modest your budget, you tan enjoy the beatify and quality of Armstrong's Quaker Rugs. They're so moderately priced you don't have to take second best. Buy Armstrong's Quaker Rugs and Quaker from the roll by the running foot, and you get the best for lets money! 9x12 sizt only $10.75 12x12 , $16.35 12x15 $19.95 Quaker by the running foot, 9 ft. wide. . . 85 Quaker by the running foot, 12 ft. wide $ 1.24 Other h«avy weight 9x12 rugs at $8.95 & $10.45. Ask for low priced rugs. Armstrong's Wax & Cleaner For Long W««r and permanent beauty use ARMSTRONG'S WAX & CLEANER to car* for your Linoleum •nd Quaker Rug*. Armstrong's INLAID LINOLEUM In 6 Ft. 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