The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio on September 23, 1975 · 1
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio · 1

Cincinnati, Ohio
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 23, 1975
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;i t; Vz-Cn;' A "?:7.: --Q ? ; i "'"V : . T;; V7v V7-7- .?'',.--? .Mi'N.l'.' jr- -7- v1-". THE CINCINNATI ENQUIRER 135T1I YEAR NO. 167 FINAL EDITION TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 1975 PRICE 1 5c Gunshot! 0 im 0 Tuesday Your Day Showers likely today and Wednesday with highs both days in the mid-60s. Low tonight in the mid-50s. In honor of International Women,s Year, the Cincinnati Public Library will salute four women library trustees, past and present, at 2:30 p.m. today at the main library, 800 Vine St. Weather map, details, Page 19. Smile The capture of William and Emily Harris, Patricia Hearst's radical comrades, offers a good argument for people who hate exercise. They were out Jogging when caught. Metro Cincinnati businessmen fear impact of natural-gas curtailment on local economy. Story, Page 21. Harrison school bus's brakes fail, bus hits dump truck at intersection, injuring seven. Story, Page 22. Senior citizens enjoy "victory meal" in inaugural of meals for elderly at school cafeterias. Story, photos, Page 22. Ilation President Ford, tired of waiting for Congress to act on the energy problem, says he will urge creation of a giant corporation for "crash development" of the nation's resources. Page 2. A New Jersey judge gives lawyers four weeks to answer unprecedented legal questions, thus helping him to decide "life or death" for young woman in coma since April. Page 41. Boston's school system is paralyzed by an illegal teach-'ers strike that union leaders claim is 90 effective. Page 41. World Israeli and Egyptian negotiators in Geneva strive to iron out problems that delayed scheduled Initialing oi Sinai peace accord. Page 2. Chad government, takes steps to block any French effort to rescue Francoise Claustre from rebels. Page 2. Sports Shaky early pitching by Jack Billingham gets the Reds in trouble and Cincinnati loses to the Houston Astros, 5-l. Page 35. Women's Art Reckman's old Kentucky home was no antique, but it did have a view of Cincinnati and a lot of potential. Page 9. Entertainment James Whltmore voted for Henry Wallace in 1948 but he plays the part of Harry Truman in 1975. Interview on Page 39. In Our Opinion On Page 4: Does the nation really need the VS. Metric Board to coordinate what private business and industry are already coordinating? Editorial. INDEX f our Sections Action Line.... 19 Bridge 6 Brumfield 5 Business ... 13-18 Classified... 25-34 Columnists .5 Comics 40 Crossword 8 DearAbby......9 Editorials 4 Entertment.. 38,39 Grantham...... 6 Horoscope 41 Horse Sense... 41 Jumble 6 Races 38,42 Society 11 Sports.. 35-38,42 TV-Radio...... 41 Weather 19 Weiket 21 Women's.... 9-13 Word Game ...12 local and Area News Pages 21-23 BULLETIN . WASHINGTON (AP)-President Ford vowed Monday night that he will not cower or capitulate to those who would assassinate him, and said Americans are entitled to see their President and shake his hand. Back at the White House, shortly before midnight after a San Francisco visit that ended with a shot fired by a would-be assassin, Ford said if a President cannot go among the people "something has gone wrong in our society . . ;, film liiiiriiiiimitftfffl Sarah Jean Moore -APUserphoto . . . Involved in food giveaway SAN FRANCISCO (AP) A 45-year-old woman fired a shot in the direction of President Ford as he left a downtown hotel Monday, but her gun was deflected by an alert policeman Just as it went off, a San Francisco policeman said. Mr. Ford was not hurt Police said the woman had been Cincinnati- Plans m An austerity program featuring a freeze on the hiring of new employees is expected fo save Cincinnati City Hall somewhere between $1 and $1.5 million by the end of the year. ' City Manager, William V. Donaldson initiated the three-point program producing only minor gripes so city coffers will be in the best possible shape for the beginning of the 1976 fiscal year. THE PROGRAM outlined by sources Monday would: Force city departments to live within the budgets approved for them this year unless emergencies occur (such as overtime pay for policemen during the World Series, if it is played in Cincinnati ). ;' Forbid non-local travel by city employees unless such travel can be proved to be "essential." Prohibit the hiring of any new employees. The no-hiring policy at first envisioned a freeze oh all positions, meaning promotional steps would be forbidden, William K. Clark, city personnel officer, explained. But lt was later re-written to apply only to new hirings, eliminat-ing the freeze on promotions, he said. As Clark outlined the new operation, appointments to vacancies will be made from existing layoff lists. Vacant positions will be filled by a transfer either from another department or from within the department where the vacancy occurs, he continued, EPA Reports On Tests 76 Cars Get Better Mileage (c) Los Angeles Times WASHINGTON - Thanks to the catalytic converter and other engine improvements, the 1976-model cars will average about 12.8 better gas mileage than the 1975s, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reported Monday. Lumped together, all the 1976 autos tested so far by the EPA got an average of 17.6 miles per gallon in simulated city and highway driving, compared with 15.6 miles per gallon recorded by the 1975s and 13.9 miles per gallon for the 1974s. However, in California, where pollution standards are tougher, new cars will bet about 11 less gas mileage than the national figures Indicate, EPA officials said. They added hat California cars did show cited Sunday for illegal possession of a gun and was questioned and cleared by the Secret Service. Mr. Ford was emerging from a hotel when the shot was fired, and Police Lt. Frank Jordan Bald an alert patrolman deflected her .38-caliber pistol as the gun went off about 35 to 40 feet from the President As the cheers of the crowd turned to screams, Mr. Ford was rushed On Page 24: Sarah Once an FBI informant. Prior to shot: threat, arrest. by Secret Service agents into a waiting limousine and sped to the airport. The presidential Jet took off about 30 minutes later. A WOMAN identified as 8arah Jean Moore, 45, was taken into custody immediately after the shot rang out She was a known activist who had been Involved with the massive food giveaway organized last year to free kidnaped heiress Patricia Hearst The woman was carried bodily Into the St. Francis Hotel, where she was held. An hour after Air Force One took off, White House Secretary Ron Nessen, contacted by radio, said of the President's mood: "In a word, he is relaxed." Aide Robert Meade said, "Ford was not hit he is fine." The President's motorcade sped away from the hotel seconds after the shot racing toward the airport at 70 mph. It was accompanied by motorcycle police and a police hell-copter. The President's wife, Betty, was waiting for him at the plane. It was the second Incident of the day, and lt followed by two weeks an attempt on the President's life In Sacramento by a follower of the Manson clan. Earlier Monday, a 24- htenin THE NEW policy will apply to all departments exc ept the water works and the sewer divisions because they generate their own income, Clark said. Clark speculated that the savings from the non-travel policy probably would amount to very little because a restrictive travel policy already is in effect But he thought the hiring freeze and the budgetary limitations would save the city somewhere between $1 and $1.5 million by the end of the year. Sisters Of Poor Back On Ball The Little Sisters of the Poor, 576 Riddle Rd., Clifton, lost a set of four season tickets to the Cincinnati Bengals' games last July, during their move from old to new quarters. Sunday, they got the tickets back. Cincinnati Police reported that the case was solved by Bengals ticket manager Bill Hedgecock. He knew what seats the nuns held tickets for. And on Sunday, at the team's regular-season opener, gate- men were on the lookout. One of them found the loot The fans who had them were not the culprits. They had bought the $74.50-per-seat tickets from someone who had advertised them for sale In a newspaper. Now police are seeking the person who placed the ad. a "proportionate" year-to-year mileage gain compared with 1975 models that paralleled the 12.8 registered nationally. For the first time, an American-made car the new Chevrolet Che-vette was among the leaders on the EPA's list as the gas-stingiest cars it has tested for 1976. Everywhere but In California, the four-cylinder Chevette with 98-cubic-lnch engine and manual transmission was said to get 39 miles per gallon on the highway and 30 miles per - gallon In simulated city driving. TESTED WITH California pollution control equipment, however, the same Chevette model eot onlv 34 milj per gallon on the highway and year-old man was taken Into custody after allegedly showing a note threatening Mr. Ford's life to a hotel employee. JORDAN SAID Miss Moore was questioned at about 2 p.m. Sunday in front of her residence In the city's Mission District. "In the course of the conversation, she was searched and officers found a gun. The brought her immediately to the Mission Station and confiscated the pistol." A San Francisco police captain, William Conroy, said the woman had been checked by the Secret Service Sunday and had been cleared, "The Secret Service examined Ford And Aides After Gunfire Was - witness described the President as ashen-faced before he was shoved into Patty-SL SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has a seven-page document in which Patricia Hearst made critical comments about her Symblonese Liberation Army (SLA) companions, it was reported Monday. FBI agents also searched Monday for possible links between the , SLA and terrorist bombings. The San Francisco Chronicle said FBI agents found the critical document last Friday In the apartment where Miss Hearst and fellow fugitive Wendy Yoshimura had been arrested the day before. CHARLES BATES, special agent in charge of the FBI office here, refused to comment, saying to do so could prejudice trial evidence. The newspaper quoted a "source close to the case" as saying the document is "a missive of condemnation" addressed to William and Emily Harris, Miss Hearst's SLA colleagues. The couple Is "more than strongly criticized," the Chronicle quoted the same unidentified source as saying. The complaints Involve "certain actions" that the Harrises had "either taken part In or were advocating" that others In the "revolutionary struggle" disagreed with, according to another source quoted in the Chronicle story. The New York Times reported Monday that the document Indicat 24 miles per gallon in simulated city driving. The mileage champion in EPA's separate California tests continued to be the four Cylinder Datsun B-210 with manual transmission and 85-cublc-lnch engine. The Japanese Datsun averaged 41 miles per gallon in the California highway test and 29 miles per gallon In city driving. EPA Administrator Russell E. Train said several models of imported cars which sell briskly In California Including the Honda Civic and Volkswagen Rabbit have not yet completed the agency's test and therefore are not included in the mileage results released Monday. This year, the EPA released for le first time a combined city-high- her and passed her," he said. "She was on the Secret Service questionable list, and they checked her out and passed her." The Secret Service had no immediate comment on the report A official of the Delancey Street Foundation, which helped administer the $2 million People in Need program, said a Sarah Moore had worked in Its office as a bookkeeper. THE GUN apparently was deflected by a policeman Just as it was fired. Conroy said Assistant Inspector Gary Lemos spotted the gun, pushed the woman to the ground and took her gun away. By the time Mr. Ford had finished his speech, a large crowd hoping , ' I) V f - lis' A Split Rumored ed a passible break between Miss Hearst and other elements of the SLA. THE TIMES said the document showed Misses Hearst and Yoshimura were opposed to the use of bombings and other terrorist activities advocated by the Harrises and members of the Soliah family. Stephen Soliah was arrested last Thursday and charged with harboring Misses Hearst and Yoshimura in the apartment where the two were living. The Chronicle said Its sources reported that the document was in the handwriting of Miss Yoshimura and contained only Initials, not proper names. But one source said there were specific comments which "the initials show were the comments of Miss Hearst" the newspaper reported. THE DISCOVERY of explosives in the apartment where SLA members William and Emily Harris were captured last Thursday, combined with other leads in FBI files, have raised anew the possibility that the SLA became the New World Liberation Front, investigators say. The Front has claimed responsibility for 23 bombings and one arson since surfacing a year ago three months after Harris said in a taped communique: "Let it be known that way mileage figure for all cars it tested. Train said the combined figure, which is an average based on studies Indicating that the average person does 55 of his driving in the city, gives a better reflection of a car's mileage under typical conditions. The combined mileage averages showed the Datsun B-210, Chevette and Japanese Subaru tied for first place, all averaging 33 miles per gallon. As in the past, imported cars dominated the top 10 in both the national and California EPA tests. The Chevette, in fact, was the only American-made car to rank In either list The Ford Pinto ranked 19th nationally and 32nd In Califor-,fla. for a glimpse of the chief executive had gathered behind police barricades on Post Street. The block had been cordoned off for his departure. About 3000 persons saw the incident at about 6:30 p.m. Cincinnati time. "I was right out by the barricade on the side where the President came out" said Martine Vlgnali, 21, of nearby San Mateo. "The first thing he did was wave both hands up in the air. The minute his hands were up, the shot rang out He looked petrified and scared. "His face was ashen," she said. "The Secret Service shoved him in the car. It was really horrible. I couldn't believe it" f ' - f ,'' , .i 't w Heard the limousine aP Laserphofo the Malcolm X combat unit of the SLA proudly takes up the banner of the New World Liberation Front" : , FBI agents reportedly found four pipe bombs at the apartment that had been occupied by the Harrises. . Bates said no firm connections had been established yet between the bombings and the vestiges of the SLA. Meanwhile, Miss Hearst's defense team prepared for a bail hearing today. ; One of Miss Hearst's attorneys said she would try to convince a federal Judge from the witness stand or In an affidavit that she should be released from Jail while awaiting court action. Hurricane ; Slams Gulf Of Mexico PENSACOLA, Fla. (AP) - Hurricane Elolse raked a four-state stretch of the Gulf Coast with lash-, ing rains and pounding seas Monday. Its highest winds were expected to carve a crescent from the mouth of the Mississippi 100 miles eastward to Pensacola. i Gales swept the shore well in advance of the hurricane's center, which thundered northward inrouttn tne Gulf of Mexico with winds up to 115 mph. Elolse already had left 42 persons on two Caribbean Islands dead In Its wake. At 10 p.m. (EDT) the hurrican? was located 200 miles south-southwest of Pensacola near latitude 27.7 north and longitude 89.0 west ' FORECASTERS SAID the hurricane's path would take lt sweeping past the Mississippi River delta to a landfall later In the night near this Florida Panhandle city. Tell The World i V s Are you having a garage or yard sale this weekend. Want, to make that sale a big success ? Call The Enquirer Classified. We have a special spot Just for you and plenty of readers check lt everyday. Dont wait Coll today at 421-6300. rf !i - ' ! - M "a.

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