The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 13, 1960 · Page 33
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 33

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 13, 1960
Page 33
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ingnecks ^^••••BR^^^ ^g^Bky. MO* _B •••••• ••) •• OiV THE RISE The ringnecked pheasant has been around long enough that most hunters think he is a native of the Midwest. The Asiatic importation has taken hold so well that it is now the number one game bird throughout the north central states. In the famous Dakotas the pheasant has really come into his own. Even in what the natives may call "a poor year" you will often End a truly amazing supply of ringnecks. > The cock pheasant is a beautiful trophy and a unique one. When he Bushes out of a com field or a fence-row, he cackles derisively back at the hunters. It's his parting gesture of disdain and if the hunters aren't fast enough with their shotguns the pheasant will get away with it. Many hunters think of the ringneck as being slow but actually he is faster than the quail or grouse—after the first 20 yards. When the cock bird flushes, he usually towers almost straight up, and that's his downfall. Hunters have learned to wait on their shots until just the instant when the bird begins to level o§. He's an easy shot then. But let someone flush a pheasant by you out of another field. Give him a little tail-wind and he may pass you at 40 or 50 miles an hour. The long tail is deceptive and chances are that you'll shoot way behind the bird— unless, of course, you're an experienced pheasant hunter. Pheasants also like low, marshy areas. When they are flushed out of grain fields they generally head for a swale or marshy covert. In the tall grasses they sometimes hold as tight for dog work as a bubwhHe quaff. Despite his gaudy plumage a cock bird is amazingly deceptive in the grass and it is impossible to see a crouching hen. Pheasants can take great extremes of temperature and can survive long, hard winters if they get enough food. It's when the ground is iced over for long periods that there is such a big winter die-off. Many sportsmen's clubs cut this down by feeding birds during the winter. It's good conservation to take care of the pheasants. It's also wise to take a reasonable harvest each fall. You can be proud when you come home with a couple of pheasants, and your family will be glad too because they are top table fare. A M0 cock nnQfMcfc braofcs f*c ncovy coivoir on en throw guns up for ffott snot. 1 The autoloader that puts performance first! THE FEATHERWEIGHT REMINGTON RETAIL PRICE $114.96* SHOTGUN •vallabl* only In 12 gaug* A grad* with plain barrel— 3-*hot airteloadlne The Remington Model 878 "Auto- master" is made to make every shooter a better shooter. Its years ahead design combines highest quality materials and matchless craftsmanship. Here is today's most rugged shotgun to give you feature-after-feature unsurpassed in any gas-operated shotgun you can buy. There's the "Power-Piston"—a feature of the exclusive Remington "Power-Malic" action—that adjusts gas for different loads automatically. It reduces recoil effect, tefs you get more doubles because you can stay on your target better. And Quick-Change Barrels are interchangeable in seconds without tools for desired length and choke. For all its ruggedness, the " Automaster" is a trim, cleanly designed firearm with a beautifully crafted American walnut stock. You'll be proud to put it in your gun rack. These and many more fine features make the Model 878 a better gun than many others costing much more. Get it at your dealer's now! • Prin rm^jml to dkoio* uitlktmt m»Hff. "PMnr-l Jjg/nington, . U.S. Pot. Of. tut " •MO; ••im«o Aam «t rmfc I Imiii. » i BM.. TII nil W. O*t. $500,000,000.00 SEARCH FOR RARE COINS Vp to $35.000 p*U tar mw da of OHM wort* $10.00 to $35.000. (500,000.000 to ran ratal to « Ccttoto drtti worth: tUM otwtt totarc 1»M. $3.500; Laif* pnwin ***•» 1§5», $5.000; ~ IKW..MOO; V 1010. 01.7M; pnwiM hrfMc 1KU. »»25: T»« nm» »1.000; Nkkch) ketow 1027. tlS.OOO; brloi* 1932. $5.100; TwnMy-«ml . $3,500; QMrtm brfw* 1034. $5.000; 1UM- doMu* brfavc 1*30. $4^50; SMvn dMton 1*30. $1X^00; 1930. $35.000; Olktt «Mn IMA / - a — " «ll_> ------ — .l^W | HI •••• •••• ^MIOT, , ••Ni of data). fMiaiiB OHM 937. $2.500. Stut 91 far HN^nliJ of raw V.S. CMM price* w« Ow> 1000 otfwBB M> •• WM _ of in ntrn liilw)i. Abo «• -the tMfl Mfa raNbi —TitV " ENDWELL-UNION CO.. ENDWELL SSSA. N.T. COME TO MINNEAPOLIS AND THE • For Business • ....Vacation or Just a W«ek-«nd MiMto* from •vwyUMM • Dawatown MiaaMa*fi»— •hop*. aadpo . , aadpoiato of MteMM. Yo.ll emjoy U» N«w ffafef Mrnry aWaka4..b_aMa^BMM jQ**AABl^M>aK !•?••••<• FUf 1HIVIMOM PARKING RM OUfSTS 200 NdMM . 200 lik «•*• lASAUIAfSBAMI • SMAT lit WIFE CUH-WIIITIT! buy by • • • Brand Name!

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